Affiliate Tips & Tricks Part 1

Knowing how to succeed as an affiliate for someone else’s product is very important to your online success.

Most of us start out as affiliates, selling someone else’s product for a commission.

In many ways affiliate marketing is the perfect online business.

You don’t have to create products or do customer service or answer pre-sales questions — as an affiliate you just promote and get paid.

Sounds good, right?

It sounds good because it is good. It can be a wonderful way to earn money online.

But the fact remains that some 98% (or more) of affiliates never make a dime online and very few of the 2% who do succeed make a full time living.

I believe this problem can be solved!

I want you to know that it is not too late for you. You have not missed out on anything.

You can begin again today and find success as an affiliate marketer if you work at it and use conservative and proven methods.

Over the years of my own affiliate marketing efforts I have discovered nine keys to affiliate marketing success.

I use each one of these principles and share them freely with you in hopes they help you too.

Allow me to add a personal note. I was not always a successful affiliate marketer. In the beginning of my online career I fell for the hype and fast cash promises too and it was not a pretty thing.

But I stuck with it, replacing the hyped up methods with proven business methods.

The results have been excellent. I don’t promote other peoples’ products often but when I do I am usually the top affiliate and often outsell the product owner.

How do I do that? By using what I’m going to share with you below.

In this short series I will share nine ‘tricks of the trade’, as well as a word or two about how you can put them into practice in your business life.

We will do that in three parts and so today we look at methods 1 – 3.

What we’re trying to get to here is what works in the Real World. No hype. No fluff. Just Real World Tactics that work.

Remember, every super affiliate was where you are right now at one point.

We all start in the same place.

Where we end up depends on our choices and how well we learn.

You do not have to be a ‘guru’ to use these techniques.

You just have to want success. ūüôā

Ready? There’s a lot to cover so let’s get going.

Affiliate Tip #1 – Use Great Ad Copy

Most people are not great copywriters. That’s completely understandable. While copywriting is something you might want to learn, it makes sense to model great copywriters until you get there.

Copywriters who get paid hundreds of dollars (sometimes thousands) per page to write have written great ads that are proven to work.

So why not use what they have written as part of your ad?

This is very important. You must never take someone’s copy, be it an email or sales letter or other ad, and copy it word for word or steal their graphics. That’s just wrong. Never infringe a copyright.

But you can model what they have done and make it your own. And believe me, it works!

Where do you find great ads to use as your model?

  • Watch the ezines you read. Look for repeat ads. If the ad runs over and over again it’s a winner.
  • Affiliate programs almost always offer pre-written ads you can use.
  • Classic eBooks often contain great copy ideas.
  • Social media — especially Twitter — is great for headline research.
  • If you are on top marketers’ lists you are getting lots of emails. Study them for good copy.

In each of these cases you will want to change what you find to fit you. My best advice today is to keep your ads short and create curiosity. You can find more about how to write ads (and other copy) here.

Affiliate Tip #2 – Promote Only GREAT Products

Have you fallen for the “high gravity” hype? I did. It’s so easy to just want to jump on the bandwagon of a hot-selling product and get your share of the action.

But that’s not the real world in most cases. If you have followed the “find a high gravity product and run an ad” advice you know that doesn’t work well.

The key is to promote great products, not products that are winning a popularity contest today. You want to promote products that help people and have stood the test of time.

To be great I believe a product must meet these three standards.

  1. The product works well and meets a real need.
  2. It pays you enough to cover marketing costs and provide a profit
  3. It creates happy buyers.

The reason the product needs to work well is this. It’s a vital point that many affiliates miss. When you believe in something you will promote it well and with all your heart. When all you want is the money bad things happen fast. If you believe in a product you will find ways to succeed promoting it.

When all you want is money you will be tempted to give up after the first unsuccessful attempt and jump to another product.

And that is a sure recipe for failure.

The reason I say it must pay enough is that paid advertising is the #1 way to promote affiliate products. So you have to earn enough to both pay your ad costs and keep some profits too.

Not hard to do if you know what to look for.

The reason happy buyers matters is that you are going to be able to follow up with these buyers and offer them more. If they are happy they will buy from your recommendation time and time again.

