Affiliate Tips And Tricks Part 3

We’re back with the last three affiliate tips in our series. I hope you have enjoyed it so far and have found some ideas that will help you.  You can read part one and part two here.

So far we have discussed the importance of focusing on promoting a few great products vs. the standard advice of having 15 blogs (and spreading yourself too thin) or, worse yet, grabbing a high gravity product and blasting away.

These are classic mistakes; mistakes most of us have made.

We talked about the importance of using a professional ad tracker and never using free link cloakers. Then we touched on the importance of building your list. And important it is.

If you work at it and give it a bit of time your list will soon become your #1 asset and will create both time and financial freedom as well.

Now we move on to the last three affiliate tips in the series.

Affiliate marketing can be a wonderful way to earn extra income or a full time living. These are the techniques that work for me. I hope they work well for you too.

Affiliate Tip # 7 – Use Free Reports To Build Your list

The logic is clear – it is SO much easier to give things away than to make the sale today. This is why using a squeeze page and offering a free report works so well.

Top marketers all use this approach. I suggest you use it as well.

But here’s the problem. We all suffer from a lack of time and most of us aren’t great writers.

Again, the Internet comes to the rescue!

One of the great blessings of the Interwebs is that there is a TON of free information that you can use to entice people to visit your site and learn more about your product.

Who produces free information that you can use?

Many top marketers, like Jimmy Brown, have based their business on this model. You give away their high quality report which builds your list and gives their product exposure.

It’s a win-win!

Some of them can even be branded with your affiliate links. More about how to do that in another article.

Why struggle to convince someone to take your information when these superstars have created free eBooks, reports and e-Courses to do the work for you!

Please note, I’m not talking about doing something you should not do. ONLY use material when the author gives permission.

Another option is PLR (Private Label Rights) products. These resale rights products can be given away or branded with your name and affiliate links in most cases.

I like the products from Nicole Dean for this. I find her products to be of consistently high value and on topics of interest to people searching the Internet.

You can reach her at this link

Affiliate Tip #8 – Survey Your List

Why guess at what people want when you can KNOW in advance what they want and offer it to them.

So many people find a product and buy ads only to be disappointed with the results. In many cases, most cases actually, the problem is targeting. They simply did not know for sure that the people who saw the ad were interested in the product they were promoting.

It’s as simple as this — You can’t hit a target you cannot see.

Whether you have a list of your own or not you can use surveys to find out exactly what people need and then offer it to them. This is a powerful way to market online.

There are several tools to help get the job done.

Survey Monkey works well and is a popular choice.

Another great option comes from and excellent programmer (and friend) Will Bontrager. It’s called MasterSurvey and you can find it, along with Will’s other excellent work, at

The tool I use most comes from Joel Comm and is called Instant Form Pro.

Check them out and see which one fits your needs best.

Last – If you have a blog you can use a free plug in like I do. The one I use is called WP-Polls. It’s free and easy to use.


If you have a site or blog but no list you are in good shape. Just add a survey to your site or blog and offer visitors the chance to express their opinion.

If you want to build a list from this offer a freebie for them signing up. I have found that a copy of the survey results works well for this.

People love to express their opinons and love even more knowing how their opinion compares to others. Get them to sign up to your list and email them a copy of the results once the survey is complete. Easy list building.

POWER TIP: If you don’t have a list of your own consider using paid advertising to run a survey. Rather than the standard pitch fest, YOUR ad will stand out because you are asking people what they need. Just add a sign up form to the survey and you will both build your list and know what they need as well.


It’s often been said that ‘if you take care of what you have you won’t need more’.

Customers and subscribers are like that.

The more you focus on customer service the more products and services you will sell… period.

Most online business men and women have this idea completely backward. They spend all of their time, energy and money on trying to find the next customer when their ‘pot of gold’ is right in front of them.

Here’s the truth about Internet marketing. Your customer list is gold!

Let other online business men and women spend sleepless nights wondering where their next sale is coming from. Spend your days and nights finding out what your customers want to buy next.

