10 Reasons I Love Article Marketing

If you know me you know that I love article marketing. The reason is simple. Article marketing changed my life.

And I believe it can change yours as well.

When I joined the Directory of Ezines as a member so many years ago our family was having hard times. In fact, the fee I paid to join the DOE was sacrificial.

Because I didn’t have money to buy ads I used the DOE to contact publishers and offered my articles to them.

Free content for them. Free exposure for me. A win-win.

And it worked! A little less than 18 months after joining the DOE as a member I bought the company. The rest, as they say, is history.

Except for this — Ten books and five membership sites later I still do article marketing every week and always will.

If you are not doing article marketing now, or trying to but not succeeding, let me share why I love it and how it can help you too.

There are ten reasons I love article marketing. Ten reasons why article marketing is the best marketing you can do of all the free advertising methods.

Article marketing works better than many paid methods of advertising.

First let me share two core truths about article marketing.

One – article marketing creates totally free traffic year after year after year.

I still get traffic from articles I wrote and submitted in 2007!

Two – Blogging IS article marketing. So if you have a blog now you are in the article marketing business already!

There are other forms of article marketing to be sure (and other things you can do with the articles you put on your blog) but blogging is perhaps the best form of article marketing.

More about that in another article. 🙂

Now, the top ten reasons I love article marketing.

1. Article Marketing works

If you look at the history of what work online you will see a pattern.

There are short term players who create a big splash, show you their hyped up Clickbank screenshots and then fade away.

I could name literally a dozen or more “next big things” that climbed the gravity ladder and then fell, never to be seen again.

Then there are long term players.

Men and women who share their knowledge openly for the benefit of all, knowing that people who like their message will respond and buy their products.

Three examples are Paul Myers at TalkBiz and Brian Clark at Copyblogger and Jimmy Brown at Imstitute.

All are article marketers, all have thriving businesses and strong reputations.

If you don’t know them you are missing out on highly actionable, highly valuable information available totally free. Just click their names to visit their sites.

These aren’t affiliate links you will be clicking. Oh no, this is a 100% promotion free recommendation of three people who have impacted my life and will help you too.

2. Article marketing builds credibility

When people trust you, when they believe what you say, they buy from you. They listen to you. They rely on you.

This is a gold in business. It’s called trust and it’s more valuable that almost any other asset you can earn. And notice please I said earn. There are no shortcuts here. There are no manipulation tactics that will do the trick. You simply give your best.

The reason I make sales every time I send an email to my list is because I have worked hard to give the people on my list true value before asking for anything in return. And the people on my list are good people who want to learn and grow and have a real business online.

You can join my list and read helpful articles for literally three years and never be required to buy anything at all.

That activity builds trust. And, best of all, it helps people. Because helping people is what’s it is all about ultimately. At the end of my days it won’t be the money I will be counting – it will be the people helped. Not preaching, that’s just how I see it.

If your focus is helping people more than making money the making money online part of the equation will take care of itself. I have seen that happen many times.

3. Article writing can be outsourced

Don’t want to write or like to write? No problem.

Article writing can be outsourced!

Here’s the good news and the bad news. The bad news is that you can’t expect to pay $5 per article and end up with a good product. Just not going to happen.

What you will end up with is some spun article that will get you slapped.

The good news is that there are terrific writers online who love to write, love to work from home and will write excellent articles for an affordable price.

These articles will belong to you. They will be your articles, never to be sold or used by another person. You own the copyright.

The best writer I know online is Meredith Pond. You can reach her by clicking her name. Again, no affiliate links here. She doesn’t even know I’m writing this but she is flat out the best in the business in my view.

Two more resources I use personally are Elance and VA Classroom. I have purchased excellent copywriting at both.

4. Article marketing is durable

The lifeblood of the Internet is information. Without unique high-quality information Google goes out of business.

When YOU become the supplier of that information Google rewards you with more business communications and visitors than you can imagine; and they do it year after year.

I literally get visitors every month from articles I wrote years and years ago.

My motto is simple — do the work once and profit many times!

Article marketing does that.

5. Article marketing pre-sells

Giving away content is all fine and good but you still need to sell something, right?

With article marketing you can do both.

One thing article marketing does well is pre-sell your idea. Let’s say you want to sell a product about getting six-pack abs. That seems a pretty popular product.

