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YOU Are The Engine Of Commerce

This week (beginning June 17) is Small Business Week. Small Business Week has been celebrated for 50 years now. If you own a website or blog, work as an affiliate, or in any other way are moving toward making money online then you are a small business. You might not feel like a small business. […]

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How Clear Is Your Vision?

When it comes to succeeding in business, online or offline, having a clear and compelling vision of what you want to become matters more than most people realize. Zig Ziglar said the following … “You are where you are and what you are because of what has gone into your mind. You can change where […]

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How is real money made online?

I’m seeing a LOT of hype these days about shortcuts, 23 day systems and other “instant” systems. I know you know that’s a bunch of bull. But it DOES beg the question … how is real money made online by average people. It really comes down to what Zig Ziglar said so many years ago. […]

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Four Tools That Can Change Your Life

Let’s begin at the beginning … change your life? A little strong, right? Not at all. I truly believe that mastering the use of the following tools can change your life. I get this question often – “If you had to start over with no list, no money and no contacts what would you do?” […]

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How to Grow Your YouTube Following

Today I’m happy to provide you with a short free report that will help you grow your YouTube following. This is an easy to read “20 ways” report that makes a great checklist. YouTube marketing is very powerful when done right and this short checklist will help you create more results with less effort. You […]

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Are You the Next Spindletop?

There has been a lot of talk lately about how to “really” make money online. Some say “follow your passion and the money will come”. That’s true in part. It’s hard to see that advice work if your passion is watching reruns of the Mentalist. Others say “business is business – you don’t have to […]

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Is Article Marketing Dead?

For many years article marketing has been a wonderful way to drive traffic. There have long been two reasons why article marketing works so well. One – Article marketing educates readers before they visit your main sales page, increasing conversions. Two – Article marketing positions you as an authority, a trusted voice in the vast […]

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Are You A Victim Of Vampire Marketers?

Can this year be your best year ever? I believe it can. I believe the Internet levels the playing field of business in ways that are almost unimaginable. If others can succeed you can succeed too. We hear success stories every day of those who work hard, apply the fundamentals and end up with a […]

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Happy Groundhog Day

Studies show that it costs from four to TEN TIMES MORE to create a new client than it does to keep an existing client.  Yet one look at most marketing plans quickly reveals that companies spend most of their time, money and effort to make new customers! The key to long term profits is in the repeat, or “backend”sales […]

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My Four Favorite Blogs

When it comes to learning things about making money online there are basically three ways to go. You can earn specific knowledge through trial and error. You can buy specific knowledge from someone you trust and skip some of the learning curve. Or you can get specific knowledge free from those who are the top […]

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