POWER TIP: If you really want to make sales find out what the people on your list need and then buy a product that meets that need and report on it to them. They will buy more if they know you put your money where your mouth is. This is one reason I never promote a product I have not bought and used.

Affiliate Tip #9 – Multiple Streams of Traffic

Every day I get emails from people who placed one ad and are waiting to ‘see what happens’.

While that is perfectly logical, it just doesn’t work. It takes time to get the process right and it takes time to learn what resources work best for your offer as well.

To really succeed online you have to sort of be everywhere at once.

Here’s what I mean …

There are fast ways to get traffic and slow ways to get traffic. In my view it is vital that you use both.

If money is an issue you are going to want to focus on free ways to get traffic. They will be slower but they will work.

Once sales start to happen you can invest some of that money in paid advertising, which will bring in traffic faster.

But having both methods working at once is the real key to success.

It’s great to buy paid advertising and get 1000 clicks. But when the clicks stop what happens next?

If you lay a foundation of proven free methods (like blogging, article marketing and social media) and then put paid advertising on top you will have a steady flow of traffic 24 hours a day.

For an excellent list of free and paid advertising methods see my Driving Traffic Quick Course. No opt in required and it’s free to you.

The goal is to strike a balance. As with most things in life, balance and focus are the keys to success here.

That’s it for this series on affiliate tips. I hope you enjoyed it and that the ideas shared here are helpful to you.

One last word – the person who wins in business is not the talented genius as much as it is the person who learns how to do the basics well and keeps doing them over and over again.

If you learn these basics and take action on them you will be light years ahead of those who keep trying to buy success with the next hyped up product launch.

When you master these basic skills and do them repeatedly time will become your ally. Selling will become automatic and you will have more free time to enjoy your success too.

And that is a beautiful combination indeed!

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Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here


sorry charlie i didn’t comment on each section of this course i got so caught up in the reading and studying of it i couldn’t stop inbetween them the course is very educational i just hope i can remember at least half of it to get myself started on the right foot thank youvery much for the info more people need to read this i will be back to read it again thanks again timothy


It’s nearly impossible to find educated people for this subject,
however, you sound like you know what you’re talking about!

Auli Ekman

Thanks for this great serie of information, which I read with much attention – I love it and I’m ready to begin the work 😉 It’s a real pleasure to collaborate with you Charlie 😉


Hi Charlie, Since Vick Strizheus mentioned about DOE and its owner,Charlie Page, I was following your free and informative articles. How true that Vick told that he had all good things to tell about
Charlie. My problem is that I know all the products you promote are gold nuggets and can deliver results. But when cost of all this adds up it is prohibitive ( at least for me). So I take your advice very highly and do things slowly, using as many free services available ( of course buying essentials such as an autoresponder and a website etc). Hope this could work, slowly though. I have that focus and determination to succeed and I know I would promote three good products. Thanks for your advice, Charlie.

Affiliate Tips And Tricks Part 3 |

[…] Another great post from Charlie Page here is the original article […]

Alan Brooks

OK, today’s dumb question – what is DOE? Thanks, Charlie, for all the great information..

    Charlie Page

    There are no dumb questions. It’s the Directory of Ezines.

Affiliate Tips And Tricks Part 3

[…] Another great post from Charlie Page here is the original article […]

Amit Shaw

Hey Charlie I am one of your subscriber 🙂 I had no idea about Affliate Marketing you can say Its 0 But after Subscribing your Email list i got some superb lesson. Thanks for sharing great lessons with us.

    Charlie Page

    Thanks Amit. Glad you liked it and that it helped.

    alvin roman

    I know right he is the best out there and the most educational too.


Thanks for the story.
It is necessary to know all the beginners and not only in business

Anthony Browne

Dear Charlie,

Great three part article series.

You have really taken us on a specific journey:
“How to choose and then be successful with affiliate programs.”

Genuine pearls.

Thanks much.

