Too Many Ideas?

Too Many Ideas by Charlie Page

I don’t know about you but I am an idea guy. It seems I am always coming up with something new we can do at our company. We could write an article. We could write a book. We could create a product. We could create a membership site. We could create a new blog. The…

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Eagles Are Never Confused

Eagles Are Never Confused by Charlie Page

Humans are complicated things. We have some unique qualities that make us human. Our brains are amazing. More amazing than we know. Our hands are flexible and have a powerful grip. Humans can extend their thumbs to touch their pinky finger; animals (even those with opposable thumbs) can’t. Humans wear clothes (most of us!) and…

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The Only Web Pages You Will Ever Need


When it comes to doing business online some people want to make a few extra bucks. Others want to build an empire. And still others want to make a living without having to do the work of making that living every day. They want to do the work once and then profit from that work…

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Get More YES In Your Life

Get More YES In Your Life by Charlie Page

It’s ironic but true that getting more “yes” in your life comes from knowing when, and how to say “no”. But saying no is hard. We want things. New things look so shiny and fun. It’s exciting to be brimming with the enthusiasm that this purchase is the one that will take us to the next level.…

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The Change Has Come

For a long time now I have realized that what stops most people from succeeding online is that there are simply too many “moving parts”.  Learning one skill takes precious time. When you have to learn, and try to master 8 or 10 at once it becomes overwhelming.  I have created courses, and consulted, to…

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What Price Perfection?

There are times in our lives when we fly through tasks like a hot knife through butter. We are on fire. We are not only productive but super-productive. We are in the zone. But those times are short lived and rarely last. So what about all the other times? The times when we don’t “feel…

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Creating The Perfect Lead Magnet

Creating The Perfect Lead Magnet by Charlie Page

When it comes to list building we often hear the term “lead magnet”. But people have questions about lead magnets that need to be answered. The three most often asked questions I get about lead magnets are (1) what is a lead magnet (2) does having one really matter and (3) what makes a great…

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Product Creator or Reporter?


When it comes to making money online with content marketing there can be confusion over one very important question. It’s a question I’ve heard a thousand times and perhaps the #1 content marketing question of all. That question is this – “Will content marketing work for me if I am not an expert or have…

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Five Free Article Idea Generators


When it comes to content marketing and blogging the place that people often get stuck is in writing posts or articles. “I don’t know what to write about!” is something I hear often, and have said myself over the years. It’s all too common to feel that you have nothing new to say, that no…

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Is What You Know Valuable?

Is What You Know Valuable by Charlie Page

When it comes to having your own business online, and making a full time living from that business, far too many people are believing something that is not true. They are believing what I call the Big Lie. It’s a lie I believed at one time. The Big Lie goes like this … “I’m no…

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