How to declare your own independence

Every year we celebrate another 4th of July. Here in the United States, we call it Independence Day, the day our Founding Fathers said no to tyranny and yes to freedom and self-government.

As I think about that day, and those times, I marvel at the courage it must have taken to face down a superpower and declare their independence.

  • So many doubters.
  • So much resistance.
  • Odds stacked against them.

As I think about the people struggling to make it online I remember the courage it takes to break through and find a business that really fits you.

For most of us, there are doubters and odds stacked against us. Sometimes it is just impossible for others to support our dreams. I know it was that way when I started.

And yet the fact remains that the Internet can be the portal to freedom for almost any person willing to take decisive action and follow a proven path.

How about you?

Have you drawn that line in the sand and declared your own independence?

If you are not experiencing the freedom you know an Internet business can bring I believe there are seven steps you can take to get there quickly.

Before I list the seven steps let me say that these are the same steps I took so many years ago.

The same steps I've seen literally thousands of people take over the last 19 years as they have made brave choices and forged a new and better work life online.

The truth is, it won't be easy. In fact, it will be hard. There will be sacrifice and a learning curve.

But it can be done. I know because I've done it. Without any preparation or real online skills, I was able to go from confusion to clarity.

From survival to significance.

And the rewards will be more than you can imagine now.

I'm not talking big money (although that's nice too) but true life rewards like charting your own course and having more freedom.

I firmly believe you can do this too.

Let's look at step 1.

Step 1 - Make a commitment

Doesn't all success ultimately begin with a commitment? I believe it does.

But many today mistake commitment for interest.

Far too many are willing to "try" a thing and see if it works without making a real commitment.

Far too few are willing to abandon their fear and fully commit to a proven course of action.

I've been blessed in my life to have succeeded in several industries. I credit God for my blessings.

While good timing, hard work and a willingness to learn were present in each case, my success can no doubt be traced back to making a commitment.

Consider what Ken Blanchard, co-author of the One Minute Manager, has to say about commitment. (Emphasis mine)

There's a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in doing something, you do it only when it's convenient. When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses - only results.

We all "hit the wall" when pursuing success.

Obstacles we could not have imagined pop up from the most unexpected places, threatening to sidetrack our progress.

When a person with commitment encounters these obstacles they say "how do I solve this problem?"

The person without commitment often says "how do I get out of this deal?"

The difference between these two mindsets is huge and is very often the difference between success and yet another disappointment.

Step 2 - Believe in yourself

Allow me to borrow a little story from Zig Ziglar. Imagine that tomorrow morning a person you completely trusted called you and said the following …

"I've been meaning to tell you for some time that I'm glad you are my friend. You are a credit to your profession and a real asset to your family and community. People look up to how you live your life and the choices you make. If I could spend an hour a day with you I know my life would be better."

How would that make you feel?

If you were a teacher or a Mom or an engineer would you be a better teacher, Mom or engineer?

Of course, you would!

But would you know more than you knew before about being a teacher, Mom or engineer?

Not at all.

The truth is this -- no one is going to make that call. So you have to do it yourself.

Am I talking about talking to yourself? Absolutely!

You are the voice you trust most so why not hear some good things from yourself instead of the negative?

You see, motivation (especially self-motivation) and self-worth make us better at anything we try to do.

One of the saddest realities in today's world is that many people don't really believe in themselves.

They can see how this person or that person could achieve success. But they can't see how success will happen for them.

The list of reasons is long.

  • I'm too old
  • I don't understand business
  • I don't understand technology
  • That business is already saturated
  • There is too much competition
  • I wouldn't know how to find customers
  • I'm no salesman (or saleswoman)

Don't get me wrong -- there are very real reasons why success might take a bit longer for some than others.

But there is no reason why all people can't succeed online.

Step 3 - Write your own declaration of independence

Do you have a written personal mission statement?

If you do then you have your own personal declaration of independence.

Good for you.

But most who read this don't have a written mission statement. A simple statement of what they want their life to be about and the legacy they want to leave behind.

Most of us know what we want. We know who and what we want to become. But we forget to take that next step and write it down.

While it's fine to want to be a good person, or love others as you love yourself, or to try to make the world a better place, nothing replaces a written mission statement.

If you need help getting started with a mission statement of your own please check out this article on

Step 4 - Have a written goals program

In my view, this is the big one.

It has often been said that studies show that only 3% of people have written goals. That 3 %, according to the lore, earn more than the other 97% combined.

While I have not read that study what I am sure about is this …

Having a written goals program is the most important thing I have ever done in business.

Yes … THE most important.

How can it be the most important?

Because of this - my goals program, which is extensive, is the rudder of my business and life ship.

My goals help me see the future, analyze the present and prepare for what's next. I never have to wonder what to do next because it's in my goals program.

I use a very simple, proven method to set goals. And I have done so for many years.

If you want to use what I use click here to learn more about Zig Ziglar's goals program.

That's not an affiliate link, just a wholehearted endorsement of the best program out there in my view.

Step 5 - Chose a proven path

They say that most people working online will never earn even $100. Sad but probably true.

I believe the major reasons for this is information overload, confusion and the endless pursuit of the "quick fix" or "next big thing".

If you were my brother or sister I would tell you this -- TOTALLY IGNORE the "next shiny object" that promises overnight success with little or no effort and do the things that really work online.

What are those things? My blog is full of articles about them.

  • Blogging
  • Copywriting
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Web traffic and sales conversion
  • List building
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Goal setting, motivation, and positive thinking

These are the most proven paths to success online.

You don't need to do them all but you do need to do the ones that make sense to you and to which you are willing to commit.

Remember this …

Anything worth doing well is worth doing poorly until you can do it well.

Just like the first time you tried to repair a car or bake a cake or play any sport, success takes time and practice. Trial and error.

When you are examining your commitments and setting your goals, remember this … you don't need to reinvent the wheel in order to succeed.

In fact, going for the "next big thing" while ignoring proven methods just might be the fastest way to fail online.

Choose a proven, reliable, understandable way of working online and commit to that.

Step 6 - Work on a schedule

I know a lot of people reading this work a job and do their online business after work. Many people work online after dinner or after the kids are in bed. I admire your persistence and effort.

No matter whether you work a job and then work online or whether you can devote your full-time attention to your online business, working on a fixed schedule will help you.

The benefits of working on a schedule are many. Allow me to share my favorites.

Working on a fixed schedule will …

  • Help you get more done
  • Help you not overwork
  • Help you maintain focus
  • Help you not feel burned out
  • Help you set boundaries in other areas of life
  • Help you prioritize how you spend your time

If you have ever found yourself clicking links in emails, thinking that maybe this one is the one that will turn things around, and forgetting what you really intended to do then working on a schedule will help you.

I believe almost anything can be scheduled.

From reading email (only twice a day!) to writing a book to checking out new business to posting ads, if you schedule your work you will get more done in less time and enjoy that work more.

Step 7 - Never surrender your dream

I saved the best for last! 🙂

We all have dreams. You have one and I have one. Some of us have many.

Whether yours is written down or not, you have a dream in your mind of what you want life to be like.

This dream -- your dream of the life you want -- must NEVER be surrendered.

It must be kept alive at all costs.

POWs who return from war constantly report that they had a dream (or several) that kept them alive and sane.

Top achievers, who are often recognized as an "overnight success" (when in fact they have worked hard for years) often talk about the dream that got them there.

I remember writing about never surrendering a few years back and getting chewed out by a reader.

"Are you saying I should stay with a business that is clearly never going to make it? That's just stupid!" are among the things he said. (I must have really struck a nerve)

Of course not!

Never surrendering to me means never surrendering YOUR dream.

Think of it this way; the dream you hold in your heart, the dream of what you want your life to be like is the destination.

The business you choose, the methods you use and the people you work with are the vehicles that get you to that destination.

The vehicle might change but the destination remains the same.

I've been online long enough now to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that success is waiting for those who seek it, who chart a clear and proven path, take bold action and never surrender.

Nothing is more freeing than a successful online business. One you can operate from anywhere, on your own schedule and in complete freedom.

You deserve success AND you deserve freedom.

Both are waiting for you right now in the form of a successful online business.

When you have both you will have a beautiful thing indeed.


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How To Profit During Hard Times

NOTE: I wrote this article nearly a decade ago!

As the world experiences its ups and downs, common sense solutions prevail.

Do you believe hard times are coming?

