Are You the Next Spindletop?

There has been a lot of talk lately about how to “really” make money online.

Some say “follow your passion and the money will come”.

That’s true in part.

It’s hard to see that advice work if your passion is watching reruns of the Mentalist.

Others say “business is business – you don’t have to care about what you do to make money”.

That’s partially true as well.

I doubt that Donald Trump is passionate about every project his company undertakes. But I’m 100% sure he cares very much about making money.

So where is your truth to be found?

What is the key that will unlock the door of your potential and lead you to the online business you really want?

I think the key is found in the story of Spindletop, the world’s most productive oil well.

The story of Spindletop is a simple one … with powerful implications for you and me right now, today.

In the late 1800’s there was a farmer/rancher who was in trouble financially. So much so that he was considering selling his land and giving up.

Then one day a man from an oil company came by to ask if he could drill on the land.

The oil company land man said something like “we will drill at our cost and, if we find oil, we will split the profits with you”.

The farmer had nothing to lose and a lot to gain so he said yes.

Long story short – the oil well they drilled produced more than 100,000 barrels of oil a day for over three years.

That’s a lot of oil. So much so that several oil companies came from that one find.

The farmer became an instant millionaire.


You see, the oil had been under the ground the entire time. He had owned the same land for many years.

He had worked that same land for many years.

  • Every day he planted crops the oil was there.
  • Every day he went to bed wondering how to pay the bills and feed his family the oil was there.
  • Every time he felt like giving up but didn’t the oil was down there.

But here’s the key; the most important part of the story …

The oil under his land was of no value to him until it was brought to the surface and sold to the market.

Only then was the oil, which had been there all along, worth any real money.

Now for how this applies to you and me.

You and I are like the farmer.

We are sitting on a gold mine of untapped wealth and potential.

We just need to bring it to the surface and offer it to the market.

That untapped potential looks different for everyone.

  • For some it is what has been learned over a lifetime of work and effort.
  • For others it is the ability to inspire and motivate others to be the best they can be.
  • For some it’s being a mentorshowing the way to those who come after them so the “newbies” in their field of endeavor can avoid making mistakes like they made on their journey.

No matter who you are or where you are you have this wealth inside you right now.

The only thing left to do is to bring it to the surface, offer it to the market and turn it into money.

In my 12 years of working full time online (plus 20 more working offline) I have seen people go through the same process.

  • They don’t think they have much to share at first.
  • They discover the process of bringing their talents to the surface.
  • They learn to bring their knowledge to the market.
  • They make their living (and sometimes their fortune) selling what they know.

Zig Ziglar did that. He failed as a salesman more times than he cared to count. Then he learned the value of working on a schedule and believing in himself.

The result? Not only did he become a top sales performer but he went on to ignite the world with his public speaking and book writing. No one taught others how to tap into their own potential better than Zig.

Full disclosure – although I grew up very near Spindletop I first heard the story told this way by Zig.

Other examples abound.

From main street to wall street the world’s success stories are written by those who take the time to “drill the oil” inside them.

If you are thinking “sounds good but that does not describe me” think again.

I can name story after story of people who took their knowledge and turned it into their living. People who took their passion and learned how to monetize it into a career and lifestyle.

From the lady who helps people overcome thyroid problems with natural remedies to the woman who knows how to bake the perfect cookie to the guy who knows email marketing better than anyone else, people just like you and me are living their dreams.

I know it’s true because I’m one of them.

And I believe you are one of them too.

My goal is to share with you how to do just that — how to “drill the oil” inside you and turn that into your profession, into your living.

I for one am looking forward to the stories we will all have to tell as we take this amazing journey together.

Charlie Page

59 thoughts on “Are You the Next Spindletop?”

  1. I too I am a follower of the late Mr.Ziglar. I am waiting for the AD’s you are writing for me. With the AD’s I feel I am going to have a breakthrough. Nightgale once said look for the gold in your backyard.

