A Commitment To Excellence

Welcome to part 2 of How To Make This Year Your Best Year Ever. In part 1 I shared my thoughts about how and why this year can be your best year ever.

In that article I said this …

“Whether you are struggling to make your first dollar online, or whether you have an online business that provides more income than you can spend, this year presents a unique and stunning opportunity for you.”

I believe there are four keys to making this year your best year ever.

The first key is mindset. We touched on that in the first article. You can read that here if you have not read it already.

Now it’s time to cover the second key… a commitment to excellence.

Having been online since 1999 I’ve seen many products, and product providers, come and go.

Based on those years of experience, I believe that a commitment to excellence is missing in many of today’s online businesses.

Have you noticed it too?

There just seems to be very little accountability online anymore.

It’s all too easy to whip up a product (often containing rehashed content) put up a sales letter and make some “dime sale” special offer to make a few bucks.

But once the thrill of the product launch is over, these new product “creators” really don’t want to stick around to update their product, or offer customer support.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not throwing stones.

As hard as we work at it our own customer support is not perfect. It’s very good, and our customers are happy, but perfection is an unattainable goal no matter how hard we try.

But what we do have is this – accountability.

While my health does not permit me as much customer contact as I like, our staff is always there for our customers. To the degree that I can be there for customers personally I am there.

We work hard every day to live by the Golden Rule — to treat others as we would like to be treated.

Vince Lombardi said this …

The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.

Nowhere is this more true than in an online business. Because online businesses don’t have storefronts or smiling employees at the door we must rely on our choices and actions.

In that light, let’s examine a few choices and actions where quality matters most.

Excellence in product choices or creation

I know this might be controversial but what I am going to say next I believe with all of my heart. So here goes.

It’s time to give up false metrics like “gravity” and start focusing instead on promoting products that will actually help the people who buy them.

We who promote products online should be held accountable by our customers for the products we promote.

Those products should help people. They should be products of high value and high quality. And they should be well-supported.

Let me use myself as a case study. I recently promoted a product by Ryan Deiss about publishing on Kindle.

As you may know, I promote very few products other than my own.

So why this one?

Because I bought this product and love it. And yes, for the record, I bought it with my own money. Even though I have known Ryan for many years I did not request, and would not accept, a free “review” copy.

Doing so would make my endorsement a paid one and I don’t do that, ever.

I promoted it because this product helps people. Because this product is of high value, high quality and is very well supported.

As a result of a good product choice, and because of faithful readers like you, I was one of the top 4 affiliates during this promotion.

With my tiny list of faithful readers I out sold “big dog” marketers whose name you would know, some of whom were offering bonuses of up to $3000 to their readers.

I say this not to brag but to make this point.

When you choose great products and promote them from a place of integrity very good things can happen.

I’m always amazed that people promote money-getting schemes but forget great products like LifeLock or Ancestry.com

So let’s give up on the hype and shiny-object syndrome surrounding “special offers” and “forum specials” and “gravity” and get back to promoting products that help customers.

Excellence in marketing methods

When it comes to marketing online there are a few things that work very well and a whole host of other things that don’t work well but sound good on paper.

The problem is this – the tried and true methods (the ones that actually work) are not nearly as sexy as the latest and greatest “shiny object”.

I spoke with a member not long ago who had been trying to make money online for 4 years. He had spent over $20,000 on business opportunities and was yet to make a profit.

When I asked him about article marketing he replied that he did not have time to write articles. He went on to say that article marketing was too slow, too time consuming and more. But he bought a massage chair so that he can work and same time sit in the chair and get massage, you can find best massage chairs from reviewsfield website. Massage chair is especially important for people who have back pain.

But the reality is different.

In reality he had over 200 weeks of time under his belt. If he had written only 1 article per week for all that time he could have created an authority site that had more content that many top-rated blogs.

Here’s the point. The methods that work, and have stood the test of time, are not sexy or always fun.

They just work!

So feel free to go out there and build that Twitter list or yet another Facebook page.

But do yourself a favor and first make sure you are building your own list of readers and buyers.

