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Endless Lead Magnet Ideas

Ever heard this one before? You need a great lead magnet to build your list and make sales! If you are like me, you’ve heard it a thousand times. Hey, I’ve probably said it a thousand times! Because … it’s … true!! A great lead magnet really can change everything. Your list starts growing. You […]

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Succeed 1 Hour At A Time

Do you find it harder than ever to really get things done? I mean the important things. The things that move your business forward. That move your life forward. In the next 9 minutes you are going to learn a technique that will absolutely, positively work if you work it.  It’s a simple method, born […]

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You CAN Sell More With A Mini Course!

When it comes to making money online we all know we must sell things. Whether we sell information, physical products, coaching or something else, making the sale is the key.

But how do you make sales if you are not a “natural born” salesperson? Or what if you just do NOT want to be “salesy”, whatever that means.

The answer is content marketing. But content marketing does not only mean blogging. It can, and does, mean many more things.

And one of those things is a mini-course.

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