Follow Up Selling Systems

There is a problem online today. This problem plagues everyone who tries to sell things online, whether as an affiliate marketer or product owner. The good news is that there is a simple solution. You have seen this solution in action but might not be using it … yet. It’s the solution that all the “gurus” use and now it’s available to you as well. You don’t need ninja technical skills or need to be a great writer to begin using this system today. Heck, you don’t even need to know what HTML stands for to use this system.

To be clear, this is not something new. It’s not the “shiny object” that others shout about. It’s “old school” and it works in any market. This marketing method alone is responsible for more success online than any other single method. Now it’s time for that success to become yours. But first, the problem.

The problem is “conversion fatigue”

The facts are clear — websites simply do not convert new visitors into buyers anymore. In the “old days” (way back in 2004 for example) buying online was new and exciting. “Long form” sales letters (the kind with 5000 words) worked well because people would take the time to read.

Fast forward to today and we see lost sales and lost commissions because people are in a hurry. They simply won’t read long pages or watch long videos. Today’s websites convert new visitors to buyers at a tiny 2% or less. This means that only 2 out of 100 visitors make a purchase on any one visit! This leads to a logical, if disturbing, question.

What happens to the 98 people who don’t buy?

Sorry to say, but based on my 12 years online, they leave and never come back! They used to bookmark and return but now they Google and click the top site.

Happily, there is a solution to this problem. It’s what every successful marketer online uses to make more sales with less effort. And now, it’s available to you.

The solution is to automate your marketing process

The solution is simple, yet powerfully effective. The solution is to put up a squeeze page, drive all traffic to that squeeze page and then let your follow up email system do the selling for you automatically.

You see, today’s technology can work in your favor if you structure your marketing right. But most people don’t. I didn’t have a good structure for (this is embarrassing) the first five years I worked online!

I made sales, and made a living, but I had to work at it every day like it was a job. There was no freedom. No time off. No peace of mind. But in 2006 I did what I want to teach you how to do, and since then my life has changed dramatically.

Now I wake up to order notices every day. Anytime I promote as an affiliate I quickly become one of the top affiliates for that offer. If I want to take time off I can do so without worrying about whether my income will stop if I stop working. I know it will keep going, even if I don’t work at all.

Best of all (forgive me if this is too personal) if I go to Heaven tomorrow my family will still continue to receive income for possibly years based on my automated marketing systems. Having been in a place where I was not sure if I would be around for another year that gives me incredible peace of mind. 

I call this the F.R.E.E.D.O.M. Marketing Method and I want to personally teach you how to use it in your own life. I have created a series of short videos (I promise -they really are short) to share with you exactly how this works, how you can use it beginning today, and how we can work personally to make sure you succeed with this method of marketing.

If you would like to watch these videos (each is very short) use this form and I will send you the URL.

Thank you for your time.