An article marketing approach would be to start a blog about it and write articles about how and why to do that, along with what to avoid, and you are good to go. You could do a Squidoo lens or Facebook page too but your own blog – a blog YOU own – is key.

Now people visit your six-pack ab blog and can read articles without any pressure.

When they do they will be pre-sold on the idea and very likely buy from you — the friend who helped them get their questions answered and was so helpful.

And because your blog will live online as long as you want it to (unlike an ad that runs once and is gone forever) you have created real leverage.

You’ve done the work once and profitted many times.

Well done!

6. Article marketing creates better visitors

When you write articles that help people (like this one I hope!) you can place those articles on article directories, and on other blogs, for other audiences to enjoy.

When that happens you reach more people and the people you reach get to know you for the first time.

All without spending any money!

NOTE: More about how to do that without a duplicate content penalty in another article. That topic needs an article of its own.

So why “better” visitors? Because when people read your artilce on another blog or article directory first and then visit your blog after they WANT to know more about you.

Any visitor to your blog or website who comes there because they WANT to know more is better for you than the person who just Googles and clicks.

7. So few are doing it well

Marketing online is funny. Once something is discovered that works well you can count on the hype boys selling some “shortcut” or “three click miracle” way of doing it.

That’s what happened with article marketing.

Article marketing works and the hype boys noticed. So they created spinners and robots and scrapers to “do the work for you”.

Better yet, these miracle inventions would even submit your articles for you to millions of websites!

Of course, that doesn’t work. But people bought into it and spent their time and money trying it because it sounded easy and fast.

The sad part is this – if the people who bought into the hype had spent the same time (and saved the money) and written but two articles a week all that time they would be so much farther along.

With so few doing article marketing well now is the perfect time for you to get in the game.

I will soon release my own article marketing template (free to you) to share how to do it quickly. Even if you don’t like to write.

8. Articles can be repurposed

Another thing I love about articles is that they make great content on other venues. Here are a few ideas.

  • You can use short snips from your articles as tweets on Twitter.
  • You can post excerpts to your Facebook page.
  • You can add articles to your follow up series
  • You can combine articles into a report that becomes your viral marketing piece.
  • You can make a Powerpoint presentation from your articles and create video for YouTube and other sharing sites.
  • You can record your videos to create a podcast.
  • You can even combine articles into a book to sell on Kindle or on your own blog or site!

There are many more ideas but I think you see where I’m going.

Write the article once and profit many times. Good motto.

9. Article marketing creates quality back links

When your articles are published on other websites you get a link from that site. When those sites are of high quality Google pays attention and gives you more attention, and more visitors.

Simple really.

The thing is, we can’t fool Google no matter how hard we try. It’s a fools game. So why bother “blasting” your article to “hundreds of thousands” of blogs or sites that no human will ever visit when you can do it right?

More about this in my Article Marketing Quick Course being created now.

Just like the Driving Traffic and List Building Quick Courses, it will be free to you!

10. Article marketing builds your list

There is no better list builder out there. While it might not be the fastest way to build a list (list swaps and solo ads are faster) article marketing will bring you better subscribers.

How better? Better becuase they have already read your work and like it. Now they want to know more.

And having someone want to know more about you, and what you offer, is more powerful than words can say.

So there you have it, the 10 reasons I love article marketing so much.

Let me encourage you to get more information about article writing and article marketing.

It has worked for over 15 years, it works now and it will keep working as long as people need help and need to learn.

And that’s going to be a long long time.

It’s morning on the Interet my friend. And now is the time for you to stake your claim and build your business.

Because having an automated thriving online business is a beautiful thing indeed!

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Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

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Charles Holmes

Great post Charlie. Do you think article marketing is still effective, even after the Google Penguin and Panda updates? I deleted most of my article marketing accounts and now focus on just writing for my blog. I’d like to hear your thoughts.


Hi Charlie,
You seem to have a easy way of telling things. Sure, this is because you lover the subject and your subjects are of interest to many people.

I too love writing about things I have experience in (after more than forty years of professional career) and are of major interest to me. The difference is that my stories have a relative smaller audience (maybe). My major interest is the environment and all related to it.

