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Why Is Doing The Right Things So Hard?

Why is doing the right things so hard?

Have you ever wondered why doing the right thing is so darned hard? I have many times.

I think it must be human nature to take the easy path. To slack off. After all, most “right” things take much more effort than their “wrong” counterparts.

Before we begin, let me share a short, unofficial definition of the “right” and “wrong” things.

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5 Ways To Find The Right Mentor

Working online can be hard … darned hard. None of us are prepared for the confusion, isolation and disappointment faced when working online.  Especially if you are new to working online.  This is why many people seek a mentor, or coach, to help them along the way. The instinct to reach out for help is the right one. […]

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Five Ways to Make More Sales

Do you believe in the products you promote? Zig Ziglar said it well: “If you truly believe in what you are selling why would you not want everyone to buy?” But today there is a challenge that Zig did not face. The distracted website visitor. See if this sounds familiar. You go to a website […]

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Get Rid Of Confusion Once And For All

Would you like to get rid of confusion once and for all when it comes to doing business online? The truth is, most people find the idea of making money online confusing. And they should! Nothing we do offline prepares us for dealing with terms like FTP or EPC. And few of us are experienced […]

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How To Set Goals That Get Done

When it comes to succeeding online, be that as an affiliate marketer, coach or product owner, the gold really is in your goals. But today so many have strayed from the ideas and concepts that have worked for decades. Why throw away all that wisdom? Today I’d like to share my Six Step System for […]

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5 Ways To Simplify Your Work

Would you like to learn 5 ways to simplify your work life? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Too much information coming from too many directions can make working online seem impossible. Happily, there is a solution! In fact, there are many ways we can choose to simplify our work life and make things better. In today’s […]

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The First Rule Of Success

Zig Ziglar used to say “You have to be before you can do and do before you can have.” What he meant was that being the best you can be is the first step to true success in life.

And he would often say that gratitude was the foundation of that success.

I could not agree more.

When I am grateful the sun shines a little brighter. My problems seem a little smaller. And I feel a lot better.

I hope you enjoy this short video. Please do leave a comment.

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Don’t Let The Turkeys Get You Down

Have you ever heard the story of the baby eagle that fell from it’s nest only to land in a family of turkeys? He grew up thinking he was a turkey. He ate with the turkeys. He slept with the turkeys. He even acted like a turkey.

But he knew in his heart that he wasn’t a turkey. And one day he looked up to see an eagle soaring majestically in the afternoon sky.

At that moment he knew that he was an eagle.

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3 High Leverage Things To Do Today

Do you want to put time on your side and make sales on autopilot? Do you want to make more sales next week than this week and see that trend continue to rise?If you answered yes, it is vital to use leverage to your advantage. We must all seek to do the work once and […]

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