A Time For Thanks

It seems we can’t read or listen to the news without seeing or hearing talk of war, political scandals, natural disasters, and an economy on the brink.

Few speak of the blessings they enjoy.

Some voices are asking — is THIS a time to be thankful?

I believe the answer is a resounding “YES”!

Here are only a FEW of the reasons why.

You are reading this on a computer connected to the Internet.

In contrast, many countries will forever deny or seek to severely limit and censor their citizens’ ability to do what we do every day -sign on and read email – for fear that truth will set them free.

The sheer fact that you are reading this article means you are better off than 2 billion (yes- that is a “B”) citizens of planet earth who can’t read.

If you know, right now, where your next meal will come from you are better off than an estimated 25% of children living in America.

The rates for other countries are staggeringly high. In these things and more, most of us are privileged in ways that others only dream of.

The Internet itself is a reason for great thanksgiving. It may seem cliche, but the fact remains that in no other time in the history of the world has it been easier to open your own business and change your circumstances.

For many, the Internet is not a convenience, but rather the only way out of desperate circumstances.

A computer programmer in one of the formerly Communist countries of Eastern Europe found his way out of poverty by selling his services cheaply over the Internet.

Providing excellent customer service and thankful for the opportunity itself, the income he earns makes possible such “luxuries” as proper medical care and a steady food supply.

While the average per capita income in his country remains under what many in the U.S. pay for housing alone, he eclipses that number and is building a future for himself and his extended family.

We in America view Thanksgiving as a one-day event, yet one can guess that it’s Thanksgiving every day in his home.

If you live in America, your Constitution guarantees you life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You have rights. You have the right to free speech, the right to peacefully assemble and to protest.

Students in Tian’anmen Square made the ultimate sacrifice on June 4th, 1989 in an attempt to gain for themselves a right that we in America have enjoyed for over 200 years.

  • We move freely from state to state with no border guards.
  • We are free to worship as we choose.
  • We have access to our elected officials. If we don’t like something they do, we can vote them out of office.

For these things, we should be grateful indeed, because they ensure our continued freedom and ability to determine our own fate.

Our world encourages us to be competitive, to win. These are necessary traits if we are to progress. Progress is necessary and good.

Yet the siren song of business, the desire for double-digit growth and the constant comparisons of ourselves to others often cause us to forget that we have so much more than we think.

We must not let the speed of the Internet or the constant demands of our business life steal our sense of well-being and appreciation for the people in our lives.

Make no mistake, real tragedies occur. No amount of “happy thinking” will change that reality.

  • Business success will always take hard work and long hours.
  • Success itself will always be a collaborative effort.
  • There will always be thieves online who promise easy riches and deliver only disappointment.
  • Grieving people will always require time to heal.

Genuine gratitude, however, to God and those around us, will speed our healing and bring comfort while we heal.

Today, and every day, it is appropriate for us to count our blessings and be thankful.

If you are having difficulty finding your blessings, try starting with these simple questions:

  • Do you live free today?
  • Does someone love you today?
  • Are you part of a family?
  • Have you heard children’s laughter?
  • Can you choose your own actions today, tomorrow and beyond?

The more you think, the more you will realize that you are blessed indeed.

When we harbor the illusion that we can control the future, and allow our thoughts to stay in that future alone, we forget the joys of today.

The great gift we all share is today.

You can make choices today. You can love your family and friends today. You can share a smile today.

Today is the gift.

This is why NOW is the best possible time to express our thankfulness to those around us.

While we have the opportunity, let us pause to remember those who we are thankful for.

From giving something as simple as a smile to a co-worker to surprising your spouse with a spontaneous gift to show your love, let us each commit to brighten someone’s life this very day.

Now more than ever we must pause to count our blessings. Count yours today and every day and you will find that you are rich indeed.



P.S. I want to take this moment to thank YOU. Many reading this are customers and friends. Some reading this are new to my site and only subscribed recently.

No matter whether our journey together dates back to the 90s or you are here for the first time, I truly appreciate the gift you are giving me of your time.

I will always work hard to respect that gift and provide information and products of the highest value possible. Thank you for being a member, subscriber, reader, friend.

May God richly bless you today and every day.

Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

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Lorraine Star Reply

Hi Charlie, this was a very nice, well written article. Thank you. Many blessings to you and family.

    Charlie Page Reply

    To you as well Lorraine. Always appreciate your kind comments.


Bob Reply

Hi Charlie

Thanks for your heart felt message today, it does us all good to have a dig in the ribs once in a while to appreciate how lucky we are, especially those of us who live in the ‘ west’, however, without getting political, I believe a lot of our freedoms have been won off the back of exploitation of others over the last 200 to 300 years.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you for your comment. You are certainly entitled to your opinion (one of the great freedoms we enjoy) and I appreciate you sharing it.