Well, that is probably why I have less traffic(yet). Patience you would say. Ok I buy that.

I would appreciate YOUR comments on my articles on my site and blogs on various other sites http://www.reibo.biz

    Charlie Page

    I would think that articles about the environment would have a large audience. I’m sorry that I can’t read your blog at this time however. We are tied up at this time with my brother in law’s situation and the other daily tasks of running the business.


I love it when you see a single ‘thing’ to do as serving so many purposes. Thanks for listing them all. As the others have said, it gets you thinking…now for the acting part.

    Charlie Page

    Glad you liked it. I love to do something once and have that be helpful to many people in many contexts.


Thank you Charlie for your article and I always enjoy reading your articles.
I am going to be very simple here.We all have different talents in life whether you are earning money through internet or through a regular job in an office.We have doctors,teachers,actors,musicians,marketing officers in offices etc.
This should apply with internet business.There are people gifted in writing or even marketing ,web designer etc—.Unfortunately most people who are eager to earn on line are not gifted in these areas.
I am your member and I am sure there could be others like me because you help members in marketing under
“Rewards Center”By reading a lot of your good stuff might not help me if I do not have that talent of writing or marketing.
There are millions like me.That is why many people are failing to achieve earning money online.
The challenge is still there that what could one do without having to write or market but still earn income online.

    Charlie Page

    Good comment. This is exactly why I have one-on-one consulting inside the Directory of Ezines. Making a living online can be done easily without writing. Without marketing? Not as easy. But if one has a specific skill of help to others and can find customers then marketing would not be necessary on an ongoing basis.

David Evans

Hi Charlie,
Thanks so much for your helpful article and encouragement! I was very interested to note that you said a blog is article marketing. I have just begun a blog (starting last week!) about the topic of innovation. I offer tools, resources and strategies to help people become more innovative. My advice and coaching works in virtually any field a person is involved in.
I am planning to put up a new post every week. The address is http://www.InnovationCenterBlog.com
Thanks so much for your help!
David Evans

    Charlie Page

    Glad you liked it. I wish you well with your blog.

Juan-Pierre Schaper

Great article!

I am on the lists of several internet marketers, and I can’t tell you how many of them have tried to convince me that article marketing is dead. I have also been on your list (and a member of The Directory of Ezines) for a while now Charlie, and based on what I have learned about you and your marketing methods, I am much more inclined to believe you when you say article marketing is still alive and well. As my experience in online marketing grows, it is becoming much easier for me to spot the hype.

Right now I am busy building a new website, but after reading this post (and once my current project is completed), I am definitely encouraged to get into article marketing. (I used to be pretty good at creative writing. I just need to shake the rust off…)

Thank you for this article and the all the useful information.
J Schaper

    Charlie Page

    Thank you for your kind words. I look forward to seeing your articles when the time comes.

      Dr. Dan Falor

      This article is so serindipitous. I’ve been posting articles about “Natural Solutions to Common Health Problems” on my blog for just a few weeks. I try to write an article every other day. I had toyed with the idea for about a year, and finally, after MUCH prodding by my I.T. Son, I began. My blod is “The Naturopath Report”. What’s my next step?

      Dr. Dan Falor

      Charlie Page

      Good for you. Not sure what the next step should be without knowing what you want to accomplish and what resources you have. Generally speaking I would repurpose the articles into video and put them on YouTube as soon as possible.

ken FreeTGR

Hi Charlie
I don’t read much I get lost when I do.
The thought in the back of my mind when reading is what is the author after my money in some shape or form. I need to focus of reading without out loss feeling but trust.
If I write something am I selling or sharing information gaining trust
of readers. I do feel a little uncomfortable if I try and sell.
Yet I happy to give away if this helps others.

    Charlie Page

    If the thought in your mind when you read is if the author is after your money then you are reading the wrong people. Try the resources I recommended. They all sell things but not via their articles – if they are selling they say so. You never have to sell in your articles. If you just give and help and have something available to buy people will do the rest.

John Witherspoon

That’s an awesome presentation, and when I get a few of the wrinkles in my sites worked out, I’ll be in…

    Charlie Page

    Thanks! I appreciate you taking the time to comment.


Another great article! I think this article is the best example of article marketing.

    Charlie Page

    I was hoping people would see it that way. Thanks.


