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10 Blog Post Templates That Work Like Crazy

Content marketing is one of the most powerful forms of marketing online. This is true for many reasons, including the law of reciprocity.

When you provide great free content people just naturally want to reciprocate by joining your list, sharing on social, and yes, even buying your products.

But sometimes it’s hard to come up with WHAT to write about. For some the ideas flow so freely that choosing is the hard part.

For others, just getting started is the problem. After all, who really loves the blank page?

And then there is the time challenge – we all have busy lives, right?

The answer is templates.

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Four Steps To Writing a Great Classified Ad

Great classified ads can bring in hordes of hungry visitors who will buy from your site or the sites you are promoting as an affiliate. And classified ads are super-cheap (some are even free) which makes them something you simply must do well. But how can you write a GREAT classified ad?

Today I share my four-step method for writing great classifieds. Follow it and you too will be able to churn out profit-pulling ad copy anytime you want!

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Change Is In The Air

Are you following the changes that are taking place in the online world? In my 14 years I have never seen so much change, so many improvements in how business is done online. I am completely transforming my own business to be in alignment with this new way of marketing. And I believe fully that […]

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Why Content Really Is King

You’ve heard it many times before … content is king! But is content really king? Is it the very best of the best marketing methods you can employ? My answer is yes. Now please understand, I say this from a perspective of having done a few things online. Amazon best-selling author. Owner of over 12 […]

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