In the news today we hear about the global economy slowing, terrorism seems to be everywhere and few things are going the way people really want them to go.

Entire countries are in peril.

One advantage of having a little age on you is having seen these things before.

I remember 21% prime interest rates, $4.11 per gallon gas, high unemployment, several recessions and other “predictors of doom”.

While it is important to never let bad news get us down, it is important to see what’s coming next and prepare ourselves for it.

I’m not talking about canning whole chickens as much as I am making adjustments to your business now that will pay dividends both now and in the future.

Being prepared is smart. It’s Biblical wisdom in fact.

Proverbs 22:3 Amplified Bible (AMP)

3 A prudent man sees the evil and hides himself, but the simple pass on and are punished [with suffering].
– via Bible Gateway

So what steps should we be taking to both make things better now and prepare for a possible business downturn?

I believe there are six. I will be brief but want to cover them all for you.

Before I begin let me say this.

A slow economy can be your best friend.

When jobs are scarce and times are tight is when more and more people turn to the Internet for a solution like looking for jobs.

And they will turn to you if you have a system they can follow, will support them and continue to grow with them.

Begin now and you will build your system.

You will have your stories.

You will be able to help people when they need help.

I know it might not feel like it right now but if you start today on a conservative plan of action time will become your ally and you will grow into the mentor you want to be.

Now, six steps to profit during hard times (or good times!)

1 – Focus On Your Platform

When times are tough people don’t know what to do or where to turn.

You want them to turn to you.

You want to be seen as the expert they can trust. The voice of reason who has “been there and done that.”

If you start now, you can be ready quite quickly.

It takes focus and hard work but hey, you are working hard now, right?

Here are a few specific steps to build a powerful platform.

Focus on your content marketing.

Whether you write original content, curate content or have others guest post, now is the time to be publishing to your blog.

Publish no less than three times a week.

Communicate with the people who communicate with you.

Be they commenters on your blog, followers on Twitter or Facebook or in email, reply to those who ask for help.

It will come back to you again and again.

Give high value free gifts often.

When someone gets on your list (we are coming to lists) you want to shower them with affection Let them know you appreciate them.

Give them gifts. Not to bribe them but to bless them.

Give, and it will be given back to you. Works every time.

2 – Build Your List While You Can

I know … you’ve heard it a thousand times. But that doesn’t make it less true.

In my 20+ years online I have observed this to be perhaps the #1 constant of true success online.

People with a list prosper while people with no list struggle.

Just today I received an email from Frank Kern about making “big sales from small lists”.

I laughed a little because I wrote the book (literally) on this. It’s even almost my exact title! No worries – I like Frank well enough.

You see, it’s not the size of the list that matters. It’s the relationship you have with the list that matters most.

Here’s the thing – you simply must have a list. There are three reasons.

  1. With a list you can avoid paying for advertising.
  2. With a list you can do ad swaps and JVs with others.
  3. With a list you get free market research so you know what to create.

There are more reasons, but those alone should be enough to convince you (if you were not convinced already) and the list is the key to almost everything good that happens online.

Strong statement but true.

3 – Automate Everything You Can

Technology today can do amazing things. It can also make us pull the few hairs we have left out of our heads.

Here is the solution.

Pick a system, learn it like nobody’s business and never look back.

You see, switching around from one system to another is the path to failure. No doubt about it.

So whether it’s Infusionsoft or Clickfunnels or Aweber or WordPress or something else, master it and stick with it.

Only change if you are actually losing money by not changing. Not if you think you MIGHT do better by changing.

The grass is always greener on the other side. So refuse to look and keep moving forward with your plan and your system.

Here are the things to automate first.

  • Your email marketing and follow up systems.
  • Posting to your blog.
  • Using upsells in your selling system.
  • Social media postings
  • Sales funnels that convert cold traffic to buyers.

I know each one of these could use articles (and a course!) of their own. And I have both done that and will do that.

But for today we focus on the big picture.

4 – Lock Down Your Ad Sources

Find affordable, reliable and scalable ways to reach new audience. These attributes are important.

Your source needs to be affordable.

What you can’t afford doesn’t even matter so don’t think about it.

Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t do.

Your source needs to be reliable.

A reliable ad source will provide real results again and again for multiple products.

Finding reliable sources helps you stop looking around, and skipping around “trying” things.

I get that we have to try things, but I’ve heard hundreds of people (literally) say “I ran a solo ad and made $300 but thought I could do better with PPC”.

Why would they switch if they made money?

Your source needs to be scalable.

You are going to be super-frustrated if you find a process that works and then you max it out in 2 weeks.

You need access to big audiences.

Want to know the source that meets all of these criteria?

Facebook. (You guessed it!)

5 – The Funnel Is Freedom

Things have changed. Funnels have evolved.

Today we have content funnels and upsell funnels and referral funnels and sales funnels.

Here’s the thing. You need to learn about funnels and learn about them now.

The world has changed.

We can no longer blast out the same ad to everyone and expect to get good results.

Today we have to segment our lists so we are offering people what they want, not what we want to sell.

6 – Create Your Own Product … Fast

You really do need a product of your own.

Why? Here are three important reasons.

  • So you can keep all the money when you make sales.
  • So others can promote for you as an affiliate.
  • So you can be in position to do real joint ventures that bring big paydays.

Name one top business person online who does not have their own product.

Can’t be done.

The good news is you don’t have to sweat bullets to make a product.

What you do need to do is this.

  • Know the audience you want to reach.
  • Know what they are buying now.
  • Find a way you can help them.
  • Create a product that meets a burning need or deep desire.

Those four items are a great starting point for product creation research.

Forget keywords and metrics and “market saturation” (as if that was even possible) and focus on people.

  • Where are they hurting?
  • What do they want?
  • More importantly, what do they need?

Once you know that you have a few options for creating products quickly and with integrity.

  • Use resale rights products of the highest quality.
  • Outsource to people who know what they are doing and will do you proud.
  • Joint venture with someone with lots of ideas but not enough time.

There are more ways that these, but that will get your mind going in the right direction.

Listen, I know this sounds like a lot.

But you are working now and if you exchange some of the time you spend reading email and looking at offers on these things you will be more productive and more profitable.

I’ve seen it happen a thousand times.

Tough times don’t last but
tough people do.

Steel yourself today that you are going to work like today is your last day and dream like there are endless tomorrows.

Then get to work on the list above and work hard every day.

If you do that you will build an automated system that will see you through hard times and good times too.

It will create time and money freedom as well.

You will be able to take time off and have the money you need to enjoy that time off.

It’s not pie in the sky, it’s having a plan and working very hard to make that plan a reality.

When you do that you will have built a real business. One you can sell. One you can pass on. One you can be proud of.

And those are beautiful things indeed!

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One Good Idea Can Change Everything! by Charlie Page

One Good Idea Can Change Everything!

Have you ever felt like you just cannot find that one thing that will help you achieve your goals?

Felt like everything you have tried should have worked but, for some reason, it didn't work for you?

I know exactly how that feels and it is, candidly, miserable.

When a person feels like they have "missed it" they remain in a constant state of confusion.

  • Every selling email you receive creates the feeling that this might be the thing you have been missing.
  • Every ad you see makes you feel that if you don't buy what they are offering you will miss out and never make it online.
  • Every sales letter or selling video you see on websites becomes a possible lifeboat - the one thing that might be your last chance to make it online and enjoy the lifestyle everyone seems to enjoy... except you.

There is a name for this condition.


Those feelings that you have "missed it" or that the next thing you buy will do the trick are what drive people to buy things they don't need or can't use, hoping against hope that this time the "system" will work and they will be set free.

If you feel that way today I want you to know there is good news. Very good news indeed!

  • I am here to tell you that you have not "missed it".
  • Your chance at succeeding online has not passed you by.
  • You still have time!


The sure cure for information overload is to break the cycle of confusion and learn to focus on one thing at a time.

Success comes most often when we commit, really commit, to one thing and give it our all.

In the face of such commitment, three things happen ...

  1. Barriers are broken
  2. Walls of confusion come tumbling down.
  3. Real progress begins to be made.

So how can you clear up the confusion and find the focus that will help you succeed beginning today?

There are two steps you must take to clear up the confusion and begin getting real traction.


It's just that simple. And it really works.

Thomas Edison had an idea about a way to bring light into peoples' home and offices. Edison was willing to try and fail 10,000 times before inventing the light bulb.

We too must be willing to
fail until we succeed.

