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3 Easy Ways To Create Your Own Products

September 20, 20227 min read

When it comes to making money online there is nothing MORE POWERFUL than owning your own product. 

When you have your own product you have several BIG advantages over even the best affiliate marketers. Here are the top three.

  1. You keep 100% of the sale price, which means you can afford better advertising sources.

  2. You can recruit affiliates to drive traffic for you and only pay them after a sale is made.

  3. You become an attractive Joint Venture partner since you now have a list of buyers, not just readers.

There are many more reasons why you want to have a product of your own. But those three alone should convince you of the money making power behind being a product owner.

But creating products can be hard, right? There are SO many steps.

  • Have the idea.

  • Do the research.

  • Choose the format – written, live, video, membership, etc.

  • Determine the best price point.

  • Write a sales letter.

  • Find qualified prospects.

  • Buy advertising to drive traffic.

  • Create the product.

  • Put it online.

  • Keep it updated and current.

  • Provide customer support.

  • And even more!

How would you like to have a product of your own and be able to skip almost all of those painful steps?

Am I hearing a big amen?

Today I’d like to share with you THREE EASY WAYS to create your own products quickly and easily.

Let me say I’m sharing this from experience.

I have done all three of these methods, continue to do all three, and teach all three as well.

These methods work if you work them.

Method 1 – Resale Rights

The absolute fastest way to “create” a product of your own is with resale rights.

When done right, resale rights products can do some amazing things for you.

  • Provide you with a product you simply could not have created yourself.

  • Put money in your pocket quickly.

  • Give you a durable product that can be sold continuously.

  • Empower you to set up an affiliate program of your own, so others can promote for you.

  • And even more!

Notice that I said, “when done right”.

So what does “when done right” mean?

I believe it means four things.

  1. You must buy resale rights products of the highest quality from the most trusted sources.

  2. The product you buy must make sense to you. In other words, you need to understand the product enough to see the path forward.

  3. There must be support if you need it. As a resale rights owner you will need a PayPal account (or other way to collect money). But you will also need to put a sales letter online. And your supplier should help you do that, or provide a recommended resource to help you.

  4. You must receive a sales letter, and marketing materials, that are proven to be effective. You do not want to buy rights products and then have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to marketing.

Finding great resale rights products can be a challenge. While you can Google “resale rights” and find plenty to choose from, the quality will often disappoint.

When looking for resale rights products, I ask these two questions.

  1. What vendor do I trust online? If I have bought something from someone and been happy, my customers will likely be happy with products from that supplier.

  2. What person do I trust online? This can be hard to find, depending on your niche. But knowing the person behind the product can be huge.

PERSONAL NOTE: I’m making my private list of trusted resale rights vendors available to only a few people.

If you find resale rights products that make sense to you, are affordable for you, and are from someone you trust, you have hit the jackpot.

One word of warning: Resist the urge to think you can buy lower-quality resale rights products and “make them better”.

I have personally wasted thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours, chasing that particular fantasy.

Method 2 – Interview Others

This is a method of product creation that was popular about 10 years ago but lost its popularity (for reasons unknown to me) and is now surging back.

And with good reason … this method works like crazy!

When you interview others to create a product, everyone wins.

  • The product owner you interview wins because he or she gets exposure to new audiences.

  • You win because you create a product by simply curating the information in the interviews into a product for sale.

  • Your customers win because they get access to experts they would not normally know about for the lowest price possible.

When I share this idea with clients they often resist the idea, thinking it’s too complicated or that no one will respond “to them”.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Most people think that “interviewing” experts means being on camera in a live interview and asking probing questions.

Not true at all.

The goal here is not be Oprah but to make it easy for the person being interviewed while delivering value to the people who buy access to the interviews.

Since this article is not about doing interviews, let me close this section with two idea starters.

  1. Do an email interview. Write out five questions to which you would like to have answers. Email all the experts you can find in your niche and be transparent about what you are doing. Compile the answers into a PDF so that you can sell access to the downloadable PDF. Offering to share profits is very wise here.

  2. Use a simple technology like Skype (or Instant Teleseminar) to record voice interviews. Then sell access to the recordings inside a simple membership area using WordPress for access.

I have done both, as both the interviewer and interviewee, and they work wonderfully well.

Method 3 – Outsourcing

Ah, outsourcing. The siren song of the busy person.

Listen, outsourcing can be wonderful. Or it can be purgatory.

I believe there are three keys to outsourcing effectively.

  1. Being able to see actual samples of the person’s work before placing the order.

  2. Communicating openly so that the outsourcer clearly understands what you are wanting and commits to delivering on time. That includes showing the potential outsourcer examples of what the finished product should look like.

  3. Establishing definite milestones so everyone is on the same page when it comes to expectations and timing.

Underlying this of course is the idea that you can afford outsourcing.

While it is easy to rationalize the expense of outsourcing by comparing it to what your time is worth, most people forget to factor in the delays of setup and communication with outsourcers.

For example, I can knock out a squeeze page in less time than it takes to arrange it via an outsourcer.

Of course, Clickfunnels gives me a huge advantage here. I can simply clone a successful page, make some changes, and it is live online instantly. No FTP, uploading, or WordPress.

One major factor in outsourcing is to find someone in your niche.

While there are some “general contractors” out there who are good, you really want someone who understands your niche.

The last thing you want is to pay money and then have your outsourcer spend time learning your niche.

Personal story: I hired an outsourcer long ago who spent over an hour learning what an “ezine” is. I could have cleared that up in 2 seconds. Totally my fault for not thinking ahead.

Want to learn to outsource the profitable way?

So there you have it – three easy ways to create your own products.

Let me close with these questions.

  1. Which of these three methods appeals to you most?

  2. Have you ever tried any of the three?

  3. Do you have questions about anything in this article?

Share your answers in the comments and let’s all learn together.

Whatever you do, do move toward having your own product soon.

Having a product of your own really does build authority, put you on the radar for joint ventures, help you get more traffic and build your list much more quickly.

And those are beautiful things indeed!

Charlie Page
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