Affiliate Marketing Overview

It seems that everywhere you go people are taking about how easy it is to make money with affiliate marketing.

“Earn $347 per day with this affiliate marketing method” they say.

I’m sure by now you know it’s not quite that easy.

So how can you make a real start with affiliate marketing?

By first understanding what affiliate marketing is, and then taking action on what you learn.

So what is affiliate marketing? Here is my brief definition …

Affiliate marketing is the process of selling other people’s products and earning a commission. 

So, when you do “affiliate marketing” you are basically a commissioned salesperson. Not to worry, this is not personal one-on-one selling.

This is selling online, where you don’t really have to talk to anyone, ever.

Now we know what affiliate marketing is.

Next, let’s look at what sorts of things affiliate marketers do. 

When doing affiliate marketing you will need to focus on three things.

  1. Choosing the right product to promote.
  2. Choosing the right places to advertise.
  3. Monitoring your statistics to make sure your advertising is effective.

Yes, it really can be that simple. In fact, it should be that simple when you start out.

It is true that affiliate marketing can be simple or complex. No doubts there.

And it is a fact that the higher you want to go with affiliate marketing (for example, earning a six figure living or being a “super affiliate”) the more complex it will become.

But there is no need for that right now. 

For now, let’s focus on the basics and help you earn your first, or next, commissions.

Now we have a clear definition of affiliate marketing, and you know what tasks are involved in being an affiliate marketer.

The next common sense question is this – what are the pros and cons of affiliate marketing?

To keep things short, I will list four advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing. I know these lists could be long, but I know too you are busy today.

Here are the advantages of affiliate marketing as I see it.

  • You don’t have to create a product.
  • You don’t have to have a web site of your own to start.
  • You don’t have to deliver products.
  • You don’t have to do customer support.

Now for the disadvantages.

  • You are driving traffic to someone else’s website.
  • You may get paid up to 60 days after the sale is made.
  • You never know who your customers are or how to contact them.
  • You are not building your business, you are building someone else’s business.

As you can see, driving traffic is an important part of affiliate marketing. So let me share a few words about that topic before we conclude our overview.

And then I will share my best “getting started” tip about choosing the right products to promote.

When it comes to advertising there are a couple of different ways you can go.

You can use paid advertising methods like solo ads, banner ads, social media or pay per click.

Or you can do free advertising methods like article marketing, content marketing on a blog, social media, or by doing webcasts or podcasts.

The best affiliate marketing happens when you use a mixture of both free and paid methods.

I have articles you can read right now about both paid advertising and free advertising.

Now for my best insider tip about choosing what to promote.

Here’s my insider tip: Promote the things you use.

That’s a great place to start.

The reason I say “promote the things you use” is simple. If you use a product, and like it, other people will like it too. You will be able to promote it from a place of experience, from a place of personal recommendation.

This will matter more than you know when you advertise. Even if the people who read your ads never know who you are your ads will ring true when you are honestly endorsing something you use and like.

Plus, and this is huge, it will be easy to create ads for the product you are promoting!

Just make a list of what you like about the product and write a short ad about each one of the things you list.

Need help writing ads? I have an article here about how to write ads that will help or I can write the ads for you.

Here’s an example, I use Aweber as my autoresponder. Aweber is one of the first things I ever promoted online. I did that using a solo ad, and still do today.

A lot of people overlook promoting products they use and like.

Affiliate marketing is an easy way to earn money online and it usually is the way people start with trying to make money online.

If you are not doing affiliate marketing, it is well worth your time to learn how.

My best advice is to choose a product you love, choose an advertising method you can afford and understand, and take action today by placing your first ad.

Then monitor your results so you can know what to do next.

That’s my overview of affiliate marketing, I hope you enjoyed it. I hope too you pursue becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

Because earning commissions promoting products you use and love is a beautiful thing indeed!

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Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

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Auli Ekman Reply

Thank you so much Charlie about this clear vision about affiliate marketing. It’s just what I was waiting for as I begin my “real” actions on the Internet 😉 Mastering the Basics – yes, it really is the most important thing, right ? I’m waiting for the next step to come….

