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Add Video Power To Your Marketing

Are any of these the things you want?Sell more productsBuild a bigger listBuild your list fasterHave happier customersSave time when marketingSave money when marketingSounds good, right? I think these are things we all want! The good news is this … using video can help you get all of them quickly and easily! Watch today’s short video for […]

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Simple Messages Sell More

Do you want to sell more? Why would you not? Zig Ziglar famously said “If you truly believe in your product, and believe it will help others, you have a moral obligation to sell as much of it as you can.” I could not agree more! That is why I am so passionate about the products we create […]

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What Is A Mini Course?

Do you want to sell more online and work less at the same time? Then you need to know about the wonders of a mini course.

A mini-course can increase sales, be fully automated and set you free!

Watch this short video and learn more about what a mini course is and how mini courses work.

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Pulling Success Out Of Failure

Far too many people are thinking that online success is just “not for me”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Succeeding online is about following a proven process, being determined, and, most of all, knowing how to PULL success out of failure.

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Is Licensing Right For You?

Ther is a sweet spot that exists between creating your own product and being an affiliate. If you want to collect 100% of every sale but not have to create or host products then licensing is for you.

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7 Tools You Need To Succeed Online

Tired of buying tools and resources and still not making the progress you thought you would make? I believe there are 7 core tools we all need to succeed online. Get them and learn to use them and the future is bright. Happily, each are affordable and easy to use. Many come with free options. Here’s my list […]

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How Many Sites Should I Have

One question I am often asked is “how many sites should I have?” It’s an important question and one worth considering carefully.

I often speak with people who have 5, 10 or even 100 websites. In almost every one of those cases the people are struggling to make any money.

They are confused, overwhelmed, and tired.

Confused because they fall for the myth that more is better. While more can be better sometimes more is just more.

Making a quality choice, in the beginning, can save you hours of heartache, save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars and create success faster.

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Five Ways to Make More Sales

Do you believe in the products you promote? Zig Ziglar said it well: “If you truly believe in what you are selling why would you not want everyone to buy?” But today there is a challenge that Zig did not face. The distracted website visitor. See if this sounds familiar. You go to a website […]

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What Does Successful Marketing Look Like?

One of the problems with working on the Internet is that most of us do it in isolation. Instead of the usual give-and-take of office conversation, we have email, a decidedly one-sided way to communicate. Or social media, where the opinions can be quite loud but not necessarily based on actual experience. Instead of the usual boss evaluating […]

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