7 Keys To Affiliate Marketing Success

Most of us start our online journey with affiliate marketing. It only makes sense really – who has the time or knowledge to create products when just starting out.

But the fact remains that most people struggle to succeed with affiliate marketing.

I get it because I have been there too.

My first attempts at affiliate marketing were … ugly.

So I went to work to discover a process that would work over and over again. A process that would allow me to promote as many products as I wanted while still building my list and business.

And discover it I did!

Today, I am sharing my 7 Keys with you, free, in this video.

I hope you enjoy it.


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Gordon Appleby - November 3, 2016

Good video, Charlie! I love the idea of interviewing the product creator. It really allows your prospects to bond with him, as well as to see him as an authority. And it cements you as an authority, too.

The bonding is very important. I once sold a 2-day boot camp by getting the creator, Tom, to create 3 simple 5-minute videos called “Tom’s Terrific Tips.” With each video, prospects were able to leave comments and ask questions, which we promised to answer during an upcoming interview. In our case, we also had a live meeting (could be a webinar) where the actual offer was made. We gave a free DVD of one of Tom’s most powerful presentations to those who attended the meeting. By this time, they had experienced Tom through 3 short content-packed “Tip” videos, and an hour-fifteen minute interview, so that DVD with his best teaching presentation was something they really wanted.

Free, free, free…sell. Bond, bond, bond…offer.

And although it sounds like a lot of work, it really wasn’t. My job was to come up with the idea and structure, send the links out in well-crafted emails at the appropriate times, interview Tom, and emcee a meeting. All Tom had to do was make 3 simple, single-tip short videos, answer my interview questions, and make a presentation at the meeting. No editing, remakes. Nothing fancy.

The result was mid to high 5 figures in sales. And the cost for marketing? A big, fat Zero, because I marketed to my own list at no cost. (This shows how powerful your Key #5 – List-Building – really is, in building online success.

As a side note, I even got the DVDs created for free by bartering with someone who had the skill I needed and who wanted to attend the boot camp. Everybody won. Kool, huh?

Your video is jam-packed with great insights. Thanks so much for the tips and the action steps. It really is possible to succeed online. And I agree with you that affiliate marketing is a great way to start.

And start we must. 🙂

The Entrepreneur

    Charlie Page - November 4, 2016

    Great story! Thanks for sharing that.


Mark M - November 3, 2016

Charlie you excel in everything you do and this is no exception. Thank you for all the information in the video.
Kind regards

Mark M

Erin Ringer - November 3, 2016

I’m completely lost when it comes to this stuff. I need to make money to take care of my family. I have 5 kids 2 have autism and haven’t worked for 2 years. I’m struggling horribly. I can’t fall for any scams and I don’t which are real and fake. I wish I just knew and I don’t have money to invest either. I’m broke. I need to turn this around somehow

    Charlie Page - November 4, 2016


    I’m sorry for your challenges. I know they are real and will be praying things get better.

    I will offer this advice – try to find something where you KNOW you will be paid for your efforts. While pursuing business opportunities is fine when a person can withstand risks and trial and error, for you being certain you will be paid will matter.

    If you have skills you can sell online that is a good place to start. I did that when starting out by selling my writing services.



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