Samik Reply

I always enjoy your writings. This is simply awesome. Thank you Charlie for sharing all those hidden feelings with us, which we doesn’t give any priorities in our day to day life.


    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you Samik. Life moves fast and we all sometimes forget the simple things.



Hi Charlie,
You are a man of good character and you have good knowledge in internet business. For these reasons I am with you for many years,
but I have quite different opinion on many of your view, so my comment is NO COMMENT!

    Charlie Page Reply


    I appreciate how loyal a customer you have always been. Please know your opinions are always welcome, even if they differ from my own.


Paul Reply

Thank you Charlie…well said. God’s blessings to you and your family as well.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thanks Paul.


Virginia Lagos Reply

Very inspirational Charlie. Reading your article made me ever so thankful for God’s blessings to me and my family.

Keep up the good work!

Melody Reply

Charlie thank you for that wonderful message. You are truly an inspiration to me and to many. May God bless you and heal you. You share the Lords goodness and mercy to others and I thank you for being one of His ambassadors! Thank you Charlie.

Mark Neely Reply

Thank you, Charlie.

True and heartfelt feeling, stated simply and direct.


Mark Neely

Mark M Reply

Hey Charlie, I see you posted this on 2011, your sure got a lot of comments then but it is still relevant now. Although we don’t calibrate “Thanks Giving” here in Australia it is still a good idea to count your blessings every so often. Thanks for the reminder.

Sheila LyonHall Reply

Charlie … The term “Reality Check” is most often used when pointing out negative circumstances. However, I think of this post as a “Reality Check” that points out the positive things we can and should be grateful for … but are usually NOT. The reason we need the “Reality Check” you wisely provide is not because we’re terminally ungrateful, calloused or self-absorbed. Most often, it is because we’re all focused on and consumed by the challenging situation we currently face or the one just around the corner. I welcome your nudge for me to step back from the forest so I can see, reflect on and appreciate the blessing of each tree that is tall, healthy, strong and beautiful … and be grateful. Thanks a lot Charlie! Shalom! ?

Saladin Glanton Reply

Very inspirational! Thanks for taking the time to post something that can lift one’s spirits, as well as offer encouragement and give us food for thought regarding what we can feel grateful for. Always count your blessings!!! Thanks Charlie.


Michel Gagnon Reply

Thank you all for these beautiful encouraging and spirited thoughts.
May God be with us all in our daily endeavors.

Mike Salvatore Reply

Mr page
Yours is the only post that I ever
Read completely through
Always a great article and always honest
and genuine
Keep on writing

Sherri Goodman Reply

Thank you Charlie for a wonderful reminder of how great we have it here in the US. And, that we can make our own destiny, our own economy, and take action to better our circumstances no matter what they are at the moment.

It’s also good to remember to enjoy what you have. Stop and smell the roses along the way. I know I tend to get so engulfed in working and business building I tend to forget to go outside, enjoy the sunshine, watch the birds and squirrels, play with my dog, go for a walk, etc. It’s the simple things throughout each day that make up so many wonderful moments.


John Reply

Thank you for the uplift. I have a site through a course I took, am not a writer as you will see if you go to my site and the site does not as yet generate any income. Needs lots of improvement. I will try solo ads and see if I can generate some income that way. I am thank full for freedom, family, health and many other things. Thank you again for your words of encouragement, Charlie.

Ricardo Alcaraz Reply

Hello Charlie,

This message is timeless. Here I am reading this again 6 days after, and I feel a bit more thankful for little things you don’t seem to notice. I live in a country where this event isn’t celebrated, but I’m grateful that some family and friends who have been abroad, came home and introduced this to us.

Thanks for reminding us to look at what we have, instead of what we don’t have.

God bless!

vesko Reply

Thank you very much for this fabulous article Charley. I am so glad that there are people like you on-line whom we can trust that quality and sincere content and products can be provided. I am an Eastern European myself and I can perfectly understand you when you give an example in the article with this part of the world.
Thanks for your devoted service!!
Greetings from Bulgaria!!!

Zack Lim Reply

Hi Charlie,

Thank you for writing and sharing this great article. It serves as a good reminder how fortunate we are and we should be thankful of the things we have.

Zack 🙂

John Reply

Hi Charlie,

THANK YOU! For all of your wisdom that you share with us AND your awesome membership sites. Many blessings to you and family today and beyond.



Wayne Reply

Those are really great words in the time of need. In these times we do take things a bit hard on ourselves. It is nice to know you Charlie -: you always write so much to the point and touches the feeling of others.

I hope we all get a chance to give “Thanks” in the spirit of season.

Thank you charlie.

joseph benrachel Reply

dear charles,
agreeing with you,and anyone else who appreciate what we already have.

c Reply

Thanks Charlie
Phillipians 4:19
We are blessed!