Edison could have quit but he didn't. He could have moved on to the next invention. After all, he had tens of thousands of ideas in his life.

The man had one of the most inventive minds ever. His notebooks (well worth reading) reveal an incredibly active mind.

There must have been other ideas he wanted to try. Just imagine how distracted he could have been!

But he stuck with the one thing - his one good idea!

He could easily have reasoned that the world could live without the light bulb, but he didn't.

Almost certainly his friends and family questioned his sanity and did not understand his one good idea.

And we are all better off for his determination.

You might say "but that's Edison! He's a giant in history. I'm no Edison!"

True. But what about some names you might know who have achieved amazing things due to their determination and the power of the Internet?

Recognize any of these names?

  • Ryan Deiss
  • Russell Brunson
  • Frank Kern
  • Grant Cardone
  • Jeff Walker

None of these people started with big budgets or big staffs.

None of them are making a living doing what they learned in college. 

All of them are successful today because of their determination and the incredible power of the Internet to reach people and to automate routine tasks.

Reach and automate ... remember those two words.

There are countless examples of people starting with an idea, believing in that idea and then taking the action needed to make that dream come true.

And now it's your turn.

There is no doubt ... the starting point of our success is ideas.


So the first key is to have an idea, AN AREA OF FOCUS

  • An idea of what you want to accomplish.
  • An idea of what life would look like if you accomplished this idea.

Some call these ideas goals or dreams or visions. No matter what you call it, your one good idea should inspire you.

It should provide the energy you need every day to learn what you need to learn and work as hard as you need to work to not only survive but to thrive!

Here are a few examples to jumpstart your thinking ...

  • Your idea, or goal, might be to master the art of email marketing. Great idea! Now let's take action to make that happen.
  • Your idea might be to become a top performing affiliate marketer. Great idea! Now it's time to learn the skills necessary to get the job done.
  • Your idea might be to make a living working at home by providing services others need. Great idea! There is a huge market for these services. Now let's find your customers!

There are many ideas of course, and the above examples are only a few of the many ways people can create their own success online.

The beautiful thing about having ONE great idea is the clarity it brings.

  • Once you know what you want you will no longer be tempted by what "might" work.
  • You will be too busy learning and honing the skills needed to be the best in YOUR chosen field.
  • It will be all too easy to say "no thank you" to the products and promotions that distracted you and made you second guess your choices.


Here's my surefire method for coming up with what to do next. I've used this with countless clients and they love the simplicity it brings to their lives.

  1. Make a list of your three best ideas - list your best idea first.
  2. Draw a line through the bottom two.
  3. Do the first one with all your heart.
  4. Put the list in a drawer. Once you have accomplished your first idea make a new list!

Some people tell me this idea sounds silly to them. "It can't be that easy!" they say.

And yet it is.

The reason it is that easy is because you already know what you want. But you have been hypnotized by too much advertising. 

Now it's time to break that spell and have you decide what you really want!

To help clarify my thinking, I always ask myself this question.

"If there were one idea I could pass on to my daughters, what would it be?"

Once I answer that one, I go out and do it.

For me, the one good idea is to serve my customers to my highest ability. It's my goal to offer guidance to my members.

If you are a customer, you know that we work hard to deliver massive value. That is serving members in my book.

If you aren't a customer, consider becoming one. I want to help you succeed, following your passion and achieving your goals.

In fact, I'll even show you the perfect starting point! 


In the many years I've been online I have personally experienced a wide range of economic levels.

  • I've had $17 to my name, with a stay at home wife and two school age daughters, at 45 years old. 
  • And I've won affiliate contests where the prizes alone (not to mention the commissions) were most of a year's income.  

Since I'm not speaking with you personally, and can't know your current level, I've listed ideas to help for each stage of success.

I hope they help you.


It is hard to succeed online with no money. No doubt about it.

It can be done but it takes work, focus, and perseverance.

So how can you begin to succeed online if you have no money to spend?

If you have no money but can spend time the best places to start are with content marketing and social media.

Start making connections with others who might become your customers in the near future or might share ideas with you now about how they are progressing in their journey toward success.

Listen to social networking conversations and discover what people need. 

And, by all means, ASK people what they need so you can offer it to them as an affiliate.

You would be surprised how many people make their first affiliate sale by asking the people they already know what they need and then offering them a product that satisfies that need.

Everybody wins!

Here are more ideas.

  1. Introduce the people in your address book to your favorite product.
  2. Ask the people in your address book what they need and can't find.
  3. Start a blog about a topic you know well and build a list of subscribers.
  4. Write an ezine article. Offer it to ezine publishers and post it on blogs.
  5. Visit Facebook Groups about your newly chosen business and learn from others who are on the same path you have chosen.

What if you can't write or don't want to write?

Team up with a writer and split the profits. They do the writing, you distribute the article and you both share profits.


If you have some money to work with the best thing you can do is leave the free methods behind and start learning about the world of paid advertising.

Pay per click (using Google, LinkedIn, Facebook) and ezine advertising are going to be your friends here.

If you have some money (and by some money I mean about $300) then you are in a position to see fast results. You can expect to spend part of your budget and get clicks to any site you want to promote quickly.

  1. Do some pay per click advertising on Facebook, Google, or Bing.
  2. Buy low-cost ezine ads. Start with text or banner ads, not solos.
  3. Start promoting a product that compliments your own products.
  4. Boost one of your Facebook posts to reach a larger audience.


If you are among the few who don't need to make sales right now count yourself blessed. You have the luxury of time.

You can make a plan and see it through, knowing you will reap even greater rewards for your patience and thoroughness.

Here are a few ideas that might help you.

  1. Create the product you needed but could not find when starting out. Think about how you got to where you are, write up a book about how you did it, and give it away.
  2. Go viral - hire a writer to write a product you can give away.
  3. Sell resale rights - have a product created and sell resale rights for 10 to 50 times more than the product would sell for alone. Provide buyers with the website, the product and everything they need to get started. Click here to see a live example.
  4. Create a software product. There is no doubt about it, software sells. Hire a programmer to create a PHP script or WordPress plugin that solves a problem you have or that you learned about in your social listening. 

No matter where you are today, if you take action on the best idea you have now, your situation at this time next month will be different. It will be better.

You will begin to make real progress and no longer suffer from information overload. You will have focus and begin looking forward to every day as a new opportunity to move forward with your idea!

And feeling that way is a beautiful thing indeed!

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Content Marketing, Productivity

What Does Great Marketing Look Like?

When it comes to marketing and making money online, there is considerable confusion about what to do. One reason is that people don't know what great marketing looks like.

Let's fix that today. But first, let's look at what very bad marketing looks like.

Bad marketing makes claims like ...

  • “Blast your ad to 4 million with one click"
  • “Get clicks for as little as a penny”
  • “Create a blog and get rich”
  • "Go from $0 to $100,000 in 60 days!"
  • "Force Google to send you traffic"

But it’s not that simple, is it?

I suspect you know by now that succeeding online is more than just placing an ad and cashing the check.

You probably know too that succeeding online takes (ready for it?) hard work and perseverance.

Yes, it's work but you can do it!

All of this begs the question “If these things don’t work what DOES work?”

In other words … what DOES
great marketing look like?

Let me share five attributes of great marketing.

Then I will share a site that exhibits all five virtues.

I can just about guarantee that you have not seen this site. 🙂

I believe great marketing does the following:

  1. Teaches
  2. Sells
  3. Follows up
  4. Creates value
  5. Gets shared

Let’s look at each briefly and then I will share a site that does all of these very well indeed.

Great Marketing Teaches

Many years ago there was a school of selling that believed prospects should not be educated, that they should be “teased” and "tricked" into making the purchase.

Those days are over.

Today’s consumer, the Internet-age consumer, wants and needs more information than ever before.

  • They want to know what your product or service does.
  • They want to know what’s in it for them - how they will benefit.
  • They want reviews.
  • They want to ask questions.
  • They want testimonials.
  • They want to be reassured you are for real.

If you don’t do these things (or many of them) they will simply move on to one of the other 50 million sites Google offers them.

PERSONAL NOTE: I believe that teaching, sharing actionable and helpful information on your blog, in articles, videos and more is the #1 way to sell things online today.

Great marketing teaches. And teaching sells -- no doubt about it. It creates happier customers too.

Great Marketing Sells

Far more than just teaching for the sake of teaching, great marketing builds sales momentum from the teaching that is shared.

