Can Your Niche Make You Rich?

In our series on curation, we’ve covered some important basics.

Now it’s time to get to work and figure out if the niche you’ve chosen can be profitable for you.

Please note: Not everyone reading this will be interested in making money.

Some people want to share about the topic of their passion – helping others who need help, have questions or want to move an agenda forward.

If this describes you then please know that the same process we use for determining potential profits will help you determine the size of your possible audience and how best to reach them.

Before we begin let me encourage you to read the first four articles in this series if you have not done that already.

You can find those articles using these links. They open in a new window.

If you have read them already and have been doing the work you have chosen one niche (or more) to pursue.

Hopefully, this will be a niche about which you are truly passionate. If not, having a keen interest or special knowledge about this topic is enough.

Now let’s look at a simple, proven and completely free way to determine if the niche you have chosen is one that can be profitable for you.

As with any worthwhile project, it makes sense to start with some questions.

While it would be all too easy to lay out some complicated list of benchmarks and get into keyword counts and Alexa ratings, I’d rather keep it simple.

This is the process I use when choosing a niche,
and it works well for me.

Common Sense Affiliate Marketing © Charlie Page


There are three questions that are wise to answer before spending much time gathering content and publishing a blog.

If you can answer “yes” to these questions there is every reason to believe you will be able to easily use curation to make money online.

As with all businesses, there are no guarantees of course. But if you can answer “yes” to all three questions you have a green light to take the next step.

The three questions are …

  • Is there a large market?
  • Are they online buyers?
  • Are they excited about the topic?

Let’s look at reasons why these questions are important.


The reason a large market is necessary is simply common sense. It will be easier to penetrate a large market and get the business you need to succeed.

Even 1/10 of 1% of a large market can be much more profitable than dominating a super-small niche.

Another reason for a large market is avoiding market domination. In very small niches there are often big players who dominate the landscape.

You don’t want to compete with people who are the undisputed leaders in a field.

You want to become a leader to your own tribe within a large market.

Much more profitable.


Since you are setting up an online business it is vital to know if the people in your market buy things online.

You might be tempted to say, “Everyone buys online.”  And that’s partially true.

But only partially.

While there are billions of people online not all of them are buying online. Many of them do research online and buy offline.

There are many reasons why people don’t buy online, including …

  • Fear of identity theft
  • Distrust of online merchants
  • Distrust of guarantees on websites
  • Not having the right payment method (credit card, PayPal, etc.)
  • Simply forgetting from which site they intended to buy
  • Local merchants offering coupons or better pricing

In addition, many seniors (a huge buying marketing) simply will not buy online.

If you think about your local mattress store you will see what I mean. Many people shop for mattresses online but few of them buy online and have a mattress shipped to their door.

The same is true of cars and many other products.

This applies to smaller ticket items too.

My wife loves to garden. She buys plants, tools, mulch and more. She will often go online to learn about plants and tools but I’ve yet to see her buy these items online.

So make sure your audience is not only looking but actually buying online.


Excitement about the topic you’ve chosen is important for a number of reasons.

First, excited people take action when they find what they want.

And you want people to take action.

  • You want them to join your list.
  • You want them to communicate with you.
  • You want them to buy from your recommendations.

Another reason for finding a passionate audience is that passionate people often make the most loyal customers.

If they find you and you help them they will remain loyal readers commenters and buyers.

Common Sense Affiliate Marketing © Charlie Page

Never overlook the lifetime value of a customer. Lifetime value is the secret to success for most businesses, especially online businesses.

One goal for your curation business is to find an excited group of people who are passionate about the topic you are passionate about and get to know them and serve them, by providing high-quality helpful content.

So be sure to look for an enthusiastic, excited audience.

Now let’s look at how you can get this research done quickly, easily and without spending a dime.

Again, questions will be our guide and best friend.

This time there are five key questions. Write them down on a note pad or in Evernote if you like.

In my next article, I will show you exactly where and how to do this market research. I’ll include screenshots from my own research.

Here are the questions that form the core of your market research.

  1. Are they reading?
  2. Are they talking?
  3. Is there advertising?
  4. Are they buying?
  5. Are there products you can sell?

If the topic you have chosen is one you are passionate about you probably can answer the three key questions from above.

  • Is the market large?
  • Do they buy online?
  • Are they passionate about the topic?

If you can answer these questions now begin making a list of the sites you visit when you want to know more.

This will become an important resource for you as you move ahead and begin to curate content.

Again, I strongly suggest using Evernote for this. But any method that works for you will work

If you can’t answer these questions now don’t worry. My next article will give you the exact steps to take.

When you find a large audience of passionate people who will buy online you will have found your core audience.

Seth Godin calls this your tribe. Others call is your “key market”.

When you find your tribe, and when you begin to interact and lead them by sharing high quality, relevant information you will begin to make loyal customers who will buy from you again and again.

And that is a beautiful thing indeed!



29 thoughts on “Can Your Niche Make You Rich?”

  1. Charlie:

    Thank you for your continued blog posts and information. This one was particularly excellent! Your posts continue to give me guidance and inspiration as I work toward the launch of my brand. Getting very close by the way.

    I will be in touch for our next coaching session in the next couple of weeks.