Rudy Reteig Reply

Hi Charlie,

I thank you very much for this very nice posting. I really appreciate being part of your world. I live in Mexico and the real world is often very bad, referring to the recent massacres two days in a row, in the state were I life and the neighboring state. It every now and then blows you of track.

You article is right on the mark and immediately made me think of the comparison with the peak of the X-mas tree shining its light down on all your members, associates, friends and family. Keep up the good work.

Your inspiring phrases, were just what we need in this time and any time of the year. Keep shining on us and keep inspiring us for many years to come.

Best regards and keep writing

Millie Martin Reply

What a wonderful Article Charlie. Yes, we do have so very much to be thankful for. I am so thankful for living in the most wonderful country in the world. I am so thankful for my beautiful family. I am so thankful for having a great friend like you. God Bless and have a blessed day. Cheers Millie

ed cimatu Reply

Dear Charlie,

Thank you very much for your very inspiring article, it really makes me realize that we do have to thanks God for being alive right now in this very moment. I do believe that the turmoil that the humanity experiencing today is getting very near to an end. I believe that God is watching us in every things we do, whatever happening in this life cycle it is for the betterment of mankind. We have to thank all those blessings from God, but not in only a day, but in every day that we wake up in every morning until we sleep at night.

I personally thank you for sharing your time and effort to me. God bless you and your family!

The future is NOW!
Ed Cimatu

Barry Friedmann Reply

This is very thought-provoking. I never realised how many people in the world could not read. I knew that it was a large number, but not quite how large.

I live in Australia, where we have many similar rights and privileges to those that live in America. For that I am eternally grateful.

I love this time of year. It is a time of goodwill towards others. A time of helping others and wishing others well. I enjoy giving and wishing others well.

Thanks for inspiring us with this article. I hope that others join in wishing you a very happy thanksgiving, as well a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year.

Best wishes,

Barry Friedmann

Kassahun Reply

Hi charlie. Thank you very much for the article , it is in the right time. I absolutely agree , We should always be thankful for what we have and for what we had achieved in life .I think we are the captain of our own life navigation. Most of us including me , we measure life success in terms of material wealth ,but we all know somebody with low income having and leading a very happy harmonious life. When ever we are thankful for what we achieved and have , our mind is setting us for the next better step.
God bless you keep the positive sprite and human loving deeds

katherine smith Reply

Hi Charlie, 2011 has been the worst financial year of my life but when I get depressed about my situation I do know that I am blessed every day and I am thankful for what I have because I am 53 yrs old and I know my life could be a lot worse I know I am wealthy in the eyes of some I do have the nessesities in life and even though I want more I don’t need more I am blessed Happy Thanksgiving and may God bless you to be a blessing.

Alberto Reply

Charlie, all we can say is “AMEN:”

Beryl Reply

Today I am thankful for
The gift of my sisters life. She passed peacefully a week ago. I will miss her dreadfully. For my niece who took wonderful care of her Mother for so many years. I am thankful for my family. My husband has been battling pheripheral artery disease. He still has his leg and his great personality. He realizes how much work is left for me and never ocmplains. The wonderful doctors we have found. I am thankful we live in Oregon in the outdoors. Ocean, forests. desert, friendly people. The chanance for our boys to get a wonderful education. Our wonderful neighbors, blue skies, lakes and rivers. My garden spot to raise a weed patch. So much fun to watch a few things grow. We are graterfu for living in America . Friends, relatives and every body we can count on. Police, Firemen, Teachers, So many are out of work but so many still have jobs. For that we are so grateful. I give thanks every day for the strength to care for myself and my husband. LIFE IS GREAT!

Ralph Klassen Reply

Thanks for the reminder.Life is GOOD for many of us,and we often forget to say so!

Kenny Reply

Hey Charlie, I just started my “Hour of Power” with Tony Robbins on Thanksgiving morning. During the hour there is a section of being grateful and thankful for EVERYTHING we have. I now must add you to the list. Thanks for your continued help and service.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and those you love,


Gordon Appleby Reply

Thanks Charlie, not just for what you do, but who you are. How desparately we need more “Charlies” in the Internet Marketing space. I’m enjoying a day with family, in COLLEGE STATION, as a matter of fact. I’ll save a slice of turkey for ya! God Bless you.

Robert Tavarez Reply

Im uplifted as i read your article, we should all be thankful thruout the entire
year and especially today. We are fortunate to spend the day with relatives and plenty
of food, while others do not have anything to eat.

