10 Headline Blueprints That Work Like Crazy

If you are interested in driving traffic to your website or are into list building or affiliate marketing, then you probably know the importance of a great headline.

It’s often been said that the ability to write great headlines is the most important skill in all of copywriting. That might be true.

After all, unless you have a great headline your selling message won’t get read.

This applies to solo ads, classified ads, sales letters, blog posts, social media marketing … basically, anytime you communicate with the public.

In the email marketing and solo advertising business, we often talk about the “hierarchy” of a great email ad.

That’s just a fancy way to say that any email ad, especially a solo ad, must have three key elements in order to be effective.

And by effective, I mean profitable.

  1. A subject line (or headline) that causes the email to get opened
  2. An offer the reader wants
  3. A call to action that gets the reader to click now

If your ad has those three things you will likely do very well indeed. If you get one of them wrong you risk losing profits.

But here’s the problem for most people …

How do you write a highly effective headline or email subject line?

Most professional copywriters have a swipe file they use.

When they see a great headline or subject line they copy it and use it for inspiration.

Of course, we never want to use anyone’s copy word-for-word without express permission but we are free to draw inspiration from great marketing. And we should do so.

After all, why reinvent the wheel?

A second trick of the trade is having a blueprint to follow.

By blueprint I mean a simple “fill in the blanks” formula that empowers you to crank out winning headlines and subject lines all day long.

So if you’ve ever wanted to write great headlines and subject lines at will, or if you’ve ever been stuck and not known how to get started, the blueprints below will help.

NOTE: In the examples and information below I’m going to refer to these blueprints in email marketing terms.

The truth is a great headline IS a great email subject line and IS a great article title and IS a great blog post title and IS a great Tweet and so on.

It all has the same purpose, to get people to read more and take action.

Heck, you might even find a new career as a headline writer!

Blueprint #1: “For _______, This Works Like Crazy” 


This is a great results-driven subject line that is certain to get people to open up your email and take a closer look.

The idea here is to use the classic combination of something the reader wants with a way to get it.

By including “this works like crazy” you are saying “here’s how to get what you want”. All you need to do now is fill in the blanks and include what they want.

Your job is to provide the “what they want” part in the provided blank.


  • For losing weight FAST, this works like crazy…
  • For longer tee shots, this works like crazy…
  • For making money fast, this works like crazy…
  • For saving a marriage, this works like crazy…
  • For avoiding bankruptcy, this works like crazy…

Obviously, you want what you are offering to be something that is highly sought after or highly interesting to the reader and is directly related to what you are going to share in the email itself.

This subject line is great for just about any kind of mailing, whether it is a content mailing or a promotional mailing.

People open it for one reason and one reason only: it promises to reveal something that produces a result they want to achieve.

Blueprint #2: “Why Your ________ Won’t _______” 


One of the basic human motivations for response is driven by a fear of failure.

This subject line is the exact opposite of the first one we looked at which hinted at producing results – this one hints at NOT producing results.

The idea is to talk about what they want and then an appropriate negative statement at the end after the word “won’t”.


  • Why your diet won’t work
  • Why your business won’t succeed
  • Why your list won’t make you money
  • Why your vacation won’t be fun
  • Why your credit can’t be restored

Who could resist opening up to see WHY?  Not many of us, I can tell you that.

HINTSubstituting the word “can’t” for “won’t” works very well.   Feel free to experiment with other synonyms too.

If your result is something that we WANT to achieve, then certainly we’d want to read your email to find out what might prevent us from achieving the result.

It’s a great time to reveal a mistake or a problem or a hindrance … and then offer your product or service as a solution, which will produce profit for you.

Blueprint #3: “The biggest mistake ______________ make”


Once again we are tapping into the fear of failure, a powerful motivator.

This subject line that focuses on the negative or adverse result – things your subscriber wants to avoid if he or she is going to achieve the results they want.

The difference with this subject line and others that offer a sort of warning or caution is the emphasis here is on the word “biggest”.

This isn’t just a mistake, it’s the BIGGEST mistake.

It’s the number one, most common error that folks make regarding a particular topic and curiosity alone will get people to open up JUST TO SEE WHAT IT IS.