The entire point of giving out free reports, writing articles like this one, and more, is to make a sale.

After all, if you are not making money you can't keep giving out great content, right?

At some point, you have to feed the family and pay the mortgage.

Am I saying that EVERY piece of marketing must “close the deal”?

No. Not at all.

But I am saying that all information shared should lead the reader to one of a few conclusions.

  • You (the person doing the marketing) knows what you are doing.
  • What you are teaching about works in your life or the life of others.
  • What you are teaching about can work in the reader’s life too.
  • Getting started is easy.

If you focus on those messages in your marketing you will do well indeed.

Great Marketing Follows Up

We live in a distracted time. We are so distracted that we are having to pass laws to stop people from texting WHILE they drive a car!

Never before have there been so many distractions, so many choices.

This, in part, is why websites no longer convert visitors into buyers very well.

The good news is this.

There is a way to dramatically increase sales of any product from any site.

That way is this - stop trying to make the sale now and start building your list instead. Then let email follow up do the selling.

The logic for this is undeniable. And the proof is everywhere.

Am I saying you should remove all your sales letters and “add to cart” buttons from your site and never ask for the order?

No. Not at all.

What I am saying is this -- until you have a highly profitable list never drive traffic to any page that is not a squeeze page where you are building your list.

Want to learn to create highly converting sales funnels and squeeze pages? CLICK HERE.

Once you have a profitable list no one will need to remind you of what I just said.

You will know, in a way that only experience can teach, that the list is everything.

Great Marketing Creates Value

Without value, without over-delivering on your promise, you will make the first sale but no more.

And when it comes to succeeding online, making the SECOND and following sales is the true secret of success.


Because it costs six to twenty times more to make a customer the first time than to sell a second item to your existing customer.

Six to twenty times! That’s huge.

There is no doubt that adding true value to the product your customer buys is perhaps the smartest marketing you can do.

But what if you are an affiliate marketer?

What can you do if the product you promote is not your own product?

You can add value after the sale in one of many ways. I’ll give you three to get your thinking started.

  1. Offer an EXCLUSIVE bonus. This can often be a resale rights product that enhances the product you are promoting.
  2. Offer CONSULTING. If you have experience with the product you are promoting offer a half-hour Skype call where you will walk the new buyer through the system.
  3. Create a COACHING club. If you want to really power up your affiliate marketing, and if you are willing to invest some time learning, create a private membership just for people who buy the product from your affiliate link.

I’ve done all three and they work very well indeed.

The easiest way to do these things is with high-quality PLR content.

To see how I do it, and have for over 20 years, click the image below.

Great Marketing Gets Shared

Quick - What is the MOST powerful form of advertising on the planet?

Now, what is the one form of advertising that no money can buy?

If you answered “word of mouth” you are correct.

Word of mouth advertising, also known as friends telling friends, is the most powerful form of advertising known to mankind --- and you can’t buy it no matter how much you spend.

When your friend tells you about a product he or she bought and likes you instantly associate all the good feelings and trust wrapped up in your friendship with that product.

This raises the level of respect, and interest, you have to a new level.

That level is the “PRE-SOLD” level.

When a friend tells you about a product they love you are “pre-sold”, meaning you will buy that product (in most cases) if you need what it does.

This can’t be bought, it can only be EARNED.

It’s also the reason why so many “review” sites exist online.

Most of them fail because the “reviews” are not reviews at all but rather thinly-veiled sales pitches for the product being reviewed.

If all of this sounds a bit daunting to you - like more than you will ever be able to do - don’t be worried.

You do not have to do all of this to succeed online.

But you can’t hit a target you can’t see so it’s good to have a clear picture of what you want your marketing to look like eventually.

For now, focus on one area and do as well as you can with that.

  • If you have knowledge, or can do research (or hire a researcher) consider the “teaching sells” approach and start an authority blog.
  • If you have money and want to use the “marketing sells” approach let your paid advertising do its job but add some free teaching to make it more powerful.
  • And if you don’t have a follow up system on your blog or site now, get busy creating one.

It is simply THE MOST PROFITABLE thing you can do.

No matter where you stand now, knowing where you want to go is the first step in achieving your goals.

Now that you know what great marketing looks like evaluate where you are now, where you want to be and set your goals to reach your destination.


To see all of this in action - teaching, selling, follow up, high value and strong word of mouth, visit this site ...

Study what they do. Get on their list and watch how they market. You will be glad you did.

Talk again soon,


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Six Ways To Profit From Resale Rights Packages

Can YOU make real money with resale rights products?

It's an important question, especially if you want to make money online and have lots of free time too. 

And especially if you are interested in many topics and so might want to work in many niches. 

The fact is, selling these products to others is highly profitable once you learn the formula.

I know because I've transformed a mere $3000 worth of these products into over $200,000 in revenue!

If you'd like to know it's done, click here to learn more.

But there is much more you can do with resale rights products that just sell them.

In fact, I've identified over 25 ways to profit from resale rights products that do not involve selling!

For many people "resale rights" products are a mystery. I get it because I was confused by them too in the beginning of my online journey.

It sounds good. Almost too good. 

  • Someone else does all the hard work of creating a product. 
  • We pay a small fee compared to the cost of creating a product.
  • We get the right to sell the product or give it away forever.

As good as it sounds, we have questions. Logical, common sense questions that need answers. 

  • Are these products any good?
  • Will people really buy them from me?
  • How ... and I mean EXACTLY how do I use them?
  • Are there high-quality resale rights products in my niche?
  • How can I find these products?
  • How can I evaluate them without buying them?
  • And the big kahuna ... will this work for me?

I've answered all these questions, and more, in this Group Coaching.

Today on the blog I'd like to share six ways to profit from resale rights packages.

NOTE: Many of you who are reading this have already downloaded resale rights products but not turned them into profits.

If that describes you, the good news is that you might already have PART of what you need to start making money with resale rights products.

You have the inventory ... now let's turn it into profit for you.

And it's not just by selling the package to someone else!

These techniques will work for you whether you own a website and sell your own products, publish an ezine, or sell as an affiliate.


What you do here is find those products within the resale rights package that compliment your site and offer them as a bonus for ordering your product. 

You stand out from the crowd and will see an increase in sales because targeted bonuses almost always increase sales.

When you use this method, be sure to put a real-world value on the bonuses.

After all, they do have real value and it's fair to state a conservative real-world value so your visitor knows what they are getting. 

Far too many people miss this step and lose sales as a result.


What you do here is find every eBook, audio, video, or report having to do with a specific TOPIC and then sell the package as a product to people who want to know more about that topic.

Since most resale rights packages are topic-specific this is actually quite easy to do. How do you choose a topic?

My advice is to look for sub-niches underneath the major niches.

The three big niches online are ...

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Relationships

Almost all products fall under one of those major categories.

But it is almost impossible to get noticed in a huge niche like "health", so you look for sub-niches where you can focus in and develop an audience. 

Taking Health as a main niche, some sub-niches would include ...

  • Weight loss.
  • Exercise.
  • Vegan cooking.
  • Keto diet.
  • Meditation.
  • Yoga.
  • Running.
  • Weight lifting.
  • And many more.

One great way to sell your bundle is to visit forums and Facebook groups and offer your free lead magnet.

Almost all good resale rights products include a lead magnet you can add your name to and use as your own.

If you don't have a product to sell yet this is the fastest and easiest way to create your own product, and is what many of the "how to create a product" courses teach.


People love to be surprised.

What you do here is put a note on your landing page that you are including an "secret bonus" when people buy your product OR buy the product you recommend.

NOTE: One of the secrets of super affiliates is using bonuses and gifts to reward buyers. 

Retailers have done this for years and called it a 'grab bag'.

Then add one product a week for about eight weeks to your follow up series for clients.

Your clients will love your generosity and you will see your refund rate drop like a rock.

A win-win.


What you do here is simplicity itself. You find a resale rights package that includes a lead magnet you can give away.

If you stick with high-quality PLR packages, these lead magnets are usually very good. 

NOTE: Be sure and personalize the lead magnet before using it. Personalizing it means adding these things before using it.

  1. Your name.
  2. A link to your site.
  3. A special offer with a link to the sales page.

Most high quality resale rights products offer the lead magnet in Word format. What I do is to open that in Google docs, make the changes, and then save it as a PDF.

Google docs is free to use.

What makes a good lead magnet?

While I can't take a deep dive in this article, here are some popular lead magnet formats. 

