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The Bill I LOVE to Pay

September 19, 20222 min read

So today I paid the bill for my autoresponder service …

… and I LOVED paying it! 

Sounds pretty dumb, right?

The reason I can say I loved paying it is that I didn’t really pay it at all! Let me explain.

My autoresponder literally pays me every single month of the year. 
On, yes, I’ll use the word, autopilot.

You see, almost every sale we make comes from an email just like the one you are reading right now

So all I have to do is create the emails and (warning, another cliche on the way) and “cash the checks.”

The good news, the GREAT news really, is that this can happen for you too. 
It’s actually easier than you might think. 

Best of all, it’s so much fun to see the sales rolling in (affiliate sales and my own products) without actually doing the work more than once. 

My motto? Work once, profit many times. 

And that is what my autoresponder does for me. 

Now I know this might seem like a dream to you. But it’s not a dream. It’s a process.

I had a friend tell ask me yesterday how it could possibly happen for him when he has been trying for years to succeed online. 

My answer – quit doing the things that don’t work and start doing the things that do work.

  • It’s not rocket science.

  • It’s not luck.

  • It’s not skill.

  • It’s not great copywriting. It’s not being famous or having a big list. 

I’m not famous and I don’t have a big list. I have a profitable list. Two very different things.

It’s a process. 

Would you like to learn how I do it?

Are you ready to have your autoresponder company start paying you instead of the other way around?

If so, I’ve got good news for you …

I’ve reopened my teaching site about making your autoresponder profitable. 

And for a short while I have lowed the entrance fee to less that you would pay for a family of 4 to eat at iHop.

Oh, and if you are looking for a get rich quick deal, this is not it.

If you want a “do the work and get the result” deal, then this is for you!

Join me. You’ll love it! 


Charlie Page
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Charlie Page

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