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Get Your Focus Back!

What created massive change? While real change requires several things, the one thing that is always necessary is focus.

There is no question – massive focus created massive results in any field of endeavor. Today I am sharing five ways you can improve your focus to create the massive results you want and deserve in your life.

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Make Sales The EASY Way

Have you ever wanted to find an easier way to sell things online? I’m hearing a massive YES right now!! I have too. So what I did was turn my marketing upside down and approach it from an entirely new angle. The results? A 250% increase in sales to our existing audience for an existing product. […]

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Meet Your Perfect Customer

Here is perhaps the most important question you can answer.  How does your product help people make the change they WANT to make? (Leave a comment and let the world know) Don’t skip over this because it is vital to your success. Knowing the answer to this one key question will mean … Making more sales with less effort. […]

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Multiple Streams Of Traffic

Do you have multiple websites and not enough traffic? If you answered yes, you may have fallen into an all too common trap of thinking that more sites are better. Here is the truth … More traffic is better! And how do you get that traffic? By understanding the personalities of the traffic sources we all […]

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Why Do Quizzes Work So Well?

Do you want to sell more without coming across as pushy or “salesy”? Quizzes will engage your audience in a fun and productive way. Quizzes reveal what people want to buy, when they will buy it and more. And quizzes are fun!

Today’s short video reveals why quizzes work, how you can use them and how to do that free!

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Why Content Sells More

Ever wonder how you can send so many clicks to a site and not make any sales? It could be that the site is using an old-fashioned “one and done” marketing method that no longer works.

Watch today’s short video to discover how to solve that problem and begin selling more from all your promotions by using what really works today!

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