  • Short reports.
  • Checklists.
  • Videos.
  • Webinars.
  • Cheatsheets.

For a full discussion of how to do this, click here for my Group Coaching on how to create a lead magnet that converts.

Most smart marketers know that people want a little extra, and here you are giving them that extra while getting what you want.

Click here to learn the process that transformed
$3000 into $200,000!


You know that people always want something for free, right?

In fact, almost all successful sales funnels start with a free, or very low cost, offer.

One great way to use that to your advantage is to spice up your page with a free offer and include that in your pay-per-click advertising.

People who view pay-per-click ads often scan those ads looking for freebies and then visit those sites first.

Using products from resale rights packages as giveaways gives YOU the edge when it comes to pay per click.

HOT TIP: Include the fact that you offer a gift in the headline of your pay per click ad. People scan headlines first.


The "advertising on site" model - having a content rich site and making money by displaying ads - is automatic and effective

But it takes lots of content, and that's where resale rights products come to the rescue!

In most cases you can disassemble these information products and REPURPOSE the content as information for a website. 

So a 10 chapter resale rights report suddenly becomes 10 articles on your blog!

Best of all - you don't run the risk of your content looking like everyone else's, which often happens when you use private label articles.

That's because VERY few people have had this idea, and even fewer have acted on it, and fewer still will choose the exact product you choose to use.

So grab some resale rights books, take them apart and make each chapter of a resale rights book a bridge page in your funnel, or a blog post, and then display context sensitive ads and make some automatic money!

Fast, easy and oh so automated -- a true win-win!

There you have it: Six ways to make your investment in resale rights packages pay big returns

Just like finding a $20 bill on the street, dusting off a resale rights package and turning it into pure profits is smart marketing and a great use of your resources.

And that is a beautiful thing indeed!

Charlie Page Signature

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Copyright © Charlie Page

Get Your Focus Back!

As of this writing, I’ve been honored to speak one-on-one with over 3500 of our members. It’s been fun to help real people achieve their goals.

During these calls, members have been free to ask me any question and they have asked many questions.

But there is one question I asked every one of them, and their answers surprised me.

My question to them ...

“What is YOUR #1 CHALLENGE to succeeding online?”

While I received a variety of answers, the top answer by far is this … “I’m suffering from information overload!

I bought the courses and products and still don’t know what to do next!

It’s understandable really. There is SO much information out there. From free information on blogs and in articles to courses ranging from $27 to $10,000 (or more) there is no lack of information.

With so much information out there, why isn’t everyone succeeding online?

While there are almost certainly many reasons why people are generally not achieving their goals online, I believe a big factor (maybe the #1 factor) is this …

We live in a distracted world

There are many reasons for this. We live in the most distracted society in history.

Where I live we are actually passing laws to stop people from texting while they drive! How crazy is it that we have to make a law to stop people from texting while they drive a car or truck?

Doesn't common sense say that no one should text and drive at the same time?

In addition, we are led to believe that “multitasking” will help us get more done when in fact multitasking is often part of the problem.

It’s simply not in our DNA to read email, talk on the phone, visit websites all at the same time.

Something is going to suffer quality-wise when we try to do many things at once.

So what is the answer? How can we get our focus back?

I believe there are five things you can do beginning today that will help.

1 - Decide what you really want

I’ve talked with more people than I can count who have tried it all.

  • Facebook ads
  • Posting every day to social media
  • Spending hours on forums
  • Running solo ads
  • Buying pay per click ads
  • Blogging every day
  • Buying links
  • Posting endless classifieds
  • And more

And none of it is working.

One reason for this is that they are not following one of the basic tenets of all successful people.

Learn how to do one thing well before moving on to other things.

It is understandable that many fail to follow this proven principle.

Sales letters full of hype lead us to believe we can make $100K in 90 days no matter where we are now or that "three clicks" is all it takes. That’s bull of course, but it sure sells.

You know in your heart there is no quick fix “add water and stir” solution to making money online just like there are no real get-rich-quick methods that work offline.

So what are we to do?

Focus -- Choose one method and master it.

  • That’s what I did with article marketing when I joined the Directory of Ezines.
  • That’s what Alex Mandossian did with teleseminars.
  • That’s what Jeff Johnson did with affiliate marketing.
  • That's what Jeff Walker did with product launches
  • That's what Jimmy Brown did with small reports and fixed term memberships.

In the story of every successful person, there is a moment where that person is tempted to move away from what made them successful and “branch out” into new things.

Resist that urge with all your might.

Stick with the marketing method you choose long enough to master it. There is no “marketing gene” you lack — if I can do this you can do this.

As we say in the south - “dance with the one who brought you”

The fact is, no one can do everything well. It takes focus and commitment to hang in there long enough to learn the skills needed to succeed online.

You wouldn’t expect to open a restaurant and be successful if you didn’t know how to cook. You would need recipes and skills and practice. And the same thing applies online.

You need a recipe (a plan) and some skills and some practice in order to succeed. But if you stick with it, you will succeed and then freedom will be yours. So give yourself time to succeed, because it simply takes time.

2 - Create “focus blocks”

The next key is to create what I call “focus blocks”. Focus blocks are simply short periods of time where you focus in like a laser on one task. Sounds easy but it’s not.

When I say “focus” I mean that the task at hand is ...

  • The only thing you are doing.
  • The only thing you are thinking about.
  • The only thing you are talking about, even in your head.

Extreme focus creates extreme results.

I suggest starting with short bursts. Start with 5 minutes and work up. Eventually, you will be able to completely focus for an hour or more.

Once you get used to intense focus, try the Pomodoro method of working for 25 minutes and then taking a 5-minute break. It really works!

Realize going in that this won’t be easy and you will “fail your way to success.”

In other words, the first time you try you might get a rush of thoughts about things you need to do, or want to be doing, instead of the focus you seek.

That’s okay, in the next section I’ll show you what to do with those thoughts.

For now, focus completely on one task for five minutes and get as much done as you can, even if the doing is made up of thinking it through. And expect to be a little tired when you finish.

3 - Avoid distractions

If you are like most people, the moment you try to focus is the moment the flood of thoughts comes rushing in.

The million and one things you need to do present themselves. You recall a conversation from earlier in the day. You daydream about what it’s going to be like when you make it big online!

All perfectly normal. Happens to us all. Here are three ways to combat distractions during your focus blocks.

1. Put the world on notice - Let everyone who might interrupt you know that you simply are not available for the next period of time.

Unless it’s a true emergency those who care about you should be able to respect this boundary.

2. Close extra programs - Close everything, and I do mean everything, except what you are working on.

As I type this I have two computers and two phones on my desk. All programs are off and all phones forwarded while I write.

The biggest offenders are instant messages, social media notices, and email so make sure they are closed.

3. Write down thoughts - Thoughts will often drift into your mind (or even flood!) as you are trying to focus. When they do, take a moment to write them down briefly.

Writing them down gets them out of your head and onto a reliable retrieval device (paper, word processor, Evernote) so you can relax and not worry you will forget anything.

HINT: If you want true focus power check your email only once a day and use a private address instead of one address for all email.

Incredibly freeing!

4 - Use what you buy

Once you have identified what you intend to do (master social media for example) it’s time to assemble the tools you will need. And here’s where the temptation and confusion can come in.

First, please understand that you probably own everything you need right now. While there are a million cool things we can buy online the odds are that using what you already own will do the trick.

I’ve had literally hundreds of members reply “I already own that” when I would suggest a book by Perry Marshall or a course by Jimmy Brown. I understand all too well — I used to buy everything too.

An autoresponder is a good example. SO many people have multiple autoresponder accounts but are not building their list and profiting from simple follow up email marketing. It’s a shame too because follow up can set you free!

It’s a shame too because follow up can set you free!

Here are the steps to make sure you have what you need and use what you have.

1 . Make a list of the tools you own now - The key here is to make a categorized list of the software, books, and memberships you own now.

Just make a list on a sheet of paper or your computer of what you have already bought. I like to categorize this as books, software, memberships, PL rights, etc. Do whatever works for you.

2. Choose what gets you toward your goal - Separate out the tools and resources you have that are about the topic you intend to focus on.

If you intend to become a master of article marketing, for example, you don’t need to review or access information about pay per click just now.

I suggest actually moving the files on your computer to a new folder with the name of your new focus. That way everything is in one container.

