15 Proven Ways to Promote Affiliate Products – Part 1

Today I want to talk to you about 15 proven ways to promote affiliate products. Even if you have your own product or 10 products of your own, you still want to promote other people’s products.

It’s incredibly profitable.

Think about this for a minute. When you’re an affiliate, which means a commissioned salesman, the person who owns the product does the market research.

  • They determine if there is a market there.
  • They create the product.
  • They write the sales letter.
  • They do the customer service.
  • They do all of the heavy lifting.

When done right, you promote and cash the checks. It can be a beautiful thing.

It can also be a nightmare for some people. That’s why I’ve created this series. I want to share the proven ways I use to promote affiliate products. I’ve done this over the last 10 years. You might find some of the advice I give you to be simple.

That’s exactly what I’m trying to do.

I think we make internet marketing so complicated now with 900 videos and this or that method, it can make you want to pull your hair out. I want to keep it simple. I think you’ll like what you see.

Before I begin I want to tell you a few things…

First, 15 ways are too many to put into one article, so the techniques will be broken up in this three article series.

Second, I will recommend specific resources. I want you to check them out. They are not my affiliate links. They are just the tools that I use.

Third, I want to keep it really simple. I will give you one or two of my best pieces of advice about each technique.

Let’s begin…

It won’t surprise you that ezine advertising is one of my favorite methods of advertising and marketing online.

If you’re going to do ezine advertising you need to know that solo ads do work the best.

What is a solo ad?

A solo ad is an email that is sent to the entire subscriber base of an ezine publisher. It is all 50,000 or 500,000 of them, whatever their circulation is. It contains your ad. It goes alone, hence the word “solo.”

The secret when doing ezine advertising is to match the topic of the ezine to the product you offer.

Ezines are electronic magazines that are about a specific topic like fishing, golfing, making cakes, making money online or advertising.

They are very specific in nature.

When your product or the product you’re promoting matches the topic of the ezine, great things can happen. You want to promote golf equipment to people who play golf, not to people who are trying to make money online.

You want to target this market as focused and tightly as you can. If you’re promoting an auto responder service you want to promote to ezines in the categories of internet marketing, affiliate marketing or advertising.

Finding the right ezines can be hard and time consuming or it can be easy. It is obvious what I’m going to say next.

I’m going to say it anyway. The Directory of Ezines exists to make it easy for members to find the right ezines. There you go.

There is pay-per-click advertising.

I talk to members all the time who have given up on pay-per-click advertising. I think that’s a mistake. They say, “I’ve tried it. It’s too expensive. It’s too hard. It’s too complicated.”

I talked to a member this week. He said, “Yes, I tried pay-per-click. I had 150 keywords picked out and 9 ads.” Einstein couldn’t keep up with that.

Make it easier. Choose fewer keywords.

That’s my first piece of advice. That was my advice to him.

My own campaign for Directory of Ezines has five keywords. They’re great keywords. They’re very profitable. We make about $4 for every dollar we spend.

You want to make sure the site converts before spending your hard-earned money. How can you do that? You can run other forms of advertising. At The Directory we give members 20 text ads that look like Google AdWords ads.

They can place them on the Directory of Ezines sites. They are high traffic sites. It’s free to them. It’s part of their membership. They can test that way.

If you send 200 or 300 visitors to a site and don’t make a sale, that’s a warning sign. You want to investigate that. Try to find out if the site does convert before spending money on pay-per-click.

I think banner advertising is an overlooked resource.

Too few people are doing banners. I do banner advertising all the time. I don’t send people who click on the banners straight to my sales letter.

I send them to a list-building squeeze page. Banners are great for list builders. They’re inexpensive. They’re easy to use. They run and run. You don’t have to maintain them, monitor them or do very much.

They work. There are a billion places where you can place banners. You can place banners inside ezines. Did you know that? It’s a form of ezine advertising.

You can place them on websites. There are a million things you can do with banners that are effective and cheap.

Viral marketing is a very powerful method of marketing especially if you want to build your own mailing list.

It’s a powerful way to promote affiliate products. It’s kind of free. I will recommend two resources that aren’t free.

