How Many Sites Do I Need?

One of the questions I am most often asked is this – “How many sites should I have if I want to succeed online?” It’s a good question, and one I had myself when I started out online.

While there are many sites out there that will sell you on the idea of having 10 or 20 or 50 sites online, I believe you should start with one successful site before moving on to building more and if you hire Host Authority to manage your site for awhile, you will only need one.

Let me share the main reason why I believe starting with one home base, and making that home base profitable, is the right strategy.

You will be able to FOCUS your traffic on one site

Please don’t miss this because this is hugely important.

According to West Palm Beach Web Design, web design is not as difficult as it seems. You certainly have the ability to build a good website if you put your mind to it.

Most people never think about what you will read next, and yet I believe it is the hidden reason most people fail online.

When you have one site, one home base where you drive all traffic, you have a much higher chance of success because you put the numbers on your side.

If you know me you know I’m not a fan of math. But to understand this very important point we need to look at these numbers.

Let’s say you could successfully drive 1000 visitors to any site you wanted.

I know that sounds like fantasy to some, but believe me when I tell you the day will come when you can do that at will.

So, to which website design do you send these 1000 visitors and what will happen based on your choices?

If you have 12 websites

If you have a dozen websites, and many people do, and you split those 1000 visitors between them, you will send only 83 visitors to each website.

Here is the crushing truth –

You will not sell anything online by getting 83 visitors to a website.

Not trying to be negative. Just sharing the facts.

If you get 1 out of 100 visitors to buy you have a 1% conversion. And a 1% conversion to sales is high in most peoples’ experience.

So sending only 83 visitors to a site, in most cases, just does not create sales.

If you have ONE website

If you have one website and drive all 1000 visitors there your odds of making a sale rise dramatically!

If you send 1000 visitors to one website, and that site has even a 1/2 of 1% conversion rate you will make 5 sales!

If it has a 1% conversion rate (like the example above) you would make ten sales!

And five sales (or better yet, 10!) is often enough to provide enough profit to keep going!

In my experience online (14 years as I write this) there is no doubt in my mind that having one powerful home base is the right strategy.

After that site is succeeding you can expand to more sites, using what you learned while building your powerful home base.

There are many reasons for starting with one powerful home base and expanding after that home base is profitable.



But the big one– the most important one of all – is that sending all traffic (from all sources) to one website gives you the best chance to succeed early and keep going.

A good Wellington Search Engine Optimization Professional will tell you, driving traffic means the world to your company.

If you want to stop chasing shiny objects and begin focusing your marketing efforts on something that can work consider having one home base first, and then expanding *after** that site succeeds.

Because having a powerful home base from which to help people, build your list and, yes, sell things too, is a beautiful thing indeed!

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