What Is Your Time Worth?

Find Out With This Free Income Calculator

What Is Your Time Worth by Charlie Page

Doing business online ultimately comes down to time and money. When promoting a new product, or starting a new business or deciding about whether or not to outsource it is important to ask questions like … How long will it take to make back the money you invest? Can you afford what you are considering?…

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We will never forget them!

We will never forget them! By CharliePage

It’s Memorial Day here in the states. A day when we stop to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. They gave it all. Their very lives. What Abraham Lincoln called “the last full measure of devotion”. There are few things I hate. War is one of them. Today we honor those…

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Don’t Let The Turkeys Get You Down


Have you ever heard the story of the baby eagle that fell from it’s nest only to land in a family of turkeys? He grew up thinking he was a turkey. He ate with the turkeys. He slept with the turkeys. He even acted like a turkey. But he knew in his heart that he wasn’t a turkey. And one…

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Five Ways To Get Clearer Thinking Today!


The most common complaint about working online is information overload.There are just too many options, too many emails, too many choices. The most common complaint about working offline is information overload. There are too many meetings, too many emails, too many projects. As a business owner, father, husband, Christian, golfer, reader and writer, I feel…

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What Are Your Most Important Tasks?

What Are Your Most Important Tasks by Charlie Page

When you study people who succeed you begin to see patterns. By observing these patterns, and considering if they will work for you, you can become more effective. That is a good thing. It’s called modeling success, and it works. In the hundreds of books I have read I have noticed one very important pattern.…

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This Customer Inspires Me

This Customer Inspires Me by Charlie Page

As I write this we have about 23,000 paying customers. That’s a lot of people, and I feel incredibly blessed to have earned their trust. If you are one of them, thank you. You mean more to me and my family than words alone can say. Over the years (about 14 as I write this)…

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The Only Web Pages You Will Ever Need


When it comes to doing business online some people want to make a few extra bucks. Others want to build an empire. And still others want to make a living without having to do the work of making that living every day. They want to do the work once and then profit from that work many…

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Six Sales Letter Templates That Work Like Crazy

Six Sales Letter Templates That Work Like Crazy by Charlie Page

When it comes to selling things online your sales letter is key. All of your advertising and marketing can be good, even great, but if the sales letter fails to do its job no sales will be made. For the sake of clarity, let’s start with some basic definitions. SALES LETTER – This is nothing…

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Does Your Blog Need Pretty Pictures?

Does Your Blog Need Pretty Pictures by Charlie Page

Many bloggers struggle to get their blog posts just right. Working to get something just right is a good and noble idea. After all, we want to deliver our best work, express our creative gifts, and, for me at least, honor God who gave me the talent. But does making our blog posts their “best”…

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How To Avoid Google’s Latest “Slap”


Google’s “slaps” have now become things of legend online. From Panda to Penguin to Hummingbird, they all left confusion, hype and misinformation in their wake. My experience with SEO has been this. Write for your reader, and not for the search engines, and you will do well. Put another way; write for people, not robots. Candidly,…

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