  2. Happy New Year Charlie . I love reading your articles- but this one really speaks to me. I have been guilty of spending so much of my time dreaming about what I could achieve in life if I only had the courage to take that leap of faith and use some of the knowledge and ideas I have buzzing around my head every day. Well reading this article about Spindletop has just switched on a big light bulb in my head. It is time to put some of your great training to use. I am in the process of brainstorming some ideas for creating a training product of my own aimed at helping newbies to start their own Digital Information Product Business using the methods you teach in your Blog Curation Membership site. Hope to have my own Blog up and running in the next couple of weeks. I will let you know when I am up and running so you can take a look and maybe offer me some advice on how to improve and develop my project . Thanks again to you and your Customer Support team for all the help I have received from you . You really are the best of the best when it comes to online marketing training . I hope this shows when my Blog goes live !

  3. Charlie,
    I have a wealth of knowledge in helping people decorate and style peoples rooms/homes.
    For 15 years I showed people how to create that “look” or create a nice space to live in at the worlds largest home furnishing company, I bet you have or know someone who’s visited their stores.
    I have endless How to articles, examples and small project ideas to help people have a nice house on a budget and truly enjoy their homes.. I also note over 30 facebook groups in home decoration, over 20 home-style magazines in stores, and ads on google so people are spending money in this area. Could I turn this into how to website, blog, are there any places I could place place solo ads in this area and build up a list first with free products and late introduce paid ones.
    Could this be my own oil fountain?
    thanks for your time and I really love the high quality,well designed articles you produce.
    wishing you continued success.

    1. Dave,

      You are in fact a perfect candidate for information marketing. I’m not sure a solo ad to build a list is a good idea at this point. I would want to see you have a more developed business plan. For example, build a list to what end? For consulting or to buy a book you would write or to sell them a membership you create?

      I believe your experience can be your oil well. The next action now is to decide how you want to share your knowledge and then lay out a step by step plan to make that happen.

      Please do keep me informed.


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  5. Donovan Barrett Jr

    Yes Charlie I starting to live my dreams. I thank you for these articles, they provide great insight.

  6. misatokatsuragi

    Interesting story. Sounds like a story about a poor farmer/rancher, Standard Oil, and John Rockefeller, and just leaving out the names. Haha! πŸ™‚

  7. I really like the way you write , in which you have stated write from your heart. It makes people feel like they are sitting across from you with the wafting scent of their favorite beverage and chatting openly. Thank you for the great article. πŸ™‚

  8. Unbelievable! I’ve been hearing my pastor tell this story for years but he’s never put it this way! Charlie, thanks!

  9. A phenomenal article! Very inspirational! Thanks for the reminder that there is greatness in all us – truly there is; God made us that way and He didn’t leave anyone out. Your article is motivating, Charlie. Thanks.

  10. GREAT!!! I
    am 82 w/Parkinson. Some good days and more bad days.
    I MUST write “comments”for my blog. ?? Any articles in The Directory on health products??

  11. Fantastic post
    I feel like that everyday I know I will make
    It online I just don’t know how to get it to the
    Surface,just like the oil in your story.
    I’am a newbie and frustrated about which
    Direction to take

  12. Hi Charlie,
    Very thoughtful analogy. I do believe we are all diamonds in the rough. All we have to do is find a way to unleash that power stored within. As long as we never give up and quit trying, we can only succeed.

  13. Charlie, I believe that our Lord Jesus said “the kingdom of God is within us”. He also, said that nothing should be impossible to us if we believe.

    The saying of Our Lord were shown in you tale of the dirt farmer just barely getting by while all the time he was setting on black gold.

    Thanks for the great article.


  14. Hi Charlie, I myself am guilty of the same situation. Sometime we don’t look deep inside of ourselves or don’t know how, or maybe we think that nobody wants to listen to what we have to say. We need to start believe in our selfs. Very Good Story.

