The 7 Word Challenge

Want to sell more without needing more traffic?

Simplify your message.

This 7-word challenge will help you create a powerful selling message no matter what you are promoting online!

Leave a comment below and let's create your powerful 7 word selling message!

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Hi this is Charlie Page, owner of the Directory of Ezines and I've got a seven word challenge for you today.

This is going to be fun.

Do you want to sell more online?

Do you want to build your list bigger and faster? 

Then there's one thing you need to do:

Simplify your message.

That's it! Simplify your message. 

Here's how it's done.

Fit your main offer into seven words or less.

Now I know that sounds hard to do and hey, it can be a little bit challenging, but it's incredibly profitable if you do it.

Let me give you an example from one of my websites, the Directory of Ezines. 

We help members succeed with Ezine advertising.

That's what I tell people when they ask me, "what is the DOE?"

"We help members succeed with Ezine advertising."

Seven words and it explains everything we do.

If somebody's coming to our website and they want to know how to get a bunch of affiliates or they're coming to our website and they want to know how to create a new product, this is not the site for them.

But if they want to do Ezine advertising, this is the site for them and that's what I want them to know.

"We help members succeed with Ezine advertising."

Now let's look a few case studies.

I spent some time today looking around the internet to find websites that are doing this well and not so well and I want to show you a few of them.

The first is Donald Miller over at Story Brand. This guy's the king of simple, clear messages. Look how beautiful this is.

"Clarify your message so people will listen."

That's it. That's all he needs to say.

Here's one of my sites called Common Sense Blog Profits. I got it down to seven words.

"My blog is finally growing and profitable. Do you want to be next?"

Now the "do you want to be next" is a subhead. I'm talking about the headline. The main thing that people see when they get there. And so this headline fits the seven word formula.

Here's another one. Michael Hyatt, he was the president of Thomas Nelson Publishers, now he's in business for himself on the internet.

"Make more time for what matters most."

How clear is that? That just draws you right into the rest of the page which is a short little page where he's building his list.

Now, let's look at one that's not so good. I have a lot of respect for this next guy, I'm sorry to pick on him, I think he's tremendous and I know that he's a tremendous business person but I think he missed it on this headline.

"Free CD reveals: How to stop being a slave to your business and transform it into a predictable, profitable, turnkey operation that gives you the freedom you've always wanted."

I counted it out before I made this video. It's 28 words.

See how hard that is to get through?

It's really hard to get through that. That's four lines deep of headline alone.

And I know Howard does very well online but if I was consulting with Howard, Howard, I would say: Listen, let's get it down to, "stop being a slave to your business" if you want to use the word slave. Transform your business. Do something. I think this is too many words.

Will you take the challenge?

Here's what I want you to do. Leave a comment below and describe your offer in seven words or less.

?Everybody can do this if they try.

I'd love to see what you've got and I'll be happy to comment on it. 

If you like this video, leave a comment, give me thumbs up, like it, share it, do all those social things.

And if you want to hear more tips like this, join my Traffic and Conversions course for Ezine marketing.

It's free and you can get it at

Be sure to leave a comment below. I'd love to see what your headline looks like.

This is all about writing a headline in seven words or less and it's challenging. It's tough.

But if you do it, you're going to end up with a super clear message.

That's going to lead to more sales. That's going to lead to more opt ins and more good stuff.

I hope you have a wonderful day.

Thanks for watching.

Charlie Page

Happily married for 44 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 16 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

  • Hello Charlie,

    How about this: Make More Sales On Your Website Today!

    Instead of this: Make More Sales, Get More Leads and Reduce the Bounce Rate On Your Website within the Next Few Minutes. It’s Time to Make More Money…



    • Charlie Page says:


      LOVE the shortened version.

      How about this as an alternative.

      “Stop losing visitors with one easy click.”

      … or …

      “Stop losing visitors in the next 4 minutes!”

      I think using an alternating version of Promise of Gain (keep visitors) and Fear of Loss (stop losing visitors) makes sense.

      Plus …

      I would experiment with an “earn more commissions” and “build your list faster” version too.

      Hope this helps.


  • Vivian Hill says:

    WE HELP PARENTS COUNTER SCHOOL BULLYING – without becoming bullies themselves

    • Charlie Page says:


      This is very good! If you want to make it a little more active and remove a word in the process, you might consider starting with “Helping” instead of we help.


  • Hi Charlie,

    Back again and loving your post (again).

    Got another one, well 4 actually;

    Know Your Heart
    Do You Know Your Heart?
    Know Your Heart and Live Longer
    Be Healthier Know Your Heart

    Know Your Heart is the product name.

    Thanks again for your time.
    Regards, Lawrence

    • Charlie Page says:


      Welcome back! Been thinking about you. These are very good for curiosity.

