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How To Write Articles

Content marketing is powerful and effective. In fact, Bill Gates said it best in 1999 when he said “content is king”. Content marketing can take many forms, including … Blogging Video Webinars Writing articles Submitting articles to other sites. Writing short reports (or long books!) Email marketing Podcasting And even more! In the past 20 years, […]

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8 Things That ALWAYS Sell

Want to make sales the easy way? Then it’s time to start talking about your offer using different words. Emotional words. Powerful words. Words that cause people to take action now. So how can you learn to use these wonderful words? By understanding the 8 things that EVERYONE wants. The more you connect your offer […]

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Do Lead Magnets Really Work?

Zig Ziglar said this about ten thousand times …”You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough people get what they want.”He lived that and it worked for him. But will it work for YOU?I believe it will.And I have a gift below that will help.In fact, that sentiment is the […]

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How To Profit During Hard Times

  NOTE: I wrote this article nearly a decade ago! As the world experiences its ups and downs, common sense solutions prevail. Do you believe hard times are coming? In the news today we hear about the global economy slowing, terrorism seems to be everywhere and few things are going the way people really want […]

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