Build Your List FASTER With Video

Do you want to have a powerful, profitable, mailing list of your own? It’s not a dream, it is a process.

One of the first rules when focusing on list building is this …

You must be aggressive with list building if you want to succeed.

What does “being aggressive” mean?

It means using every method you can to build your list fast and strong.

That includes …

  • Having a powerful lead magnet.
  • Using a proven squeeze page.
  • Using every ethical method possible to get people to join your list.

Once you have a list, you have a chance. 

  • A chance to grow your business.
  • A chance to automate your sales.
  • A chance to serve others with content.
  • A chance to find true freedom.

No list = no freedom. That’s the hard truth of it. 

If you want to build your list faster than ever, or make a strong start, watch today’s short video.

If you like what you see leave a comment or share it socially. After all, the world works best when we support each other. 🙂


Charlie Page

Happily married for 44 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 16 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

  • George says:

    Good info, thanks Charlie!

  • Rene says:

    Hey Charlie: I’ve seen several of your videos now and have to say that I have not only enjoyed them but I have learned quite a few tidbits of information along the way.

    I appreciate the fact that they have been free up to this point in time. Do you have many training videos? Like learning how to make a squeeze page and where does it go in terms of emailing a list?

    I have been so confused by the teachings of people calling themselves a guru? It would be nice to know the sequence of how you interact with a new person opting in.

    Anyway, thanks for the videos.

    • Charlie Page says:

      Hi Rene,

      Thank you for your kind words. I’m so happy the videos are helpful to you. I do have much deeper training on squeeze pages and mailing lists, plus many other aspects of online marketing. You can see what we offer on this page. http://charliepage.com/products

      If you need help knowing which step to take next just let me know.



  • Hello Charlie,

    Thanks for the tips. It’s always a pleasure to learn from you.
    Towards the end of the video, you ask us to like/ share the video and visit your website. It seems out of place as I am watching the video on charliepage.com.
    You may want to edit the video towards the end.

    Please pardon me if I am nitpicking.

    Thanks and best regards

    • Charlie Page says:


      Not nitpicking at all. I am trying to get more people to charliepage.com and so am asking people to share socially. There are share buttons above the blog post image. I should probably make them more obvious, however.

      Thanks for commenting.


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