Major Changes To The DOE!

Today I am very happy to announce major improvements to the Directory of Ezines!

We moved the DOE to a faster, more powerful and easier-to-use site ...

But we didn't stop there!

While we were moving the site we performed a massive upgrade!

For a sneak peek of our new site just look at the image below. This easy to use structure is the backbone of the new and improved DOE.

Here are a few changes members will experience.

  • Easy navigation.
  • Video teaching from me, including my new Traffic & Conversions course!
  • Enhanced and expanded listings.
  • Even more ezine listings!
  • All listings grouped by niche.
  • A complete resource center.
  • Integrated affiliate program.
  • And much more, including new ad sources beyond just ezines!

If you are a DOE member you will receive an email on Monday 8/1/16 with your new login credentials.

If you are not yet a member of the DOE then now is the perfect time to join us!

Click here to get more information about the Directory of Ezines.

Our Affiliate Program Is Changing Too!

We are expanding the DOE affiliate program considerably. New tools and teaching will make it easier than ever to promote the DOE.

Promoting the DOE is already easy due to our outstanding reputation. We were the first resource online for ezine advertising. And we have remained leaders in that field.

That's why top marketers like Yanik Silver, Ali Brown, and Stuart Ross recommend the DOE.

And it's why they are all members too!

But now we are taking the next step in our evolution and opening up new tools and resources to our affiliates. Soon affiliates will have tools like ...

  • A product launch style free teaching series you can promote!
  • Evergreen webinars.
  • New video sales letters.
  • Content marketing tools.
  • And much more!

To be completely transparent, these tools are not all in the new DOE yet.

We are almost done with moving the content from the old site to the new. And our team is working hard to add the new features we have envisioned for you.

While the core content is moved (all the listings are moved and updated) there is still more we are adding to the DOE. Things like ...

  • New teaching.
  • New ad sources (beyond ezines)
  • Interviews with top publishers.
  • And more.

I really can't reveal all the details in public. But suffice to say the DOE is my flagship product. And if you know me you know I deliver value in all my sites.

And there is more good news for our affiliates.

Your Commissions Are Going UP!

I've already mentioned a few of the changes happening in the new DOE. Now here's another change, and a big one.

For the first time in over EIGHT years we are raising the price of the DOE!

Once all the changes are complete, the price will go up by at least $100.

And that means affiliates will earn even more when they make DOE sales!

I'm sure you can see that this is the best possible time to get involved with the Directory of Ezines.

If you are a member, you will love the changes and how easy promoting this new site will be.

If you are not a member, click here now to learn more about how the DOE can help you succeed online.

At the DOE we have one simple mission ... to help members succeed with ezine marketing.

This new site will help us do that even better, extending and expanding our 15 year legacy of delivering the highest value online.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to seeing you inside the DOE!

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jeffrey p corcoran - August 11, 2016

Hey Charlie just wanted to write to let you know I never received my email on the 1at with my new sign in information. Thanks Jeffrey

    Charlie Page - August 12, 2016

    Please contact support@charliepage.com so they can help you get access. All members were mailed new logins but some have changed addresses. Not sure what happened in your case but DO want to get your access going ASAP!


Wydell - July 31, 2016

Looking forward to tomorrow. I know it’s going to be GREAT!
Thanks Charlie

    Charlie Page - August 3, 2016

    Thank you Wydell! I appreciate you being a member and your enthusiasm is contagious!


Karl Dietrich - July 30, 2016

I’ve been a happy member of the DOE for some years now & very excited to receive the email on Monday.
Karl D.

    Charlie Page - August 3, 2016

    Thanks Karl! We are getting very good reviews so far! I appreciate your faithful membership.


Gordon Appleby - July 30, 2016

Looking forward to a bigger and better version of an already great product. Can’t wait!


    Charlie Page - August 3, 2016

    Thanks Gordon! I appreciate you being an early tester.

Kay Peterson - July 30, 2016

Can’t wait for the email on Monday. CharliePage, you rock!

    Charlie Page - July 30, 2016

    Thanks Kay!

      Rebecca Scaggs-Smith - July 30, 2016

      Looking forward to the email on Monday and the new affiliate program changes. I was planning on jumping on board as an affiliate.

      Charlie Page - August 3, 2016

      Thanks Rebecca! I always appreciate your kind comments. Look forward to working with you to promote the site. We have some great tools in the pipeline to help you do that.


Ray Aires - July 30, 2016

Congratulations Charlie it will be great.
Could you please send my login to XXXXXX
Thank you

    Charlie Page - August 3, 2016


    This has been done. I removed your email address from the message you left so no one could scrape it off the site. Don’t want spammers getting your address!




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