Is Article Marketing Dead?

For many years article marketing has been a wonderful way to drive traffic. There have long been two reasons why article marketing works so well. One – Article marketing educates readers before they visit your main sales page, increasing conversions. Two – Article marketing positions you as an authority, a trusted voice in the vast […]

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Are You A Victim Of Vampire Marketers?

Can this year be your best year ever? I believe it can. I believe the Internet levels the playing field of business in ways that are almost unimaginable. If others can succeed you can succeed too. We hear success stories every day of those who work hard, apply the fundamentals and end up with a […]

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My Four Favorite Blogs

When it comes to learning things about making money online there are basically three ways to go. You can earn specific knowledge through trial and error. You can buy specific knowledge from someone you trust and skip some of the learning curve. Or you can get specific knowledge free from those who are the top […]

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How profitable is email marketing?

I know you’ve heard about the power and profitability of email marketing. When it comes to all sorts of Internet marketing there is so much hype that it’s easy to give up on separating the wheat from the chaff. You may feel this way about email marketing. I’ve felt that way too, which is why […]

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Focus on 2013

Many of you have asked about my health challenges after I mentioned briefly that health problems were forcing me to reconsider priorities for 2013. This is a highly personal message so I will be brief. If you are not interested in my personal situation, and how it effects my business, feel free to skip this […]

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A Commitment To Excellence

Welcome to part 2 of How To Make This Year Your Best Year Ever. In part 1 I shared my thoughts about how and why this year can be your best year ever. In that article I said this … “Whether you are struggling to make your first dollar online, or whether you have an online business […]

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How To Make This Year Your Best Year Ever!

There are many today who are worried. They worry about the economy of the world or of their country. Some are worried that they have missed it – that they are too late to still succeed online. Even others worry that they don’t have what it takes. They worry that they have wasted their opportunity. They have bought so […]

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A great man passes

Today one of my personal heroes passed away. Although I never met him, Zig Ziglar has had more impact on my life than any other person save my wife and family. I have read, listened to and watched almost everything Zig produced, and am a better salesman, businessman, husband, father and person for having taken the time to read Zig’s work. […]

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The DBV Time Management Method

Want to get more done in less time, without working harder? How about going from feeling frustrated and a little burned out to feeling invigorated, with the absolute certainty that you know what to do next and next after that? Now what if this could happen for you beginning tomorrow, and without you spending one […]

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