Curation: What Is It And How Can It Help You?

I am often asked about the role curation can play in a content marketing strategy.

You see, people want to do content marketing, but they don’t want to write. Or they don’t like to write. Or they don’t have time to write.

That’s understandable – people are busy and writing can be intimidating for many of us.

Enter the solution – curation.

Today let’s answer the question what is curation, and look at why you might want to consider it in your own Internet marketing mix.

First things first: What is curation?

Simply put, curation means the gathering together of something.

Think about a “curator” in a museum: He or she goes out and finds historical artifacts or works of art to exhibit in their museum as a grouped collection.

Notice this – the curator of a museum does not go out and dig up the fossils or buy the paintings.

Nor do they clean, catalog and ship the fossils or other items they gather.

Instead, they display the fossils, or art, for the public to see.

And, in many cases, they charge a fee for the public to see what they have gathered, or curated.

Curation of information online works the same way.

As a curator of content, you find great information on a specific topic and share your thoughts about it on your blog.

Then you link to the original content and let the reader decide if they want to click through to learn more.

And these links open in new windows so you never lose visitors to other sites when using curation.

But curation is not just a random gathering of information.

The best curation, the curation that creates profits, is focused on a topic or within the interests of a specific niche.

Just like a curated collection in a museum will have a focus – a topic that is a running theme through the collection – so will well-curated content on the internet have a focus.

You don’t really see a museum exhibit that tries to span the entire panorama of time and culture, as much as you see a museum exhibit about something specific.

We’ve all seen museum exhibits about specific points in world history, like Ancient Egypt during the time of the pyramids, or the Middle Ages in Europe, or Renaissance art, or the Mayan civilization. These appeal to those in the public who want to know more about that topic.

This is one of the secrets to curation. Don’t try to be everything to everyone.

Pick your niche, find the best possible sources to curate, and serve the people who are in the niche you choose.

The choice of topic is yours. This is one of the great things about curation – it’s fun to dig up juicy bits of information on topics that interest you anyway.

So the idea of curation is simply gathering together into one location a collection of resources about a particular topic.

Next let’s look at why curation works.

 Curation works because it helps readers!

Curation is a way to reach your audience by sharing something useful with them. Notice that word “sharing”. That really is what curation is all about. Sharing great content you find anyway.

It might be via a magazine, an ezine, a blog, or some other medium.

At the core of it, you are sharing something helpful with those readers.

Let’s say it’s a blog, for example.

You want to help your blog readers, and that’s a major motivator and result of curation.

One way that you can help them is by saving them time and helping them see the big picture of what’s out there.

In that scenario, you could add curated blog posts to your weekly or monthly offerings, in addition to any original content you were already offering on your blog.

And those curated posts would be beneficial to your readers.

Think of it this way: we’ve all wanted to learn more about a particular topic at one time or another.

How wonderful would it be when you went to research that topic, if there was one trusted resource you could go to that offered both their own opinion about that topic and an overview of the ideas of the top three or five people in the same field with links to their websites?

Talk about a time saver!

That’s really what curation does. That’s the reader’s side of curation.

They go to your website, they see well-curated content, and they love it because it’s a trusted source where they can learn not only your opinion but also get a broader sense of what’s out there over topics of interest to them.

You are taking your time to gather together for them the best of the best of people’s opinions and products and services and research.

It creates a tremendous amount of trust with your reader when you do it well.

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Curation works because it helps you make money online.

NOTE: I have an entire article about how to make money with curation you can read here.

The core goal of curation really is to help people and that’s a good thing.

But I have discovered over the years that if you help people, you are naturally building an audience.

The two go hand in hand because the people you help want to reciprocate.

It’s something that’s born into human beings. They want to reciprocate when someone does something kind for them.

When someone holds a door open for you at the entrance of a building, and there’s another set of doors just ahead, your natural inclination is not to wait and let them open the second door but rather to open the next door for them in return.

That’s a natural little picture of this instinct in people.

Curation is a wonderful way to create reciprocity, thus it’s a wonderful way to build an audience.

When you share helpful resources with your readers time and time again, they will naturally become loyal to you as an audience.

Summing things up, “curation” is simply the gathering together of information that helps readers.

By doing that, you build an audience that gets to know you, like you, trust you and who will buy from you and help you build a real online business.

When that happens you will be making money online from sharing great content in a subject area that interests you and you find to be fun.

And that is a beautiful thing indeed!

Charlie Page


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