Does Article Marketing Really Work?

There has been a lot of confusion lately about article marketing.  The questions I’m hearing include:

  1. Does article marketing still work?
  2. Should I use a “spinner” to create articles?
  3. Why was my article not accepted by the big article directories?
  4. How can I write a great article?
  5. Where can I find someone who will write articles for me for a reasonable fee?

There have been more questions than these but these are the top five I’m hearing.

Today I want to address the #1 question I get about article marketing … “Does article marketing still work?”



I KNOW it works because I’ve been doing article marketing for over 10 years now. In fact, I was doing article marketing BEFORE there were article directories! You may know that I started as a member of the DOE. What did I do when I first started as a member?

Article marketing!

Did it work? Less than 18 months later I bought the company!

It worked then, it works now and you CAN do this. Even if you don’t want to write articles!

To prove to you that article marketing works NOW I took a screen shot of a search for one of my recent articles. When I say recent, I mean that I published this article for the first time ever on January 13, 2010. Today is March 4, 2010 so it’s been about six weeks.

You can see the article, and it’s published date (near the bottom of the article) by clicking here. It will open in a new window for you.

Before you take a close look I want to point out these facts.

  1. I wrote this article using the EXACT formula I teach Directory of Ezines members and members of my private Article Marketing Live site.
  2. I wrote this article in less than 2 hours, using the formula mentioned above.
  3. It took my article distribution person less than 1 hour to submit this article.
  4. She did NOT use software to submit the article. All of my articles are hand submitted.

Now take a close look and you will see there are over three thousand hits on this article title.

SUPER IMPORTANT: Please notice that I searched for the article title AND my name WITH QUOTES. When you do that in Google you are telling them to only return results that match the EXACT PHRASES. So the only pages returned have the article title AND my name on the page. This is the most restrictive search possible, which means these are real results. Searching for the title only created over 70,000 hits but that was a false positive. To know what is really going on you have to search the right way.

Bottom line, my article is being published on over 3500 web pages in less than 2 months!

article marketing


I believe it means two things.

FIRST: It means this … article marketing works! Period. Do it right and it works. Use junk articles and it will never work no matter how hard you try.

SECOND: You have to learn how to do article marketing the right way and get started today. Why? Because article marketing works and it is FREE to do!

If you do not know how to do this I will teach you how!

Members of my Directory of Ezines, Follow Up Selling Systems, Common Sense Blog Blueprint sites learn what I know and I work with them personally!

If you want to learn article marketing the right way, and want your articles to get this type of coverage, use one of the links below to learn more. Let’s work together and create real results for YOU!

Thanks for reading. If you liked this short case study please leave a comment below and Tweet it out if you can.

We offer great resources for article marketing inside the Directory of Ezines members area. And there is more to come!  If you are a DOE member log in and let’s get to work. If you are not a DOE member yet then now is the time.

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Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

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David Reply

Hello Charlie!

I just wanted to tell you that I was sorry to hear about the hit the DOE took from Google? I really don’t get it Charlie?
Honestly it scares me Charlie. If Google comes down on someone that I have always viewed as honest and ethical in his practices online then what happens to us regular guys trying to get started?
It’s bad Charlie, and I hate to say something like this, but deceitful practices are in the wind buddy, I can tell because I can smell the stench of it!
I just came here via your Linkedln page and I was reading your article for 2012, very good Charlie as always. I like you Charlie, your just a regular good guy, you work hard, you try to make an honest buck, and you are always willing to help another man out.
You take care my friend!
God Bless You Charlie,

    Charlie Page Reply


    The DOE has not been penalized by Google at all. Not sure where you got that impression but happily it’s not correct. Visited your site and really enjoyed the articles there.


Yes, I Agree With You! Reply

Hi charlie,

I agree with everything you said Article marketing WORKS BETTER THAN EVER. But, when it is done right! This is my favourite free way to have traffic coming back to my website. I still have traffic coming to my site from articles I wrote 2 years ago. That’s really cool.

Ana Carter

Myrna Duran Reply

Wow, i guess all the compliments have been said already. well, thanks for the free ebooks and the tips.

