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How To Sell More Automatically

September 18, 20226 min read

Would you like a totally passive and automatic way to make more sales from your website? Me too! That is why I am excited to share with you the idea of an offer wall.

I put an offer wall in place a few months ago and it has worked wonderfully well.

The results we have achieved to date are listed below.

Today I’d like to share what an offer wall is and how you can build one quickly so you too can make more passive profits.

What is an “offer wall”?

An offer wall is a page on your site that lists all the things you offer for sale, your own product and products you promote as an affiliate too.

If you use a blog for your site, like I do, please note this needs to be a page and not a post.

The reason to use a page instead of a post is focus – you don’t want a sidebar on your blog distracting people who choose to visit your offer wall.

Here is an example of what part of my offer wall looks like, followed by a few tips about how to create one and how to use it effectively.

The first image is an introduction from me. The second are two of the nine listings.

Charlie Page Products

Here are two example listings:


Charlie Page Products

What do you put on your offer wall?

While this is totally your choice, I suggest you put all of the products you promote on your offer wall.

After all, we really don’t know what people what when they come to our sites (impossible to know very specifically) or where they are in their lives right now.

It is entirely possible, and in fact probable, that someone will see your offer wall after they have been on your list for a while and begun to like and trust you.

Then the see your offer wall and are moved, in that moment, to action.

Believe me when I tell you this … this happens often.

Don’t worry if the page gets long. Each listing is short and people will scroll down the page according to my research.

If you are promoting a high number of products (more than 20 for example) you might want to consider grouping them into categories.

You can put a link at the top of the page for each category if you like. But I would not suggest making multiple pages, even if you are promoting more than 20 products.

What do you say on your offer wall?

You want to write up a little listing for each product you promote.

Keep it short, make it as active and positive and possible and add a “Learn More” link, or button, at the end of each listing.

You will likely be tempted to write more in these listings than will be profitable. Resist that urge.

The key here is this – convey your top one or two benefits and then let your selling system do the work. Click to learn more here: http://www.flippingmentors.com/

In this regard what you put on your offer wall is very much like an ad.

Here is a listing from my offer wall. If you want to copy this structure feel free to do so with my compliments.

You saw the listing above. Here is the wording from one of the listings in case that is helpful.

 Blogging is supposed to be fun and profitable, right? Then why are so many struggling to get any traffic at all to their blog, much less make any money? The answer is actually quite simple. Unless your blog is structured to attract the right audience, and convert those visitors into buyers, your blog will struggle. Let us build your blog (and host it!) free and help you attract your perfect audience, no matter what niche or area of passion you want to pursue.

Just so you know, this listing is 83 words. Short, sweet and effective is the goal.

Where can you promote your offer wall?

Here is the fun part. Where do you use, or promote, your offer wall?

Do you just put it on your site and call it a day? Not at all.

You want to use your offer wall strategically to make more sales. That means thinking about places where you can put a link to your offer wall.

Here are a few suggestions to get you going.

First, and most important is to put a link to your offer wall on your blog’s menu. If you use a top menu, like I do, this is simplicity itself.

Common Sense Internet Marketing

Putting a link to your offer wall in your blog menu is vital. As people spend more time on your site they will become curious and click the link.

So don’t miss this step.

Calling the link “store” or “shop” or “products” seems to work best. But feel free to experiment with any name you like.

You probably know this but the name on the menu and the name of the page don’t need to match. So make the link in the menu say anything you want.

Here are a few other places where you can use your offer wall to make sales. This article is already getting long, so I will just list these for you.

When I say use your offer wall I mean to make a copy of the page and put it in the following locations. Not a link, a copy of the actual page.

Super easy to do in WordPress.

If you want more detail on any one of these leave a comment below and I will be happy to help.

  • As your thank you page for free downloads.

  • As your opt in confirmation page.

  • As the thank you page for your opt in form.

  • In your email signature.

  • In your follow up email messages.

  • In your ezine or newsletter.

  • On Twitter, Facebook or other social media.

  • In the profile you create on any site (like Facebook).

  • Show an exit popup to people leaving your site with a link to your offer wall.

There are many more ways to use an offer wall. But these should get you going.

Does it work?

You are not going to get rich creating an offer wall. And yes, you do need to have some traffic for this to work.

But most people I speak with have a blog and get at least some traffic.

Here are my results. And believe me, this is with less traffic than you might think.

Charlie Page Products

HOT TIP: Another benefit of an offer wall is knowing which of your products is the most interesting to blog visitors. For example, you can see in the graphic above that the Directory of Ezines received the most clicks while my Roadmap site received the fewest.

This is powerful, and free, market research that helps me serve more customers.

One of the real keys to succeeding online is to use your online real estate well.
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Many people have a blog or site but don’t make any profit, in part, because they don’t think strategically about where and how to promote on their own site.

Putting up an offer wall can help you sell more with zero effort after you create the page.

And creating the page can take literally under an hour.

Mine took under an hour and brings in about $350 a month. That’s $4200 a year in totally passive profits.

For one hour of work.

And that my friend is a beautiful thing indeed!

Charlie Page

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