Affiliate Tip # 3 – Use An Ad Tracker

This is one of those areas in which almost all affiliate marketers could improve.

While there is no reason to go crazy tracking every little thing (you really can waste a lot of time here) you simply MUST track every ad to know if you have made or lost money.

Probably the best example of this is the fellow who did two ad runs. One produced 500 hits and the other produced 100 hits. During the ad run he made 25 sales.

Naturally assuming that the bigger hits produced bigger sales, he cancelled the ad run that produced the 100 hits only to have sales drop! Sure enough, the ad that produced fewer hits produced the most sales due to the high quality of the traffic.

The moral of the story? Never confuse numbers with quality.

You really can get 100,000 hits to your site and not make one single sale. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Here are my two favorite ad trackers. These are not affiliate links.

For perhaps the best information on the subject of ad tracking, visit my good friend Harvey Segal (who will fuss at me because I’m not tracking his link) at

One final word here if I may.

I strongly suggest avoiding all free link cloakers.

The spammers will ruin them all over time and your links will be at risk. And that’s a risk you can’t afford. For more about this read my article here.

Well there you have my first three tips.

Here are three action steps you might want to take.

  1. Choose the one product you want to promote most
  2. Get a great ad written for that product, or write one if you prefer
  3. Get your ad tracking squared away.

If you do these three things you will be prepared for the success that you want and deserve. In the next message I will share three more keys (as well as one advanced technique) to help you even more.

Until then, be well and don’t ever give up. You are closer than you think.

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Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

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hello! Carlie, I am two month old in e mail marketing, Recently I did realize that I was getting into the jam of multi products promotion, Shortly just before I realized what you endorsed one or two products theory, I am completely in agreement with your suggestion & ENVISION great results. Good Day. kchopraa

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Kevin Lymds

My sincerest condolences on the passing of your father-in-Law; for those of us with an “Eternal Perspective” it provides us comfort, but still difficult to lose those we love.

Thanks for all the exceptional content .. and for being genuine


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Marc Gonzales

Hi Charlie, i bought the DOE membership in 5/11 and i had to move i packed everything and now i can’t find the site to login to. can you help me?thank you, marc

    Charlie Page

    You bet. I did find you as a member and reset your password and sent the welcome email to you. If you need further help please visit my support center at

Barry Friedmann

Thanks for the usual great article we have come to expect from you.

Your advice is very sound.

Ahmed Bare

Thank you Charlie ūüôā


Hello Charlie,

Sound advise when it comes to following
advice from someone who has been there, got the t shirt like yourself.
Everyone has heard by now the saying”Don.t reinvent the wheel”
Also, If I could take your advice and just stay with one product and see it through, maybe I would have seen results by now.
11 products and services in 4+ years.


Thanks for this useful post Charlie.

Just a question please. Do you have an opinion on Prosper202 as a tracking system. It is free and i just started to use it to track PPC campaigns. It works great for me but when you mentioned about the dangers of free link cloaking programs, my minds stated to race…


    Charlie Page

    Sorry but I have not tested that one.


Charlie, it is great advise, but some of the problems that i encounter is not knowing how to placed ads or how to become an affiliate. when you are new there is so much to learn before you can start making mony.


Hi Charlie
As always your advice is always welcome. I have been following you for about 1 1/2 years now and your advice is alway top notch. Like you my IM career was put on hold last year, just a few months after starting. I had a lung infection that almost killed me twice before they got it under control. Now with untold medical bills and no insurance I am trying IM again. What advice do you have for getting past the info overload and a method that can help me start making money without creating all kinds of websites. I know I am trying to do to many things and buying to much stuff. I was finally able to buy into the DOE right before you changed the format, but have not gone through it all yet due to work and family commitments and buying to much junk. I am starting to go through it again now, is there a paticular part I should study first. Thanks for your great honest advice, I will continue to read all your information. If I can acheive half the succes you have obtained, then I will consider myself truly blessed. P.S. I hope all is well with you and yours now, I know you have had some strugles this past year and wish you the best. Keep up the great work, honesty and sound advice, we all appreciate it immensley. Thanks Kevin

Anthony Browne

Hello Charlie,

You covered extremely important points.