  15. Excellent input! Glad you are on the mend!

    At 82, I am very frustrated. Two years ago, I was inspired to research and publish my book, “Retirement WOW!”, which is available on Kindle. I started working on my web site, Retirementwow.com, and ran into a series of buzz saws. I was obviously inexperienced in web site marketing, site development and related topics. After much time, expense and frustrations(four different developers!), the site is nearly operational. I also have a Facebook site, retirementwow, which is moving forward slowly and I am wearing down.

    But I have not given up!


  16. I read all the comments regarding this post, which was an excellent post, and I am always amazed how it affects people’s thinking at the moment, which in most cases is very positive, then slowly they get derailed again. Perhaps more wonderful stories, like this one that you wrote about, is what we need more than anything to keep us focused on the ultimate goals ahead, and therefore less likely to get sidetracked due to obstacles that get in our way. Thank you Charlie Page. Paul

  17. Excellent article, Charlie! Keep this up and your name will be mentioned in the same conversations discussing Zig Ziglar. You are truly inspiring.

  18. Essther Hansen

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better, Charlie!
    Am I the next splindletop? I don’t know. Here in my Ohio village we have a group whose goal is to provide help to senior citizens like myself. The subject of yesterday’s meeting was CLUTTER. In line with that subject I was checking out my computer clutter. I had accumulated lots of it during the past year or so
    Most of my time had been devoted to writing a book. 90 YEARS YOUNG is now available on Amazon in soft cover or as an ebook.In the meantime my computer clutter has gathered dust. Yesterday I cleared away some of the dust and discovered SIPHON and SIPHON EXTREME, Did Charlie still have special gifts to offer in connection with the programs, I inquired.
    Eventually I’ll find out, but in any case I realize that with or without help SIPHON could be a spindletop. Can it be so for me? I love to write, but do not love to work with the computer. Writing books is not very lucrative, but I need money. I have ability and determination in spite of my 89 years What do you think, Charlie?

  19. Thanks Charlie! I am a DOE member. Every time I read your articles OR watch your webinar, I get inspired to dig deeper and explore how I can become better and better as an entrepreneur.

  20. Brilliant post, Charlie!I like it immensely! Structure, examples, metaphors are masterfully exposed! But what I liked most of all is a deep strong message.

  21. Thanks Charlie, the story of the farmer in your post just inspired me after l gave up my efforts to make an income online. The farmer’s story has ignite me. I have built my business online, tried every effort to get traffic to no avail, then l gave up. But l will try harder like the farmer you mentioned in your blog and will not stop trying until l make it.

  22. Hi charlie,
    thanks for this inspirational post.
    keep on keeping on!
    and if you don’t mind,what wordpress theme is this? i love it so much
    thanks and God bless!

  23. Loved the story Charlie! I was quite successful for a while running a few websites, then Panda/Penguin came along and it all ended. I have taken my knowledge and am putting it on kindle. Much more fun and letting Amazon do all the selling!

  24. Hi Charlie,

    It’s very true that we all have much to offer and I also believe the reasons why it doesn’t happen lie in a combination of:
    β€’ Not knowing how to find the oil;
    β€’ In a world dominated by much narcissism, who else really cares about me or my story;
    β€’ Life gets in the way of living;
    β€’ Financial pressures.
    The biggest sadness of life is that the best books are buried and will never be written.

  25. Thank You Mr. Page. Your writings are nice. The way you capture my attention in your e-mails is the true teaching you provide to me. It is every time powerfull* because you walk your writings! The story of Zig Ziglar is also your story and in a way, has to become ours at different degrees. No way around it.
    Got it.

