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The Change Has Come

For a long time now I have realized that what stops most people from succeeding online is that there are simply too many “moving parts”. Learning one skill takes precious time. When you have to learn, and try to master 8 or 10 at once it becomes overwhelming. I have created courses, and consulted, to […]

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The Ziglar Challenge

Thank you to all who participated. This poll is now closed.   Zig Ziglar is one of my heroes. Although I never saw him speak in person, his books and recorded information literally changed my life. One of my favorite Zig sayings is this … “You can have everything in life you want, if you […]

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How To Sell Without Selling

Over the years I’ve had many a member worry that they were not good enough “salesmen” or “saleswomen” to make money online. It’s an understandable thought, but the truth is different. While there is absolutely an art to persuasion, in most cases being a Zig Ziglar level salesman is not necessary to make money online. […]

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The Accidental Buyer

When it comes to selling things online it is vital that we understand how and why people buy. Many articles have been written about things like super-motivators, fear of loss vs. promise of gain and selling benefits and not features. I’ve written more than a few of them myself. But today my focus is on […]

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