Double Your Sales With These Three Simple Words

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Are you a great copywriter? 

When you need to write an ad, a sales letter, or an email message do the words just flow out onto the page?

And do those words create the clicks and sales you hoped they would?

For most of us the answer is “no”.

If you said no too, there is very good news for you!

Even if you are not a great copywriter yet, you can still get the results they get by using three simple words.

The three words are …

  • How
  • To
  • Without

In a moment I will show you exactly how and where to use these special words. But first, let’s look at the reason they work so well.

Why Do These Words Work So Well?

The reason these words work so well is an idea called “state”. State simply means the emotional condition you are in at the moment.

Let’s use a basic human condition to illustrate state.

If you are hungry, you are in a “state” of being hungry.

Once you eat, you are transformed into a state of being satisfied.

Simple, right?

Simple AND powerful!

Because when you understand state you understand everything you need to know to sell massive amounts of any product or service online.

Here is what you need to know about state for the moment.

  • People who are satisfied are no longer looking for a solution.
  • Therefore, ANYONE who clicks on your ad IS in a state of need.

For example, people who have just finished a big meal do not watch an ad for fried chicken as if they were looking at a stack of cash 100 feet high.

People who recently moved to a new home very rarely spend their weekends springing from one open house to another like grasshoppers.

And people who just purchased a course on Facebook advertising are no longer interested in another course about Facebook advertising until they see if the one they bought works for them.

Two Vital Truths

Get these down in your soul. They can make you rich.

  1. Anyone who clicks your ad or opens your email is in a state of needing something.
  2. If you can satisfy what they need, you get their business.

You see, people don’t care who they buy from as much as they care about getting their needs met right now.

People don’t care who they buy from as much as they care about getting their needs met right now.

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So whether you are a big name marketer or just starting out, if you help the customer move from a state of need to a state of satisfaction, you win.

Again, simple but powerful.

I’ll save more on this for another article. Or you can view my free webinar about Customer Transformation by clicking here.

Let’s wrap up the discussion of state with this important truth.

Anyone who clicks your ad or opens your email is in the state of need.

ALL of your marketing needs to be adjusted to speak to them about how you can satisfy that need, NOT about whether or not they have the need.

How Can You Use These Power Words

These special words … How To and Without … are best used in headlines or any place where a person will FIRST see your message.

They are “hook” words, designed to hook the reader into wanting to know more.

Here is the formula for making them work. 

"How to ______ Without _______"

The first blank is their before state. The second is their after state.

If your marketing tells them that you can help them move from where they are now (before) to where they want to be (after) you will make sales.

We will look at some real life examples below so keep reading.

Here are the best places to use these words

  • Headlines
  • Email subject lines
  • Bot messenger marketing
  • The opening line of your selling email messages
  • Text marketing
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Classified ads

You want to use this formula everywhere you can, as often as you can, because it works. Literally billions of dollars of products have been sold using this formula.

It works and it can work for you too.

Who Is Using This Approach Now?

Whenever someone shares something new with me, I like to validate it in the marketplace.

In other words, I want to know two things. 

  1. Is it being used in the culture?
  2. Are leaders in my field are using this idea now?

My first step is to see if the phrase or wording is being used in culture.

I'm never looking for any "flash in the pan" wording that is popular today and gone tomorrow. 

I always want my marketing to seem classic, even if I wrote it today.

That's one reason I am an avid student of classic marketing, headlines, and selling techniques. 

I did a little Google search to see if there were any books, movies, television shows using this formula.

Here is what I found. Notice the best selling record (the one in middle) that uses this formula.

My next stop is Google again. I know it sounds odd, but I want to see if anyone is using these words now, so I Google them. 

I found many examples of these powerful words in use on sites all across the world. 

This is a good sign because it means the rhythm of the words is part of our culture.

Look for the words "how, to, without" in the listings below.


Since my field is digital marketing, I’ll share two examples from top online marketers.

If you have been around digital marketing for long you know the names Ryan Deiss and Digital Marketer.

Digital Marketer is not only a massive company but they are a thought leader in automated digital marketing.

You may know that I am both a Certified Partner and Certified Coach with Digital Marketer.

I had to spend some money, pass several tests, AND show examples of my work to earn those designations.

Bottom line, I believe in DM and so use them as a case study.

In this example, they are selling one of their courses.

With a staff of copywriters at the ready, and with Ryan and Perry Belcher lending a hand, take a look at this headline.

Notice the pattern in the red boxes.

Ryan Deiss

Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson is a marketing phenomenon. Co-founder of Clickfunnels, he is a bright and highly energetic online marketer.

Notice how he uses these three power words.

While he is not using "how to" his headline says the same thing. That means this approach is not only powerful but also flexible.

Jim Edwards

Jim Edwards is a powerful online marketer and all around good guy. He has worked with the best in the business, and still does.

It was my honor to be interviewed by Jim and Yanik Silver some years back. 

Both were consummate professionals, and still are. 

Here is the headline from one of Jim's businesses. In this business he works closely with Russell Brunson of Clickfunnels fame.


The bottom line is simple, and it’s very good news.

You do not need to be a great copywriter in order to sell like a great copywriter!

All you need to do is model their success and make it your own. And doing that is as easy as understanding three simple words.

Let me suggest you look at your marketing today and see how to use this powerful concept. 

If you find places to use the "How to without" formula you will write better copy, write it faster, and make more sales along the way.

And those are beautiful things indeed!

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