      I’m left wondering what it means to “know” your heart, which can be a good thing.


  • Tony says:

    Hi Charlie

    Feel like a Winner? click the link.

    • Charlie Page says:


      This is very good. I would suggest that most people do not feel like a winner most of the time. Not sure why so many suffer from low self-image but know it is true.

      With that in mind, I might suggest …

      Want to feel like a winner?

      … Or …

      Are you a winner? Click to find out!



  • Home Business Tips and Income Opportunities

    • Charlie Page says:


      This is good but a little generic. People who want a home business want to change. They want to go from where they are now to where they want to be. They have dreams.

      What change can your product offer them?

      More peace of mind?
      An independent lifestyle?
      More time with their family?
      Extra income to buy the “goodies” of life?

      The more specific you can be about what your tips will do FOR them the better.



  • Alan says:

    Dare To Do What You Love!

    Figuring out what that is isn’t always so easy. But as I won’t give up and continue to work with you we will figure it out.

    • Charlie Page says:


      I LOVE this one! Dare To Do What You Love is short and impactful. I might be tempted to add a subhead to it that talks about concepts like freedom, being their true self, not hiding from the world, etc. to add a bit more specificity.

      The specificity would be a very good niche market approach because you could tie it to the known needs and wants of the niche.

      Well done!


  • Jim says:

    Improve your life with your own business!

    • Charlie Page says:


      This is good. What does “improve” mean in this context?

      More money?
      More freedom?
      Travel the world?
      Give to charity?

      If you can narrow it down to something people can instantly connect with it will make your phrase even better.



  • John Antaya says:

    We Strive Too Help Others

    • Charlie Page says:


      This is a great sentiment. I’m wondering about the word “strive” however. While the word is rooted in a noble idea, many people think of strive as meaning the same as “struggle”.

      I wonder if a more positive word can be found?

      We work hard
      We go the extra mile
      We don’t quit until we help you



  • Ten MUST-HAVE vocal tips for SINGERS!

    • Charlie Page says:


      Very good! You might experiment with not using the word ten but the number instead. That works well online. I would experiment too with alternating the works “must have” for descriptive terms like easy or proven.



  • Charlie says:

    How about this.
    Get a healthy body and a healthy bank account.

  • Hi Charlie:

    I am working on a sales page for my “GET Balanced, Fit & Slim STEP-POWER Transformation” Program. I know….a mouthful! 🙂

    In keeping with your wonderful suggestions I have read so far, it’s probably best not to use the name of the package in the headline since it’s more of a process than an outcome.

    So, I have stolen your “My blog is finally growing & profitable” template, only still can’t get it to 7 words or less.

    What do you think of: “My clients are ending their weight & diabetes struggles.” DO YOU WANT TO BE NEXT?

    Thanks for all of your awesome tips!

    • Charlie Page says:


      Steal away! That’s what I want you to do. 🙂

      I’d need to see the image you intend to use before weighing in (pun intended) because that will inform your decision.

      If you are using an image of you then “my clients” makes sense. If you are using an image of a person achieving a successful outcome then first-person language makes more sense.

      “My weight loss struggles are over!”

      … or …

      “My diabetes struggles are over!”

      … or …

      “My diabetes is finally under control!”



      • Cheryl Winter says:

        Hi Charlie:

        Yes, very helpful! Thank you! And thanks for the laugh on your pun! 🙂

        And thanks for letting me “steal away!” That makes great sense!

        My plan was to insert a video of me speaking of the program, below the caption (I believe you saw that video). The video displays my image.

        I love your suggestions, though, for other options.

        Thanks so much, Charlie!

      • Charlie Page says:

        You are most welcome!


  • Brian Jones says:

    Hi Charlie

    Is this any good?

    Become a softie-its fun

    Thanks for all your emails etc



    • Charlie Page says:

      Hi Brian,

      It’s short, and having fun is good. But I don’t know what a softie is in this context.


  • Gary Hopkins says:

    Hi Charlie.

    Want to get into the healthy eating niche for the over 40’s!
    My headline: Over 40? Healthy diets that makes you feel younger! (Sorry more than seven)

    I also want to attract over 40’s into the homebased business sector.
    Headline: To old? Think again! on-line wealth 4u2!

    Thanks Charlie!

    • Charlie Page says:

      Hi Gary,

      Very good headlines. I’m not sure I would use the word diet in the headline. It can be a negative word in most cases advertising wise. The huge diet companies don’t usually use it and I would avoid it as well. So I’d experiment with some alternatives or a mystery approach.

      On the second one, I’m not a fan of text-type language in ads online. So I would not use 4u2 at all. Maybe that is my age showing but that type of wording seems unprofessional to me, especially for attracting the over 40 crowd.

      If you were doing SMS then yes, that would be a good choice.