Yes, they’ll certainly be concerned about whether or not they are making this particular mistake, but more than that, they’ll want to know WHAT this particular mistake is.

What IS the “biggest” mistake?


  • The biggest mistake husbands make
  • The biggest mistake first-time parents make
  • The biggest mistake dieters make
  • The biggest mistake car buyers make
  • The biggest mistake dog owners make

HINT: Adding the words “and how to avoid it” or “how you can avoid it” works very well with these headlines.

Obviously, the biggest mistake would be a matter of your opinion, so it’s open to your own objective perspective, which makes this one an easy subject line to work into your mix.

And, it definitely is effective.

Blueprint #4: “The Fastest Way To ____________” 


Now it’s time to talk about the other super-motivator, the promise of gain.

Here we focus on being “fast”.

We all want results – and, let’s face it – we all want them as quickly as possible.

We live in a fast food world that promises instant results and that’s what we want. So, the key here is that word “fastest”.

This isn’t just a way to success with a particular topic; it’s the FASTEST way to success with a particular topic.

Additionally, I’ve found that if you can plug in SPECIFIC results it makes this one so much more effective.


  • The fastest way to make $500 online
  • The fastest way to lose 5 pounds
  • The fastest way to play guitar chords
  • The fastest way to speed read 75 pages
  • The fastest way to cut insurance costs by 25%

Notice in my examples that I didn’t make outlandish claims, I made reasonable claims.

It wasn’t the “fastest way to make a million dollars online,” but rather “the fastest way to make $500 online”.

Not “100 pounds”, but “5 pounds”. Not “play guitar”, but “play guitar chords”.

There are two reasons for this:

(1) If a person believes they can actually do what you mention in the subject line, they are more likely to open up and take a look, and

(2) Readers will subconsciously think they can INCREASE the results by DUPLICATING what you share inside.

In other words, if you mention the “fastest way to lose 5 pounds” I automatically think, “If he lost 5 I’ll bet I can lose 10! ”

It’s human nature to think you can do better than the next person.

That may or may not be the case, but that’s what many people think, and it compels them to take a look because your claim is BELIEVABLE and ACHIEVABLE.

Blueprint #5: “Get Your ________ Questions Answered” 


This is a great information gathering subject line to use when you want to survey any mailing list, be it your own or if you buy solo ad space.

Surveying and taking polls works, and works well, and this approach helps it work even better.

The more you know about people who might become customers – what they WANT to know from you, what they are most likely to buy – the easier it is to provide them with quality content they can use.

And the easier it is to make offers that they will say “Yes” to. So, this is a great subject line to

So, this is a great subject line to gather information with, by allowing your subscribers to submit their most wanted question to you.


  • Get your blogging questions answered
  • Get your weight lifting questions answered
  • Get your insomnia questions answered
  • Get your digital photography questions answered
  • Get your pet training questions answered

HINT: You can change this headline to read “answers to your _____ questions” and it will work just as well.

LIST BUILDING TIP: You can promise to answer the top 5 for free in a report or training call or give a free copy of your completed product to all those who submit a question (and join YOUR list) or whatever you choose as far as the offer inside.

Blueprint #6: “Something Every _____ Needs To Know” 


Once again we have the “curiosity” factor in play.

What is it that I need to know? The word “need” is very powerful and compelling. It gives the impression that something is a necessity, that it is required.

Testing has shown that putting a special emphasis on “first-timers”, “beginners” or “newbies” will increase the results of this headline or subject line.

Because they are inexperienced, they are more likely to not only recognize they do have needs because of their lack of knowledge but also will be eager to learn those things that you feel are necessary or required for success.


  • Something every new mother needs to know
  • Something every college freshman needs to know
  • Something every first-time car buyer needs to know
  • Something new affiliate marketers need to know
  • Something every bride-to-be needs to know

Why do you think the Dummies® books have sold so successfully? Newcomers to the subject want to know what they need to know. And that’s why they’ll open this email up and take a look inside.

Blueprint #7: “Here’s A Shortcut For __________” 


When I say “shortcut” what comes to your mind? Think about it for just a second. You likely envision something that is “faster”, something that is “easier”, something that gives an “advantage”, something that “reduces expenses or effort” – all of which are highly desirable.

