Endless Lead Magnet Ideas

Ever heard this one before?

You need a great lead magnet to build your list and make sales!

If you are like me, you’ve heard it a thousand times. Hey, I’ve probably said it a thousand times!

Because … it’s … true!!

A great lead magnet really can change everything.

  • Your list starts growing.
  • You make more sales.
  • You get more engagement and blog comments.
  • Your authority grows.

Before you start thinking I am hyping up the power of a lead magnet consider this.

Don Miller recently shared that his company went from about $600,000 a year to 3.2 MILLION a year in sales on the strength of one great lead magnet.

Not bad, right?

So, you know you need a lead magnet. And you probably know it needs to be helpful and it needs to be pretty and it needs to be easy to consume, etc. etc.

But do you know how to get THE IDEA for that super-great lead magnet?

If you answered no (or if you are just not sure) this video is for you!

I hope you enjoy it.

Charlie Page

Happily married for 44 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 16 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

  • Thelma Lyles says:

    Great information Charlie, eye opener

  • John Antaya says:

    Thank You for this informative video Mr. Page. Where and how to find lead magnets really opened my eyes since I really never thought about it but the how to really put a smile on my face since that was something that I was getting ready to get into with my site.

    Again Thank You

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