A very insightful and useful article. I agree with you – a good quality article, put in the right place, will always be an important asset.
I have written many articles over the last couple of years, every single one written by myself and of high quality. One of my websites consists of nothing but good articles, and I get steady traffic, comments, and repeat visitors, even from articles that are over a year old.
I am looking forward to hearing more about this topic from you. I, like many others, have been confused about this with the endless streams of secret ninja loophole tricks that are emanating from the warrior forum and the likes, along with panic messages about Panda and Penguin or whatever it is all called.
I am looking forward to find out more about the best uses of this system from you. I am glad you are doing the research for us!
By the way, I am a DOE member, although I have not taken advantage of this service enough, but this will change now.

    Charlie Page

    Thank you for you comment. I love this part “secret ninja loophole tricks” There is SO much hype online about Internet marketing and it seems the words secret or ninja or loophole seem to be part of the pitch. The reality is so much different, and so much more fun, than the hype boys make it seem. By the way, log in to the Directory of Ezines and take a look at the Automatic Marketing webinar. I posted it this weekend and members are liking it. Great to hear from you.

Rene Michelle Floyd

Very good article Charlie…I am starting to get serious about article marketing. I see so much potential…the thing is, you cannot be a ‘copycat’ writer. Originality is key. I learned that the hard way.
Thanks for sharing your ‘passion’ so freely. You give such much value.

    Charlie Page

    I’m happy you liked it. Originality is indeed the key. Always good to be yourself. Good observation.

Daniel R. Murphy

As always your information is golden. I have to admit I was beginning to lose some faith in article marketing as it did not seem to be providing as much of a return for me. You’ve inspired me to rededicate myself to writing more and making it work.
Dan Murphy

    Charlie Page

    I’m finding that to be a common sentiment. I will be reopening Article Marketing Live later this year and really look forward to teaching that course again. Article marketing makes such a strong marketing foundation I’m surprised not more do it. I know that many don’t like to write but templates can help so much and if you can tell a friend why you liked a meal or a movie you can totally write articles. Thank you for your comment.

Bob Wehrsdorfer

I had gotten away from writing articles for awhile but this post you’ve put together has me re-thinking that part of the marketing process. In the past I’ve found it difficult to come up with ideas that aren’t a rehash of a zillion other articles out there, but that’s more of an excuse than a reason. Time to knuckle down and return to what works . . . thanks for the kick in the behind!

    Charlie Page

    Then I have done my job! 🙂 I will be writing about how to come up with endless ideas soon.


Really great, helpful and informative article. I guess I hadn’t thought about article marketing from all of these different angles. You’ve put a thought-provoking twist on a classic. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Charlie Page

    That was my goal! Thank you for sharing your comment.

J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

Charlie I couldn’t agree more about it not being done well. Vendors may be experts in their products, but not in writing out them.

    Charlie Page

    True. But vendors are busy selling and article marketing is slower than getting affiliates all excited with the promise of an iPad. Nothing wrong with motivating, or rewarding, affiliates but ignoring article marketing is a mistake. I think there is a big business to be made by approaching vendors and offering to do article marketing for them.

Barry Friedmann

Thanks for a very interesting report Charlie.

I like the effects of article marketing, but find it very hard to write good articles. It is not just the knowledge that is important – or is it? My imagination in how to word articles is not great, but I find it very much easier to massage wording once it has been written.

This could be the reason why article marketing is used by relatively few people and automated systems and PLR material are so popular.

Have a great day,


    Charlie Page

    Knowledge is important but conveying it in a readable way matters too. Happily, there are tricks of the trade that will help. Much more to come about that when I get back home and can get it written for you.


Thanks for the valuable tips!

I was in the impression that article marketing is dead, but reading this article made me reconsider try it again (by repurposing my blog post and autoresponder message).

Just out of curiousity, Assuming we’re posting 2 articles per week consistently, how much traffic could someone reasonably be getting after 3 months?

Lastly, it would be great if you could recommend some directory to post in the IM niche (E.g. ezinearticles).

Thanks again for the value you bring Charlie 🙂

    Charlie Page

    Good question but impossible to answer. It would depend on the niche, the quality of the articles, where specifically they are being posted and more. I would love to give you a specific answer but I never guess and I would be guessing. Sorry.