  26. Melissa Hidalgo

    Hello Charlie,
    I don’t have a website simply because I cannot afford the domain and hosting costs…yet. I have heard a lot about you and your journey through pain and also of your determination to let your “oil” flow freely again. I commend you Charlie Page…you have stirred up my “oil” with Spindletop.
    I have been quietly teaching myself IM for 2 years, without having a direction (or a clue) as to where I am going with it. I know I have a gift with words…I am educated and teachable. The guru’s will try to make you believe that you need them to earn a living on the net. There is enough information on the internet to show anyone how to make money online. I know because I think I found every bit of it. Helpful stuff too! The one thing, and THE only one thing that stands in the way of most “newbie’s” dreams of making a second income from the internet is money. A budget. A zero budget for marketing a free website. I’ve learned enough to know if you’re an upgraded member from your free safelist’s, traffic exchanges, etc., you get more attention and better results.
    Your story of Spindletop, has made me ask myself if I just want time freedom and replacement of my current income…or do I need to go with what I do best?
    Thank you Charlie Page.
    Melissa Hidalgo

    1. Charlie rules, gives hope, is an incredible teacher and seems like someone I could lean on a little (understatement). I’m taking his follow up selling systems course and have never experienced anything like it, just incredible. Keep on giving us insights and wisdom. I really feel like Charlie has helped me find my oil well in my financially weak life. Thanks Charlie

  27. Excellent thoughts, Charlie. Thanks for reminding us that we win by focusing on the goldmine within us, not the chaos around us or the failures behind us. None of that matters…it’s just noise, isn’t it?

    You’re a great teacher and encourager, Charlie. Thanks for all you do.

    Hope you back gets better.

  28. Dexter Marshall

    charlie, I am planning to contact you. I have your DOE and I need it to promote my new business in BIM.
    Your story above is terrific and right on the money.

  29. Very true Charlie, and very inspirational. Thanks for sharing and I myself, will start looking a little deeper inside.

  30. Thanks for this post Charlie. I too have a passion for a niche one that I am very knowledgeable about. But it is mostly seasonal in nature. So how can I or anyone else who has thoughts about starting a site/blog about something that is seasonal?

    I would love to hear your response to this.

  31. Emmitt Larry Ross

    Just like that old farmer, I’ve looked at the Hind End of a horse through a set of “plow-lines” on a 160 acre farm that my Grandfather
    paid for by making cross-ties from the timber he cut by hand and from the Moonshine he made during and after prohibition with my
    grandmother at his side from day light until dark. And, somehow, they managed to raise five youngun’s and buried four. On that farm
    we had every type of fruit tree and berry bush that would live in the
    hills of the Appalachians. Every vegetable that could survive our harsh winters were planted in that rich soil and what couldn’t be canned we dug and made Tater Holes which held not only taters, but
    also apples, celery and whatever would keep through the cold weather. We raised hogs, chickens, ducks, geese, cows, “guinny’s”,
    and work horses. We never had sheep or goats and I still don’t know
    why. We raised sweet corn and field corn and hay for the cows and
    horses. We had hand dug wells and never ran dry that also served
    as a refrigerator. We had a coal seam where we dug coal to heat our
    homes and timber for the cookstoves. Fireplaces were our primary
    sources of heat. My grandfather I always called Papaw and my grandmother was Mamaw and these two were a wonderful part of
    a poor boys life. We were dirt poor and bartering was a part of life
    yet there were those who were less fortunate than us that we always
    tried to help out. In the winter we had Hog Killin’s which meant the
    finest eatin’ known to man. Friends and neighbors were always there
    to help out as we would kill six or seven at a time and everyone got
    a good meal and some to take home. I was raised in a two room log
    cabin that had an extra room built on whenever there was a new addition to the family. My Father and Uncle worked in the coal mines
    through the day and my brother and I were the farm hands, Whatever needed doing we were the ones who done it. Needless to
    say this was a self-sustaining farm with all you needed to survive.
    Now, I’ve said all that to bring you back to the Spindletop story
    You see, back in 1963, people were still rooted to their farms and homes that had been in their family for generations. The deed to our
    farm was written on sheepskin and we never dreamed of leaving there however, at this time we were introduced to a powerful expression called “Imminent Domain’. Now that’s a big word for a
    bunch of poor hillbilly’s but we had enough sense to know we were
    getting robbed. You see, the Corps of Engineers decided that our
    particular location would be an ideal spot for a dam thus, we now
    knew what Imminent Domain really was. ROBBERY. The first offer
    was a verbal one for $7500.00. Not. The next offer , also a verbal
    one, $9500.00. Not. The third offer however was hand delivered with
    a check in the amount of $15,000.00 and both a verbal and written
    statement which was as follows ” You have thirty days to get out or
    we will flood you out. Goodbye.”
    From that point on I had a completely different view of life and it’s
    occasional “bumps in the road”. You see we never had the opportunity for that Oil Man to come by and drill on our land yet we
    knew there was a goldmine of wealth in timber and coal there that we
    never had the chance to develop. Why? “Big Coal” had somehow gained the opportunity to mine underneath all that land and not only
    ours but communities of land owners.
    Hope you enjoyed that part of my life Charlie. It’s a story I no longer share with very many as there remains a bitterness there that’s soul deep. I have come so far from there now it seems we live
    as kings compared to those days. When your Mother fixed a pot of Pinto Beans and the beans were so few you could count them because she fixed a pot for the neighbors too. Things were tough back then but we didn’t know it. We thought everybody lived like that.
    Charlie, I’ve been blessed so much more than I deserve I’m
    ashamed to ask for more but we all do, Seems like there’s never
    enough to go round yet we make it. Yes, God’s been good to me.
    Thanks for asking.
    Emmitt Ross