  • michael thompson says:

    Hey Charlie

    Love the video and concept. Here’s my answer to your challenge.

    We help Marketers get Leads and Buyers

    • Charlie Page says:

      Hi Michael,

      Love that one. I would experiment with using just leads or buyers and see which works better. If you do that you could add a qualifier to the phrase like this …

      We help marketers get HOT leads!
      We help marketers get PROVEN buyers!

      Just food for thought. What you have is excellent. Well done!


  • Curtis p Futch says:

    A Suite of Tools Every Business Needs

    • Charlie Page says:



      My question would be this – is the suite really for every business need? For example, I need a new CPA. Does the suite cover that?

      I think it’s very good as is. It might work better to call out your audience and make the ad more specific to their needs, however.

      A Suite Of Tools Every Affiliate Marketer Needs.

      More than 7 words but then again it could be shortened like this …

      Powerful Tools For Affiliate Marketers.



  • Ted Coldwell says:

    Hi Charlie,

    Here’s my first response to your 7 word challenge. in addition to my new efforts with SFM and you, I currently own an auto detailing shop. It’s time to send out a bulk e-mail the list I have (such as it is). The purpose of the e-mail is to prompt people to bring their car in for an after-summer cleaning. I thought maybe I could cheat a little with eight words as my business name has two words. :o)

    Here’s the headline and the text (first draft) to give it context:

    Make your car like new at Shine Factory!

    It’s been a great summer, and if you’ve taken full advantage of the weather your car is probably starting to show how much fun you’ve had! Get back that car you love!

    At Shine Factory we can rescue your favourite ride from under all that fun.

    If you’ve had an all out blast this summer, we’d recommend our Interior Shampoo to bring your car back to like-new condition. If you had to settle for merely great, than perhaps our Detail Full vacuum package is right for you. Either package will give you that “It’s-good-to-have-my-car-back!” feeling.

    Get the details – make an appointment.


    • Charlie Page says:


      VERY very good!

      Here are some headlines that pop into my head.

      We make your car SHINE!

      Get that new car feel with SHINE!

      Ready for your car to SHINE again?

      Protect your car from winter damage!

      This will be an email?

      I ask because the call to action is a call or click.

      If you do this via appointment you might consider letting them make an appointment using something like Calendly. If it’s a drive-in service then that might not work.

      Also, I see no urgency in the ad. No financial incentive to moving quickly. If that is something you want to do then set up a coupon code and have them bring a printout of the email in by X date.

      Great work. Thanks for sharing.


  • John Antaya says:

    I believe in keeping the headline as short as possible so Thank You for this video. I’m working on my blog now and one of the headlines I’ve thought about is “Eating For The Right Purpose” since I’m dealing with healthy eating that I got through you.

    Thank You

    • Charlie Page says:

      Hi John,

      I love short headlines too.

      The “Eating for” idea is a good one. I would suggest making a list of all the benefits of healthy eating and putting them behind “eating for” to see what you get.

      Also – this is a market that responds well to questions. So something like “Why did you eat THAT?” might create curiosity.


  • Lawrence Mills says:

    Hi Charlie,

    Here’s my seven word (plus & ) challenge.

    Baby Boomers & Beyond Growing Gracefully Older.

    Not actually 7 but I think it is okay, lol.



    • Charlie Page says:


      The 7 is not a hard and fast rule. But it does work.

      Great headline.

      I would personally reverse the order of the last two words from “gracefully older” to “older gracefully”. This lets the word “gracefully” condition the state of being older.

      It also leaves you open to finish the headline with some powerful words.

      Since “gracefully” is open to interpretation, I might play with some alternatives and see what you get.

      I’m thinking things that convey freedom, wisdom or strength might be good choices.

      But your headline is VERY good and well thought out.

      Well done!


      • Lawrence Mills says:

        Hi Charlie,

        Thanks for your great answer.

        The reason that I have Growing Gracefully Older is that I could not get GracefullyGrowingOlder dot com at the time, so I settled for the closest interpretation.

        Should have been operational months ago, struck a few problems that I have to work out. Nothing serious, just some tech problems, AGH!!

        My excuse is that I am older than you and I’m sticking to it!

        I created a banner which says:

        ‘Hey Baby Boomer’s Are You
        “Gracefully Growing Older”‘

        Also have a 584 word sales letter.

        I thank you for your time.

        Enjoy good health and your great family.

        Regards, Lawrence

      • Charlie Page says:

        Thanks Lawrence. I hope your tech problems get resolved. I’ve been there!

        Remember that your ad copy does not need to match your domain name. But it is very good like it is.


  • Mark M says:

    Hi Charlie, great video.
    My headline below.

    Do You Want to Train Your Dog?

    Mark M

    • Charlie Page says:

      Hi Mark,

      Excellent headline. But what if they say “no” in their mind.

