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The MOST Important Question Of All

When it comes to succeeding in business, or in life, there is ONE question that is more important than all others. This question can only be answered by you. No mentor, coach, or guru can answer this question for you. And while this question *should* be the easiest question to answer, most clients do not […]

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Sell more by modeling success

You can sell more, as an affiliate marketer or product owner, by modeling what already works! In this case study we examine how the Zig Ziglar company did just that. By modeling a successful campaign, the Ziglar company streamlined their marketing, saved time and money, and are increasing sales as well! If you want to […]

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$4000 per month from a list of 300!

Watch this video to learn the true story of a client who was selling a recipe to a list of only 300 prospects. Not buyers, prospects. When he came to me he had a dream. When we finished (90 days later) he had a business. In this video I detail how he went from a […]

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