We all want to take the shortcuts in life – the easiest, fastest and most advantageous path to our destination. Which explains why this subject line continues to be among the most opened in my email marketing.

It doesn’t matter if it’s rose gardening or entertaining in-laws or boosting metabolism or racing radio-controlled cars, we all want a shortcut.


  • Here’s a shortcut to getting a great job
  • Here’s a shortcut for creating an ebook
  • Here’s a shortcut for boosting your memory
  • Here’s a shortcut to mastering Forex
  • Here’s a shortcut to learning to play piano

Tip: Let me also give you just a quick tip here for really producing profits with this particular subject line …

When you can tie in some kind of product, software or service that fully or semi-automates the shortcut, then you’ve got a very good chance of getting the sale.

Just a quick, very generic example: You might share that a shortcut to success with customer support is to have a text file with your most asked questions and responses to those questions.  so when a new customer asks a question all you have to do is copy and paste your response instead of retyping out a response.

When a new customer asks a question all you have to do is copy and paste your response instead of retyping out a response.

That’s a shortcut.

Now, you could also PROMOTE an autoresponder service that would actually automate the process of getting those answers to the customer.

You could also promote a package of template responses to the most asked questions or promote a customer-service help desk software or even a third-party company that provides customer service.

The point is this: If you can provide readers with a quality shortcut, but then also promote a product, software program or service that automates that shortcut, you’re much more likely to get a sale. 

Blueprint #8: “Here Is Your ________ Checklist” 


One of the things that most human beings want – at least the human beings that I know – is a set of instructions that we can follow to make sure we do things correctly.

That’s why offering a free checklist as your subject line is yet another great way to increase your open rate and get subscribers delving deeper into the mailings you send out.


  • Here is your interview checklist
  • Here is your “Baby’s First Year” checklist
  • Here is your wedding checklist
  • Here is your headline writing checklist
  • Here is your travel checklist

I personally have seen greater results by giving the checklist a title.

Not just “Here is your interview checklist” but “Here is your ‘Acing Any Interview’ checklist”.

Not just “Here’s your wedding checklist” but “Here is your ‘The Perfect Wedding’ checklist”.

A good name adds more desirability to the checklist.

Obviously, in your email, you’ll want to provide the checklist.

And your checklist is a PERFECT spot to make recommendations. Refer readers to your product or affiliate products for more information on every entry in the checklist.

A classic example is the “Setting Up An Internet Business” checklist where some of the steps would include “buying a domain name”, “finding a web host”, “creating a blog” etc.

For most of those steps, you could provide a brief overview of them and then point them to resources to do the very things you instruct them to do … most of which make you money.

This is the one email subject line and corresponding email message that EVERY LIST OWNER should have in their sequences somewhere.

Blueprint #9: “A Great _______ Resource I Just Found” 


This is a great subject line to use in promoting an affiliate link, especially if there is some kind of free information or discount involved at the affiliate site.

SUPER IMPORTANT: If the product or program you are promoting in your affiliate marketing offers free information you will do better by promoting the free information than by promoting the product or program directly. 


  • A great discount travel resource I just found
  • A great free traffic resource I just found
  • A great genealogy resource I just found
  • A great anti-aging resource I just found
  • A great home improvement resource I just found

There is an element of newness and freshness here with the “I just found” reference at the end of the subject line, which brings a sense of urgency – we desire to be the first to know, the first to use.

Again, just another solid way to get folks to open your emails.

Blueprint #10: “This Ruins Most ____________” 


This subject line is one of the strongest in the group.

It works again with the fear of loss super-motivator.

It goes beyond sharing a mistake or even the biggest mistake to the point of revealing something that can have a devastating effect on the reader if they fall victim to it.

Again, we’re talking about both awareness of a potentially destructive pitfall, with a provided solution, only this time, the language is stronger in that it could “ruin” the results for the person on the other end of the line.

HINT: Don’t overuse this one and don’t use it for things that readers might consider “minor”.

There are products we promote that can have a dramatic impact on a person’s life – this type of headline or subject line is best used for those types of products in my view.


