Confusion Is The Enemy Of Success

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When it comes to succeeding online there is no doubt that confusion is the enemy of success. In fact, trying to make money online can get very confusing, very fast.

But it does not have to be this way! There is a way to succeed online and enjoy the journey too. No confusion. No roadblocks. And yes, even balance in your personal and business life.

Sound good? Keep reading to discover …

  • How confusion attacks us.
  • How confusion stops our progress and robs us of joy, opportunity and money.
  • How to forever solve the problem of confusion.

First, here is how confusion attacks most of us. Confusion is a sneaky enemy, coming to us looking very much like a solution only to deliver destruction of our hopes, dreams and goals.

The three main ways confusion attacks are …

Confusion Attack #1 The Explosion Of Experts

One reason we get confused is that it’s almost impossible to tell the real value providers from the pretenders online.

You have seen the pretenders. They stand in front of their expensive sports cars or the pools behind their mansions, endlessly prattling on about their own success. Only they don’t tell you the cars and houses are rented. 

They show endless screenshots of their Clickbank or JV Zoo accounts, claiming to go from zero to hundreds, or thousands, a day by using the method they are selling.

If you met these hustlers in person you would instantly know they are con men.

But you don’t meet them in person, you meet them online. And online anyone can look like an expert with the right copy, the right graphics and a great sales letter or video.


There are three ways I know to overcome the attack of the so-called expert.

Consume their free information. Read their blog. Listen to their podcast. Join their list. Do they deliver real value free, or just tease you into buying?

Get in touch personally. It is reasonable for successful people to have staff to help them. This means you might not be able to reach a bigger name business person personally on the first try.

But you should be able to reach a person who works for him or her and you should be able to get YOUR question answered without being referred to a self-serve “knowledge base”.

Buy a low cost product from them. This can be a massive eye-opener for many people. If you buy a low-cost product from someone you follow you will experience what it is like to be their customer.

That experience, good or bad, can inform your opinion of their advice going forward. Always look for leaders to practice what they preach.

Confusion Attack #2 The Tyranny Of The “Best”

It is perfectly reasonable to want to know the best practices when it comes to anything you do. After all, we don’t look for UN-Certified Public Accountants to do our taxes, right? That would be foolish.

If my 15 years of experience online has taught me anything it is this …

There are many valid ways to succeed online.

The real secret is to pick one and master it before moving on to another.

Looking at my consulting clients alone, I see these methods being used successfully.

  • Selling digital products like software or SAAS.
  • Selling physical products like having an Amazon store.
  • Selling downloadable information products like books.
  • Selling membership sites.
  • Coaching and consulting for businesses.
  • Personal fitness training.
  • Teach guitar on Skype.
  • Blogging and publishing books.

There are more ways to succeed online than we can imagine. And THAT is often the problem!

TOO MANY CHOICES! I hear this complaint often. And I have fallen victim to the siren song of “a better way” more times than I care to admit.


I believe there are four steps.

Realize that there is no best way.

There are only ways that work, or don’t work, for your personality. You have seen many examples of people making it big in almost every field of endeavor and using almost every marketing method known.

Find something that fits you.

If you can’t choose, consider hiring a coach or consultant to help you. Or consider my course called Success Roadmap. (See how I got that shameless plug in there!) 🙂

Once you have chosen your method, get very serious.

It takes focus and dedication to master any marketing method. 

If you choose email, for example, study EVERY top expert you can.

  • Learn from them.
  • Mimic them.
  • Model them.
  • Buy their teaching products.
  • And be sure to get on their list!

Mastering a marketing method is the goal. Not to become “pretty good” at it, or know about it. To master it. To be able to wield it like a sword and get what you want in life from having mastered it. 

Realize that mastering one skill WILL lead to success with other skills.

Example: If you learn to write killer blog posts you will also be learning how to write sales letters, selling emails and ads.

The title of a great blog post is nothing more than a headline. The sections of a great blog post are the same as the sections in most sales letters.

Confusion Attack #3 Too Much Email … Too Little Doing

We all do it. We scan our emails, reading those oh so juicy subject lines, and wonder “is this the one?”

  • The one that is real.
  • The one that I can afford.
  • The one that will work for me.

If there were ONE piece of advice I would have you take away from this article it would be this.

PROCESS your email once a day. Twice at the most. 

When I say process, I mean this.

  • Anything you HAVE to read now, read now and take action.
  • Anything you MIGHT want to read, mark to read later.
  • Everything else gets archived or deleted.

This is how I have stayed sane while receiving over 300 emails a day for the past 12 years. Is it perfect? No. I miss some emails once in a while. But it’s never hurt me to miss them because I catch them when I review my “read later” stack. 

This method works and will set you free from what may be the #1 enemy of productivity online … to much time looking at pitches in email. 

And I say this being a professional email marketer!

Here’s the bottom line; once you choose the marketing method you intend to master, you should spend more time practicing it than learning about it. Learn yes, but practice AS you learn.

By the way, I’m practicing what I preach here. I’m taking a traffic course right now that teaches how to write headlines. That’s something I know something about. In fact, I teach it. But I still took time to practice their method for an hour yesterday. 

We can all always grow, learn and improve. 

What Has Confusion Cost You?

I can tell you that is has cost me plenty. Not only in lost opportunity but in real money spent on programs and tools I just never got around to using. 

I think most of us have been there. 

Here’s the thing, even if confusion has cost you more than you’d like to admit, don’t get down on yourself about it. That helps no one.

Instead, realize this – acknowledging that confusion is the enemy is step 1 in wining the battle. Confusion is a powerful enemy, but not all powerful. 

Now, let’s look at a process you can us to solve the confusion problem in your own life and business.

How To Solve The Confusion Problem Forever

Here is what I teach consulting clients who are overwhelmed and searching for answers.

Proven Procedures Produce Peace

Let’s face it … there is simply not time to reinvent the wheel. None of us have the money of a Trump or the energy of a Tony Robbins, much less the time freedom to learn everything we need to know from our own experience.

So what do we do?

We find a mentor. A coach. A leader who has “been there and done that” and can guide us to where we need to be.

Sometimes we can work with that person one-to-one. Other times we can learn from their online courses or read their books. 

People who have achieved success in the field where WE want to achieve success can guide us. Even if we never meet them.

I did not have the privilege of meeting Zig Ziglar in person. Yet I learned how to set goals and have a Positive Mental Attitude from his books.

I never met Dale Carnegie or Norman Vincent Peale either, yet I learned optimism and the power of personal persuasion from them. 

If you want to solve the confusion problem in your own business and life, take these steps.

  1. Determine what marketing method (or business skill) you need to master.
  2. Find someone who has mastered it.
  3. Learn from them, personally if possible or in their teaching.
  4. Look for procedures they follow and follow them too.
  5. Fine tune what you learn to suit your personality, niche and resources.

Focus is a beautiful thing. When used properly it produces results we could only imagine before achieving it. It empowers us and puts in a special class of achievers.

Best of all, focus is totally free and open to all who choose to embrace it.

Embrace focus today and say goodbye to confusion forever. When you do, you will achieve more, enjoy your achievements more and be able to help those who follow you forge their own path to success as well. 

And those are some of the MOST beautiful things indeed!

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