Don & Jan Ezelle Reply

How right you are regarding your post, Charlie 🙂 But I believe we (Americans) fail to realize the “One” Who owns this great nation — yes, the “One” Who owns, “even all of us” — “One” Who allows every breath we breathe everyday! Let us then be thankful for He Who makes it all possible (even the impossible) for us … Not trying to stir up a debate, or sound “religious” here, ‘cos the “One” Who owns everything is not a “religious” thing / person. Thus, let us look up and come to realize …

“… for apart from Me, you can do nothing” ~ John 15:5, The Holy Bible

And, He loves you 🙂 May each of you be richly blessed on Thanksgiving, and all the days ahead 🙂

Earl Allbritton Reply

Thanks Charlie,
You are so right… it is always a good thing to have a grateful heart!

Caterina Reply

Hi Charlie,
Yesterday was my husband’s graduation. In the last two years, he has completed a graduate degree in HR Management while working full-time. As you can imagine, the sacrifices leading up to yesterday were many, and as I sat amidst our relatives at his graduation dinner holding a forkful of pasta, I realized how lucky I was to have such a hardworking and persevering husband, and a great big family who is always behind us through our good and sometimes bad days! So today, more than ever, I understand the meaning of being thankful! Thank you for your inspiring article!

malgorzata Reply

Thanks Charlie for the article.
We live very quikly our life and we don’t see the most simple things. We should to be thankful for all what we have. But that’s how was created a human; all the time we want something more and more, and we don’t see the most important thing: that we are free and we have a lot of opportunities in ours life. So you’re absolutelly right! We must be thankful!

Kidnest Regards,
Malgorzata Kaniowska

George Reply

I normally don’t comment on blogs.

However, when i opened your email Charlie, and then read your post from there, it touched me. It actually made me think.

I am living in the UK, and it is the same here. Probably is worldwide. The thing is though, people either get hung up on the past or the future. However, the real thing you should be concentrating on is the present. We can plan for the future, but how long of a future do we really have?

I’d say, plan today and live today. Nothing else really matters as long as your with loved ones.

Kanute Fleming Reply

God bless you, Charlie,

for you insightful and positive article. Most of us living in the rich part of the world have SO much to be grateful for. I live in Norway, which is a wonderful country. However, we have become too rich (due to oil outside our coast) – we have become greedy. It seems that wealth generates greed, and greed and gratitude are opposites. In fact I think that poor people often are more thankful for what they have than rich people.

Thanks for this reminder, Charlie, I needed it!


Tim Pond Reply

Hi Charlie,
thank you for an uplifting post. We really should be more thankful and less fearful.
Happy holidays,

Stephen J Barrett Reply

Hi Charlie
Greetings and blessings from New Zealand.

I appreciate your positive outlook, and I agree there are so many blessings to count. It really is a privilege to have so many blessings, and we have little right to grizzle and complain.

I like the Scripture I Thessalonians 5:16-19
Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. Quench not the Spirit. Being grateful releases the Spirit, being negative quenches it.

Best regards

aussiebob Reply

Thank You Charlie for taking the time to make this post,people seem to busy to give thanks.
Parents,and friends should receive more thanks,and us as well should be more thankful.When was the last time you thanked your mum,or dad just for being them,or a friend that’s helped you out.Most of us take to many people for granted.

Laurie Lacey Reply

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for the beautiful post. A while back it was thanksgiving day here in Canada. I paused during that day to be thankful for living in such a beautiful country. I gave thanks for our freedoms, and for the caring and sharing that makes possible our universal health care system, and our seniors’ pension system. I gave thanks for living in this beautiful continent of North America.

I want to say, Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends, and may you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

Sandra Hannaford Reply

Thanks Charlie,
I too rarely watch the news. Perhaps that is the wrong choice; who said “all it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing”. Is it a time for activism, rather than isolation?


    Charlie Page Reply

    I feel the key is to stay informed on one’s own terms. The Internet makes it possible to get the news you want, and need in order to avoid isolation, and still be able to choose how much attention to pay to certain stories. For example, I can use the web to find the news I want and need to remain an informed and active citizen without hearing all the gory details of things that don’t effect me and that I don’t need to know about. It is always a time to be active and never a time to be isolated in my view.

Bill (LoneWolf) Nickerson Reply

Thankfulness is something that we need to teach our children. Being thankful for what we do have can help us get past what we don’t. Focusing on the lack leads to bitterness.

As you say, bad things do happen and we can’t ignore that. But remembering the good things helps us deal with the bad things better.

Thanks for an encouraging post Charlie!

Bob E Olson Reply

Terrific article Charlie. Have to agree we are truly blessed to live in a country where WE decide our future and how we will care for our family. God has truly blessed us with living in the greatest country on earth. Have a blessed holiday all.

Monica Reply

Great article! Thanks Charlie!


Scott Love Reply


What a good reminder to realize we have a lot to be thankful for literally every day we are alive. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


Simon Malcolm Reply

And that’s why I like, trust and appreciate Charlie Page!

Bud Reply

Thank You Charlie for taking the time, your time, to remind all of us to open our attitude of gratitude once in a while, especially on this truly American Holiday of gratefulness.