Make sure you understand the basics of paid advertising and know how to profit from things like solo ads and pay per click or banners.

And be sure to build your blog and begin putting in the best content you can.

Do the foundational things first, and then add the johnny-come-lately methods if you want.

Because the things that actually work online – the unsexy things – are content marketinglist building and promoting high quality products.

If one were to focus on those three things alone the sky would be the limit.

This much I know.

Excellence in effort

Let me share what I mean by “excellence in effort”. Before I do, I want to say something very important.

I know you work hard.

I know you are trying with all your might to make money online. I know you need this to work, not so you can take Carribean vacations or buy a Rolls Royce but because you need, really need, the money for your family and life. And I know it is confusing.

I get that, and I know where you are coming from.

Less than 15 years ago I had $14 to my name.

Not in my pocket – the $14 was it.

So here is what I mean by “excellence of effort”.

I mean identifying the few activities that provide the most leverage and using your focus and creativity to make sure those activities get done before doing anything else.

I truly believe that focus matters more than just about anything. But focus, if misplaced, will actually lead to failure faster than not being focused.

Let me share an example.

If you are like most readers (and like me!) you will have bought things you did not use. It might be a membership or a book or a piece of software.

Why do we buy things and not use them?

Because we do not put our focus on using what we buy.

Instead we end up clicking the links in the emails we receive and wind up watching yet another video that makes success sound easy.

I’m here to tell you … success is not easy. It’s hard. It takes work. It takes prayer (for me).

And it takes focus.

So try this – set aside 2 hours in the next week to focus on one thing. Turn off the cell. Close the email. Close the door.

And really dig into the thing you bought last that holds promise for you but you have not really used yet. If you do that I believe you will find value there.

If not, you will never again need to wonder why that product did not help you. You will know if it’s a winner or loser for you.

Let’s look again at what Vince Lombardi said …

“The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.”

While I’m not your pastor or counselor, I am your friend. And friend to friend I will share this.

If you commit to quality in your online business dealings you will be happier, more prosperous and you will begin to make the progress you want to make.

It’s time to say “no” to the get-rich-quick overnight success methods that don’t work.

It’s time to say “YES” to putting our all into the work we do, the products we promote and create and the way we promote those products online.

It’s time to make an unconditional commitment to quality.

This is my mission. I hope you will join me.

Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

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Linda Nicholas Reply

Once again you have hit the nail on the head Charlie – thank you for your heartfelt and ever so sound advice. I must confess I have found it all too easy to be sidetracked by all the stuff which clogs up my email box, and with trying to spread myself too thin, consequently not doing anything properly and running myself ragged mentally and physically in the process!
I know I am capable of good work, I am working on getting my focus back, my brain into gear and taking one step at a time with one thing before moving onto the next step when I will be able to incorporate more into my modus operandi.
so it’s onwards and upwards, one step at a time, and people like you make all the difference.
Thanks Charlie, you are a fine example to others of how to combine integrity with competence and a terrific product line.
Kind regards,

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Doug Landry Reply

A Commitment to Excellence, an excellent article and completely true, thank you very much Charlie.

Mark M Reply

Very good as usual Charlie, I’m going to do that now, Thanks you very much.


I do not have a website .

thanks rose

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mark dempsey Reply

Thankyou Charlie
You hit the nail on the head! Exactly what i needed you have delivered in this article. I will join you this year in “committing to excellence” and getting focused.
cheers Charlie

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you for joining me and for your kind words. I look forward to staying in touch and hearing of your success.

Sam Reply

Awesome as always CHarlie! Love your posts

Hooman Reply

Hi Charlie,
I did not know how or where can I thank you So I chose here,
I got Emails from you in the last month,
Letters that increase my energy and spirit,
Although I can not join to your sites But I’m proud that you’re my guide,
You are generous my big brother,
Im sure about something and it is that :
What you get in return is much bigger and more beautiful,
You’ll gain peace of mind and satisfaction,
This God-given gifts with no money can not buy,
I just want to say thank you,
I wish you the best and most beautiful of God’s blessings,
Merry Christmas

Leo Lawson Reply

Hi Charlie:
I must say, watching your video intro and reading your articles, I received a wonderful Christmas present. Something I have been searching for quite some time, YOU!! Thank you for your insight. This is my first time experience with affiliate marketing. I look forward to your guidance, support and teaching.
Yet, I can not afford your minimum annual subscription at this time. I will, however, sign up early in the new year. Kindly reserve a place for me.
Seasons greetings to you and your family.

