Affiliate Marketing: Should I Use A Squeeze Page?

Affiliate Marketing: Should I Use A Squeeze Page?

When it comes to affiliate marketing, people often wonder whether they should use a squeeze page.

Of all the affiliate marketing questions I receive, this one is very near the top.

People ask me all the time whether they should send traffic to a list-building squeeze page, or directly to the product sales page for a quicker purchase.

It’s a great question and important to think about.

I’ve been doing this for a long time and I’ve driven millions of clicks to various websites. I will tell you that I absolutely believe as an affiliate marketer, you should always drive traffic only to your own squeeze page. 

Let me tell you why I believe that.

Below are three reasons I believe that you should use a squeeze page when you do affiliate marketing.

1. The list is the key

The key to what, you ask? Well, one could say it’s the key to everything.

Without a doubt, if you took everything away from me, all my employees, my computers, my office, everything, and you left me with my mailing list, I could rebuild my business almost overnight.

The size, the relationship and the quality of the mailing list that I have is by far my number one business asset.

I’ve worked very hard over the years to build it. I protect it, I work hard to keep building it and it is the thing that I couldn’t do business without.

So the list really is the key.

I know that everyone is tired of hearing that “the money is in the list.” But the truth is, the money is in the list.

So you’ve got to have one. If you don’t, you are at the mercy of those who do have a list. You must rely on them to get the word out for you.

The only way to build a list is to put up a lead capture page, also called a squeeze page, and to drive your traffic there.

2. Email marketing is THE most powerful form of marketing on the planet.

I know that might sound controversial to you, but let me tell you what my reasoning is.

Facebook and Twitter have come along in the last few years – they’re very powerful, don’t get me wrong.

But the most powerful use of them is to do what?

It’s to build an audience of people who get to know you, who get to like you, who get to trust you and will therefore buy from you.

The easiest way to do that is to send email marketing messages.

Very few people will choose to visit your Facebook page (or your Google+ page) every single day.

You can’t get them to do that no matter what you do, but you can email them every day if you want to.

Or every other day or every week, whatever schedule you want, once they’ve chosen to give you their name and email address.

Please understand that I am talking about 100% ethical opt-in email marketing. It’s the only way to go and it’s the most powerful form of marketing on the planet.

Most of the things that you’ve bought online probably came from an email offer and most of the things that you sell online will probably be best promoted by using email.

Email is number one. By all means, use it. It’s very easy to do, and we’ll discuss that in more detail in another article.

3. A squeeze page creates the lowest possible barrier to entry.

Let me explain what I mean by that.

Think about your visitor’s experience for a moment, in the context of what they are being asked to do.

Let’s assume for the sake of discussion that you get 100 people who click your link.

And let’s pretend 50 of those people go to a website that is trying to sell something, which means asking them to give you their money. You know, the good old video and “add to cart” button routine. Or a long form sales letter.

Now let’s pretend the other 50 go to a website where something of value is being given away for free and all they have to do is enter their email address to get the thing of value.

Which of those two groups do you think you’ll have the best success with?

I believe it’s the second one.

A person will find it much easier to give you their email address than to give you their cash.

That’s what “lower barrier to entry” means.

I believe that giving away something of value for free in order to get a person to join your mailing list is absolutely the easiest thing to do. It’s the lowest barrier to entry.

Because it’s so easy, it’s a thing that people will do over and over and over again. We see squeeze pages that convert at 10% for sure, but we also see lots of squeeze pages that convert at 30, 40, and even 60 or 70% when the value of what is being given away on that squeeze page is high.

And after you are past that initial barrier to entry, it’s like you’ve “broken the ice” with them and they feel more comfortable doing business with you.

So once they’ve given you their email address and received something of value from you for free (which was really easy and comfortable for them), they’ll only be that much more likely to buy the product you’re promoting anyway.

You can still send them to the product sales page so that you can make those sales. But after they opt in. Or by using an exit pop up in case they don’t opt in.

But when they do opt in, and they will, you have immediately established a small relationship with that person, they’ll be excited about the free thing they got on the squeeze page, and they’ll want to buy from you that much more.

It’s super easy to create something of value to give away on a squeeze page. I’ll cover how to do that in another article.

For now, let me recap.

  1. The list is the key. It absolutely is the key to your long term success. When you’ve got a list of your own, you’ll never have to pay for advertising again.
  2. Email marketing is the most powerful form of marketing and the most automated form of marketing. It can set you free.
  3. Sending a prospect to a squeeze page where they get a free gift just for putting in their email address is easier than sending them to a sales page where they have to immediately spend money.

It’s super easy to get people to go to a squeeze page and opt in. And that is exactly what I recommend you do when promoting any product, be that your own product or when you are doing affiliate marketing.

Once they opt in you can begin to communicate with them, they can get to know you, they can get to like you, they can get to trust you.

When those three things happen, they’ll buy from you not just once, but over and over again.

By all means, please do use a squeeze page.

All right, I hope this helps you in your affiliate marketing.

Check out the other posts on this blog for more about affiliate marketing, and stay tuned for more articles coming soon.

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32 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing: Should I Use A Squeeze Page?”

  1. hi,

    does it mean i need one squeeze page by affiliate link ?
    is it possible to redirect after signup based on the calling url (for exemple shortened link)

    1. In my view, yes you need a squeeze page for every product you are serious about promoting. You can select the redirect after subscription by using your autoresponder.


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  4. How do you use squeeze pages as an intermediary to your affiliate marketing efforts?

    Let’s say I am partners with a laptop manufacturer and I want to sell laptops through ppc and other channels.

    How would I go about capturing those people before sending them to the manufacturer’s product page?

    Do I redirect them from the email form to automatically visit the affiliate’s site?