Opportunity is one of the main draws that brought so many people in our early American history to our shores.

Opportunity still exist today as it always has for anyone willing to dedicate themselves to the dream of self reliance and betterment that has always been a signature of being an American.

God Bless You Charlie

A new member of D.O.E.

Happy Holidays

Susan Reply

Charlie, your comments are so true! Each of us has many things for which to be thankful. Many times I fear that I take too much for granted: free speech, ease of travel, food on the table and the cupboard, clothes to wear, a house to live in. And the things of life we often overlook: family, friends, and all of God’s natural provisions — air, water, beauty. Oh, so much to be thankful for.

My 10-year old grandson has made a “Thankful” jar. Each family member is to write something he is thankful for, and before the Turkey is served, those “thankfuls” will be read. What a great idea. Maybe he will keep that jar handy for many more occasions.

Blessings on you and those you love.

    Gordon Appleby Reply

    Your grandson is brilliant! Like his grandmother, for sure! Hope he doesn’t mind my “stealing” his brilliant idea. BTW, do I detect a proud grandma? It’s all about leaving a wonderful legacy, and you’re doing a great job!

Tony Mitchell Reply

As an Australian, of course we don’t celebrate your Thanksgiving. However, it is good for all of us to reflect on what we have and give thanks to the Lord. As, always, well said Charlie Page.

God Bless you and your fellow Americans and have a great Thanksgiving.

Kindest Regards
Tony Mitchell

Ken Lind Reply

Good work. From childhood we tend to imitate what we like in others and reject the opposite. To be imitated is a terrific compliment whether or not we are aware of it. You are one worthy of it and no doubt getting plenty. Don’t change.


Raymond Reply

I appreciate your sentiments and those of everyone who has taken the time to share a little of themselves here. I don’t live where Thanksgiving is celebrated, but know the truth of what you have written.

Today while on a bus going to see my doctor, the bus stopped for a traffic light at a busy intersection. There was a man, poorly dressed, who was attempting to get someone to allow him to clean their windows for a few “pennies”. Window cleaners number in the hundreds in this city, but most have a squeegee, a bottle of water and a cloth of some sort. He had no typical window cleaning equipment; only a large bit of cloth. On my return trip home, my bus passed another man who was asleep on the sidewalk. He, too, was shabbily dressed and had no shoes.

There are so many here like those two men and never enough resources to help them. It’s easy for someone like myself, seeing people in these kinds of circumstances everyday, to be thankful for what I have.

As bad as the above is, I’ve been in other countries where conditions are much worse. Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner while you thank God you live in America.

Tom Likes Reply

Great thoughts, Charlie, and I too wish we’d hear more about the greatness of this country versus everything that’s wrong or going wrong. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Carol Clifford Reply

Hi Charlie – I am one of your new people and this is the first blog post of yours I have read. In a world where first impressions count, I have to say I am impressed by your inspirational approach and generosity of spirit. 10/10 for a break in the negativity chain.

With thanks,
Carol Clifford

Marty Berliner Reply

Hi Charlie,
I wish what you said in your article could be the thanksgiving most of us want.
Unfortunately we have to fight to keep the rights we have now. The politicians now are our mortal enemy. They are changing our healthcare and making it worse. They are changing our tax system and making it too costly for us citizens. They are regulating our electric system that will cost us additional money.

The inept president has spent much more money then we can afford leaving our lower rated country in colossal debt. Lies are rampant. We are going down and down rapidly.
I am thankful that all you talked about is not here yet, but it’s coming. You have to fight to keep your freedom, but we are losing the fight.

My motto is: Most politicians stink. It’s just the degree of stink. We sure have a bunch of stinkers now.

Sorry, I don’t keep my head in the sand, I fight to keep our freedom.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Respectfully – my head is not in the sand at all. You can choose to look at things the way you want. That is your right. I don’t believe for ONE moment that we are “going down and down rapidly” and certainly do NOT agree that we are “losing the fight”. Are there problems? Sure. Have things been bad before and then become better? Yes, absolutely. Read our recent history and you will see that things have been much worse than this. This is not a political blog so I will refrain from my own views but I will say this – politicians are not our “mortal enemy” … APATHY and FEAR are our mortal enemies.

    Thank you for commenting. I will choose to remain positive and unafraid.


Kris P. Reply

Thank you so much Charlie for a great article, and many blessings to you and yours!



G Reply

Thank you for the reminder. Yes, we truly have so much more than we think. Our Creator is forever faithful in bringing us forth to where we are today. Our challenges, hardships and successes strengthens, and encourage us to continue moving forward. Thank you again for a wonderful article. Happy Thanksgiving.

Dave Reply

Season’s Greetings Charlie!
So true, so true! We are all so blessed and that thought is overwhelming. Thank you for sharing this.