You won’t pay much. If you use them you’re going to love them. EasyPLR.com is Nicole Dean’s wonderful site. It offers 20 to 30-page reports that are very well written. I use them all the time.

They are about very specific topics. They are not just make money online topics. There are things like holiday planning and home-schooling. There is a wonderful group of topics. Plus, you can customize them to make them your own.

Then you can get a program called Viral PDF.

It’s the best money you can spend and best product you can buy. In about 30 seconds you can turn this into a brand-able report that you can give to other people. Why would you want to do that?

This is one of the greatest list-building methods known to man.

If you create a viral report that someone can download, they can brand and give away, they will give you their name and email address in order to get that goodie. When they do, they’re on your mailing list.

What better way to promote affiliate products than by having a mailing list of your own? Use viral marketing.

Check out these two resources.

If you want to know more about follow up email marketing, which is one of the greatest ways to market online, check out FollowUpSellingSystems.com. This is one of my favorite sites. I’m very excited about it. I teach everything I know about how to sell with email in that course.

I appreciate your time and hope you enjoyed this article. Stay tuned for parts two and three.

Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

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Donald Damilola Reply

Charlie, you nailed it with this post. Most of the articles on promoting affiliate products out there are regurgitated information. Definitely learned a lot would recommend this post to my amazing affiliate marketers on my Facebook group. Keep churning out great content.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you for your kind words. I’ll keep creating!


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Harish Kumar Reply

As a beginner I feel very helpful, I faced a lot of difficulties in promoting affiliate products, now I got some clear idea about that, thanks for the great post.

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Ellen Chedid Reply

This is really great information. I have a lot of people who enquire about how to promote a ffiliate products so this information will help. Thank you.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you Ellen. Feel free to send them this way for more great information.


Chuck Holmes Reply

Great blog post, Charlie. I’ve tons of solo ads myself with mixed results. There are a lot of variables, but I will tell you that I love the most about is the simplicity. It’s not overly complex. Anyone can do it. You just need to start small and test your results before you throw a bunch of money at it. Just my two cents.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Starting small and testing is the key. Most people miss that and spend 100% of their budget on the first buy.

    I have a friend who does high six figures a month with Facebook. He told me it takes him 2 months to get the campaign fine-tuned. But once it is he spends $2000 to make $20,000 pretty much automatically.


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Kingsley Reply

Hi there Charlie,

As usual your articles are informative. I have tried severally to buy your products and I can’t since you only use the paypal portal.

Unfortunately, I can’t use that portal since I reside in Nigeria. Could you consider putting your products on http://www.dealguardian.com? That way, those of us really interested can learn from you as well as promote your products.

My best regards.

Thank you.


    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you Kingsley. I’m happy you enjoy my articles. I’m sorry I can’t put my products on Deal Guardian. We offer products through Clickbank and PayPal, both of which seem to not take orders from Nigeria. I can’t change that for you but do wish I could. I hope they change their policies.


Phillip Moore Reply

Really good article, glad I came across your website. I will be back.

Glen Reply

HI Charlie,

Great information as usual.

I’ve always wanted to try banner advertising, but I’m having trouble finding a reputable banner placement service.

I really don’t want to have search out sites one by one and negotiate for banner ad placement myself.

Have you got any recommendations


Howard Reply

Great info, Charlie

Paul Warner Reply

Excellent article with resources, I like that. Next two articles should be and I am sure they are very interesting, and a good learning experience.

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david Reply

As a DOE and List Course member, I want to say thanks for providing information in a way that makes sense, doesn’t overwhelm and doesn’t overhype.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you for saying that. I’m happy you find it useful.

Adam Rana Reply

Thank You for the great info, one question I have is how do you incorporate affiliate links with PPC, build a completely new affiliate site per product I promote then drive traffic to that and then hope that the mini site converts or is there another way? Nice blog btw I like the font, layout, and very organized. Will join the DOE soon just gotta set aside a budget first its not just your site and the membership fee’s of like 200 but the cost of solo’s itself. BTW If you could, could you please tell me how DOE works after membership, is it like 20 cents per click or a ball park price per solo, etc..? Thanx Charlie

    Charlie Page Reply

    I always suggest having a squeeze page of your own so you can build your list. Ezine advertising is not sold per click typically although some publishers do sell that way. One thing I like about ezine advertising actually is that I do NOT pay per click but rather pay one price and keep all the clicks I get.

