The DOE Affiliate Program Has Changed



For a while now I have been mentioning that the DOE
affiliate program is changing.

Today, it’s official!

Our affiliate program is now by invitation only and
available only to members.

This is GREAT news for DOE affiliates! Why?

Because it means …

  • Less competition.
  • More sales!
  • More commissions as we raise the price point and move toward a monthly model.
  • And even more good things!

We are no longer listed in the Clickbank marketplace!

This is VITAL because it means no one can STEAL your commissions by buying under their own link!

Again … MORE commissions for you.


If you ARE NOT a Directory of Ezines member, and you do want to earn $90 per sale, join the DOE now.

Click here to join the DOE now.

IF YOU ARE a DOE member, make SURE you have filled in the affiliate application.

We have processed all applications submitted to date. So if you know you filled in the form, you are good. If not, do it today.

Click here to login to the DOE.

If you are a DOE member and want to earn 100% of the profit (vs. the normal commission) check out my Platinum Plus page.

Click here to earn 100% of the profits on DOE sales.

Last, if you are not yet a DOE member and you want to access the site AND earn 100% of the profit, check out this special page for new members.

On this page, you can get BOTH access to the DOE and the right to promote the site while keeping 100% of the profits.

Not yet a DOE member? Click here now.

The DOE is growing by leaps and bounds. Making this change means LESS competition for you while you promote a wildly popular product.

Thank you, members. You make everything possible. 

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P.S. The Platinum Plus level will not be offered for very long.

Please check it out now.

Click here.

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