Curation Business Plan

In the last few articles we have been talking about curation and making money from your efforts.

If you missed the first two articles please take a moment to read them.

They lay a strong foundation for what comes today. There is also an important action step in the second article.

You can read them here. They will open in a new window for your convenience.

Link to article 1

Link to article 2

Today we want to look at the big picture. In the next few articles we will fill in the blanks on what is covered today.

Stephen Covey famously said to "begin with the end in mind". I believe that's true and so want you to see the end goal before we dig into the nitty gritty.

I am a visual thinker and so like to see everything on one page as often as possible. For this reason I mind map almost everything I do.

Today I’d like to share with you my mind map for a curation business.

This is the same process I have used online and it’s the process I used to teach consulting clients as well.

One of the best things about this simple business plan is that it is step by step.

If you follow the steps you build a business. If you skip a step you will likely lose profits.

Best of all, each step is easy to do. I will cover each step in this free Quick Course on curation.

As you will see in the graphic above, there are six simple steps.

Let me cover each briefly today. Each will be covered in depth before the series is over.


The first step in the process is to choose your topic. You will be creating a web presence about this topic so that searchers can find you and so that your audience will have a place to call home.

Don’t laugh - if you do this well your site will become the one that your audience wants to visit frequently.

You will become a trusted resource for your readers.

A welcome friend, not a pest who is always pitching the next great thing.

If that sounds good to you, read on.

In article 2 I gave you a bit of homework. I asked you to identify your passion; to identify the niche from which you want to profit.

If you did that work please have that niche in mind as we move forward. 

One word about niches, profits and passion. I often suggest to people they follow their passion and make a business from that.

I’ve been asked why I suggest that so let me explain.

There are three reasons I feel that following your passion will pay off more handsomely that just trying to “make money”.

ONE - Because you are passionate you won’t quit.

When you encounter challenges (and you will) your first thought will be “how can I solve this problem” and not “how can I get out of this thing”.

TWO - Because you are passionate you will have natural knowledge about the topic.

Let’s say golf is your passion. If it is you very likely play golf, watch golf on television, talk with friends about golf and you might even read some golf magazines.

This means you have a base of knowledge to work from and that gives you a huge head start.

THREE - Because you are passionate you will like the customers you make.

Please don’t discount this. It’s all too easy to build a successful business and have nothing in common with your customers other than the fact that you sold them something.

I heard Frank Kern say once that one reason he made so many changes (personally and professionally) is that he woke up one day and realized he did not like his customers and would be happy if he never heard from them.

Not a happy way to work.

If you are trying to make money with a topic that is foreign to you then you have none of these advantages.

Learn Curation from Charlie!

Your content problem is solved!


Once you have chosen a topic it’s time to do some research into that market.

This is a simple process that includes five easy steps.

My next article covers those steps in detail so I won’t cover that here except to say this.

It’s easy to do. You don’t need geeky skills and you won't have to spend money to get the information you need.


The curation business model is not about you being a great writer. If you love to write or make videos or create other forms of content that’s great. It will only help.

But it is not necessary at all.

Curation is about gathering together great content.

It’s about assembling together the best of the best and presenting it in a way that helps people who visit your site.

They visit, they find what they need, they like how you present it and then return. Simple.

They won’t care at all that you did or did not create the content. They will care very much that you saved them time, helped them get an answer they needed or helped them solve a problem.

We will cover exactly how to do that in an upcoming article. I will cover the tools I like and use as well.

For now do this - if you have chosen the topic you want to curate make a list of all the sites you know of right now that deal with this subject.

No need to go digging. Just make a list of the sites you know or have visited lately.


The next step in the curation business model is to publish the content you have gathered.

This publishing can take many forms, including ...

There are also sites like that specialize in helping you curate content.

I’ll cover those in my resources post as we travel through this series together. I’ll make specific recommendations as well as sharing what I’m doing.


You’ve heard it so many times you’re tired of hearing it by now. But it is still true and, in fact, more important today than ever.

You need a mailing list of your own to really succeed online.

I’ve written about this before so no need to cover that here.

But the logic is immutable. People who visit your site will want to hear from you and email is the #1 way to do that.

  • They will want to know when you have new content.
  • They will want to communicate with you personally if you offer that.
  • And they will buy from you because they now know you, like you and trust you.


Now for the part most people like best - making money from all this work.

There are many many ways to do this.

The three I’m going to focus on are these ...