3. Review the list - Let’s say your focus is going to be article marketing and that you have found 4 books and 2 memberships that teach article marketing. It’s time to scan each and decide which one you want to use.

WARNING: Thinking that you can blend the best from many resources is logical but can lead to confusion. Pick the one resource you feel is the best and fully use that first.

4. Use one product fully - Once you have chosen your top resource, get into it and study like your life depended on it.

Don’t be casual. Don’t think about anything else. Imagine you NEED to know everything you can know about this topic and really dig deep.

5 - Maintain your focus

You know already that the Internet is full of shiny objects.

  • Videos that promise easy riches.
  • Sales letters that make it seem so easy.
  • And those blasted Clickbank screenshots (many are fake) showing what you wish your Clickbank account looked like.

Here’s the hard part — it’s time to say no to the hype. I know you know this but it bears repeating again and again.

  • There is no “next big thing”
  • There is no “three click wonder”
  • There is no “you do nothing” system

Your parents were right when they said that “things that sound too good to be true usually are.”

Common sense alone tells us that the “three click” “no work” “newbie perfect” solutions aren’t real but we keep on buying. We hope against hope that this time it will work.

This time we will get the help we need. This time it will be different.

While hope is good (wonderful in fact, and necessary) the fact is that nothing replaces focus and good old fashioned work.

So there you have it — five ways to get your focus back and keep it.

If you do these things every day you will experience a freedom you can only now imagine, and freedom is a beautiful thing indeed!

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A Time For Thanks

It seems we can’t read or listen to the news without seeing or hearing talk of war, political scandals, natural disasters, and an economy on the brink.

Few speak of the blessings they enjoy.

Some voices are asking — is THIS a time to be thankful?

I believe the answer is a resounding “YES”!

Here are only a FEW of the reasons why.

You are reading this on a computer connected to the Internet.

In contrast, many countries will forever deny or seek to severely limit and censor their citizens’ ability to do what we do every day -sign on and read email – for fear that truth will set them free.

The sheer fact that you are reading this article means you are better off than 2 billion (yes- that is a “B”) citizens of planet earth who can’t read.

If you know, right now, where your next meal will come from you are better off than an estimated 25% of children living in America.

The rates for other countries are staggeringly high. In these things and more, most of us are privileged in ways that others only dream of.

The Internet itself is a reason for great thanksgiving. It may seem cliche, but the fact remains that in no other time in the history of the world has it been easier to open your own business and change your circumstances.

For many, the Internet is not a convenience, but rather the only way out of desperate circumstances.

A computer programmer in one of the formerly Communist countries of Eastern Europe found his way out of poverty by selling his services cheaply over the Internet.

Providing excellent customer service and thankful for the opportunity itself, the income he earns makes possible such “luxuries” as proper medical care and a steady food supply.

While the average per capita income in his country remains under what many in the U.S. pay for housing alone, he eclipses that number and is building a future for himself and his extended family.

We in America view Thanksgiving as a one-day event, yet one can guess that it’s Thanksgiving every day in his home.

If you live in America, your Constitution guarantees you life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You have rights. You have the right to free speech, the right to peacefully assemble and to protest.

Students in Tian’anmen Square made the ultimate sacrifice on June 4th, 1989 in an attempt to gain for themselves a right that we in America have enjoyed for over 200 years.

  • We move freely from state to state with no border guards.
  • We are free to worship as we choose.
  • We have access to our elected officials. If we don’t like something they do, we can vote them out of office.

For these things, we should be grateful indeed, because they ensure our continued freedom and ability to determine our own fate.

Our world encourages us to be competitive, to win. These are necessary traits if we are to progress. Progress is necessary and good.

Yet the siren song of business, the desire for double-digit growth and the constant comparisons of ourselves to others often cause us to forget that we have so much more than we think.

We must not let the speed of the Internet or the constant demands of our business life steal our sense of well-being and appreciation for the people in our lives.

Make no mistake, real tragedies occur. No amount of “happy thinking” will change that reality.

  • Business success will always take hard work and long hours.
  • Success itself will always be a collaborative effort.
  • There will always be thieves online who promise easy riches and deliver only disappointment.
  • Grieving people will always require time to heal.

Genuine gratitude, however, to God and those around us, will speed our healing and bring comfort while we heal.

Today, and every day, it is appropriate for us to count our blessings and be thankful.

If you are having difficulty finding your blessings, try starting with these simple questions:

  • Do you live free today?
  • Does someone love you today?
  • Are you part of a family?
  • Have you heard children’s laughter?
  • Can you choose your own actions today, tomorrow and beyond?

The more you think, the more you will realize that you are blessed indeed.

When we harbor the illusion that we can control the future, and allow our thoughts to stay in that future alone, we forget the joys of today.

The great gift we all share is today.

You can make choices today. You can love your family and friends today. You can share a smile today.

Today is the gift.

This is why NOW is the best possible time to express our thankfulness to those around us.

While we have the opportunity, let us pause to remember those who we are thankful for.

From giving something as simple as a smile to a co-worker to surprising your spouse with a spontaneous gift to show your love, let us each commit to brighten someone’s life this very day.

Now more than ever we must pause to count our blessings. Count yours today and every day and you will find that you are rich indeed.



P.S. I want to take this moment to thank YOU. Many reading this are customers and friends. Some reading this are new to my site and only subscribed recently.

No matter whether our journey together dates back to the 90s or you are here for the first time, I truly appreciate the gift you are giving me of your time.

I will always work hard to respect that gift and provide information and products of the highest value possible. Thank you for being a member, subscriber, reader, friend.

May God richly bless you today and every day.

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Thank You Veterans

Today is Veteran's Day in the US.

Today is the day we all take a moment to turn our attention to the veterans, the brave men and women who risked life and limb to keep us free and safe.

We thank those we can thank.

We remember those who are no longer with us.

Having an official holiday is good. But I believe we can do more.

I believe that EVERY day should be Veteran's Day.

After all, without the sacrifice of these brave souls, we would not have our freedom.

And freedom is a powerful gift indeed.

Think about these freedoms for a moment ...

  • We are free to vote
  • We are free to speak our mind
  • We are free to choose how we live
  • We are free to choose where we live
  • We are free to dissent
  • We are free to worship as we choose
  • We are free to assemble and peacefully protest when we don't like how things are going
  • We are free to work and earn a living, even open a business if we so choose

All of these freedoms came with a price.

The men and women who fought, bled and died did not want to fight. They did not want to suffer.

They did not want to feel the fear that all feel in the moment of battle.

Yet they pushed past the fear and served. 

And, get the depth of this please, they volunteered for this duty.

They volunteered to risk it all (quite literally) for you and me. 

For that -- for their bravery and dedication -- for a free country that does not want to fight but will not run from one either, I am eternally grateful.

Not just on Veteran's Day but rather every day of the year.

Every day I breathe free air I am grateful to those who serve.

Join me today in thanking our veterans.

Join me in saluting their dedication, their bravery.

And join me today in thanking them for the many freedoms we enjoy.

Thank you veterans -- YOU made my freedom possible.

Charlie Page Sig

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Today Is Your Day!

Every day I hear from people who are struggling to make money online.

They bought the programs and listened to the advice but are still coming up short.

These are good people, real people, who have been beaten down by the hyped-up websites that promise them near-instant riches if they will only “join now.”

They are discouraged and are left to wonder if all online marketers simply lie to make money and don’t care at all about their customers.

And they are left to wonder why it's not working for them when it seems to work for everyone else.

It is to these good people that I address my message today. 

To them I say what Winston Churchill so famously said ...

"never give in, never, never, never, never-in nothing, great or small, large or petty - never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy."

Did you notice that last part? "Never give in to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy."

My friend, your enemy (and mine) is confusion. It is overwhelm. It is information overload. It is isolation and not being sure what to do next.

But this enemy will NOT win. You will win.

I can say that with boldness because I have walked this path.

I have overcome (with God's help) and believe with all my strength that you can overcome too.

I’m here to tell you that you can succeed online despite your current circumstances or how badly others have treated you!

How can I say that when so many people are working hard and still not making any money online?

When so many are being ripped off and now have nothing to work with and little hope of making it?

Because I see it happening every day.

I see people who once thought they are too old, too broke, too sick or too tired and beat up to begin the transformation from hype to hope.

I see them move from being confused (and afraid they will “miss it”) to making real progress – not a one-time-fluke but progress they can repeat over and over again.

  • They learn.
  • They work.
  • They overcome.
  • And you can overcome too!