Steve Hawk Reply

Hi Charlie,

I use article marketing as one of my core strategies and I agree wholeheartedly with you that it absolutely works! I need to do a better job with my keyword research to increase my traffic to higher levels. I just found your site and I love it! Keep up the great work.

Steve Hawk

Lucky Reply

Great revelation.

Jess Echavez Reply

Wow, i guess all the compliments have been said already. well, thanks for the free ebooks and the tips.

Leval Ainah Reply

Thanks Charlie for showing me how to correcttly search for information on google. and alos how to find out the numbers of hits on an article

poch Reply

Thank you very much for your free ebook.
I know it will be useful since I write for eZine.

Viola Olah Reply

I learn something new every time I read your emails. So I always look forward receiving them.

Thanks Charlie

Timothy Albiez Reply

Hi Charlie

I have been keeping my eyes open for emails from you in my inbox. Your blog posts are among very few resources I consider viable.

I am trying to get enough funds together to become a lifetime member of the DOE before positions run out! I really want to promote my niche (text ad exchange utilization and profiteering) and get out my first e-product as soon as possible.

Your posts have been inspirational to me, and has helped me do things better and I am now getting better than my average results for less work, so a big thank you for that.

Charles Kaluwasha Reply

This article has reminded me to start writing one articles at least every two weeks. This is the only free way to have traffic coming back to my website in the long run. so far I have written 27 articles and they bring in traffic for me.
Thanks for your leadership Charlie!

Billee Brady Reply

Hey Charlie,

Great article i truly believe that article marketing is a great way to market when you have done your keyword research and some basic SEO….

My question would be ” When targeting a specific keyword how many times is too many times to use that keyword in your article? ” and ” When using seo how many times would you bold your keyword text? ”

Once again some great advice from a great man….

You can be sure that i will retweet your articles, i believe i will even write a blog post about you on my blog..

Thanks again Charlie you are a good man.

Billee Brady

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Debra Johnson Reply

Charlie….thanks a million for the ad we just received in my email about Article Marketing. I can hardly believe the perfect timing when that came. I’ve just joined http://MaverickMoneyMakersEdges.Com and since I have no money to put into this at this time…I’m resorting to sending out articles to market the new business opportunity. I want (not want…but need!) to learn how to write up articles attractively. Wondering how to go about getting tips & some lessons on this… came at the most perfect time. I am a member of DOE and am asking if this offer I received today is free to DOE members? Thanks again & RASAP
As ever ~~ Debra johnson

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Bill Beil Reply

You’re an excellent writer, Charlie. No wonder you get published in so many places so often. I very much enjoy everything I’ve read here on this website. It has truly opened my eyes and helped to refresh my dream of eventually…some day…hopefully….by the grace of the Almighty; I will have a successful home business. I am not giving up until that happens. I’m just thankful I’ve learned who to listen to, especially in the IM field more so than any other niche out there one has to be extremely cautious about whom they choose to invest their trust in.

Write on my friend. I’ll keep reading!

Norene Reply

Thank you so much for posting this! I think I was one of the folks who may have asked you this question! It truly is a matter of just getting it done! It is so much easier to look at these proven strategies and say, ‘oh they don’t work anymore.’ -Norene

Martin McIntosh Reply

I really appreciate this particular lesson from you. I clicked over to the article page, and loved it.

It isn’t to late, in fact even though I have MUCH to do. Your article helped me understand this… I suddenly recognize I shouldn’t be whining or fussing about what I have to do… I should be excited about how much I have learned already and how much I have done.

You know that line about how we can send a message around the world in half-a-second, but it can take years to get the message through that last 1/4-inch of thick skull?

A little today, a little more tomorrow. That’s what I can realistically do, and I will feel good about that every day.

Thank you for helping me – I’m ‘setting a new course’. Less stress, more productive.

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Great article, Charlie Page!

Do you have any articles that we have permission to reprint, especially any that pay Affiliate commissions?

I am still planning to start article marketing!

Austin, Texas

I used to live in Bryan / College Station for 3 years too!

Cheap Pretty Houses Nationwide at Wholesale Prices!

    Charlie Reply


    I can forgive you for living in Austin. 🙂

    I’m opening a new affiliate center in the next couple of weeks and there will be plenty of brandable articles (and reports and other goodies) once it opens.


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