  • This ruins most diets
  • This ruins most newlyweds
  • This ruins most marketing plans
  • This ruins most affiliates
  • This ruins most childhood dreams

In this email, you’d want to reveal the most disastrous, destructive stumbling block that the subscriber might face, along with a solution for avoiding it.

HINT:  Provide the solution in your content in a brief overview form so you do actually give them useful information, and then lead the subscriber to an offer to thoroughly explain the solution which allows you to make a sale.

There you have it – 10 ways to write headlines or subject lines that practically demand attention and create real results.

Now here’s your action step – take the headlines you are using now and compare them with these.

Can you modify what you are using now to fit these blueprints?

If not, take the blueprints above and apply them to every product you promote online. Then begin testing these headlines in the ads you place, articles you write and more.

These blueprints work – I hope you enjoyed them and profit from them as I have.


Charlie Page

Happily married for 44 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 16 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

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    • Charlie Page says:


      Thank you for your kind comments. I am updating the report with these headlines (and 90 more) that will be ready soon. I will email about it when it’s ready.


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    What is the ideal length for a blog post title? I remember you advising the use of 7-8 words in an earlier blog post. Yoast, however, recommends the use of 4-5 words. What’s the best course to follow. Please advise? Thanks

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      Here’s the voice – publish what you write every day without concern for anything but one factor … will what you write help people. You can go back later and do all the keyword stuff you want to do. You can put your autoresponder up when you have time. But if you are writing and not publishing, which is what you describe (I’ve been there – I have 122 articles in draft right now) then you are standing alone in the woods where no one can hear you. So let’s let them hear you.

      Write the best stuff you can, publish something no less than 3 times a week and then see what happens in 90 days. It will be something good; I can almost promise you that.

      Publishing makes money. Getting ready to publish not so much.


      • Nicki Goff says:

        Amen to that answer – I also spend too much time thinking about what I’m going to write, and often lose focus on writing to help out someone else.
        Thanks for the headline blueprints – I’ll be having another look at my email headlines, and working to make them more effective with these!

      • Charlie Page says:

        Thanks Nicki – happy you found it helpful!


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    Hi Charlie, Well you said you were going to deliver more in 2012 WOW Good Stuff. I have been opening your e-mails and waiting for one like this. I am getting to work right now and changing up some headlines on the articles and video’s that are NOT working for me Thanks For Sharing This Great Post I look forward to opening ALL of your e-mails. Chery 🙂 Love What You Do & Do What You Love

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    Those headlines were compelling – I wanted to click on most of them. A very useful list indeed, and a resource I’ll use many times in my writing.


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    Well done. As has been said that the headline is the advertisment for the ad. These headlines will work because they address to to most commont fears: fear of loss and fear of not gaining what we could attain.

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    Nice article! Will implement this tips. I’m having some problems with my open rates and clicks.

    Is Kajabi better than optimize press?

    • Charlie Page says:

      I like Kajabi much more than Optimize Press, although I use both. Kajabi is a hosted service so it costs more but it does much more and they support you like crazy (live chat 24/7) and roll out new features. Kajabi really is the best product I’ve bought online in the last 5 years. That being said, Optimize Press is a fantastic product in its own right.

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    Thanks for the blueprint a great addition to my swipe file.

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    I must confess that I sometimes struggle with coming up with good headlines. I am sure this will help a lot.

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    Hi Charlie, and I hope you don’t take offence that I’m not leaving this comment to you directly, but to anyone who comes to this page to leave a comment.
    I want to go on record here and share something with everyone. I have been around IM for two years, mostly copy and ghostwriting for (in their own mind) ‘guru’s’.

    These people paid me to rewrite and repackage old stuff of theirs (and others) to resell as a new package to unsuspecting ‘newbies’, that, and the lack of care they felt for their customers left me feeling a more than a little ‘unclean’.

    I decided to use my words to build my own IM business not someone elses, and I contacted Charlie last week to ask his advice about joining the Directory of Ezines.
    I had my check book out and would have signed up immediately because I like Charlies style of doing business.

    But he told me DOE wasn’t what I needed just at the moment.
    Can you imagine that sort of honesty?

    I have been working for sharks who would have taken my money and then called everything ‘my fault for not taking action etc”, but Charlie turned me down as DOE wasn’t the best fit for what I wanted to achieve.

