What Is An Avatar And Do You Need One?

What Is An Avatar and Do You Need One by Charlie Page

Do you want your online marketing to be easy, profitable and fun? Do you want to spend $100 and earn back $500 in return? If you answered yes then it would be wise to ask what is an avatar and do you need one? Know this before you continue reading. What I am sharing here…

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4 Ways To Double Your List Building Results

4 Ways To Double Your List Building


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Don’t Let The Turkeys Get You Down


Have you ever heard the story of the baby eagle that fell from it’s nest only to land in a family of turkeys? He grew up thinking he was a turkey. He ate with the turkeys. He slept with the turkeys. He even acted like a turkey. But he knew in his heart that he wasn’t a turkey. And one…

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Give Yourself A Fighting Chance

Give yourself a fighting chance to succeed

Are you ready to give yourself a fighting chance to succeed online? Are you ready to break free of the things holding you back and get real clarity on what it takes to make it online? If you answered yes, keep reading. I hope you like what you read. Have you ever wondered why some…

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Ready For Plan B?

How To Create Your Plan B

Too many people today are disappointed with their online experience. See if any of this sounds familiar. Some thought they would make money quickly (48 hours or less!) but instead ended up spending much more than they planned. Others thought they would have a “platform to the world” – that they could push a button…

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The Biggest Mistake Solo Ad Buyers Make

The BIGGEST Mistake Solo Ad Buyers Make

Have you ever invested your time and energy into running an ad with a huge list, only to get almost nothing in return? Most of us have had this experience. And if this has been you, the problem may NOT have been with your ad or your sales funnel. The problem may have been with…

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How To Redirect A Blog Post Or Page

How To Redirect A Blog Post Or Page

Have you ever wanted to redirect traffic from one page to another but did not know how? This is a common blogging question and something we all need to do from time to time. There are several common situations where redirecting traffic can come in handy. You stop promoting product A and want to redirect…

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The #1 Internet Marketing Mistake

The Fatal Internet Marketing Mistake by Charlie Page

There is a gut wrenching mistake that many people who are wanting to succeed online are making. I made this mistake for years before I discovered how easy it was to correct. I can’t imagine how much money I left on the table during those lean years. Ironic because I really needed to make money back then! I…

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Instant Lead Magnets

How To Create An Instant Lead Magnet

Two quick questions. Question 1: If you do not have a mailing list now and I offered to give you mine would you take it? Question 2: If you had a list of 10,000 people and I offered to give you 10,000 more would you take it? Of course you would! Having a list, and…

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Why I Believe In Follow Up Email Marketing

Why I Love Follow Up Email Marketing

If you have read my blog or been on my list for very long you know that I believe in the power of email marketing. Now I’d like to share why I believe in follow up email marketing. When it comes to follow up email marketing … I do it every day. I teach it…

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