Let me share with you what I believe.

I believe there has never been a greater opportunity to make money online than exists today.

I should know; I’ve been making a full time living working online for over 17 years ... against all odds.

In that time I have seen many scams come and go.

I have seen more “business opportunities” than I can count go through their mega-launches, destined (or so the sales letters said) to be the next big thing. 

I have seen countless people lose money to these lies.

BUT I HAVE SEEN PEOPLE OVERCOME TOO, and I want to share with you what those turnaround stories (including my own turnaround story) have taught me.

But first let me share with you why I know you can succeed online.

Here are only a few of the reasons I believe that NOW can be your best time ever.

  • More people are online than ever before, which means a bigger market for you.
  • And there are more products you can promote – truly good and proven products – than ever before as well.
  • There are more ways to promote than ever before. And not all of them cost an arm and a leg.
  • Today anyone can have a website almost instantly by using a blog. When I started out it was HTML in NotePad. Not a pretty thing.
  • There is more good coaching and mentoring now than ever before.

These are just a few of the many reasons I believe you can succeed online.

But let me share my #1 reason with you.

You can succeed online because humans were created to overcome!

  • It has been our history since the dawn of time.
  • It is how we went from the cave to the moon.
  • It is how we discovered electricity and invented the Internet.

I fully believe that NOW is your time.

I fully believe that THIS is your year to rise and shine!

Is it hard to work online?

Sure, it takes work and learning new skills, some time and a little money.

But that will not stop you!

Are there thieves online?

You bet! Too many websites promise the moon only to deliver disappointment and heartache. Far too many take your money and never even answer your email or provide any real help or support.

But we won’t let that stop us!

I want you to join me today in setting a new course.

  • Today is the day we forgive.

  • Today is the day we forget the wrongs of the past and write a new story.

  • Today is the day we make a list of what is right with us and capitalize on our strengths and not our weaknesses.

Today is YOUR day!

I know that it can be hard to hold your head up high and declare today as your day of victory.

I know the challenges you face because I have been there too.

I have walked in your shoes and am here to tell you that there is victory for those who never surrender!

You might be tempted to think you are too old or too sick or too broke or too tired to succeed online.

I thought those things too.

I was so sick there were entire days I could not get out of bed. But I kept trying.

I was so broke that people from my church brought presents to my house so my kids could have Christmas.

I was so discouraged that I honestly felt it was over for me – that I had my chance and it didn’t work out.

I remember one night literally saying to myself “at least you had it good for a while” and thinking it was time to accept the “reality” of forever being broke and sick and depressed.


I kept on fighting and today I am healthy and we are doing very well indeed.

I won’t give specifics or show you my Clickbank screenshot like the hype boys do but let’s just say that we are not living in a rent house anymore.  😉

Based on my own experience, and based on literally thousands of members I have counseled I want to tell you five truths that you might not feel are true right now.


I want you to meet Claudette.

At 83 she truly is a shining swan of a person. Whenever I speak with her I am lifted by her love of life and her undeniable spirit.

Sure, working online is a challenge for someone of her age but you can bet your last nickel that fact won’t defeat her!

Claudette is a realist.

She knows that she will never master the computer the way a 23 year old would so she does what she can.

Instead of trying to build a website from scratch and learning HTML she focuses on blogs, knowing that if you can type you can have a blog. And she can type after all! So she does what she can.

How about Ivan?

Ivan is another octogenarian.

Ivan was 85 last time we spoke and going as strong as ever. You see, Ivan works in the health and wellness field and is a living testimonial for his anti-aging products.

What do Ivan and Claudette tell me?

You are not too old to succeed online!


How I wish you could meet Mindy. 

She has cancer and so is focusing on marketing passive income products so that her family has something to count on when she is gone.


In my own life there were times when a good day meant I could work 2 hours before basically collapsing and needing to sleep 20 hours.

Was it hard? You bet.

But I worked those 2 hours and never gave up.

It was that burning desire, and God’s blessing, that took me from being a member of the Directory of Ezines to owning the company less than 18 months later.

Believe me, you are not too sick to succeed online.

Do what you can when you can and rest when you must.


When I bought my DOE membership it was hard to come up with the fee.

To say it was a sacrifice would be grossly understating the truth.

My wonderful wife thought I had lost my mind. How was this membership going to help us?

I had so few resources that all I could afford was article marketing since there was no fee to send articles to ezines.

And send them I did.

On days I was well enough to work I would write articles. And write articles. And write articles.

Then I would send them, hoping and praying they would be read.

They were read and soon readers became visitors and visitors became customers.

It was hard but it worked.

Little did I know that less than 18 months later my wife and I would buy the company, enabling the founder to retire and achieve her dream.

That was BEFORE social media!

How I wish I had Twitter and Facebook in 1999!

And there are even more no-cost ways to promote.

Believe me when I tell you – you are not too broke to succeed online.


I know you are tired.

  • Tired of the lies.
  • Tired of the hype.
  • Tired of the confusion.
  • Tired of the ever-changing technology. 
  • Tired of trying things that don’t work. 

But you are not too tired!

For you the time may have come to stop working so hard on things that don’t work and focus on things that are proven to work.

I get tired too.

Not everything I try works the first time either. 

But when results do come they build me up – giving me the strength and encouragement to keep going.

And when I find something that works I keep doing it rather than moving on to something else. 

If you are tired today take time to rest.

Pushing on and spending countless hours at your keyboard (especially if they are late night hours) will not be productive.

When you are rested and ready make a list of the top three things you want to accomplish today and start on item #1, not stopping or even thinking of anything else until it is finished.

Let focus and passion become your allies and you will banish tiredness from your vocabulary.

Rest when you must and work with passion and focus.


I know this much to be true – the opportunity online is just starting. You have not missed it.

Only a small percentage of all sales happen online. The growth is yet to come. 

And you have not missed the “good days” either when things were “easy”

  • Things were never easier than now. 
  • There have never been better tools at your disposal than now.
  • There has never been a bigger market than now.

You have not missed it.

As the song says, “these are the good old days” whether we want them to be or not.

Today is the day we will look back on and reminisce.

The only real question now is whether we will remember today fondly or feel that we wasted yet another opportunity.

Here is my viewpoint on where you stand right now:

  • You are not finished yet.
  • You have a great story to write.
  • You have a great future to build.

Never surrender your dream. 

Never let go of your goal. Never quit.

I begin to close with another Winston Churchill quote ...“the nose of the bulldog has been slanted backwards so it can breathe without letting go.”

Be that bulldog. 

Breathe and have your life but never ever let go.

Never surrender.

Let me leave you with these words by Henry David Thoreau.

“I have learned, that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours."

Success is not made up of the grand gesture – the bold move or big product launch or the perfect ad that hits the target.

Those things are fun when they happen but they are not the stuff of life or the building blocks of success.

Success is made up of doing the little things every day. 

Success comes from doing what you can today, knowing that doors will open as you need them.

Success comes from being willing to learn what you need to learn and being willing to do what you need to do.

Success comes from following a proven path, knowing in your heart that if good things can happen for the other people of the world there is no reason they can not or will not happen for you too.

Go out today – right now – and move confidently in the direction of your dream.

Then get up tomorrow and do it again. Soon you will find that you are succeeding on YOUR terms.

And that is a beautiful thing indeed!

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YOU are not the problem!

Have you ever found yourself discouraged about making money online?

Wondering if maybe – just maybe – this Internet thing can work for others but it won’t work for you?

If you have felt that way before the good news is that you are not alone.

Far too many today have wasted far too much of their time and treasure on “business opportunities” that promise the moon but only deliver disappointment.

You know the drill.

  • Promises not met
  • “Lessons” that should inform only make for more confusion
  • Support promised that never happens after you buy

We’ve all been there. I have and I’ll wager you have too.

If so I have a very important message for you today.


I mean it. YOU are not the problem.

The problem, and the reason so many fail online, is the over-hyped promises that websites make to separate you from your money.

These claims are outrageous and should be stopped. You’ve heard it before, haven’t you?

  • “Earn $520 a day even if you have no experience!”
  • “This system works best if you are lazy and only want to work an hour a day!”
  • “We guarantee hits to your website!”
  • "Force Google to send you traffic!"
  • “Reach 780,000 with your email blast for only $5!”

I think somewhere P.T. Barnum is having a party.

He coined the phrase “there’s a sucker born every minute” and nowhere does that ring truer than the good old Internet.