Pete Hummel Reply

Really enjoyed your thoughts especially with the holidays coming up.
To thank the Lord for what we have rather than what we may get.

Bona Koenig Reply

Hello Charlie,

Thanks for this very inspirational ‘piece’ and I would like to wish you and your family Happy
Thanksgiving (I live in Europe, so I do not celebrate, but I have a daughter who lives in
San Francisco and she will be enjoying and celebrating with friends).

But as someone wrote in a post above, we should ALL be thankful and celebrate 365 days, and I remember something I read a while back – that we should live every day, as if we were told that it would be our last day (maybe it is also good that we are never told that in advance).

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who is celebrating.


Marilyn Reply

God bless you Charlie, I am Canadian but love Thanksgiving, both Canadian and American, my sister is American and I wish her the best Thanksgiving ever, and all of my brother Americans.
You had so many true things to say in your Article and I agree with every one of them, have a great Thanksgiving with your Family and friends, and am happy you included us!

Harvey Bearinger Reply

Thanks, Charlie for ‘the other side of the news’. What the world needs is a Good News Channel. I just spent some time yesterday with some family and was reminded how precious it is to have people in my life to whom I matter. Thanks again.

Dandy Don Reply

Thank you Charlie,
You are spot on my friend! In general we are a spoiled society and I honestly believe that a resurgence of the gratitude attitude could totally change our world. I get up everyday reminding myself to be thankful for everything I have. Even if it is not all I want it to be, there is power in starting from that point of gratitude. When you can truly be grateful, you tend to attract more into your life to be grateful for. One of the things on my list this year, is that I am thankful that I found the DOE and Charlie Page. Thanks man, keep up the good work!

Linda Basta Reply

Thanks so much for all you do for us.
God bless you too

Lauree Reply

Thank you, Charlie! We all need to be reminded from time to time just how blessed we are. I am currently unemployed, and making an effort to start business on the internet. People like yourself are an inspiration, and provide me (and others) with motivation to proceed and do what we know we can do to make life even better than today.
Thanks also to Chuck Bartok for the gift of his book.
In Love, Light, Rainbows and Song, with manifested blessings to all, Lauree

Herman Reply

Well spoken Charlie,

As the year draws to its end, I’m especially thankful for the miracle of life which in turn gives us the opportunity to be more, to do more, to share our experiences, to help where ever we can and to prepare. We need more of what you’ve just shared on the Internet.

Regards and blessings,

Renato Reply

Thanks mister Charlie . I thank God for every day , because I have a right to be a resident of the planet and for all that you have specified . Let peace of dear God be forever with You and Your family . Renato Visak .

Tony Reply

Hello Charlie, nice to hear from you and thank you for the encouraging words. It’s so true that we have to deal with so many depressing issues in today’s world and it’s sometimes hard to focus on positive things. I do however appreciate life and the wonderful joy’s and opportunity’s it brings, and the surrounding beauty of God’s creative works. I as a internet marketer have come to realize and recognize the freedom that’s been granted me to create a means of financial support for me and my family, because as you stated not everyone has this luxury at their disposal. So yes I am thankful and blessed to be able to share this thought with all of you as a token of my appreciation. Regards,Tony Horton

Mike Farmer Reply

Thanks for bringing back to earth Charlie we really do have so much to be thankful for and I do think you have hit on all of them. Again Thanks!

Abubakar Reply

Charlie, i thanks with your new article, because i feel very glad with read it, iam very very thankful with your help to me. Thanks again.

Lisa Reply

What a wonderful post! I have tried for 2 years now to keep a “Thank You” journal, where I find something everyday to be grateful for and write it down…now, everyday is Thanksgiving.
It is odd how when you start to find things to be thankful for, it takes your mind off of the negative things of the day. Gratitude is love, for the Creator, God, the Universe, whatever you want to call the most high level of conscientiousness. The more we give the more we make, and it comes back to us a hundred fold! I know what you mean about the news-did you know that CNN stands for Constantly Negative News!? I don’t pollute my space with a argumentative self proclaimed economic experts anymore. No more stinkin’ thinkin’ for me!
There is no darkness, only a lack of light, lets all go spread some light. Hey, I’m thankful I can!!!

Bruce Shilander Reply

Great read Charlie!…

Thanks for putting your time + effort to communicate the message of thanksgiving + how fortunate we all are…

Abi Carmen Reply


Just came back from a week in New Jersey celebrating my Grand-Daughters 1st Birthday and you hit it on the head. I would just add that the present is good but the ‘future’ is even better. Thank you for your uplifting, Abi

Clara Nolt Reply

Hi Charlie,
I sure do appreciate your article! We do indeed have far too many blessings to be dwelling on negative things! I am thankful for family and friends and the ability to communicate freely with those we care about. We can get into our vehicle and drive to be with family. We can communicate by telephone and over the internet. We have all the things you mentioned and much more. I am blessed and grateful!

