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Creating The Perfect Lead Magnet

This is the first part of a two-part series on creating the perfect lead magnet.

When it comes to list building we often hear the term “lead magnet”. But people have questions about lead magnets that need to be answered.

The three most often asked questions I get about lead magnets are (1) what is a lead magnet (2) does having one really matter and (3) what makes a great lead magnet work well?

Good questions all, so let’s tackle each one and get an answer.

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Anatomy Of A Profitable Solo Ad

Part of succeeding online is knowing what success looks like. As the owner of the Directory of Ezines I am often asked”what does a profitable solo ad look like?” People who ask believe that modeling something that has worked will give them an edge; that knowing what success looks like and doing something similar will lead to better results. And they are […]

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Adapt Or Fail

Seth Godin is a genius. Not the “invent the best widget” type of genius but rather the “this is how humans buy things” type of genius. Incredibly, he shares his best thinking free. He often gives away books he knows could become best sellers. And he should know, he’s written many a best seller. Here […]

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