It's Time For YOU To MASTER Affiliate Marketing!

Learn The Proven Method That Can Finally Set You Free!

This course will help you go from where you are now to where you want to be!


There is so much hype in the affiliate marketing arena that it's sometimes hard to breathe. If you are done with the "quick" or "dumb" or "foolproof" sites you will find this course a breath of fresh air.



What you will find inside the site is not theory. I have validated each concept, using my own time and money, to prove the concepts work if you work them. Do the steps - get the reward. Simple and effective if you are willing to work, have realistic expectations, and are patient.



What you will discover inside is a complete system. From choosing a profitable niche to finding great products to building your list to advertising your offer ... it's all in there. The key is to follow the steps and do the work.



The days of finding a "hot" product, placing an ad and making big bucks are long over. Today's successful affiliates follow a proven blueprint that leads to lasting success. They use automation to their advantage. They build their mailing list and profit from it. They publish helpful content, often without writing it themselves. These things, and more, are what you will learn how to do.

Don't get this course if you only want to know more.

Get it if you want to ACCOMPLISH more!


They say "knowledge is power". If that were true then the person who has purchased the most products and taken the most courses would make the most money, right?

We all know, from bitter experience, that it just does not work that way.


While knowledge is necessary, the APPLICATION of that knowledge in YOUR personal situation is what moves people from hype to hope. From survival to stability and on to success.

As you take the course you will see a clearly unfolding path of action. Small, easy steps that - taken one at a time - move you from where you are now to an automated, predictable and profitable business.

We are talking about a real business of your own. A business you can sell. A business you can pass on. A PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATE MARKETING BUSINESS that produces reliable income and gives you great power in the market.

Short, actionable videos PLUS full written transcripts and downloadable audio as well.


The first step is to build a strong foundation for success.

Here we choose a niche, do research, build your lead capture system, organize your blog, begin to line out traffic sources ... and even more!


Our Member Only Webinars will keep you updated on the most current results and methods being tested.

Every webinar will be recorded and placed in your private membership area.

Those who attend live will be able to ask questions, enter to have their landing pages critiqued and more!


Successful affiliate marketers are sought out by product owners during their launches.

Once you are a proven performer, you too will be invited to join the best and brightest as they launch their offers.

During product launches you can earn valuable prizes (like laptops and Rolex watches) and much higher commissions too!


Now it's time to take it to the next level.

Here we get vendors to send us traffic, overcome low converting sales letters, establish trust and authority, earn bigger commissions and more!


You have a solid, professional affiliate marketing business.

Now it's time to up your game with some precision marketing.

From knowing in advance exactly what people will buy to segmenting your list to re-marketing, you will learn what only super affiliates know and do.


No tool can make you successful. But using the best tools can help you get more done in less time.

In this section I share the tools I use as well as why and how I use them.

To be clear, you will NOT need to use the tools I use.

But knowing how to better use the tools you have now can dramatically increase your profits!

Move with confidence from where you are now to where you want to be!

Another Common Sense course from Charlie Page

If you know me, you know I only teach what I do in the real world. No theory or fluff. And never any hype.

Over the years I have learned a lot, and taught it all to my members and clients. From blogging to copywriting to driving traffic ... I learn how to do something, take massive action and test, and only then do I teach.

This course is no different. I will only ever teach one affiliate marketing course, and this is it!


Five Levels of videos that guide you step-by-step through the process of becoming a super affiliate.

Full written transcripts, cheatsheets, templates and more to help you get the job done quickly.

Webinars and private teaching to help you build the profitable, predictable affiliate marketing business you want.

Does My Teaching Actually Work?

Is this Course Right for You?

This IS for you if you ...

  • Are willing to follow a proven formula.
  • Are willing and able to put in a reasonable amount of effort.
  • Know that results will come but not overnight.
  • Want to build a real online business, not just "make a few bucks".

This is NOT for you if you ...

  • Are into the "get rich quick" mindset.
  • Are not willing to put in a reasonable effort.
  • Want to skip steps and just "get make sales today".
  • Are risking bill paying money or money to buy food in order to get access to this course.

Take up to 30 days to decide!

If you take the course and it's not for you, let us know anytime in the first 30 days and we will cheerfully refund your money. No questions asked and no hassles. We only want you to keep the course if it's right for you!


Member Only Webinars

Not available anywhere else, these webinars are designed to inform, teach and share from deep experience.

Each webinar is recorded and put in your private members area. And each is transcribed so you can review it at your convenience.

Members who attend live can ask questions and register to have their landing pages critiqued during the webinar.

My Exclusive Customer Transformation Chart Teaching

Imagine knowing what people will buy before you create your marketing!

?Knowing what truly motivates a customer to buy BEFORE you begin marketing can literally triple your results.

This teaching will help you know what motivates buyers in your niche. Worksheet included!

My Exclusive Product Matrix Report

Choosing the right products to promote is pivotal to your success.

In this report you will learn how to choose highly-converting products that pay well AND get buyers to thank you for recommending them!


It is hard to put a price on this much experience. I have been a successful affiliate marketer for about 18 years now.

In that time I have been blessed to achieve a few milestones.

  • I won a Rolex watch in one contest.
  • The laptop I'm using today was won in an affiliate contest.
  • I have won multiple iPads, computers and earned lots of cash.
  • In one case I outsold THE OWNER of the product I was promoting, driving more sales than all other affiliates combined!

And yet, you almost never see my name on the big JV leader boards.

Want to know why?

Because my focus is on making sales EVERY DAY on autopilot! While it is fun to participate in JV contests, it's a little like eating cotton candy for dinner. The buzz does not last.

In this course I will teach you how to do both! You will set up automated systems to sell the products you promote AND build your list and authority so JV partners WANT to work with you!

And remember, I have never taught what I know about affiliate marketing until now.

Now to the price.

If you know me, you know that my consulting sells for $500 per hour. And it often sells out. Some of my courses sell for $970.

While I could easily price this course for much more, I have settled on the price of $197.

If you see the value, you know that $197 is a drop in the bucket compared to what you can earn as a successful affiliate marketer. And it's a tiny amount compared to what you can save by having clear thinking and a proven plan of action.

Why that price?

Because I want to create a low barrier to entry. I want people who will use what they learn to be able to access the teaching AND have access to get their questions answered.

My goal is simple ... to help you create your own freedom through affiliate marketing!

If you are ready to put the confusion behind you and build an automated affiliate marketing system that works, join now while we are still enrolling new members.

Remember, you have up to 30 days to take the course and see for yourself just how practical this system is. I know you will love it and look forward to seeing you inside!

Don't Get Left Behind: Get Common Sense Affiliate Marketing Today!