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We will never forget

Today is a day to remember. Remember the almost 3000 who lost their lives for no good reason at all. Remember all who have fought and died and suffered since, regardless of what we believe about politics or war or hate. A day to remember that love is stronger than hate. A day to remember […]

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Activity Follows Identity

I heard this wonderful phrase the other day from Jeff Goins … Activity follows identity It’s a great turn of a phrase, but what does that mean in the real world? I gave it some thought and came up with five ways you can use this excellent idea starting today. I hope you enjoy it. […]

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Do More By Doing Less

I heard from five different members this week that they are overwhelmed. Confused. Not sure which way to go and unable to get it all done. I can relate. I’ve been there … recently! In all the years I’ve been in business I have discovered that there are really only two practical paths to getting […]

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Words Have Power!

It never fails to strike me how impactful a simple word choice can be in a person’s life. As humans, we use words all day every day in a variety of ways – to write an email, chat with a friend, or just to think about the things happening in our lives. It’s easy to […]

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