Creating Yes Momentum

There is an old sales technique from the 1970s that works very well on the Internet. I know because I’m an old salesman from the 1970s! 🙂 It’s called building “yes momentum” and it works incredibly well to raise conversions on sales letters, one time offer pages and squeeze pages too.

I want to share with you how it works and how you can begin using it today.

But first, let me ask you three questions.

  1. If there was a marketing strategy that you believed with all your heart would work for you would you spend one hour to put it into practice? Not one hour a day – one hour ever.
  2. If you could increase sales with your current level of traffic would that have an impact on your bottom line?
  3. Do you want to sell more products with less effort starting today?

If you answered yes to all three of these questions (or any of them!) then you just experienced what “yes momentum” is all about.


The idea is simple but highly effective.

The premise is this – if you can get your prospect (be they a visitor to your site or a reader of your ad or article) to say “yes” in their head enough times then when the time comes for them to decide to buy or not buy the momentum of the “yeses” will carry them through and more of them will buy.

This method works. I use it all the time and in almost all of my marketing.

The wonderful thing about it is that you can increase sales without needing more traffic. While many believe that more traffic will increases sales the fact is that many people are getting the traffic they need now but not converting that traffic into sales.

I’m all for getting more traffic but I’m just as interested in converting as many visitors into customers as possible.

This technique will help do that.

Let’s look at where you can use it and I will share a bit from my experience about how to use it too. This technique works very well in these marketing locations.

Squeeze Pages

If you know squeeze pages then you know they need to be short and to the point.

One technique that works well is to use only questions on your squeeze page.

The secret sauce here is to ask questions you know the prospect will answer with a “yes”.

When you do that you build “yes momentum” and more people will opt in than ever before.

Sales Letters

When it comes to sales letters you need to choose where you put the “yes momentum” section.

The best place I’ve found to use it on a sales letter is in the recap section – the area where you are recapping what they get.

This usually comes after the price justification section where you show them why your product is worth the money you are asking.

The key here is to shift the conversation from telling to asking by saying (in headline font) something like “How can you know if this is right for you?”

Then you follow that with your “yes momentum” questions.

Remember to make these questions that most people will quickly answer with a yes.

One Time Offer Pages

I don’t like OTO pages but I do see the value of them when it comes to up-selling, so I will cover them here in case you use them.

If you are going to use “yes momentum” on a OTO page the best way to do it is to tie the questions into the product they just bought and less into the one time offer.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you just sold a book for $20 and now have a one time offer of $197 for the video series from the book material. That’s a common, and effective, use of a OTO.

The way to use this technique here is to say something like …

  • Want to save time?
  • Want to put what you learn into practice immediately?
  • Would it help to see what I’m teaching in practice rather than just reading?
  • Want to look over my shoulder as I do what I teach?

These questions aren’t perfect because I’m talking about a generic product but you get the point.

I would use the “yes momentum” questions as a lead in to the one time offer and not in the conclusion.

Thank You Pages

Thank you pages are the most valuable real estate online.

You can keep your Twitter followers and Facebook fan pages. Put me on your thank you page and I’ll make sales all day long. Why?

Because when your new customer lands on that thank you page they are at the happiest and most optimistic point possible.

They just purchased a product they believe in enough to pay for and are ready to get started.

You know the feeling. The world is chock full of possibilities and you can’t wait to get going! It’s call enthusiasm and it is a powerful selling force.

So why not capture that enthusiasm and ask them three simple questions and get them to take the next action as well?

NOTE: I’m not talking about a one time offer page here, I’m talking about a traditional thank you or download page.

The key here is to determine the most valuable action you want them to take.

In my view, the most valuable action to ask your new customer to take is to refer you to others.

Because their enthusiasm is high they will be happy to share with their friends.

There are three steps to do this.

First, you need a set of “yes momentum” questions. This should be simple since they just bought from you.

Second, you need a “tell a friend” form for them to fill out. I use and like a product called Instant Form Pro.

Third, you need to decide if you want to go for the pure recommendation or create an incentive for them to share your sales page. I don’t like to incentivize here personally because it leads to junk email addresses entered for the sake of getting the prize.

I do like, and use, the straight-out asking for the referral technique. And it works very well.

