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The Lesson Of The Conditioner Bottle

September 19, 20223 min read

The other day I was in the shower and faced a situation we all face at some point. My bottle of conditioner was almost empty and I needed to use the last bit of what remained.

So I did what many of us have done – I turned it over and began to tap the top of the bottle against my palm to get to the conditioner from the bottom of the bottle.

But nothing came out!

So I tapped a little harder. Still nothing.

Determined in my quest to condition, I began banging the bottle against my hand with such force that I darn near bruised my palm.

Typical male behavior.

After longer at this than I care to admit I was left with an embarrassing lack of conditioner, a sore hand and an increasing sense that my efforts were in fact futile.

And then it hit me. If I put the bottle back on the shelf upside down time would do what my efforts could not.

All I would have to do it set it up right, give time a chance to do the work for me and the results would surely follow.

When I came back the next day the magic of gravity and time had done its work!

The elusive conditioner had moved as if by magic to the “top” of the bottle. I turned the bottle over, removed the lid, extracted the conditioner and conditioned the few hairs I have remaining.

So why am I writing this article and why in the world would you care about my story?

Because the lesson of the conditioner bottle affirms a truth that is perhaps the #1 secret to succeeding online. Too strong? Read on and see if you agree with me.

The lesson of the conditioner bottle is this: When a system is set up right time does the work for you.

Simple, yet powerful, and oh so true.

Here is the most important phrase of all from my little shower story.

“All I would have to do it set it up right, give time a chance to do the work for me and the results would surely follow.“

Take a moment right now and think about the 5 people you consider to be the most successful online.

It might be Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Jimmy Brown, Jack Humphrey, Yanik Silver, Jeff Walker or one of many other online marketers. It might not be a big name marketer but someone you admire who is doing their job very well and with integrity.

Got your list? Good.

Now review that list and see if there are any names on it who do not have an automated marketing system.

  • A way to capture leads

  • A way to email those leads

  • A selling funnel that closes the sale

I’m willing to bet that every name on your list is a person who has taken the time to set up an automated marketing system that puts time on their side.

After all, “When a system is set up right time does the work for you.” I live by those words every day. And I encourage you to do the same.

In the coming weeks I’m going to share what good automated marketing looks like, mistakes to automation that you can easily avoid and more.

For now I suggest doing this.

Think about the things you have been trying online that have not been working. Don’t beat yourself up – we have all been there and tried things that have not worked. That’s part of the process.

Now think about this. What if you flipped your marketing upside down?

What if you set up a system, a real and proven system, that would put time on your side?

How would that change your situation?

What would it look like if you became the person who woke up in the morning with new sales orders in your email inbox?

Pie in the sky? Not at all. If I can do it you can do it. And in the coming weeks I’m going to share much more about this with you right here on my blog.

For now start thinking about how we can “flip the bottle” in your online business and then get ready to take the next step.

Thanks for reading. Be well.

Charlie Page
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Charlie Page

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