    He did suggest taking a look at Follow Up Selling Systems (a suggestion, not an atempt to sell it, and I was in the process of doing so when his email popped into my inbox pointing me to this article.
    Which brings me full circle back to the article!

    Charlie, if this is the quality of information and support that is on the charter membership side of FUSS, its a no brainer, and I’m in. This is class advice.
    Thanks for sharing this and I look forward to learning a lot from you in the months to come.

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    Hello Charlie

    Thank you kindly for sharing these subject lines. They couldn’t have come at a better time, as I’ve been trying to create a few myself for the launch of a new email campaign. I’ve already decided on using at least two of yours now and will split test to see what returns I get.

    In addition. I’ve been testing myself to see what makes me open some emails I receive. There’s no doubt that a good attention grabbing headline does the trick.

    Great work Charlie and thanks again!


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    I agree with the others…this is one of the best, most helpful articles I’ve read in a long time. Any of us who write for our sites, blogs or freelance can always use solid advice that works! Once again, you have given more useful information that everyone can use.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    This could be one finest aricle I might have read in a long, long time! Compact, concise, highly effective and works everytime when it is used..

    As for more subject lines, here is something that’s wrtten many years back and I still use them effectively.

    5 unorthodox email subject tricks -500% more responses!

    BTW, may I use your great article (of course with your byline) on my website?

    S. Kumar,

    • Charlie Page says:

      Thank you for your kind words. I’m sorry you can’t publish the article on your site but you certainly can link to it!


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    Thanks a ton for sharing your top Headlines…They
    truly fill a big hole in my attempts to develop an
    effective followup campaign for y programs…I
    really appreciate your help.

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    Thanks for sharing those great head lines, being honest and down to earth. Those articles will help me a whole lot. I am proud to be on your list.

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  • Steve Lanning says:

    Hi, Charlie,
    Love the headline starters! And for someone who is on the same year my wife and I are on in marriage, I think there must be a kinship there somewhere, yes? Brief backgrounder.;..that you never asked for, but hoping it all comes together for you in some convoluted fashion.

    I was the guy who started the Consultng Opportunities Journal and Consultants National Resource Center in Washington, DC in the late 70s and 80s. I’m also the guy who with ‘the recovering attorney’ the late great Hal Wright, co-founded the National Association of Business Coaches (which I sold in 2002– and still suffer seller’s remorse from my actions!).

    Now, as an official Boomer, I’m trying to help protect oldsters from fraudsters in the funny link in your Website box above. We will be looking to involve the business communities in every county we have a presence in. We also want to earn some money, have each of our ‘chapter presidents’ earn some money with those business communities in order to build a fund(s) for defrauded seniors in each county.

    Would you see any win-win-win way you could see getting involved with us as we launch with any of your stuff for local businesses or suggest someone non-techies with a leaders with his first non-profit could bootstrap themselves? We also have birthed a publishing arm called the Retirement Living Library where we were suggested to do it all through Amazon.com but dunno. (I started in the 70s with 50% of my blood being printer’s ink and it just never got out of my system.)

    Sorry about the long copy…(fed and clothed our family of 5 with my copywriting in the 70s and early 80s, but it’s been too painfully long since I had the discipline of a client). Hence, I just ramble now…just pitiful.

    After looking at your stuff, you seemed the right person to pour my heart out to in regards to AAEA, Michael. Thanks for the couch time!

    Any thoughts?

    Best regards,

    • Steve Lanning says:

      Post Script: Charlie, I have no idea why I called you Michael in my post–except that I just spoke to our second born son, Michael, who is running a big store for Nike in California. And I’m in Maryland (just outside DC) so we’re three time zones away. What a chunkhead I am! My apologies.

    • Charlie Page says:

      Interesting background. I don’t see a way we can work together individually at this time. Thanks for asking. I would strongly suggest building a list from day 1 and using a service like Kajabi if you are going to create a membership area of any kind. I have discovered that the freedom that comes from paying for services that save time and headaches is well worth the cost.


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    because it was my own private secret weapon.

    It is a honor to know Charlie and work with him.

    Bill Humphreys

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    Life Without Limits

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