Bruce Desrosiers Reply

Thank you Charlie. It is always a joy reading your stuff.
You hit the nail on the head with me. as far as focus is concerned; I can see where I need to place mine now.
Integrity: The other day I was thinking, if I said screw it and acted like some of the gurus, sold crap then ran I could make some money.
Thanks for reminding me that integrity and excellence have a place on the internet.

Wayne Reply

Season Greetings! Hi Charlie,

You always put the way everyone can relate.

I think for me is the confidence issue.

But commitment is how i see it. If you are not committed for the long-term, you will stray.

I want to begin 2013 like a competent online marketer

Larry Hubbard Reply

Yes yes Charlie, you are right accountability and focus is the key.
your articles always make me see the person you are, thank you for posting these article, this will help not only me but a lot of people.
thank you Charlie.

Larry Mc Reply

Hi Charlie, I just live right up the road from you in Mineral Wells.
You sure do Speak the Truth and that is almost unheard of these
days. But I’ve spent so much money trying to make money I can
almost guarantee you I can smell a rat when I read what they write.
Anyway God knows my heart and all I ever wanted to do is help people and I know a lot of people claim that but again my master
knows my intentions. I’m not a member of your DOE yet but I will be soon. I look forward to us beginning a relationship with Honor and Integrity because we ARE Equally yolked. Amen! Your future can be predicted by what you allow others to control. ie; a paycheck! I learned this a while back but haven’t seem to get there yet. The main thing is I ain’t giving up! I was born for GREATNESS..
Take care & Be Blessed..

Jack Caggz Reply

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Charlie, you are the best. This could
not have been better said or better
timed for me. You have helped me
greatly these past two years and continue
to inspire all of us to do things the right
way. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year
and God bless you and yours.

Raymond Reply

Charlie it is a slow process but I am enjoying the ride, I have open alot of emails but when I see your name I always open and your emails and get lots of value.

Mike Leamnson Reply

Just wanted to add my encouragement to you for your fine work and for your “perspective”. I have entered this business very cautiously because my first impression of the business was that many do not run their business the way you described. I became a member of DOE and have found it to be a tremendous help. When you emailed about Ryan’s program I had already been looking at it but made the decision to participate when you endorsed it. I also have found it to be a great tool to help me build my business the way I want to build (and the way you described it in this post). Please keep doing what you’re doing – the way that you’re doing it. You’re a real inspiration to one who wants to build his business and build it the right way. Hope your health will improve so you can give us even more.

Michael Reply

Once again I would like to thank you for the invaluable information you choose to share with us. I felt as if you were describing my life story in my efforts making it online. A seller’s integrity means more than the product their promoting, for it is the customer who trust you that will come back and buy from you again. Much respect Charlie and happy holidays!


Lee Wise Reply

Excellent. Thanks again, Charlie, and all the very “Christmas best” to you and those you love!

Paul Warner Reply

This is a good post and of course not stuff we haven’t heard before, but it is a reminder of recognizing the problem that you are having in trying to build something successful. To me the key word you mentioned is focus and considering how much goes on in my life everyday how to get the focus I need, to make this work. I am going to write me a letter or something that I will be able to pin on my wall next to the computer as a reminder not to lose my concentration. So in that behalf I thank you very much for writing about something that I need to do something about. FOCUS!!!

Panicos Varnava Reply


I totally agree with what you say about the ‘shiny button syndrome’ so much so that one of my first ever articles and blog posts I ever wrote was on this very subject entitled ‘A rant about things so far’. This is not some clever way to make people visit my blog (of course that would be great) but rather that the unscrupulous fly by night IM’ers out there should be held to account some how.

