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David Ogilvy was the greatest advertising man to ever live. He started his work life as a chef. Afterwards,  he sold stoves door to door. Then he moved to New York, at age 38, and founded what would become one of the world’s largest advertising agencies, Ogilvy & Mather.

I believe there are lessons to be learned from the giants. Men and women like Zig Ziglar, Dale Carnegie, Mary Kay Ash and Clara Barton left more than just legend behind … they left knowledge.

The more we learn those lessons, and apply them, the better we do. Even in our “always on” 21st century lives.

Here then are a few articles I have selected for you to enjoy. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Ten Tips on Writing

This article lays out David Ogilvy’s ten writing tips. He often said he was not a “good” writer, yet he created the ad that says that Dove is “1/4 cleansing cream” and other classics.

Take a look here at his 10 tips …

10 Tips on Writing from David Ogilvy | Brain Pickings

David Ogilvy Quotes

Adding quotes to your blog will help readers enjoy your blog more and cause them to stay longer. Both good things. I refer to Brainy Quotes often, and found these quotes by Ogilvy you might enjoy.

David Ogilvy Quotes – BrainyQuote

Ogilvy’s Renegade Management Style

Ogilvy was more than just a great ad writer or “creative” (a term he hated). He was a great manager too, taking Ogilvy & Mather from a start up to one of the largest ad agencies in the world, with over 90 offices worldwide.

Here are some of his “contrarian” management ideas.

David Ogilvy’s Contrarian Management Advice – Help Scout

From an investor’s point of view …

Are you an investor? Here is an interesting article about Ogilvy from the investor’s point of view.

What The Original Mad Man David Ogilvy Can Teach Investors

Finally, a short video …

And finally, here is a short video featuring David Ogilvy in case you want to know more.

I hope you enjoy these resources. I’m re-reading Ogilvy on Advertising right now.

Ever read it?


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15 thoughts on “Curating David Ogilvy”

  1. Simple yet powerful way to share information. Also the topic David Ogilvy is well worth taking the time to read this post and dig into all the resources that were provided … thanks for taking the time to put the information together in a nice neat easy to digest format.

    1. Hi Garry,

      The blog is looking GREAT! Well done. Thank you for your kind comments about the article. David was the king of advertising, no questions there.


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  3. Thanks Charlie, “Ogilvy on Advertising” looks good. I checked to see if our library has it. The book was written in 1989 and the library has 2 copies, but would you believe, both of them are checked out, due back mid November. I think that speaks volumes about the book, anxious to read it. Thanks!

    1. It’s a true classic. Another is “Confessions of an Advertising Man”. Worth checking into as time allows.


  4. I really enjoyed this article, and I’m off to read the 10 writing tips when I finish this comment.
    You’ve taught me a lot over the years, and the last thing I expect to ask you for is more free stuff,
    but I’ve been trying to learn more about curation and certainly would like to see the process you followed. Thanks again.

    1. It’s the process of sharing great data pulled together from many sources. Here’s an article of mine that might help. Click here for the article.

      If you decide curation is for you I have a course on it called Curation Power. But the article should shine some light on the topic for you.

  5. What a great page Charlie!
    Very enjoyable.
    Definitely would love to see how you curated this.

    Thanks for all of the information that you provide so willingly for all of us to read and/or to watch.
    Regards Lawrence

  6. Great stuff Charlie, I like short Videos, not the 30mins or so ones, they are too long. Short article but to the point. Well done, thanks.
    Mark M

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  8. This is very inspiring for me. Even though I’m a natural at writing poetry, song lyrics, and even short stories – ad writing is its own art form, and David Ogilvy was a master. Thank you for this!

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