Hat Reply

Once again you have nailed it! I am Thankful for today for more than I can write here, however, I am thankful for having been able to read this article and be inspired once again by One Charlie Page.


Tennyson Reply

Wonderful! Couldn’t have come at a better time – I have been experiencing a lot of hostility from people just being mean for the sake of being cruel to one another. This reminds me of a great quote….

“Today is a gift, that’s why they call it the present”.

Melanie DeRoo Reply

Thank you Charlie, I was very blessed to read this and all of your articles. Keep up the good work. We all need to be reminded to take time and be thankful. Sometimes we think we are being thankful, but it’s so easy to get distracted from that thankful mindset with the trivialities of day to day decisions and activities. Your article made me think a little deeper about what I really have to be thankful for. Thanks, Melanie

Dwight Anthony Reply

We really all have to be greatful and thankful for what we have here. I’ve heard if you have around $2 USD left in your pocket, you are in essence richer than a majority of the world.

Dwight Anthony
Financially Elite Blog

janne buckley Reply

Hello Charlie
I do like your kindness and goodness.
I hope you have a splended day.
To your best
Janne Buckley

Tim Reply


You are a breath of fresh air in Cyberspace… Thanks for you honesty, steadfastness and willingness to ‘GO’ the extra mile for all of us… Happy Thanksgiving.

Leigh Grant Reply

Hi Charlie, Reading this post made me think of just how much we take things for granted today. We seem to forget about those who are closest to us and we sometimes forget to thank them for all the small things that they do for us in our day to day lives. I can’t speak for others, but my girl friend is going to get a BIG THANKS and a kiss from me today to thank her for all she does for me. To all out there, go and tell your spouse just how much you appreciate what he or she does for you.

Thanks for sharing this post Charlie,
All the best my frind…. Leigh

Martin Reply

Hey Charlie,
You are absolutely right! I thank life every single day for all the blessings I have and all the blessings I am receiving. A great country – Australia. First world amenities. Peace in Oz. The world opens before me each day. I am in love and well loved. I have a few good friends and a good job.
Life is good and getting better!

Chuck Bartok Reply

I also congratulate you Charlie for sharing the powerful thoughts.
Each year at this time I encourage friends and family to think about Giving Thanks 365.
It can become a Mindset and that mindset change will enhance anyone’s Life.
Here is a book i have shared for years..
ENJOY and re-share
The Power of Gratitude
Thanks to all…

    Gordon Appleby Reply

    Hey, I like it. Make Thanksgiving Continual rather than Annual. Even 10 minutes a day focusing on what we have to be thankful for would be huge. And thanking others through words and actions…revolutionary!

valicia Reply

Charlie, You are in tune with the positive energy that is always present but often is out shouted by media and those profiteers using fear motivation marketing. Gratitude is among the highest level of energies.. a light in the darkness no matter how small will illuminate everything around it.
Thanks for putting it out there and for your consistently positive energy throughout the year.

Chris Reply

“Today is the gift”
Well said Charlie.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


Dave Tishendorf Reply


Yes, of course, you are right in what you say. It is the standard “I used to complain because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet” speech. And I suppose we would do well to hear that now and then.

But that does not mean we should not be vigilant. It does not mean that we should not fight injustices wherever we see them.

When we see police in this country emptying cans of pepper spray on college students sitting peacefully, or jabbing their nightsticks or firing rubber bullets at protesters who were breaking no law, or ripping up the tents and hauling off the personal property of people who were only exercising their democratic rights, or cracking the skull of an ex-soldier who fought for his country in Iraq, how can we say we have the right of peaceful assembly? How can we look down our noses at Tian’anmen Square, and say that that could never happen here?

Yes, we have much to be thankful for. Which is all the more reason that we, each and every one of us, fight to protect what we have.

itamar Reply

yeap! it’s never too much to stop, take a deep breath and close look to where we are!
it surely is better than where we were before… moreover, there has always been problems so why worry so much.

Karin Raie Reply

Thank you, Charlie, for the great post. 🙂

Cornell K. Nicholson Reply

Hey Charley, your article was right on spot. I attend a church in Broken Arrow, Ok. near Tulsa, were my pastor has preached about being positive and being thankful(everyday, not just during Thanksgiving). I personally have a lot to be thankful for……you see I was recently released from five years of kidney dialysis treatments because of a recent kidney transplant that was very succsessful, and I am doing just fine and will continue to do fine. Since my surgery was on June 21st of this year , I thought that I will attend the morning service when I gained more strength. The morning I showed up at church, I still had on my protective mask to protect me because of a suppressed immune system. My pastor knows me by name because I’ve been there a long time, and the pastor, on national Television, and the Worldwide Web acknowledged that I had probably been praising God and was very thankful to be alive and here in the service ( he was preaching on Praise to God and being Thankful that day). Today, I’m home and almost retired and looking forward to starting my own internet marketing business so that I can support my wife and myself and be a blessing to many others.