Arthur Cansdale Reply

I would like to make my blog pages more like yours.
could you tell me how you put those categories on the side and create all those links to them please.


    Charlie Page Reply

    Sure. I use Studio Press themes and the Genesis framework.

Afjal Hoque Reply

Hi, very interesting with be exciting information. Always useful… Thanks a lots for your knowledge.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you. I’m happy you enjoyed it.

LeRoy Lennander Reply

Thanks Charlie always good information, looking forward to the next 2 videos


Bob E Olson Reply


Great information as usual. As i am new to Affiliate Marketing, i am sure this will help immensely. Can’t wait to see the rest of the series.

Thanks for the great training you provide.

Bob E Olson
Family I Q IBO

Al Meyer Reply

Hey Charlie,
A nice marketing presentation for any experienced or newbie marketer. Love the added resources you provide too! Looking forward to the next video. Thank You.

Charles James Reply

Another Home Run, in your bag! That was a great presentation, as always. I’m looking forward to part 2, thats because I know that it will be Great also. Keep up the good work !

Paul Taylor Reply

I love to listen to your tutorials Charlie, you have a calming voice, and very understandable.
Rgards Paul Taylor

EricCantonaKing Reply

I can’t believe it,that exists a few good guys here like you Charlie to help others.In future i will enjoy to become a Doe member and followupsellingsystem.

Tammy Montgomery Reply

Thanks for the great video. Our team uses your information and solo ad suggestions everyday and all I can say is it works because I am now full time working from home. Thank you kindly, Tammy

Edward Larry Reply


I had to wait the next day to watch your video 1, And it’s extremely useful Ezine Ads, Now learning about Banners and that their great for list building, I know about viral marketing, is about getting the message out to a vast majority, Now what’s in a viral report That’s why I want to become a member, I have so many questions to ask, I can’t wait for video 2 and 3, Thanks Charlie, until later.

Mark M Reply

Hi Charlie

I enjoy all your stuff, one day I might be able to do something about it.
Short vids are good.
My second website is through “Mike G”.

Mark M

Richard Reply

Hi Charlie,

Thought to drop by and watch video on 15 proven ways to affiliate marketing ..you know I discounted solo ads thinking of them like traffic exchange mail outs..but I understand to value them as a ezine ad not just a quick headline type procedure..I guess that is why you pay for what you receive. I do look forward to joining DOE hopefully in the next fortnight all goes well.

ken from freeTGR Reply

Great videos as always Charlie. Yes We need to join your membership to work out a plan.
I WILL DO soon

Tim Pond Reply

Sage advice. When you find the money key words and use great headlines, banners and ppc ads can be very profitable.
Thank you,

Janelle Reply

I enjoyed the video easy and concise especially for beginners.

Reinhard Eder Reply

Hi Charlie,

Great Video, I’ve been a lifetime member for several years and never get tired of your videos and your teaching. You’ve been a great inspiration and I’ve been able to implement many of your strategies with affiliate marketing.

Keep up the the great work.

Thanks again,

Reinhard Eder

wayne Reply

good video. just need to make it work for us… repetiton…

can’t wait for the next video.

Jose Reply

Great video! I can’t wait to watch the other 2 videos in this series.
I think I’ll watch video-2 now if available. Thank your for sharing
these insights and for remembering me to use DOE
kudos for you Charlie Page!

Frank Demming Reply


This is amazing content. I am a huge advocate of Ezine Advertising, and I also do my fair share of Pay-Per-Click, however, I had NO clue about the other three you mentioned on this video.

Due to this email, I will now start looking heavily into banners and viral marketing. Thanks for the tip.

