Profit Crushing Thank You Page Mistakes To Avoid

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What if there was a way to make one simple change and get all of these benefits?

  • Build your list faster.
  • Sell more of your own products.
  • Sell more affiliate products.
  • Actually rent out space on your site for a passive profit.
  • Get more social shares than ever before.

All of this, and more, can be done with one simple change.

Less than 1% of people I have spoken to are doing this.

And now this technique is yours ... free!

I hope you enjoy it. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Charlie here. I just created a brand new teaching that shares 10 ways to profit from thank you pages. The answer is simple and anyone can do it.

If you'd like to learn more about how you can begin monetizing your thank you pages, click the image below.

Prefer to read? Here is the enhanced transcript for your convenience.

Hi, this is Charlie Page with a warning.

You may be missing out on a huge opportunity and not even know it. I want to talk to you about four major thank you page mistakes to avoid.

This is something that I guarantee you 99% of people don't think about, and it can make a big difference over time.

The problem is this: most of us are wasting an opportunity on the thank you pages that we use.

The thank you pages are the pages that a person sees after they join your list, or they buy a product, or they download a free gift, or leave a comment or fill out a survey.

Every time a person takes an action on your site, they're taken to the next page.

?The next page is called a thank you page.

These pages can be an important source of revenue if we take the right actions.

Happily, this is very easy to fix.

Most thank you pages help the company that provides the thank you page, the company where we have our list. In other words, your autoresponder company.

They don't help us.

Here's an example. This is a thank you page from Ontraport. Now, if I don't define the thank you page when I create my opt-in form, this is what people are going to see.


I use Ontraport and I love Ontraport. I use them for almost everything.

But I don't want to advertise for them for free when I could be doing something for myself.

Here is how to solve the problem.

First, decide that you are going to control the thank you page and not use the one your autoresponder provides. That's the first thing. You've got to make that decision.

Next, create specific thank you pages for each situation where you're building your list.

Number one, more people join your list if you have a mailing list or multiple mailing lists. That's a situation.

When people buy a product, what is the thank you page they see? 

Does it just say "thank you", or does it do something more?

When they download a free gift or when they answer a survey that they put out, if you change your thank you pages, you can add selling power to every one of those thank you pages.

You can avoid the following four mistakes. You ready? Here we go.

Mistake 1: Not making a second offer on the thank you page.

If you've just sold someone something, this can be an upsell.

Now, I'm not advocating you have those five or nine upsells that people are trapped into.

I'm talking about just making a consistent, congruent offer with whatever they just did or purchased.

If you're building your list, this can be a low cost tripwire offer.

If you're selling something, it can be a logical upsell.

Mistake 2: Not asking them to join another list.

There are dozens of ways to make money with this.

One is to offer the person who just joined your list to join another one of your lists. That can be very powerful.

If you have a newsletter that you put out, also offer them the ability to join a list to learn more about one of your services, or your products.

Or, you can let them join the list of a joint venture partner of yours and charge that partner a fee. This is called co-registration.

You can rent out your thank you pages by doing this.

You can actually turn your thank you page into a profit center by putting a form on them for someone else and charging that person a fee every time they get a new subscriber.

Huge companies like Agora specialize in this.

Mistake 3: No urgency on the thank you page.

Here is what you want, you want your new subscriber to open your first email immediately.

I mean right now, immediately.

The way you do that is to tell them on the thank you page that a surprise gift is inside the email.

Make them so curious that they can't help but go and open that email right now.

Then, over-deliver in your first email.

Make the first gift great, not just good.

Do that, and your sender reputation will go through the roof, because the ISPs, the people who control what email gets delivered, look at these things very carefully, whether people are opening your emails or not.

Whether you know it or not they're looking at that for all people who send email.

Mistake 4: No sharing on your thank you page.

When is a person the most excited about you and your products? 

When they first join your list, or when they make a purchase.

This is why your thank you page is the perfect place to ask them for a referral.

Ask them to share your name or your website with their friends. You can use social media buttons to do that if you want to.

That's not my recommendation, because that kind of gets watered down in the fast-moving timeline of Twitter or Facebook.

Better yet, use a tell a friend form, where they can actually use email to send a person a message saying, "I recommend this particular person," or, "this particular site."

They can send a message directly to their friends on that tell a friend form, and the message will be about you, which is what you want. 

If you put a tell a friend form on your thank you page, will all people use it? No, of course not.

If 1% of them do it, that's 100% more than you're getting now, right?

Changing the way you approach your thank you pages can make a huge change in your business over time.

You set it up once, and it runs on autopilot.

You only have to do it once, just like my teaching about the $11,000 404 error page.

What's happening when people go to your site right now and they try to find a URL that is an error?

  • Do they get the WordPress 404 page? 
  • Do they get something plain?

I tell you what, I turned my around and you can too.

You can get that teaching by clicking here.

I really hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, share it with your friends, or leave me a comment. I'd love to hear from you.

This is Charlie Page.

Thank you for being here. I hope you have a great day.

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