What To Do When You Are Out Of Time


Time is the great equalizer. We all get 24 hours in a day and 52 weeks in a year. How to use them is what matters most. I truly believe that people can do anything. I have written many times about how to do more with the time you have available. You can read those…

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[Video] The Perfect Squeeze Page?

The Quest for the Perfect Squeeze Page by Charlie Page

I recently took a survey about what readers like yourself want and need. I called it the Ziglar Challenge, based on Zig’s famous statement “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” My thanks to all who took part. One of the top…

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Promote Many Products From One Blog


Recently I posted an article entitled “How Many Sites Do I Need?” It was encouraging to see that readers found it helpful. A reader named Darrel asked this. “With many offers at one site people can be confused. Maybe you could address that thought in another blog post?” It’s a great question actually. How do…

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Curation: What Is It And How Can It Help You?


I am often asked about the role curation can play in a content marketing strategy. You see, people want to do content marketing, but they don’t want to write. Or they don’t like to write. Or they don’t have time to write. That’s understandable – people are busy and writing can be intimidating for many…

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The Truth About Traffic


When it comes to making money online very few topics are as often discussed as driving traffic. Over the past 10 years I’ve learned some core principles that help me drive as much traffic as I need using a combination of free and paid methods. In this video I share with you what I’ve learned and how you can apply these principles starting today.

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Common Sense Blog Blueprint is here!

CSBB for blog post

I’m thrilled to announce that the new and improved Common Sense Blog Blueprint is open now! Common Sense Blog Blueprint (CSBB for short) is a site I’ve owned for a few years now. I promised my members that I would update the site and add new content, and now that promise is fulfilled. In fact,…

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No Money For Advertising? Here Are Five Solutions

No Money for Advertising Here are 5 Solutions by Charlie Page

Today money is tighter than ever. Many are suffering from long-term unemployment. Others have spent what they could afford on sites that promised the moon only to deliver disappointment. So it’s time to talk about what one can do about advertising if funds are very limited. Hey, we’ve all been there! I’m not going to tell…

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The Wisdom Of Zig Ziglar


Zig Ziglar was one of my favorite people. A man who lived what he believed, his impact is still felt today, some years after his passing. I hope you enjoy this quote card from Zig as much as I do. And hope too your enthusiasm for life and your online business remains high. Charlie  

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How To Sell More Automatically


Would you like a totally passive and automatic way to make more sales from your website? Me too! That is why I am excited to share with you the idea of an offer wall. I put an offer wall in place a few months ago and it has worked wonderfully well. The results we have…

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You Can Do Anything!


Far too many people today are discouraged. They have spent their time and money and are not receiving the results they wanted. I have been there too. Why is this happening? It could be many reasons, but I believe this …

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