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  7. Gehan Wijesinghe

    Hi Charlie,
    As the last resort, I have now decided to go for your total freedom package, during the promotion. For the last, close to three months now, I have been trying my hand at various things: Empower Network, Google Sniper, 1Cent FB Click etc. etc. and lost a quite a bit of what I have had saved in membership upsells and various advertising methods promoted by the above systems. Then, in desperation and disappointment, I started trying my hand at building a slow but steady progress by doing niche blog sites. However, I have been disappointed and down-hearted many a time due to the involvements and helplessness I have felt, in most of the times. It is also the information overload or as you would prefer to call it – ever present learning curve, that has kept me going in circles. I now prefer if it is possible for me to get away from making niche based blog sites as my main source of traffic attraction, while I would still love to blog as a past time, which could even be a part of my online business strategy. Please, therefore, let me know the main focus of Total Freedom Package in this regard. Is it too, based on niche based content sites? From the video I could not get a clear picture in this regard.
    The moment I am clear about this I would be a Platinum Member of the Total Freedom Package. Actually, this is the last chance I have, and the last I could to spend on my online marketing effort, which has so far not brought me a single dime, while bleeding me to the tune of some thousands of dollars. So Charlie, please help me to use this last opportunity to build up a business which could give me some hope and some returns, so I could crawl back up, and then do what it takes to go big, regardless of the financial involvements. Thank you, Sir.

    1. Gehan, have you found what you were looking for in the internet marketing niche? I hope, you have. If not, you can always look for something else like making money in trading the markets. I can point you in the right direction. At least all the money you make will be totally dependent on you learning the right things and then applying them. No middle man. I found it easier than IM.

  8. Hey Charlie,

    Again you hit the nail on the head. Bigger niches = more buyers. What have you found the best way of finding out if buyers are buying online in certain niches vs just researching online and buying local?

    1. Hi Everett,

      That’s a loaded question that would require a mini-course to answer well.

      Shameless plug – I have a LOT of material about finding the right niche inside Follow Up Selling Systems.

      I look for these things when first looking at a market …

      Are there ads on Google searches?
      Are there digital products on Clickbank, Shareasale, Commission Junction or others?
      Are there forums where these people are talking with each other?

      If the answer to those three are yes I see it as a green light to proceed with more research.

      Bear this in mind – people who research online and they buy offline still buy digital products, even if it is not the product they are researching. They join lists, click ads that catch their eye, fill out surveys and more. All of these open a door of opportunity for you.

      Hope this helps.


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  11. Hi Charlie / Francisco,
    Could we do à case study on The reason as to why Francisco isn’t making any money with his large number of sites? That woud be super beneficial For all readers!
    Cheers from à fan in Belgium

    1. That would be fun but that’s not something I can do here on the blog. These types of in-depth case studies have to be reserved for members of my sites.

  12. i have 42 domains name and 15 developed website in different niches with rich contents, and for some reason i do not make any money and yet i continue updating the blogs with fresh contents. that is why i was thinking if i invest in the DOE program would i make many money in it?

    1. The DOE might help you but I won’t know until I know more. The main reason to join DOE is to find ezines in which to buy ads or run articles. If you want to do ezine advertising we are the best resource.

      I’m curious as to how you can have that many sites and not be making money from them. I’m assuming this is all 100% original high-quality content?

  13. Hi Charlie,
    First of all I would like to thank you for the great information. I have been studying online marketing for the last 10 months or so and have had to weed through a ton of bad info, schemes and scams, you name it. Anyway, I am at the point now where I would like to seriously pursue online marketing as my new career.

    The information you have provided about curating has given me new hope, I look forward to receiving the remaining information you have to give.
    Once again Thank You for what you are doing.


    1. Kevin,

      The key with curation is to give attribution to the source. Let’s take an article on a blog as an example. When curating content you want to show an excerpt of the article and not the entire article. You also want to comment on the article, which makes your own blog personal and unique content. And then, very important, you want to provide a link to the original article.

      I know of no one would object to their content being curated in that way.

      But if you feel you need express permission before curating as described above then you will want to ask the webmaster of the site from which you want to use content.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Charlie,

        This is very helpful. I’ve been on the edge of my seat for the actual nuts-and-bolts since you first started this series.

        This wraps up everything into a nice, neat package for me — and will undoubtedly make blogging easier!

  14. Hi Charlie,

    Great article, I really like how you’ve been feeding the information to us in such a logical manner.

    I’m ready to take action with your next article!

  15. Hard to understand how you get or find people who are excited about subject matter of which you have built a niche site or a blog on unless you have something new to offer that advances that particular subject matter.
    When I was younger, playing guitar and following bands, there was always incredible excitement when a band was coming out with a new album and people would wait in line to buy these albums, just like when Apple puts out a new product. That is excitement. How you get that kind of excitement in building a blog pertaining to a niche is
    beyond me. If this was the case we wouldn’t have to worry about the development of a site that meets Google’s criteria just to get a little bit of free traffic that you get if you are ranked on the first page,
    or if you had a product that people were that excited about you wouldn’t have to concern yourself about Google at all. So how do you determine if people would be excited about what you are doing???

    1. Paul,

      I don’t feel that something needs to be new to be exciting to the reader. I love golf and read golf blogs and sites all the time. Golf is, as you know, a very old game.

      I understand your band analogy and the part about Apple, but the focus on both is basically new product launches. While product launches are fun and exciting few businesses can survive only on launches. I know a bit about it since the Directory of Ezines has been online for 14 years now.

      Your point about developing a site that meets Google’s criteria is exactly what I’m talking about. The idea behind “new and exciting and shiny” is the polar opposite of the idea of creating a high quality site full of helpful content.

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