Dwight Anthony

I really liked this as a how-to guide on article marketing Charlie. I especially liked point #8 and will possibly be using this tactic with articles myself.

Dwight Anthony
Financially Elite Blog dot com

    Charlie Page

    Happy you liked it. Thank you for your comments. I always enjoy reading them. Enjoy your blog too.


I have a “tube” coach who told me that he is moving his internet biz over to apps (smart phone apps). He feels that apps is where the internet is going. Also that %80 of internet traffic is going to videos. Does that mean no one is going to read articles anymore? How do you feel about that?

    Charlie Page

    I’ve heard that too but frankly I don’t buy it. I’ve had an iPhone since day 1 and I do use lots of apps. But no app can replace what I can do on my laptop and no iPad (I have that too) can replace my real computer. As to the video vs. article – if given a choice would you agree to only ever watch video? Most would not. I see value in using both without abandoning what we know works to do the new and shiny thing.

Nicolette Goff

Re: #7
I was researching articles on MLM today, and found that many of the ones on article directories (not EzineArticles) were poorly written and obviously spun (or else written by someone with little knowledge of correct English). I guess my former teacher comes out and I just want to get out the red pencil!

I agree – article marketing is one of my favorites, and I’ve been writing and submitting articles for about 4 years. Some of my first articles on gardening are still getting great views, and giving me the link-back benefit. It’s a good way to have your site move up in the Alexa rankings.
Thanks for another good article!

    Charlie Page

    You are more than welcome. Happy you liked it and happy you are doing article marketing. It really works and I’m so happy it works for you too.

tom smith

Thanks for a great informative article Charlie. I’m really looking
forward to your upcoming course.

Tom Smith

    Charlie Page

    Thanks Tom. I’ll have it out as soon as possible.


Good article very helpful .

    Charlie Page



Very Good article Charlie as I noticed lately a lot of people have been pondering if article marketing is not as effective as before with all the change going on recently in the Internet world.I direct my people and use a lot of the information you publish on your sites for building my online business. Thanks Charlie

    Charlie Page

    Thanks Marcelo. As long as people want information and need to learn to do things and save time article marketing will be going strong. Thank you for sending your friends to my site.

Jobee Knight

Charlie, you are one of the best, warmest, most sincerely helpful Internet coaches. I wouldn’t think of unsubscribing from your email list. May the universe continue to reward you with the value and goodness you give to people every day.

    Charlie Page

    Thank you very much. We are very blessed and appreciate the kind thoughts.


Great post Charlie, you have just given me some more insight to article marketing. I couldn’t agree more with your point about article marketing bringing a better quality of visitors to a site..we all what quality that’s for sure. Really enjoy your work because you are genuine, not like half the other guru’s that just want to sell you something and then give no support. I only wish I had the money to join your Directory of Ezines, as soon as I do I will be joining I can assure you of that. Thanks again Charlie

    Charlie Page

    Thanks Craig. The DOE is celebrating its 14th year. We will be here when you are ready! Look forward to working with you.

Elena Forbes

Love this article!!! Have been writing articles for awhile and it definitely pays off… I have also tried article spinners and those things that do not… Must put in the work to get the rewards!

    Charlie Page

    I think the most revealing thing I ask people is how long they have been trying to make it online and how many articles they have written. I routinely here that they have been working online without success for 2 years or 4 years or even 8 years but have written zero articles. Consistent effort at doing what really works … really works! Thank you for your comment.

Sarah Clachar

Charlie, your post has reinspired me to repurpose some posts and get some more articles out there. Two of my 5-star articles on Ezines.com in the niche of health marketing/copywriting continue to bring me very-much presold clients years after I posted them. Thank you for reminding me of the tried and true and slow and steady way to win the race!

    Charlie Page

    Good for you. Those articles are so useful in so many ways if you just change or edit them a little bit. I’ve found this to be a huge time saver. And it makes your message consistent, which is another good thing.


Great content Charlie..totally agree with your assessment and experience although recently I’ve reduced submitting to article directories and just concentrated on posting new content to my blog then repurposing it for social media marketing.

    Charlie Page

    It can be confusing when it comes to article directories and knowing which ones matter. I’m checking this out myself. Thank you for your comment.

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