15 Proven Ways to Promote Affiliate Products – Part 2

Let’s continue from my last article about promoting affiliate products with the next five methods.

I want to share 15 proven ways to promote affiliate products. I think affiliate marketing is a brilliant idea when a person is starting out with trying to make money online.

It’s something that can be continued throughout your entire time of working online. It’s a wonderful way to earn money. You promote and cash the checks. The product owner does all the other work.

This is the second in a three-article series. I’ll review what we talked about in the first article, but if you haven’t read it yet, don’t miss part 1!

I talked about ezine advertising. It’s a wonderful way to promote. I believe in ezine advertising. I own The Directory of Ezines. I believed in it when I was a member of The Directory of Ezines.

I still believe in it more than 10 years later. Here’s why. It’s an incredibly targeted way to get traffic to your website. People who read ezines are interested in the topic they’re reading about. When your product matches that topic, good things can happen.

Pay-per-click advertising has gotten a bad rap lately as an affiliate marketing method. It can still be very profitable. Banner advertising is the most overlooked form of advertising.

I showed some ways to use that. Then there is viral marketing. We all know about this. We’ve heard about it. Not enough people are using it. We spoke about how to use that.

Now let’s get into promoting affiliate products part two.

The first is search engine traffic.

Would you like to get traffic from the search engines for free? Of course you would. Here’s how you can do it.

Build a website and populate it with original content. Write things from your heart. Get a blogger account or begin a blog. Start writing about something you’re passionate about.

Do you remember that movie called Julie and Julia? It’s about a woman who took Julia Childs’ recipe book, did all 300 recipes and blogged about it. It’s a true story. She was building the content before she got all of the subscribers.

Then it turned into a book and a movie. Am I saying they will make a movie about you? No. Here’s what I am saying: If you put original content on a website, search engines will reward you by sending traffic. That’s their job.

Google would go out of business tomorrow if they sent people who are looking for restaurants to dry cleaners.

They have to match what that person is searching for with where they send them. They will do that for you, like they do it for me, if you build original content.

There is email marketing.

Email marketing is the most powerful form of marketing online. Bar none, end of story. Every major marketer uses it. Every major marketer focuses on list building.

They trade emails with each other. They promote each other’s products. You can do that, too. When you buy a solo ad, it’s the same thing as renting someone’s mailing list for a day. Only your ad goes out to that entire list.

Ezine advertising is not the only way to use email marketing. There are people who will trade your promotions to their email list for services you can provide them. If you each have a small list, they will swap with you one-on-one.

If you have a small list and they have a big list, they will swap with you proportionately. You send two promotions and they’ll send one. No money changes hands. You both sell products.

Follow up email marketing is the number one method to sell things online.

There is no doubt about it. Think about the last 10 things you bought. I’m willing to guess that many of them were things you learned about in an email.

There are joint ventures.

Too many people think, “I’m no one. I’m not a guru. No one will do a joint venture with me.” If you bring something unique to the table, people will joint-venture with you.

I’m in three joint ventures right now. The person’s contribution is working with me. They’re giving me their time. They’re trading time for being part of a joint venture.

I’m doing that with three separate people right now. I know other people who do it all the time. Marketers who are busy creating products and have businesses to run don’t have time to do the things they’d like to do like article marketing or going into forums. If you offer to do that as your contribution, you might land a joint venture, too.

Teleseminars are a great way to build a mailing list and do some serious affiliate marketing.

The key is to land an interview and use it to build your list. Then people attend the teleseminar for free.

They have to register. That builds your mailing list. How do you land an interview? You have to ask. You have to let the person know that you intend to use this product in a particular way.  It can be done.

It’s like anything else in life. You have to knock on a few doors before you get a “yes.” It can be done. I get requests every week for interviews. I say “yes” to a lot of them. A great resource is InstantTeleseminars.com. This is Rick Raddatz’s site.

I love it. Here’s why I like it: I’ve been using it for three or four years. It’s easy to use. They provide the template and all the recording information. All you have to do is log in and use the site. You don’t have to publish anything or know any HTML. It’s a beautiful service.

You could publish your own ezine.

Many people think, “That’s too hard. I can’t do that.” Did you know that most publishers don’t use their own articles? You don’t have to be a writer to publish an ezine.

That may sound counter-intuitive but it’s true. Most publishers use other people’s articles. All you need is an auto responder, a website to collect names and a passion about a particular topic.

There are services that will do that for you if you don’t know how to publish your own website. It’s very profitable for those who have tried it. I teach DOE members how to do this all the time.

I hope you enjoyed this installment, and remember that it’s only article two of three! Be sure to read Part 1 and keep an eye out for the last in our series, coming soon.


Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

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Mark Reply

Hey Charlie,
1/ Affiliate Marketing
It does not build your list but helps fill you bank account.(great when it works)
2/ Article Marketing
Use The Directory of Ezines, still having trouble with that.
3/ Banner Advertising
I don’t have any website/blog to use it on.
4/ Search Engine Traffic
I don’t have the money to start a blog/website
5/ Follow Up Email Marketing
No money for that either
6/ Joint Venture
No list yet
7/ Teleseminars
The only person I know well is you.
8/ Website/Blog
I had a website/blog once & it wasn’t running properly
Because I didn’t have the money to pay for all the apps
To keep it safe & stop spammers from getting in.
Thanks for the awesome free information, the best as usual.
You always make me think, that is why I wrote the above list. Thanks

Montse Reply

Hi Charlie,
Thanks for all the information you share for free. Is a great gift!.
I follow you for a while now, but financially I do not have money right now to buy your products in the future I will without hesitation because I trust what you do and teach.
Best Regards from Barcelona, Spain.

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Beth Reply

You’re a great teacher Charlie! You really understand what most of us have been through with other marketing programs. It’s nice to finally have someone that’s honest showing me what I need to do. Thanks! Beth

Mark M Reply

Hi Charlie, another good vid.

Mark M

Jose Reply

This is great! I’ll be able to watch these 3 great videos in one sit.
What not to like?

Kevin Bass Reply

Great content as always Charlie. You get straight down to fundamentals without the usual guru smoke and mirrors. Build your list and build your profits.-Simple.

Charles Johnson Reply

In this sea of internet liers and madness, you are one of the few calming voices
telling the truth and reality of internet marketing. Thanks for your help.

Alan Outen Reply

Again, I really like your presentation style and content. I may be a pauper now but plan to change that! With mentors like you; who could fail?

Money Making System Reply

Thanks Again Charlie,

You have a lot of patience and are an excellent teacher – just what the doctor ordered!!!

I am glad I found you when I did.

Kind regards,


Michael Pearson Reply

Good information again Charlie. Real food for thought, I thank you!


Frank A Trueblood Reply

Hi Charlie

Just wanted to say you just put out another great video and some good tips. Even though you covered several good tips in just a few minutes just one of them is enough to get a persons online business going.

As always I highly recommend listening to what you have to say because it’ good solid marketing information.

Frank A Trueblood

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