Looking forward for the other videos…

See you then…

Frank Demming
“Mr. Market With Ease”

Billy Lyons Reply

I wish i knew about you a few months ago ,you seem to be one of the good guys on the internet,it has cost me a few grand up to now and still i am not making any money ,when i get back on my feet i will certainly join D.O.E it seem to be the best form of affiliate training on the net .(Keep up the good work)

Patti Mays Reply

Hi Charlie! I absolutely can’t get enough of your videos and other information. Being fairly new to affiliate marketing, I need all the help I can get – especially how to incorporate Ezines along with it. I can’t WAIT to see Parts 2 and 3! Keep up the great work. You’re the “top guru” in my book!

Patti Mays

Gaston Collin Reply

As usual great infos I am looking forward to video 2 and 3 thank you Charlie have a great day! Gaston

Lafa Ramesh Reply

Dear Mr. Charlie,

Among all the hundreds of email I received in my mailbox, I choose and read only yours because what I know is you give me the value of my time and I have set in my mind I will sure get your membership as soon as I completed my webpage and registered domain. You are in my first priority list. Thanks for being here in Internet for the people like me and others..

Jaypee Reply

Hi Charlie,

My very first time to comment in anybody’s website/blog. Great substantial information for all entrepreneur and newbie affiliate marketer like me.

John Stapleton Reply

Charlie, I’m just about to pop the $ for the “Lifetime Membership”-been following your words for a while, and you seem to make the most sense of all! I feel I owe you for the “free” advice you’ve given in the past!
Great stuff, extremely professional, and I look forward to talking with you directly shortly.

Alan Outen Reply

Presentation was easy with great content. I will join as soon as I have the cash. I am a newbie with less cash than experience!

Money Making System Reply


Thanks for the very interesting video. I look forward to the other 2 and hearing and seeing the entire picture.

I have a different problem to one of your other commenters – I have a fair amount of knowledge, but very little time to get things done. One of the solutions to the problem could be to work together with someone else that compliments your abilities and availability.

What I mean is to take someone who has the knowledge, but not time, and put them to work with someone who has the time, but not the knowledge. That way, both can change their circumstances, so that they both learn together and both create more time together. Two people working together can produce far more than each one separately, so 1 + 1 = 3 (possibly even 4).

Now I am off to post some ads in the DOE 🙂

Cya there!

    Sharon Reply

    @ Making Money System Hello,

    I agree with your comment whole heartly – bout time and knowledge, 1 + 1 = 3.God I Wish I had found this when you first posted it.
    I could really do with some help. Hope you have found you success.

    Cheers, Sharon.

    P.S: I truly appreciate all the advise Charlie you have given and hope to join DOE and/or Follow Up Selling Systems soon. Cheers, Sharon

Amyrhiz Reply

Thank you for sharing this with us. It will really be great helped because I am a totally newbie about this. Thanks again. Keep posting more about making money online. 🙂

Rod Alfred Reply

Thanks Charlie, I always look forward to your content because it is so relevant. Thanks for the information, Rod

Guy Reply

Hey Thanks a lot Charlie .Sound advice I can use .

David M Reply

The net needs more gurus like you Charlie. You tell it like it is, with no baloney. Can’t wait for parts 2 + 3.

Al Reply

Fabulous! I’m truely looking forward to Parts 2 & 3. I think that your free stuff is better than a lot of purchased products. Thanks for caring… I’m a life-time member and glad of it 🙂


Michael Pearson Reply


Another great piece of work, certainly overdelivering as you usually do. I am looking forward to the next videos.

Thank you,

Frank A Trueblood Reply

Hi Charlie

I have to say that all 3 things your mentioned in the video is right on target. Keeping it simple makes it so the average person knows instantly what to do.

It’s like I mentioned to you the other day … when I put the simple information you gave me to use, it’s going to make me thousands and thousands, and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Some times the biggest bang for your buck can come from some of the simplest ways of doing things. So I’m really looking forward to your next videos.

And like I’ve also mentioned; I know from talking to some of my members that use your services as well that they get the same great information from you to help them with their own online marketing.

Thank you for your time and effort. I believe I speak for myself and my members when I say we appreciate it very much.

Frank A Trueblood

Thomas Leighton Reply


Just watched your first video and really enjoyed it. I have just a couple of questions:

1) What if I do not have a website, sales letter, or squeeze page?
2) I have the time, but not the knowledge to become an Affiliate;
What is the best way to start?
3) Would it really help me to become a lifetime member? I have
some money to spend, but being retired and not versed in
creating ( see #1), where could I get some help?