  32. Phyllis Thomas

    Thanks for sharing that amazing story. I know it’s true because I believe God put greatness in each of us and we have His Holy Spirit to help and enable us to become all He has ordained us to become. The stretch to become more than what we’ve ever experienced in the past by stepping out of the comfort zone we’ve become so accustomed to is the challenge we sometimes must face. That’s where I am today and while it isn’t easy at my age, I’m determined to learn what I need to learn to get beyond just being average and make a difference in others around me.

  33. margaret krejcik

    hi charlie: i am not very clear on what your business is about, but i trust you would not lie to me and tell be a whole lot of bunk. i am real tired of these scams on here and i really don’t know what to join and what not to join because i’m really green when it comes to my own business, so that’s why i like your business because it sounds like you would be willing to help me learn from scratch which is exactly what i would be doing. i also always have financial trouble because i’m on dissability and can’t afford a whole lot, so it’s kind of hard for me to get out of this rut.i have wanted to have my own computer business for awhile now because i know the potential there.so can you write me back and let me know what you think? i would really appreciate that. thank you and God bless you margaret

  34. Hi Charlie

    Glad to hear that your healtrh is on the mend PTL.

    I’ve heard this story plenty of time from plenty of times and my mind acknowledges the truth of it.

    But when I seek the Lord for the gifts and talents and strengths that He has placed in me… most times I draw a complete blank. I taught high school math for 16 years and burned out. I worked in the dairy industry for 9 years and burned out.

    So no shortage of passion and ability and stickability. Maybe a shortgae of wisdom LOL.

    I have dabbled online for about 10 yeas, bought all the usual stuff and still not gotten very far. I ask the Lord if it’s not His will for me to spend time and money online… then to take away the interest and desire. Every time the interest and desire gets stronger… so I take that at face value. But how do you suggest I focus on the thing(s) that will become my spindletop? Where do I drill?

    I look forward to your answer


    Stephen Barrett
    New Zealand
    Proverbs 3:5,6

  35. Hi Charlie, As a Bible Teacher I often want to to weep when I look over congregations and see the enormous potential that lies untapped in so many lives. Why is it that the vast majority of us are quite content to go through life happy to “grow corns on our tails” rather than take the time and put in the effort “to bring the oil to the surface”? I have just turned seventy and still find every day an exciting and opportunity filled challenge that needs to be lived to be enjoyed. Is it perhaps because we can’t see the end from the beginning and so continue to live in poverty just like that farmer in Spindletop did?
    Thank you for challenging us to keep drilling!