I especially like this crucial point.

The product must meet these three standards:
a The product works well and meets a real need.

b It pays you enough to cover marketing costs and provide a profit

c. It creates happy buyers.

Charlie, thanks much,


eldon taylor

I like the info you are putting out as it help me to understand thing
better and show me some of my errors. Thanks Eldon

Wendell Wilkins

You always over deliver. I’m looking foward to the next in the series of articles.



As always Charlie, outstanding. I take your advice seriously. You are honest, giving and on target with your wisdom and knowledge.

Keep the faith.



“You really can get 100,000 hits to your site and not make one single sale. Trust me, I‚Äôve been there.”

This is true. I did a test with a cheap traffic source to my squeeze page yesterday and out of 1200 hits got just one sign up!

Quality traffic sources usually average around 30% or more.


Hi Charlie,

Thanks for the advice. I value them. I’m beginning affiliate marketing again and even if those ad trackers had your affiliate link I’d buy them from you. Thanks So Much for your encouragement.


June 28,2012 at 1:17 P.M
I am short of words, as I don’t know how I can thank
you enough for your ever growing efforts to give the
best to your DOE members.

I thank you too for the Guru book.
You Are great.


Hi Charlie,
Thanks for another great share. You continue to give and it is highly appreciated. I will be doing more ad tracking in the future. Looking forward to the next post.

Thanks again for all you have given to all of us.

Marzell Hall

Hey Charlie,

Thanks for the great info, especially when you mentioned using ad trackers-without it, you’ll never know which of your ads are working.

Ernestine Emery

Thanks Charlie – as always good advice.


Good stuff. Can you recomend some link cloakers?

    Charlie Page

    I suggest using an ad tracker as the cloaked. Free clockers create problems in my experience and I would avoid using them.

Roven Clark

Hi Charlie,
Thanks for sharing your great tips, just love to read your blog. All you teach just make sense. Would love to be a DOE member soon. God bless you!


Hi Charlie,

This first part of this series and the new D.O.E. is very timely, my friend. I’m so looking forward to the next two e-mails to the series.

Belin is still in my prayers.

Many Blessings to you and family,


Simon Malcolm

I’m out getting a morning coffee, reading Charlie Page – it doesn’t get much better.

Thanks for this great advice Charlie. The ad tracking tip was really helpful.

osman A

Hi Charlie Page,

Opening my inbox early this morning, and run through your post
on the above, It’s a valuable gifts for me as i sholud say, your sharing
I will apply for my business accordingly.

Thank you for your support and looking forward to your next sharing.

Osman A.

Kevin Riley

Great Advice Charlie! Tip #2 especially rings true for me. Many “low gravity” products are actually great products with poor marketing and sales letters. I personally have stopped promoting products that I have not personally used or have experience with because I when I promote something, I’m putting my reputation on the line. I want my customers to trust what I say about something and if you just go with the “me too” promotions you will just hurt yourself and your business in the long run.



Hi Charlie,
Thanks for the straightforward, quality information. I got scammed by an affiliate “guru”, he took a lot of money from me and I didn’t get very far using his info. Yours cost me nothing, was very easy to understand, and seems very doable. I look forward to the next two installments.
– Denise

Bryan Knight

As usual, your advice is sound, Charlie. But where do you get this info:
“But the fact remains that some 98% (or more) of affiliates never make a dime online and very few of the 2% who do succeed make a full time living.”

Nic Penrake

All valid tips, Charlie, but really the key one to put down is this: in the IM niche at least I don’t think you can make much money until you start producing your own products. That way you get to find more serious jv partners and in turn become a more effective affiliate marketer. The two tasks work alongside one another synergistically. In order to form a loyal customer base, you have to produce your own products. Only when you have your own products can you appear to be an authority on others’ products. And only then will you get subscribers buying from your affiliate links instead of someone else’s.


Hi Charlie, glad you are writing this series. As a DOE customer I want you to know that I appreciate all of your efforts. Helping others succeed is great!

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