I have many products that sit on my computer hard drive gathering edust and thats where they are going to stay as I have made a commitment to myself to see out the latest product I bought from someone who I know I can trust.

Finally, I hope you don’t mind but I would like to share some of the thoughts above with my list and Facebook group and will of course give you the credit, as its a great way to promote the DOE.

Merry Christmas to all

    Charlie Page Reply

    Panicos – always great to hear from you. Please do feel free to curate my article and provide a link to the full article as well. I know you always do that and appreciate it.

Tim Reply

Hi Charlie,
thank you for you superb post.
We’re too often multi-tasking and distracted, and really need to focus.
I try to reserve 1-2 hours uninterrupted time each day, and it works like charm!

Carroll Glass Reply

Merry Christmas Charlie,

Thanks for the wonderful presents to start the new year. You are a different sort of Internet Marketer, your marketing is based on tenured experienced fact with achievable, aspirational expectations. I appreciate that.

Enjoying continuing to work with you.

Happy New Year,


Musonda Reply

Hi Charlie

Thanks for the article. It’s helped me know what to keep focusing on and what to maybe not focus on too much in the coming year.
Also, I’m not sure what’s up with your health, seeing as you said your current health does not permit you to work more closely with us. So I hope you get better soon, as soon as possible. And I believe you will.


Jack Reply

Hi Charlie,
I will read your post later when I have some more time.
I just want to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas (if you celebrate) a happy holiday season and a healthy and prosperous New Year.


Jay Moore Reply

Hi Charlie,
Sorry to beat you to the punch. Had the above site up and running for a few weeks now. Please have a look.
Generating the mindset? definitely, for even Pres. Obama said,’yes you can’ Napolean Hill also stated some while back lending added weight to Pres. Obama’s statement when he said,’ whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve’. I totally, absolutely am a believer.
From the many marketers who have stated that they have made a lot of money on the internet, very few are ethical in their approaches and given instructions. They would talk about ‘giving a service, helping the subscriber to find a solution’ when in reality the giving of service is nowhere on their horizon. What was said and what was done are two very opposed situations. As far as they are concerned, their bottom lines are all that count. It would be very difficult for many marketers to be accountable for their products sold and also to their customers. Greed is part and parcel of man. I cannot see many men involved in IM really conducting themselves ethically when the sums of money being mentioned are so done. J Moore

    Charlie Page Reply

    Congratulations on the site. Looks like a nice squeeze page. I don’t share your gloomy outlook however.

    It is true that greed is part of fallen man. But I know many marketers who make considerable sums of money (six and seven figures per year) who are excellent people who offer great products and support.

    I do find an inverse relationship between people who talk about how much they make and behavior. My observation is that the people doing well and who have high ethics are usually too modest to brag about their money.

      Jay Moore Reply

      Hi Charlie,
      Where I am as far as my IM views are concerned could be due to the fact that I am a little bit too far removed from where the action is. Please forgive my ignorance.
      Thanks for the response and for making it.

Stephen Ray Porter Reply

Hi Charlie! Thank you for posting Parts 1 and 2. I am now anxiously awaiting Parts 3, 4, and 5. I join you in committing to excellence. My business partners and customers consistently tell me that I provide better service to them than my competition. I work hard at providing that level of service and I am proud that my efforts are noticed. I have learned that it is easier to retain an existing partner and/or customer than it is to replace one.

Mike Steeves Reply

Greetings folks and Charlie. Well, now it’s MY turn to attest to only having $14 left to my name — unfortunately, that’s all I have because of no work here in Maritime Canada for guys my age (58) with families. I’ve been studying IM for a few years and know what to do, that I can do it, and I know that Charlie always says what needs to be said, things that I don’t hear from others. Just a note to say thanks Charlie for the on-going support, articles and advice and trust that my mustard seed of faith will provide all the guidance I need with IM.

Halfnium Reply

Well, you’re surely right about focus, Charlie. With my head abuzz with holiday commitments from Thanksgiving through New Year celebration, I realized that i was getting very little accomplished. So I did a very simple thing one evening: I wrote out my ENTIRE to-do list, everything, regardless of priority.