Selling Emails

In today’s world of spam filters and short attention spans, shorter emails work better than 1000 word articles. This is why “yes momentum” questions work so well in selling emails.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you are selling a business opportunity that empowers people to work from home selling products as an affiliate.

Three “yes momentum” questions might be.

  • Want to work from home but not sure how to start?
  • Do you need to create a powerful income fast?
  • Tired of the hype and high pressure and just want to facts about making money online?

Again, these are not perfect questions because I’m writing about a generic product, so I can’t get super specific. But you see the point.

Solo Ads

Solo ads are emails sent to the entire list of an ezine publisher (or other list owner) for a fee. Your email goes to the list and only your email, hence the name “solo”.

Since solo ads are actually selling emails the advice above applies so try that in your next solo ad and track results. I believe you will like what you see.

Classified Ads

To use “yes momentum” with classified ads make the entire ad a series of short “yes momentum” questions. Here’s an example using the copy above.

Do you need to create a powerful income fast? Tired of the hype and high pressure and just want to facts about making money online? I was too and found a real solution! <<URL HERE>>


I’m sure you know Twitter but are you making any real money on Twitter? The only way to make sales using Twitter is to get the click.

The best way to get the click?

You guessed it … building “yes momentum”!

Because you are so limited on Twitter I recommend using only one question per tweet.

This works very well for me and I hope it works equally well for you. In fact, I have found this to be the second most effective way to get clicks on my Twitter account.

Action Steps

How can you put this into action in your own business? Here are three ideas.

  • First – Write out your list of “yes momentum” questions. Start a list on paper or your computer and add to it over the next few days. Refine the questions
  • Second – Choose where you will use “yes momentum”
  • Third – Test the idea to see how it works for you.

The idea of “yes momentum” works incredibly well when used strategically. I hope this article helps you see how to do that and that using “yes momentum” helps you sell more than ever before.

Because more sales – especially when what you sell helps real people – is a beautiful thing indeed!

Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

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Gordon Appleby Reply

Great article, Charlie. Lots of examples in a lot of different platforms. The 3 action steps are common sense and doable. Very cool article.

But wait! – There’s more…

I gotta ask: If “Yes momentum questions” are your 2nd most most effective click-getting technique on Twitter, what is your top one? Inquiring minds want to know…at least one :-).

Thanks, as always.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Good question. Not too many noticed the “second” part.

    My #1 click getting technique across all mediums is to share actionable information openly and without thumping any product, including my own.

    I will often tease in a tweet (because they are short) but never send anyone to a sales page, only to a content page.

    Sales happen after that based on my automated systems and only IF the person self-selects that they need the product, not because I’ve pressured them.

    Great question as usual! Thanks.

      Gordon Appleby Reply

      Excellent! Thanks.

Donovan Barrett Jr Reply

I’m loving the articles, it’s like you made them just for me lol. But I am taking your advice and applying them into my work.

James Miller Reply

Excellent article as always. I’m heading Into the email marketing world. Its hard to build a targeted list, but I have been learning some techniques here and there that seem to make life easier to get those targeted emails from potential customers.

Let’s see If they work.

My mental strategy Is always to work, test new things and Always Take Action. Sometimes I fall victim of not wanting to do some projects anymore because of failure, but one can use that same failure to give you more drive to test others things to find the great success.

Mark M Reply

Great stuff as usual Charlie, thank you very much for the best info about just about anything to do with online business.

S. Kumar, Reply

That’s an outstanding article! You just put me back on place where I had begun to take things as granted.

Stefan Reply

Yes, yes, yes

The three most powerful words a marketer need to learn how to use. Charlie, you frame it perfect here. Wouldn’t we all gain from applying this in what we do? Will you that read this apply, starting today?

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Linda Basta Reply

Tweeted for you and will be sharing in my newsletter.
Thanks, Charlie

Philip Henry Reply

First, How is your” brother ” I trust he is holding his own, You keep strong for him and he will produce his inner strength.

Many thanks once more for some more words of wisdom. I have made notes of them and will put them to the test to the best of my ability.

Sam Duah Reply

Hi Charlie,
Always delighted your articles. This is another of your words of wisdom which I will treasure for good. I hope to use them in my prospecting. Charlie, Thank you for sharing your knowledge freely with every one without a cost.