    Gordon Appleby Reply

    Congratulations on your progress. And without even trying, you have blessed people around the world. Our God id an amazing God.

Lorna Landis Reply

Thanks Charlie for your well worded “reminder”. I know I am blessed and try to be very aware of all my blessings. We need to remember though all the negative news, that we have SO much more “in common”, than we have differences. Let’s all work hard, at least during the Holidays, to stay focused on that. I am sure you will find yourself smiling more often!

Happy Holidays to all, wherever in the world you live!

Jeff Reply

Thanks Charlie,

My 99 year-old grandmother suffered a massive stroke on Sunday – Up to this point she was healthy and happy. She’s had a long and prosperous life.

The swelling that followed was too much for her and today her feeding tube was removed and efforts made to keep her comfortable.

For years I’ve been thinking about this day, wondering if after each of our weekly talks, I would be saying goodbye forever.

In some ways I felt prepared intellectually, lucky for the time we had and blessed that I could celebrate life with her.

I was a bit surprised about the sadness I now feel. In some ways, it seemed like she would live forever. And I knew her so well.

Although I am surrounded and supported by my wife and young children (you are right – there is nothing quite like the sound of a child laughing), I am 3000 miles away from my Grandmother’s bedside.

I found myself reaching out for understanding and came across your note.

Thanks for reminding us of gratitude and blessings.

Russ Reply

Charlie, when I read the first couple of lines leading into your article I thought it was going to be a rant on the state of television and media today. Of course, I should know you better by now. 🙂

This was a complete 180, ‘turn the other cheek’ piece which correctly focused on ALL there is to be thankful for, now and always. In fact, I just got the idea to print out in BIG BOLD LETTERS those two words “THANK YOU” and post on my bulletin board over my computer where I can see it all day, every day.

Yes sir, THANK YOU for all you do!

All the best from Toronto,

Tony Marino Reply

Charlie! As always, you are so insightful and right on the mark. Thank you for simply being my friend and most valued colleague. Be abundantly blessed always, Tony

Eileen Lisbon Reply

Dear Charlie,

I agree we are lucky for so many things. I for one, am thankful for you, your articles and your help. I feel if we share a smile and a kind word with at least one person every day the world will be a better place.

I am a lifetime member of the D.O.E. and am also thankful for that.

I wish you and your family the best of Thanksgivings and look forward to joining you in Siphon 5.

Best Wishes,

Eileen Lisbon

Delane D Krause Reply

Yes I don´t look at the new´s any-more myself. I just can´t stand seeing all the negetive energy that is posted all the time. I think it is time for people to look at there own familly and be happy that they can spend the time with them. This alone is a gift that some us don´t have,Time with are loved one´s, That is also why I like working on the net. Because it let´s me set the time that I want to work and when it´s fun time with my wife are 3 dogs and the kids if they are around.
I like this post by Charlie because it reflesse on the freedom that we has,even if some don´t apreciate it like they should.
If interested I also have a blog for the at home Dad.

robert sard Reply

That’s a great article charlie, and very humbling.

by the way I will be with you in the next 2 weeks as my inheritance check came today !

Ron Reply

Another excellent article Charlie.You are correct sir we are without a doubt the most blessed
country in the world! If you are breathing then you have something to be thankful for.Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and everyone else that reads this.

Jim Lambing Reply

You hit the nail on the head. We all have so much to be thankful for. Our homes, our country and especially our military personel who give us that right by protecting all of our freedoms. I enjoy reading your articles and hope someday soon we will be working together. Keep up the good work and God Bless!

Jim Lambing

Casey Reply

Thanks for the article Charlie, I am actually working on a series of articles on FREEDOM. You sited a couple of examples above, I believe the entire focus of our lives should be to create freedom for ourselves and for everyone else who wants it. And lets face it I believe that deep down everyone wants Freedom. If you have many freedom be thankful for them, if you don’t you are always free to choose how you think no one can ever take your thoughts from you so focus on gratitude and you will become free.

Guillermo (Bill) Melgar Reply

Well thought, Charlie

Light always overcomes darkness. Let’s always chose gratitude over despair, life over death, kindness over ill spirited attitudes. That’s the way to be victorious to the end. Blessings

Henri Schauffler Reply


Thanks for this great post – I couldn’t agree more. America is still the place where dreams can be dreamt and created into reality.

I am thankful for entrepreneurship and the America that allows it to thrive.

Robert Ryan Reply

Thanks Charlie,i appreciate the uplift. You are so right,we need to be more thankful

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