But there is hope!

There is good news, very good news. 

You can go from hype to hope today! 

You can go from hype to hope today! 

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I know you can do this!

Why do I say, “I know you can do this”?

Because I’ve done it, and I’ve helped others do it too.

From young to old, from healthy to ill, from doing well financially to struggling to make ends meet, real people are getting real help from a few dedicated souls online.

Before I begin sharing how you can help yourself beginning today I want to repeat something important I said earlier.


I really and truly want you to say this out loud right now. “I am NOT the problem!”

Say it now and say it ten times a day if you need to. But find a way to get it into your heart and head … YOU are not the problem.

  • YOU are not the reason why it’s so hard to get started online.
  • YOU are not the reason why working online is confusing.
  • YOU are not the reason why an estimated 99% of all people fail online.

There are things you can do to turn your situation around.

Since I’m not talking with you one-on-one, and since peoples’ situations are unique, I can’t give you a personal action plan in this article.

But I can give you guidelines based on over 4000 one-on-one conversations with DOE members who have struggled too.

So here are my guidelines. This is what I would do today – and what I did years ago – to turn a seemingly hopeless situation around.


No matter how you go about it, you need to keep your chin up.

I am NOT saying that just thinking happy thoughts will turn you around. That would be silly.

But I AM saying that you won’t dig out if you are thinking negative.

When I need a lift I read.

Right now I am re-reading See You At The Top by Zig Ziglar, and loving the reminder that goals work and that right thinking really is the foundation of success.

I love what Zig said about positive thinking. Someone once told him that positive thinking didn't last. 

"Neither does bathing. That's why we recommend it every day!"

Positive thinking is like bathing. It's best done every day to avoid stinking thinking.

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Gotta love that.

No matter how you do it, start thinking more positively today.


Now it’s time to do some real work.

You need to make a list of what you have bought and consider if you have really tried using what you bought to the best of your ability.

Am I saying now that YOU are the problem?

That you didn’t try hard enough?

NO – not at all.

What I am saying is that there are certain tools, like an autoresponder, that can work wonderfully well if you know how to use them but can also be a complete waste of time if you don’t know how they work.

It’s not the tool – it is knowing how to use it that matters.

Give me a hammer and nail and you can count on a trip to the emergency room soon after! 

Give my friend Mark a hammer and nail and he will build you a house!

Same tools – different results.

The chances are that you have the tools you need right now to succeed online but don’t know how to use them.

Making a list of what you do have is a good first step.

I am not saying to make a list of every eBook you ever downloaded. That would take forever.

I am saying however that you should make a list of everything you have purchased that cost $100 or more.

You might be able to go back and turn that purchase into profit.

What should you look for? 

It will be important for you to know if you have these things because they are the real building blocks of success online.

  • A web hosting account
  • Your own blog (working or not)
  • An autoresponder
  • Products with resale rights
  • Memberships to sites that help you promote
  • Memberships to sites that help you learn

Making your list is a good starting point for a turnaround.


This one is so important, especially if you are confused or don’t have a rock-solid plan of action.

It might be hard, but you really need to find a person you can trust and who will help you individually.

I know that can be a challenge online.

Here is how I would find my mentor if I were starting over today.

  1. I would look at what a person does less than what they say they have done. People who need to brag about their huge Clickbank screenshots would not be on my personal list.  I would look for a bit more humility than that.
  2. I would buy their product and experience what they offer first-hand.
  3. I would clearly communicate to them that I need guidance but am not holding them responsible for my success. Mentors don’t like that.
  4. I would listen to that person and follow their advice and give what they say a real try, a sincere effort.

This is what I did online. I was blessed to have a few people who helped me along the way, and I will forever be indebted to them.

I think if you find a person who will work with you, and you trust them, you will find that feeling of desperation that nags you will begin to go away.


Here is the good and bad news all in one chunk.

You are going to have to learn things you don’t know now but you will only have to learn them once if you have a good plan in place.

Nothing in our offline lives prepares us for things like

  • Autoresponders
  • Funnels
  • Solo ads
  • Forced matrixes
  • Back offices
  • API
  • Weird terms like “pay per click”

There is no pay per click offline.

One of the first things to do is learn the lingo of the Internet.

If terms like ROI or CPM or autoresponder or ad tracker trip you up then making progress will be hard.

By the way, the first thing I would ask a mentor is what he or she thought I needed to know to take the first step.


The Internet is an ever-evolving medium that offers new and exciting possibilities. That’s good and bad at the same time.

It’s great if you are in a position to take advantage of it; not so great if you are struggling.

Nothing is sadder than watching someone spend their hard earned money, money they can’t afford to risk, on some “new” method that is not yet proven.

I speak with members every week who are not even trying the things that are proven to work (like pay per click or ezine advertising) because they “heard” it was too expensive.

Be honest with yourself about this.

Are there marketing methods you have not tried because you heard they were too expensive or didn’t work?

If you answered yes, you might have believed a lie.

That’s okay; we can fix that.

As with all things, the truth will set you free.

The truth about pay per click, to use just one example, is that it’s super affordable.

But it takes some learning to get it right and it’s not free.

Cheap; but not free.

And by cheap I mean you can get good clicks in the health or business opportunity markets for about 30 cents each, or less.

How about ezine advertising?

Well, you can send an ad to an ezine with about 200,000 readers for about $50, sometimes less.

The bottom line is this – start with the things that are proven to work and then, AFTER you have had some success, experiment with today’s “new” marketing methods.


This one is essential, and easier to do than you might think. It turns out that our parents were right. 

If it looks too good to be true it probably is.

Our parents were right ... if it looks too good to be true it probably is!

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Do people go from rags to riches with Internet marketing? Sure, but not many.

Do people with no experience suddenly start making $530 a day by "cloning" someone else’s marketing and using a cookie-cutter approach?

I’ve never met one.

The bottom line here is simple.

If you want to get rich quick please stop reading this article and immediately put your Visa in the freezer or give it to someone who will keep it far away from you.

Get rich quick does not exist. 

It’s a myth invented to part you from your money. 

?This is nothing new.

The people who were scammed by Ponzi scheme artists like Madoff lost their money in large measure because they wanted something for nothing - an outrageous and immediate return that they knew in their hearts were too good to be true.

But if you want to make real money using the Internet, and are willing to learn and work, then there is very good news indeed.

If you work, learn and follow a proven path then I believe that NOTHING can stop you.


This may sound downright crazy from a guy who makes his living online, but you’ve got to be willing to work offline for a bit if necessary to get the money you need to live.

I often speak with people who are so committed to “making it” online that they are using credit cards to buy Internet marketing products and passing up the chance to make money offline in order to “give their all” to making it online.

In my view, that is a mistake.

I believe Stephen Covey was right when he wrote the words “first things first” in his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

First things do need to come first.

And paying your bills, avoiding new debt and taking care of your family must be first.

It does not matter if that is done offline or online.

It matters that it gets done.

So, be willing to work for the money you need, be that at a job or as an affiliate marketer or in some other way.

One last word on this – stay open to creative solutions.

Let me give you one example. This is something I have never shared before.

Do you know how I “bought” my first ezine advertising?

I traded article writing (which I was good at) for ad space. Why? Because I didn’t have any money! But I could write so I bartered that for the ad space.

The rest, as they say, is history.

What do you have that you can barter?

Did you know that MOST top online marketers have very little time to do things like the following ...

  • Article marketing
  • Social media posting
  • Competitive research
  • Editing reports and transcripts
  • Setting up ad trackers
  • Checking links on their websites for 404 errors
  • Reading and approving blog comments 
  • Making their own web pages
  • Posting content to their blog

It’s true!

I don’t know of a single successful online marketer right now who is getting it all done easily and with time to spare.

Most online marketers I know (and I’m talking the big names and names you might not know) are busting their backsides to get the work done.

I know I am.

So how can this work for you?

You can trade your time or talent for products or work that needs to be done instead of spending cash.

Just one idea.



Your success will come faster and more surely if you…

  • Keep your attitude positive
  • Make an inventory of assets
  • Work with a mentor
  • Be committed to learning
  • Follow a proven path
  • Become hype proof
  • Be willing to trade time for money in the beginning

If you do these things and give yourself the time we all need to find success I believe you will do very well indeed.

I completely believe that your best days are in front of you and that you can prosper online no matter your age, race, income, education or location.

Keep your chin up – you are destined for great things!

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