In each of these areas there are specific dos and don’ts. We will cover those in an upcoming article.

Today is about seeing the big picture.

Today is about taking the next step.

There you have it - six simple steps that can help you build a real online business. Not some pie in the sky “make $10,000 this week with no experience” bull but a real business.

  • A business that can support you and your family.
  • A business that earns profits every day even if you don’t work that day.
  • A business with true book value; one that can be sold or passed on to your heirs.

This is a business model that can build such a business. And believe me when I tell you that owning such a business is a beautiful thing indeed!


Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

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Bob Withers Reply

Thanks again Charlie. I’m looking forward to the rest of your course.

zaki Reply

Hi Charlie,

Thanks great insights I’m getting there love to start soon as i can

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Leon van Keulen Reply

Hi Charlie,

Can you tell me if I need more tools besides the course? Do I need content creation software or other tools?

Thanks so much,

Steven Webb Reply


I have looked into curating several times but have always been concerned about.

  1. Doesn’t it look to Google like you are copying or duplicate content?
  2. Losing your visitor to the site you got the content from.
    Charlie Page Reply


    These are common concerns, and understandable.

    As to point 1, when curation is done properly it is not at all duplicate content. You are not taking the entire article and putting it on your site, you are curating part of the article and, best practices, commenting on the article.

    As to point 2, you can have the links to the site from which you are curating open in a new window if you are concerned with losing time on site.

    Sorry to be self-promotional, but this is exactly what I am teaching at Curation Power.

    Hope this helps.


      Steven Webb Reply

      Hi Charlie,

      Thank you for the reply.

      Just had a quick look for more information regarding your Curation Power you mention I cannot seem to find any links. Is it this series of articles or am I missing something?


      Charlie Page Reply

      Sorry about that. The site is actually not open to the public but available to my members and readers.

      Since you are a blog reader, here is the link …

      You can see it at


      Steven Webb Reply

      Thank you, I’m already a happy member Directory of Ezines. So I will definitely check it out.


      Charlie Page Reply

      Thanks! I hope you find what you need inside Curation Power.


Kanti PATEL Reply

Hi Charlie,

Thank you for these steps of Curation Business Plan! – I intend to follow your steps closely! Keep them coming! – Kanti

Carla Reply

Mr. Page, I believe that curating content will help me a great deal. Since I am an interdisciplinary you can image my passions are various. Because of this I am always attempting to capture information. For example, cyber solutions knowledge is in its infancy. One Venture organization like Tech Target, and others have great content. I often wondered if I needed to ask them if I could use their content?? I would like to more..about curating content. Is curating content part of the lifetime membership? Thanks.

    Charlie Page Reply

    It is always best to ask before using content.

    But the basic principle behind curation is that you are only quoting the source and always providing full attribution and a link back to the source.

    I know of no one who objects to that type of curation.

Mark Reply

Charlie – You do a great job of laying this out in step by step fashion. I am a voracious reader of natural health information – I often find myself thinking that more people need to know about what I’m reading – that it would really help many, many people. Curation seems like a fairly “pain free” way for me to share and help others! I can hardly wait to hear more.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Hi Mark,

    Curation is the easiest way to do content marketing when done well. And, when done well, you are creating huge value for your readers. I do hope you investigate curation more and take action on it as well. It’s a great way to share excellent content and make money for doing what you love.


Phyllis Thomas Reply

I read the first three articles on curation and now this one. I’m really getting excited about finally learning some good sound, practical step-by-step methods to do what I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Thanks so much for sharing your experience in such a simple to understand manner. Blessings to you, Charlie.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Happy to share. Blessings to you as well.


Noel Guilaoro Reply

Great Charlie Page, I enjoy reading your great articles and learning from you every day. I ham finding in you the way to be focus on creating a real business online. Thank you. Your articles are great treasures for my mind and ability to create.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thanks Noel! I’m happy you find them helpful.


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Hakeem B. Smith Reply

Hi Charlie,
It’s holidays, and I had time to read and study through your articles on Curation. Very clear. I need to go through again. I did do the assignments too well, but for the first time, I was able to see the light rather than just moonlighting! You have largely helped me clarify my thoughts and understanding of what an online information business that is solid and reliable really is! You are the man! You will hear more from me this time around. Hope you do not mind… Bless you.

Carroll Glass Reply

Hi Charlie,
Hope you continue improving your health, keep the faith and the faith will be accepted by you and bring the actuality that you aspire to.
Thanks for this series, it seems very good and I will do the work required to make me successful and remove seems from my comment, given that your track record precedes you.


