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What Does Your Customer Really Want?

Have you ever seen one of those pictures that looks like one thing, but as you look deeper it turns out to be something completely different? One minute you would swear that you’re looking at an old lady. Then you suddenly see what is so clearly a bird flying over a mountain. When we finally […]

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What Walmart Taught Me About Marketing

I took a trip to Walmart recently. While I was there I wondered how it was they became so successful. I’ve known for a long time that Sam Walton was a marketing genius and a very hard working guy. But Sam’s been gone a long time, and Walmart continues to grow and prosper. So I […]

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Five Free Ways To Sell More

I want to share with you five free ways to sell more beginning today. They say that traffic is the lifeblood of all online businesses. Fair enough – without visitors, we make no sales. First things first, it’s important to remember that there really are only two ways to drive traffic: free methods and paid […]

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Five Things You Simply Must Measure

When it comes to building an online business and making money online, I’m often asked, “What needs to be measured?” It’s very important to measure certain things, but you can make yourself crazy with split-testing, multi-variate testing and all these different things that you see the big time marketers do. One thing that we forget […]

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Seeing the Big Picture

Do you find the idea of doing business online confusing? Most people do, and that’s understandable. The fact is, nothing in our “offline” life prepares us to do business online. Offline we are used to seeing customers or talking with them by phone. Online we don’t do that. Offline we cannot automate a sales process […]

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Increase Conversions In Five Easy Steps

Did you know that “conversions” are at an all time low? Be it a squeeze page, a sales page, a webinar page or even a free membership page the figures don’t lie. While there is no scientific proof it is reasonable to believe that the average web page converts visitors into buyers at LESS than […]

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How is real money made online?

I’m seeing a LOT of hype these days about shortcuts, 23 day systems and other “instant” systems. I know you know that’s a bunch of bull. But it DOES beg the question … how is real money made online by average people. It really comes down to what Zig Ziglar said so many years ago. […]

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Are You A Victim Of Vampire Marketers?

Can this year be your best year ever? I believe it can. I believe the Internet levels the playing field of business in ways that are almost unimaginable. If others can succeed you can succeed too. We hear success stories every day of those who work hard, apply the fundamentals and end up with a […]

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The 10 Most Important Questions

It has been said that over 90% of small businesses fail within the first five years of getting started. We’re not talking about only online businesses here but are talking about ice cream shops, restaurants, dry cleaners and, yes, the online entrepreneur with a dream of living the “Internet lifestyle”. I can tell you from experience that […]

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Succeed With The APPLE System

What does it really take to succeed online? Based on my 15 years of working online, going from being a member of the DOE to owning 16 membership sites, I believe there are five simple steps.

If you like simple, you are going to LOVE this! Read it free right now …

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