    Charlie Page Reply

    Mastering the basics really is the most important. I’m working on more articles on this subject right now and will have them soon.

Paul Warner Reply

This is a wonderful article and something that is thoroughly food for thought when you try to balance the good and bad of affiliate marketing. I would hate to do all this promoting to sell a product and not end up with something for myself from the customer, so I have to ask you is there any way around this???? Is there anyway at all to get their email address prior to them going to the vendor to get their product???
This is important to know. I am glad that you brought this to our attention. Paul

    Charlie Page Reply

    Hi Paul,

    The way around it is to have a squeeze page and follow up system of your own and drive all traffic there. This way you build your list and make affiliate sales as well.

    Hope this helps.


      Paul Warner Reply

      Okay that makes plenty of sense. So I give away something pertaining to the affiliate product I want to sell through an optin to get their email address. When the customer comes back to buy the product am I to assume that the vendor of the product will get their email address too, or am I missing something that I should do??

      Charlie Page Reply

      That depends on whether the offer you are promoting is one where they capture email addresses. Many sites don’t.

      If they do, it’s no harm done.

      There is really nothing more to do or that you are missing.

      I’m writing an article about this now that will be on the site in the next few days.

      The process in a nutshell – drive traffic to your squeeze page, give away a valuable gift, get them on your list, send follow up emails, make more sales.

      Many more details will be in the article.


zak Reply

Hi Charlie I just join DOE 2 days ago yes I want to be an affliate you have been highly recomended by anik singhal inbox blue print im in his course.ISubcribed you a month ago you provided very valauble info and great strategies and I signed up need help how I’m going to capture customers email so I can build up my list sure I need your help writing my ads,
Zak Melbourne Australia

    Charlie Page Reply


    Have you taken advantage of our free solo ad writing at DOE? We will write a custom solo just for you. It’s in the rewards section.

    Also, we have pre-written solo ads in the members area.

    Hope this helps.


      misatokatsuragi Reply

      Solo ads don’t work. Anyone who has placed solo ads in ezines for any length of time knows this. Recommending ezine solo ads is like recommending placing ads in safe lists.

      I have many, many times tried solo ads, in many different ways, following ad placement advice from many popular gurus, and all to no avail.

      I keep learning things about advertising the more I keep trying to get better at it, and a couple of things I have learned since my last solo ad placement have been:

      1) No one reads solo ads. People do not like being sold. People who sign up for a newsletter or list of any kind do so because the squeeze page promises help or information, not ads. As a result. They immediately trash anything from that list that is nothing but an ad.

      2) Solo ads are also very expensive. It often takes many more times the number of sales that you should reasonably expect in order just to cover the cost of the ad, let alone make any profit.


      Charlie Page Reply

      Respectfully, I could not disagree more. Solo ads and safelists have nothing to do with each other. Nothing at all.

      I’m sorry you have not succeeded with solo ads and hope you find the resources that help you.


      misatokatsuragi Reply

      Didn’t meant to imply that solo ads and safe lists are the same thing. Merely that they obtain about the same results, but you’re right. They are completely different. Sorry I wasn’t clear on that.

      Charlie Page Reply

      Again, respectfully disagree when it comes to solo ads and safelists getting similar results.

      They are light years apart results-wise.


Davy Pelssers Reply

Hi Charlie, to come on your phrase :
Affiliate marketing is the process of selling other people’s products and earning a commission.

Personally I rather would consider it to be “Preselling or Promoting/Reviewing” other people’s products instead of “selling” someone else’s product, as the actual sale really takes place on the Products Owner’s own Website…where you basically are redirecting your own website visitors to, using the affiliate link? But that’s just rephrasing your statement which in essence is true of course. By the way: did I already tell you I am a big fan of your products and no-nonsense advice and attitude? cheers Davy (Yes- you also have fans from Belgium)

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you Davy. It’s great to have friends around the world!

    Your point is well made. You are essentially pre-selling when you drive traffic to an affiliate offer page. It’s up to the product owner to close the sale.

    Good observation. Thank you for your comment, and kind words.


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