There is no question that I have the time; (being retired), but I do get confused when reading the “how to do” types of things.

Thanks in advanced,


    Charlie Reply


    Good questions. Here are my answers.

    1. The great thing about affiliate marketing is that you don’t need a website to do it well. Having a site of your own is completely optional when it comes to affiliate marketing. You don’t need a sales letter, squeeze page or site to make a great start. After positive cash flow is achieved you can hire these things done if you want to begin building a list and take your efforts to another level, but that is only one option.

    2. The best way to start is to read a good book on the subject or find someone who will help you understand the process. It’s really not hard to understand. As an affiliate you are a commissioned salesman. As such your responsibility is to successfully advertise the product you choose to promote.

    3. Lifetime membership helps if you want to promote products (your own or someone else’s) and make money online. And if you want someone to help you one-on-one there is that benefit of membership too with my free consulting offer to DOE Lifetime members.

    Getting confused is easy to do. The key is to know what to do next and take it a step at a time while still seeing the big picture.

    Hope this helps.


Pat Reply

Enjoyed the info. Haven’t gotten my ideas pulled together yet, but, hopefully, I will one day. Don’t have the money right now to invest in anything, but maybe I can soon. What do you recommend joining – lifetime membership for DOE or the follow-up program?

How do you make sure that your business is safe online? I was in a one of the SBI websites and got a “phishing” message from my McAffee program. It is my understanding from talking with techs that it’s almost impossible to be 100% sure that you’re totally safe.

Thanks for the information. PB

    Charlie Reply


    Thank you for your comment. The DOE is better if you know you want to do ezine advertising or article marketing where Follow Up Selling Systems is better if you know you want to focus on list building and using email to sell things.

    McAfee and other programs exist to keep us safe. Keep them updated and they will do that for you. The fact that they found a suspicious message simply means they are doing their job, which is a good thing. I’m on a Mac so don’t really have those issues. But do keep that program updated so it can do its job and you should be fine.



Roxie Boyd Reply


Nice video presentation. I usually don’t watch videos, but occasionally I will listen to one while I am preparing dinner. I am looking forward to the next two videos in the series. One of these days I am going to get over to the DOE, I am a lifetime member after all.

Rebecca Hadley Reply

Hi Charlie, I have advertise, CPC, and i cannot get any leads for my Vemma business. I don’t like doing cold calls so i have paid a lot of money to learn how to advertise online and i still have not made any money so far. Instead i owe money that i don’t have. Maybe i am not doing things right who knows. When it comes to banners. I asked someone who has a website if i could put my Vemma banner on her website and she said i could for $50.
I need help. Thank you.

    Charlie Reply


    It can cost money to display banners on websites or it can be a benefit of membership as it is with DOE. The person who asked you for $50 was trying to sell you banner ad space, that’s all.

    Cold calling is a very inefficient way to get leads, no doubt about that. And it’s not fun either! It sounds like the money you spent on learning how to advertise online is not yielding a return. I might suggest reviewing that material again as sometimes we pick up on things the second time around, and then trying one technique for a few weeks to see how that works.

    Also, the people who sold you the material should be willing to help you use it. That’s just the right way to do business.

    Hope this helps,


Mary Elliot Reply

Hi Charlie,

Interesting and informative as usual – looking forward to 2 and 3!

Thanks as always,


Richard Garzon Reply

Hey Charlie,
Your video’s were great, I only wish I would have learned this information sooner, I know I would not be in my current position right now. I will call you on Monday so you can help me get on the right track. Thank You for your great knowledge and sincere desire to help others. There are not many out there like you. Your Zine is Great.

Tammy Fox Reply

WOW! What an amazing and easy to understand source of information! I am so excited! I’ve wanted to join Ezine Directory for the last few months but can’t come up with the membership. Am more determined than ever, after listening to this info, to get involved with you, Charlie, to finally break through the wall I’ve been beating my head against for the last year. Thank you for your slow, easy to understand wisdom. I devour your emails and look forward to becoming a member soon.


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