Anthony Browne

How to Get Fit

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for a very good series of excellent tips and teachings. I, amongst others, have gained some valuable knowledge from this series. I did know much of what you have said, but there were some very useful gems hidden inside, and this has inspired me to do more than I have been doing.

Have a great day!


Seng Sotharith

Hello Charlie,

Thank you so much for sharing this great tips.


Nicki Goff

This is a great series, Charlie. I’ve made notes for myself, and will likely be coming back again to re-read them. I have two comprehensive e-books each with their own website, and I’ll be revamping some of my marketing for them, including creating a shorter free e-book as an opt-in giveaway so I can build a list more easily.


Thanks again Charlie, another excellent set of tips.
Thanks for letting us see how you do it your self.


Great great article!
I agree that its all about the basics youll need to konw.
You can`t just wait some magic product 🙂


Hi Charlie, this article is fabulous for even for newbies with regards to internet marketing. It gives the insights as to how to get it done the right way. Of course, once it’s fully understood, it is most important to really kick-start the implementation part accordingly.


Hi Charlie,
I would like to run a solo ad for my ebook in
your publication(s).
Is it possible to do that ? If yes, how much
will it cost ?
Would appreciate receiving your reply by email.
With many thanks and kind regards,

    Charlie Page

    I don’t sell solo ads in my own ezine for several reasons. But there are hundreds of ezines in the DOE that sell solo ads. Just log in and you will find them all as well as help on how to use the site so you can quickly find just what you need.

Bill (LoneWolf) Nickerson

Charlie, you’ve really covered the bases with these 3 posts. I have been struggling with Tip#4 (not spreading too thin) since I just have so many ideas inside of me that I want to pursue.

But I’m learning that I need to focus on one project at a time. I still don’t do it very well, but at least I’ve narrowed down to 2 or 3. Progress 8=)

Chris Christian

Awesome post Charlie,

My favorite part is when you said to succeed online you kind of need to be everywhere at once. As long as your tracking everything and can pinpoint exactly what marketing is working for you that is excellent advice!


Hello and Thank you Charlie!

Once again here I am, reading everything you write, hopping to find some I ideas I could implement in my “traditional” online business before it collapse. I have already make one of the mistakes you mentioned! But I don’t regret, I’m very aware I was fantasizing, trying to hit a jackpot in a moment of desperation in my life, and get some respect from people around me along with some money. I even prayed a lot for it. I did not get what I desperately needed, but I learned that “Las Vegas” is a better place to do that. So I went back in quietly like a snail.

I think that maybe the survey idea in the website is something God could bless and give me a good push!

Thank you again!

God bless you and your family


Hi Charlie, Could you make the links to the two previous articles in the series handy?

    Charlie Page

    I will have them in the Affiliate Marketing Quick Course coming soon. In the meantime, these were published one after the other so they should be grouped on the Affiliate Marketing category page. All categories are listed on the right side of the page.

Leigh Grant

Hi Charlie, The advice you have given here is great. I will check out your recommendation on Nicole Dean. The survey you mentioned is an exelent plan of action and a good way of asking subscribers what they want and need. I will start implementing this soon, and thanks for sharing this valuable information with all of us.
Best Regards
Leigh Grant

Mike Messarge

Hi Charlie, this series was excellent. Getting down to the basics can be very difficult, it seems counter intuitive, but certainly is the case. Everyone is always looking searching for some sort of easy button, but the basics are all there really is. I know I’m guilty of not sticking to the basics and getting all confused and overwhelmed in the process. Thanks to you, I am reminded how important it is just to get your list built, and cater to what your people want, need, and how I can provide value to them. Affiliate marketing is awesome, the idea behind it, and you served it up with these tips… Thanks again.


Hey Charlie, I especially liked when you said: “The more you focus on customer service the more products and services you will sell… period”.

I think this is very true. happy customers make referrals and that is the best kind of free advertising you can get!

Take full advantage of existing customers they can easily lead you to more customers!

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