      I think this headline focuses more on process than outcome.

      So my question would be this – what it the outcome of the training?

      A more well-behaved dog?
      A less destructive dog?
      A dog you can take in people’s homes?
      A dog that won’t bite?
      A dog that won’t soil the rug?

      If you focus more on outcomes than the process you might find more people will respond. What they are buying is the outcome, not the process.

      Hope this helps.


  • Jim Arnold says:

    We help people improve their lifestyle.

  • Jean says:

    liked the articles an will keep them an read them over a couple of more times, Thanks so much, Jean

  • I enjoy the video, great examples of some good 7 word headline! Please evaluate one of my headlines here: No Secrets or Tricks – it just WORKS!

    • Charlie Page says:

      Hi Robert,

      You are doing some GOOD work out there! I see you around and always enjoy your material.

      This is a good blind headline. I’m not sure I would keep it so blind personally. But that depends on the traffic source. Heavy curiosity can work very well.

      I might define ti slightly by calling out a specific avatar like this.

      For Women Over 59 It Just Works!

      For Network Marketers It Just Works!

      This might get already interested people to self-select and raise their hand by clicking the link.

      But I LOVE it like it is too!



      • Robert Williams says:

        Thank you Charlie for the compliment.

        I appreciate your value. I also try to have headlines/subject lines that will capture prospects attention. You have to get them quick.:-) Now that I have learn about the 7-word-challenge, I will be more in tune to keeping the headlines to no more than 7 words!

        Thanks a bunch Charlie!


      • Charlie Page says:

        Thank you Robert. Keep up the good work.


  • Kevin says:

    You Can Start Your Divorce Online Today!

    • Charlie Page says:


      Very good. Seven tight words. While getting started is important I wonder if there is a way to inject a sense of making it easy in the seven words.

      So rather than focus on the process of starting (as important as that is) focus on the outcome.

      Food for thought.


  • Royce says:

    Thank you Charlie, I’ve implemented this strategy at your recommendation! Let me know your thoughts of my 7 word heading.
    “Feel Amazing, with a Massage by Royce!”

    • Charlie Page says:

      Hi Royce,

      This is very good. I might play with the word “amazing” and insert some substitutions to see what I get.

      So what does “amazing” mean to a person getting a massage?

      Young again?

      One other note – I might rephrase the offer to be a “Royce Massage” to do a bit of branding. The thought here is that you can get just any old massage somewhere else but for a ROYCE Massage you have to see the man himself.

      Sort of the Mercedes “The best or nothing at all” approach.

      Nice job!


  • John Corona says:

    Hi Charlie,

    Yes, I’ve been told by the greats in our industry (you included) less is more. I understand it takes a lot of practice to get that good. We naturally think saying more and writing more will get the point across…WRONG ANSWER!

    Anyway, here is my seven word headline below. And your critiquing is appreciated.

    “Is List Building a Challenge for You?

    Many Blessings,


    • Charlie Page says:

      Hey John!

      Always good to hear from you.

      I like this headline! But what if they say “no” in their mind? Or what if they feel overwhelmed?

      I might split-test your question against a “Your List Building Problem Is SOLVED!” type headline.

      Questions are great. But positive statements are generally less risky.

      Great work!


  • Cristian says:

    Great insights Charlie. From what I see most people still use the long headline. But I love the simplifying concept.

    Let’s see:

    “Become Financially Free To Live Your Life.”

    • Charlie Page says:


      LOVE it!

      I wonder about the word “live”. What does that mean exactly? Could mean a few things. I would experiment with some alternative words that you know people want.

      I might also change the word “to” to “and”. If you read it with “and” it might seem more active. As in “now this problem is solved go and live your life”.

      “To” has a sense of waiting where “and” is more hopeful. At least to me.

      Because becoming financially free is not instant you don’t want any sense that there will be delayed gratification. Rather you want them to feel “this is resolved – now I can relax”.

      Great headline!


  • Loved it, Charlie. Thank you for the great tips, yet again.

    I’ve been a DoE and FUSS member for years and sad to say, I’m still not very good at internet marketing but this challenge grabbed me.

    So here’s mine, Relive Anxiety Fast – Transform Stresses into Succeses.

    Best to you, Charlie and keep up the great work


    • Charlie Page says:

      Hi Craig,

      Thank you for being a faithful member. Internet marketing is harder than the hype boys make it seem. But you CAN do it and are following the right steps.

      I love this headline but it feels like two thoughts to me. I think you might have two great short headlines.

      Even though it will break the 7-word “rule” (not really a rule you know) I would replace the dash with the word “and”.

      In this context, the word “and” will connect the thoughts and add action to them in my view.

      Try it and see what you think.

      Very well done. And your site looks amazing!


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