private consulting with charlie page

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what is it costing you
TO NOT ...

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    Know what you need to know about what it takes to actually succeed online?
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    Have the knowledge you need to take the right steps toward the success you want?
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    Have the realistic plan of action you need to see your success come to life?
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    Have your most burning question answered by a 15 year veteran who went from failure to success?
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    Get enough traffic to make sales and build your list without busting your budget?

Let's fix it together

From advice to doing the work FOR you,
I will help.

What can we get done in 30 minutes?

Examples from actual consulting calls.

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    Helped them get unstuck at last!
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    Cleared up confusion about the next step
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    Helped choose best resources
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    Taught blog post writing process
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    Wrote squeeze page copy during the call
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    Helped choose domain name
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    Mapped out mini course to sell
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    Dead mailing list brought back to life
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    Improved sales letter for more conversions
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    Improved list building setup
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    Discovered new traffic sources
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    Improved email messages
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    Evaluated offer and pricing
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    Reviewed funnel flow for higher conversions
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    Wrote 2 solo ads for their offer
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    Affiliate marketing promotion plan set up

Get on a 30 minute coaching call with me and together, we'll figure out the right steps for you to become, just, ridiculously productive.

Here is how it works

  1. You will get my private email address so you can tell me about your situation.
  2. We will get on a private one-to-one call for 30 minutes to solve the problem. (I will record the call and give you a copy of the recording)
  3. I will provide you with a specific plan of action after our call.

My Secret Weapon

One of the crucial “fault lines” between success and failure is finding a great advisor and coach. My Go-To mentor is Charlie Page. His counsel has always been dead on and highly effective.

Charlie has a knack for turning complex and confusing problems into simple, common sense solutions. No matter where you are…Wannabe, Newbie or Successful Pro, Charlie has been there and can help you achieve your dreams.

Charlie Page is my secret weapon.

Gordon Appleby

I always come back to Charlie!

It's easy to get caught up in the cloud of hype and jargon and mega-hope when the gurus are talking. I come back to Charlie because he can explain to me what they were saying, in plain, simple common sense language.

I always recommend Charlie Page and his courses to newbies because he can cut right through, explain things so simply. His Common Sense courses could not be more appropriately named.

If you are new online or struggling online or ready to go to the next level online, Charlie Page can help you.

Patt Timlin

Charlie Page is the real deal!

For anyone who happens to read this, Mr. Charlie Page is "the real deal".

I got into internet marketing late in life. The learning curve has been rather steeply "uphill" and I have often been disappointed by online trainers and software, even the "famous" ones.

The most refreshing exception to this that I have found is - on all levels - Mr. Charlie Page.

Wow - his training is quite clear and on-point and his personal touch is genuine, kind and really effective.

Patrick Dague

Charlie, I considered dozens of programs before I selected you!

Charlie... I considered dozens of programs before I selected you and your systems to guide and assist me with my goals to have a successful and profitable online presence. This video is so informative and instills such confidence that I have made the right choice.


Thanks Charlie, for being true & genuine among all the noise in this industry

In a few short days my Mini Course draft has actually been created!

I have a plan and action towards it’s completion has already encountered a need for course correction. In the past that would be where support suddenly seemed to disappear. Not so with Charlie.

His commitment to actually, personally respond to support questions with a genuine desire to see members succeed is real. I am a testament to that fact.

Thanks Charlie, for being that voice so many have found to be true and genuine among all the noise and clamor in this industry.

My adventure with you is just beginning!

Alan Jarrett

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