Make Easy Money Online Starting from Today Reply

Hi: Charlie!
Thank you very much for this article, especially the part when you say:
“If you are going to use “yes momentum” on a OTO page the best way to do it is to tie the questions into the product they just bought and less into the one time offer.”
The thing that most people hate OTO so much as they feel that they are been taken for a ride. But the fact of the matter is that if you when been marketing online for sometime you will know that our job as marketers is to sell good products to our prospects, and if you think that you do not want to buy any OTO just skip strainght to the
buying page.
Thank Charlie Again as I am going to make more monewy with this information!

Get Fit Quickly Reply

Charlie, This has to be one of your best articles you have ever written. It is something that everyone should know, but forgets all about when creating their websites, sales pages, squeeze pages, etc. I think they become so engrossed in selling to people that they forget such a basic concept – and it works so well.

Thank you for reminding me of everything I should be doing in my sales page creation.

Ray Wizard Reply

Great information on improving marketing results. Thank you.

Randy Swinefor Reply

Once again Charlie great stuff!

Raymond Reply

Raymond says:
April 22,2012 at 2:07 PM

The ‘yes momentum’ makes building a list look
as simple as having a piece of sweet cake.
Thanks as usual for the great post.

Rebecca Hadley Reply

Thank you Charlie, I will implement it on my next post on Twitter and Facebook. I have leaned much from your good information articles.

J W Reply

Just read your Artical and find it verry informing and I love your Ideas.

Jesus Moreno Reply

Hi Charlie:
You make this internet marketing stuff looks like “easy” and I really think it’s not. Thank you for these new terms I’ve just learned about the “yes momentum” you’ve posted this occasion.
Jesus Moreno

Dottson Reply

Thank you Charlie! Very good information about building “yes momentum”. I am going to implement it on my sales pages.

Jay Reply

Great tips Charlie, yes?
Thank you:)

Simon Malcolm Reply

Thanks Charlie. This info is perfect for a planning session I have on Tuesday – its almost like you wrote it for that meeting. Thanks again – you are very much appreciated.

Martin Reply

Thank you Charlie. This is an excellent article. I love reading things that are an in depth analysis of a technique with examples of how the technique works.
This was enlightening to me. Thanks!


Wendy Owen Reply

Very good information, thanks Charlie. I shall be using this on my sales pages and also be watching for it when people are trying to sell me something!


Martin Findling Reply

I enjoy reading your articles Charlie because I learn so much from your expertise. I haven’t heard of the “yes momentum” before, it makes perfect sense. Thank you for sharing it. Great article.
Bless you,

Paul Warner Reply

Very good post and if anybody has been truly in sales this is stuff that they should know, or least the reminding them of it should jell the dust cells in their brains.
One thing I would like to add to this is that the OTO’s is one of the biggest rip-offs on the Internet, and I despise any marketer that uses this as a matter of selling and making more money. I don’t care
how good the product is, if the marketer is trying to get me with a OTO I no longer do business with him. Paul

Judy K. Reply

One of my first jobs in life was selling china and silverware, door to door. I don’t think anyone doess that anymore, but it was the best sales training ever. We had a presentation book and on each page of the presentation, there was a question to which the prospect couldn’t possibly say “no”. On page that I recall pictured a lady with a bright red dress. It was my time to say “isn’t that a red dress?”, lol. It really worked, though. Of course it always is number one to sell something of value.

Ken Damon Reply


Thank You for this great information. The information in your emails is so valuable to me that I never delete any of of them and will often look through them to see if you have already answered a question I was not ready to ask at the time.


Tom Coleman Reply

Hi Charlie,
Thanks. I’ll be implementing your squeeze page suggestions today.

To Your Success,


Jay Reply

OMG! I learned about this way back when in my MLM days. Now I know why it works and how to apply it in more ways! : ) Thanks buddy!

Herman Winata Reply

This is article make me remember about 1970 , I am a salesman to sell
about cotton of beauty , I have a motto if I show up to the door step
of store I never go back before the owner buy from me and now you said Charlie about yes momentum , you make the buyer or your follower say yes ha..ha..ha good idea Charlie .

Billy Reply

Hello Charlie

Can the above technique work with offline
products and services?

I just walked away from a straight commission
job where all I heard wal “NO” Again.How can I use

Legal Shield flip chart to accomplish this with “Yes”

Great ideas!