  36. Great story
    You hit it right on the money
    That is just how I feel I just do not know
    Where to start.
    I have been trying to make money online
    Since I got hurt and lost my income
    Any help is greatly appreciated

  37. I agree. Very interested to hear more on this. I worked for Zig Ziglar when I was 16 and now I have done exactly what you have outlined but I believe their is mucho the Nd would love to see where you are going with this. I also am interested in your take on those who are non expert affiliates vs authorities in niches and whether or not there is ever a time to combine the two πŸ™‚

  38. randy grabenstein

    Hi Charlie my name is Randy i’m 47 and i have been a blue collar worker since i was 14 years old from working in the woods to moving furniture to a stern man on a lobster boat but what all that work got me was a messed up back and on social security disability but long story short i’m not affraid of work i just need the direction and a single dad of a 13 year old son that’s what is my real insperation for spendind 13 too 14 hours a day trying to figure out what is the best way to go about this marketing i sso want to do this but i need some direction i hope that’s you. Thank you

  39. Stephen Ray Porter

    Hi Charlie! Great post! Thank you for sharing it with us! When I was 19 years old, I had but 2 major dreams that I wanted to accomplish in my lifetime. 1) to become a successful trial lawyer. Well, as I am writing this comment, I have been a successful trial lawyer for over 24 years now. 2) to build a network marketing business that provided me with a full-time income. And, as I am writing this comment, I am still working on accomplishing dream number 2. Had brunch today with one of my older brothers. He told me that he knows that I will accomplish dream number 2 because I am persistent. While building my network marketing business, I have found that I gain the most pleasure from helping someone else. How fitting it is that you mentioned Zig Ziglar in your post. Afterall, it was Zig himself who taught others that “you may have everything in life that you want if you will help enough other people to get what they want”! Best Wishes!

  40. Great post Charlie and very timely. It’s amazing when you stop to think about the amount of untapped potential that exists.

  41. Charlie,
    I really liked this article about finding the oil well under the surface in each of us. I believe it is true but yet it can be very difficult to figure out how to access what will be of value to other people. I have worked in home construction for over fifty years and also have done vegetable gardening for years and years but it seems I have a hard time knowing how to dig down into that resevoir of knowledge and present it to people that want and need that knowledge. I would be happy for any advice you can give.
    Thanks again for a wonderful story!

  42. What a coincidence! Two days ago I decided to give away specific self-help guidance on a variety of issues such as anxiety, anger, guilt and stress. This is made easy by software such as “screenr”. So .. my “videos” are appearing on YouTube, my blog and my websites. I fully expect that people will benefit from the self-help tips. And buy ebooks, DVDs and MP3s from my online endeavours so I won’t starve in what remains of my old age πŸ™‚
    The oil was indeed buried but is now bubbling to the surface.

  43. My untapped oil field is beneath my websites. Should you visit them, find potential. The blog categories are on point. The Google marketing is in place. I am not seeing how to monetize it or my other web presence, neekoncxformat.com. Both can take advantage of my Amazon.com associate membership. Also I have your eZine affiliate membership at the ready. Given all that, I am missing how to use them to do all the things that should be done with them. I have spent thousands on them to get zero return and designated hobby status instead of a business status. I am at whit’s end. I am ready to listen. When are you able to work with me?

  44. G’day Charlie!

    Good story! A little like the poor fellow who sold his property in India, and the new owner realized that all the shiny pebbles in his creek were really diamonds.

    I believe we may have found the oil/diamonds in this All-Australian business. Check it out at: http://www.imglobal.me/1658

    May the Lord bless you abundantly!


  45. You are so inspirational to me, Charlie. I am working hard on ROI and subscriptions so hopefully I’ll be one of those.

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