    Or do I segment them on my overall list and send that group a unique email that requests that they buy the affiliate product? It seems like a squeeze page would be a barrier to getting people to the sales page.

    1. Hi JT,

      Great question. There are several ways to do this. The easiest is as follows.

      1. Create a high-value free report for the product being offered. A cheat sheet or checklist gathered from the laptop companies FAQ or helpdesk (with permission) often works well.
      2. Create a squeeze page highlighting the benefits of the free report.
      3. Set the thank you page of the form on the squeeze page to your affiliate link.
      4. Write a short series of messages highlighting why they should buy what you are offering. Make this a mix of information and solo ad, what I call the Breathing Method. Everyone who opts in gets this sequence of messages.
      5. Send all traffic to your squeeze page and let your system do the work.

      If you have a list, segmenting them using the same assets (the messages) would make sense.

      While a squeeze page will be somewhat of a barrier to sending them on to the landing page, the value of the list is higher than any losses from them going to the landing page. Unless you are promoting a very highly converting offer. And I mean very highly.

      Last option – you can put a popup on the squeeze that triggers only on exit-intent and provide a link to the sale page there. That would be your affiliate link.

      Hope this helps.


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  8. I think this one has totally confused me Charlie,

    “if you use your squeeze page it will ad to your own list, then your list grows. If you use an affiliate link to sell products you are growing someone else’s list.”
    ….. Really ? –

    Am I to understand as an Affiliate, I can’t develop an opt-in page / EMAIL list ???
    BEFORE I send them to my website for information?

    1. Hi Gene,

      Yes you can. You send the traffic to your page and then, once they subscribe, send them on to the affiliate page you are promoting via your link. Does not work 100% of the time but does most of the time.

      Hope this helps.


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    1. There are many ways. If you have a blog and your blog theme has a lead capture page template you can use that. You can use a service like Lead Pages. If you are a member of Follow Up Selling Systems we build and host the pages for you.

      Those are three easy options.

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  13. Thanks for the information, it’s helping me to define what it is that I want to do with online marketing. I have many directions and talents and need to choose one at a time to work with,but must choose wisely for the first one as all others will be built on from the first on. thank you Charlie

  14. Robert Andrews

    Thanks for your advice. I certainly wanted to ask you this question. Now I know what direction I want to go with my internet marketing business.

  15. Very very good article. I will continue. To reqd all your articles. Is the. First time that I read your article and it’s wonderful. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to learn about all areas of marketing. . Thank you

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  19. Great post Charlie, as always it is the list that is the most important thing & if you use your squeeze page it will ad to your own list, then your list grows. If you use an affiliate link to sell products you are growing someone else’s list. Thanks

  20. Gordon Appleby

    Good advice, Charlie. Lemme share a quick personal experience that just happened yest6erday and that shows your advice to be dead on…

    7 weeks ago I promoted a product as an affiliate that I believed in (key, right?). Yesterday, the final results of their national campaign came out. There I sat, #6 on the leaderboard-mug shot & all-beating out some really bigtime marketers with huge lists and tremendous reach.

    Here’s the cool thing: my entire effort during those 7 weeks was to send one email to a list of only about 2,000 subscribers.! One email – nothing else.

    2nd caveat…I did something I almost never do, but for good reason. I offered 2 products in the same letter. I firmly believed they would both greatly benefit my subscribers, and both happened to be on sale at the time. So I simply told my readers about them and provided the links to order them. The 2nd product actually sold more units, though a little less in dollars. They bought almost 100% because I recommended (including the fact that I had bought both products myself).

    That kind of relationship with your subscribers almost precludes the need to “sell” -almost :-). (Truth is, Charlie, I myself have bought at least 2 products, not counting your own, purely on your recommendation.)

    Without building that list, I couldn’t have built the relationship. Without building the relationship, I couldn’t build the trust. Without the trust, I could not have gotten away with recommending 2 products at 1ce, and I would not be depositing checks into my bank account.

    This is the way you’ve built your too, and I so much appreciate you sharing.

  21. Great point, list is key in e-mail marketing. And email marketing IS strong. However, this might not stay like this forever. There are amazing new approaches… 🙂

  22. Hey Charlie,

    Thanks so much for the re-enforcements. I’ve been “hard” headed about this very subject for way tooo long. Lately, I’ve been devouring all of your material on ezine, e-mail marketing…and you don’t know how much you’re helping me right now.

    As you know…when the student is ready the teacher will appear. Well, he has, and thanks to you and ONLY a very few others, I “will’ make this internet thing work. I’ve been screwing around for way to long now. And the house is burning and the clock is running.

    I’m really gravitating towards ezine marketing; it makes too much sense not to do it. As you say…it’s affiliate friendly, no google on my back, it doesn’t change every five minutes like Facebook, and it’s as “targeted” as it will ever get.

    And ezine marketing really fits my personality; so crucial in choosing a strategy, would you agree?

    However, since I believe you when you say free classified ad sites are a waste of time, and I unfortunately have very little of funds to invest to test ads properly, WHERE can I start ezine classified advertising for free, following all of your common sense steps, so as to then “leverage” the profits into the publisher sites listed in the DOE???

    This is really frustrating for me…are all of the so called free ezines full of s#&t? I’ve been searching high and low to no avail and remembering what you taught me, and coming up…ZERO!

    One reputable marketer has claimed she did EXACTLY the aforementioned above. But, do you think I can get a hold of her? You kidding! little miss is too self-righteous. And I ran my “energy” and did my homework before I even called her; you should have heard my vm message.

    Anyway , In closing,I apologize for the rant. Who else do I turn to, Daegan Smith, Ali Brown? I respect them both highly, especially Daegan who gave me the time of day twice, however, when it comes down to ezine advertising I instill my trust in only YOU Charlie Page.

    Many Blessings to you and yours,


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