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Earl Savage Reply

Hi Charlie,

I’m enjoying this series and hope to profit from it. I also want to
bring to your attention a typo that you may want to correct:

“It’s all too easy to build a successful business and have nothing in
common with your customers [other than] the fact that you sold them something.”



Guy Pierce Reply

Was waiting for your next installment Charlie! I was really hoping everything was alright with you and your family and it looks like it is. Thanks for the update and I look forward to your more detailed posts on Curation.



Scola Reply

Charlie I need help from you, It may be out of your service but Please help me.
Am a new member in DOE and new in affiliate marketing. I would like to follow your instructions so that I maximize the chances of making money. In other word to succeed in internet marketing. Guide me to someone selling genuine websites at good price. I don’t have a website and I would like to put in use the articles and to start building my own list through advertising DOE.
I hope my request will be put under your consideration.
Thanks Charlie hope to hear from you soon.

    Charlie Page Reply

    I’m happy to help. Just log in to the DOE and visit the Learning Center and you will find good information about affiliate marketing. Many other topics are covered as well inside the DOE members area.

Brian Nelson Reply

Thanks for the information Charlie. I appreciate your style.
In a World of Takers You are a Giver! Brian Nelson

ed Reply

Hey Charlie,

Really enjoying this…

Many thanks


Rosemarie McKenna Reply

Charlie, thank you for your wisdom! This is what I’ve been looking and lacking in my business – now I’ve found it!

Don Menkens Reply

G’day Charlie!
Enjoyed your articles on curation. Had no idea what it was to begin with. Interesting. I am a lifetime member of DOE and enjoy your common sense articles.
Charlie, I have about 500 personal contacts, and am wondering how to send emails to them as a group. Is there some method or software that will allow me to do this. Gmail only allows about 50 addresses at a time, and it is a real pain having to repeat so many sends to cover my list. Do you have any suggestions? How do you send to your large lists?
Kind regards,

    Charlie Page Reply

    The best way to do this is to use an autoresponder. Some autoresponder companies won’t let you import your contacts without them confirming. That can be a confusing process for them. Other companies will allow imports. I believe Get Response will allow such an import. Another option, if you have a site of your own, is to use a mailing program or autoresponder installed on your own server. Hope this helps.


Ake Hedman Reply

This feels just right to me, I like your mind map, it seams to connect with my brain. Now, I still have one big problem to solve, I’m am passioned about too many things!
Thank you

amin a Jonis Reply

Charlie is a good man,..You know why,.. all these so called gurus are doing the same methods but they wont tell you coze they wanna rib money of you and you stil havend found the right answers.but Charlie knows wat to do and to make mistakes.

again, thank you so much

Amin A.J

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Lee Wise Reply

A short note, Charlie…

Totally enjoyed it. In my mind, an excellent resource. I’m gonna Tweet this one for sure as soon as this note is done.

Have a great day,


andre Reply

Hi Charlie,
I really enjoyed the mini course on content curation.
I’ve been reading and following you for over 8 years! Hope all is well with you!

Mathea Ford Reply

Charlie – I am so excited – I have purchased information on curating before but I could never get past the “what do I curate” until I read your last article. Now, I know exactly what I am going to do and I know it’s able to be monetized, and I am looking forward to your system. Thanks.

Jack Folsgood Reply

That’s good stuff Charlie.



Tom Reply

Well done, Charlie…You’ve got my full attention as this fits in with what I’d like to do with the rest of my life! You have done a far better job than the guru Harlan Kilstein, who was the first IMer, at least for me, preaching curation. Will be glued for the rest of your information on this model I will definitely be taking action on. Thanks!!!

Juan-Pierre Schaper Reply

Great stuff once again Charlie 🙂

I can’t wait for the next installment. So far this series makes more sense to me than any of the B.S marketing courses that other marketers are actually selling for money.

Please keep up the good – and generous – work.

Kind Regards
J Schaper

Joyce Weiss Reply

Hi Charlie:
I am sure I will use your site many times. I am not working so much on articles right now as solo ads, but later on I know that I will be and your information sounds like something I would need for about a year at least.
Thanks for all the information, I look forward to working with you.

Dev Hobbins Reply

Once again, you have nailed it, Charlie!

Tweeting it for you as well.
Thanks so much for always sharing your passion, knowledge and care with others.


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