    Charlie Page Reply


    I’m not familiar with that product but the concept of yes momentum actually comes from in-person selling more than from the Internet. I just adapted what I learned offline for the web. If you liked this idea you might take a look at some books by Tom Hopkins for more selling techniques.

    Hope this helps.


Mark Hamilton Reply

Hey Charlie. Another very simple and powerful way to increase your results online. Thanks for laying this out so simply. I am going to put this to immediate use and I know that I will be happy with the results.
Keep cranking out the great advice. I always open and read your stuff because it gives me real useable data – and not a bunch of pie in the sky hype I seem to get from most other places. Your the best.

Maurice Reply

As always, you generously share very useful information. The content is to the point, easy to understand and to implement. So when you suggested a WSO for the first time, I went and got it. I’m very conservative when it comes to purchasing affiliate marketing offers. I said to myself “Charlie recommended it, so it must be good!” I wasn’t disappointed.

Thanks Charlie

Carmelo Bryan Reply

Very nice, Charlie. I found myself thinking how practical this was and how “naturally” smart it was too. Then it hit me that when you get the customer/prospect saying “yes,” the underlying psychology is that he/she is thinking you’re smart!

“And that’s a beautiful thing!” (who said that?)

Luther Wood Reply

Right on Charlie, I have spent over 50 years in sales and marketing off line and I’ve used the “yes momentum” technique over and over. Now that I am trying to “break the code” into internet marketing you have showed me how to use in here too. Thank you! Thank you!

The Ol Boomer Reply

As another “an old salesman from the 1970s!”, I can vouch for Charlie’s accuracy regarding the “Yes Momentum” technique is spot on.
Thanks Charlie for sharing this and reminding another old veteran salesman about this. It’s a winner!
The Ol Boomer

Seng Sotharith Reply

Hi Charlie,
Thank you once again for sharing this great tips.
Best regards,
Seng Sotharith

Mikael Reply

This “yes momentum” article really gave me something to think of,yes! Thanks Charlie for another good article!

Ric Brothers Reply

Thanks Again Charlie!

Not only do I thank you, but I’ll also recommend this information in my next newsletter.

Ric Brothers-Affiliate Business

Jerry Reply

OK Charlie, I just gotta ask…if building yes momentum is your second most effective way to get clicks on your Twitter account…what is your number one way? Or is that your next article? lol
Anyway, I find great value in all your articles…thanks.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Good question. My #1 technique is to share high quality original content and provide a link to learn more. Thank you for your comment.


Robert Halcomb Reply

Best advice I’ve heard in a long time. Very valuable! Thanks, Charlie

Francesco Reply

Hey Charlie,
Thank you for this great article. I will certainly use your ideas in my marketing business. I’ll be in touch, one of these days, to buy some solo ads from you.

    Kenny Taylor (a.k.a. Sugarbear) Reply

    Thank you, Charlie for sharing this useful information with us! Ironically, your artical has arrived in just the nick of time that I was in desparate need of some valuable positively charged motivation to help shake me from the complacency of a 6 month long idle spell. Divorce, the loss of my job, out of control debt rising to rediculous levels, family members in dire need of medical and dental attention that we can no longer afford due to the loss of my insurance when I was laid off from the last job, then failure after failure compounding the list of non acheivements as pertaining to my desire to create a Profitable Online Business ……. this all resulted in a deep near catatonic state of clinical depression that led to my laying down dormant physically, mentally, and emotionally for the last 6 months now! I had actually just paid to join with you in your promotion of the Siphon Hardcore busines opportunity when the lay off occurred, and i could no longer even afford to keep my website online. But, I’m back now, with a renewed focus & refreshed motivation to keep working towards the goals that i have set in Creating My Own Profit Making Online Business! I’ve been striving for this goal for almost 7 years now, and I’ve come to far, & learned far to much to simply give up on my goals now! Therefore, once again, i say, “Thank you, Charlie, for your caring enough about others & your willingness to share relevant information with us, that may help me to acheive the same success that you have earned working online! Kenny Taylor (a.k.a. Papa Sugarbear)

Jeff Reply

Charlie, you never cease to amaze me. People should pay careful
attention to your teachings and wisdom. You kinda remind me of the story of the turtle and hare. Your gonna come out on top with
the momentum method for sure.

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