I filled a page with 40 items. Some were technical, some creative, many to the benefit of others. A few were just for me.

Meanwhile, I kept track of how many new items came over the transom in the course of a week. I’m not even considering the hundreds of emails dispatched to the bit bucket after 15-second perusal.

I learned that I pick up and dispose of enough action items to keep a normal person very busy. So either I’ve got to maintain an abnormal activity level or drop some (much?) of the nonsense.

If I’m able to do that in 2013, most certainly it will improve the quality of my life. Hopefully, I’ll be able to project that outward to the benefit of my audience.

But enough about me. Charlie, I’m glad that I stumbled across your BLOG. You are unfailingly straightforward and helpful in a disarmingly folksy manner. Thanks! And Happy New Year!

Gordon Reply

Excellent article, Charlie. Best I’ve ever read (and like you, I write for a living, at a very high level…excellent, excellent work). Your passion comes through loud and clear, and the article is loaded with rich truths critical to real and lasting susccess.

BTW, I am also an affiliate and admirer of Ryan. As affiliate, I got the rankings, and I watched with considerable interest as you were in the top 2-4 the whole time, beating some REALLY BIG NAMES with really humongous lists! This article tells me why you can do that…total commitent to your customers, faith in the fundamentals, high integrity and commitment to excellence. Those who follow that formula WILL succeed. Frankly, I’ve never met anyone quite like you in the IM space. Keep it up, as I know you will.

Finally, what’s your rules for sharing these articles? My REI group and my IM group needs to hear these words. My goal is to raise the bar for everyone in 2013.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you for your kind words. I’m blushing! The best way to share the article is to curate it on your own site, pointing to the original article. This avoids any duplicate content issues for us both.

    If you need more than that please contact me via support and I will be happy to help if I can do.


      Gordon Reply

      Thx. On a personal note, I’ll be in CS a few days for Christmas…checking out 2 new grandbabies. Suspect I’ll keep ’em! :-).

      Please stay well.

mike dashiell Reply

Excellent article as always Charlie! I will continue to do my best on being accountable and will try to heed your other advice of using what I already have. Which happens to be so much of the great information that I saved, that came from You! Thank you!

Guy Reply

I turned the corner a short time ago Charlie and committed to all of the things you’ve mentioned so far. The biggest thing for me was patience. I was too desperate and wasn’t willing to put in the effort or my money in the right places – chasing those “shiny objects” as you say. I continue to work hard to get ready for the New Year and some large ad launches that I’ve paid significant money for. I found this advertiser through my membership in the DOE.

You’re messages keep me focused and for that I’m truly grateful to be a part of your list and call you a mentor.

I truly hope your health is better than it came across in your article. Please let us all know you’re doing well.

All the best to you and all your readers Charlie, looking forward to your next article.

    Gordon Reply

    I’m not Charlie, so I hope you don’t mind me chiming in. Just wanted to say congratulations on turning a corner. I know how significant that can be. Been there, done that. Still happening to me right now. Keep it up. And I hope you post your successes. We all need to stick together.

    Knock it out of the park in 2013! You can do it. In the meantime, Merry Christmas.

      Guy Reply

      Hi Gordon,

      No worries about chiming in, much appreciated. I agree that we can all benefit from each other.

      Thanks for the encouragement and I truly wish you the same.

      Merry Christmas to you as well!

Fred Reply

Another great article, Charlie.

While it is not the theme of your article, you touched upon something that I take to heart. That is “Accountability”, particular personal accountability. No one seems to want to be accountable for either their words or deeds, it’s always someone else’ fault.

Please keep up the good work, and I always look forward to your articles.

    Patti Reply

    Thank you Charlie for the great article. Just what I needed. I printed it so I can savor it. I can get discouraged trying to get from this “beginning” point to making progress with my own on-line business. So much to learn and do and so many other demands in life. Thanks for the wisdom.

Bryan Knight Reply

Excellent 🙂

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