Why You Can’t Drive Traffic

Why You Cant Drive Traffic by Charlie Page

There is a myth online that has cost many people their fortunes, their chance to succeed and robbed them of their joy.

It’s the myth of being able to drive traffic.

In my 14 years online my experience has been this … no one can ‘drive traffic’.

If you have struggled to drive traffic to the sites you promote, be that your own site or as an affiliate marketer, listen carefully.

What you hear might just surprise you!

The fact is, you really can’t ‘drive traffic’ like cowboys (and cowgirls) drive cattle.

You see, there really is no such thing as traffic. I say this because the “traffic” we all seek is made up of people.

  • People who laugh.
  • People who cry.
  • People who have needs.

So step 1 in mastering “driving” traffic is this —

Give up on “driving” traffic and begin focusing on ATTRACTING the right people to your site

I will be the first to tell you that this is easier said than done. No sugar coating that.

But it can be done, whereas forcing, or “driving” people to your site simply can’t be done reliably or effectively.

So now your focus is on attracting the right people.

Who are the right people? Simply put, the people who need the product or information you are offering.

But how do you do that?

Let me share one overriding principle and four specific techniques to help you attract the right audience to your offer pages.

First, the principle. This is important so I’m going to emphasize it.

People buy ONE thing and one thing only — SOLUTIONS

It’s true. The only reason people part with their hard-earned money is that they need a solution to a problem.

It might be a big problem or a little problem.

It might be an urgent problem or one that has been nagging them like an itch you just can’t seem to reach.

But the principle is the same — they buy solutions and nothing more.

Here’s a companion principle.

Every product or service you promote can be offered as a solution to a specific problem.

I’ll write another article on that topic soon.

For now let me say this, when you start selling solutions and not specific features will be the time you see your sales explode.

I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

Now for the specific “how to” when it comes to attraction marketing.

In order to attract the best possible audience to any site you want to promote you need the following things.

I’ve made the list and then elaborate on each a little.

  • Helpful information
  • Solutions to problems
  • Massive value
  • Limited offers (scarcity)

Helpful information

Did you use Google today? Chances are, you did.

If you did use them today, or this week, why did you use them?

You were looking for something.

  • The lowest price
  • A review
  • A new restaurant
  • Your long lost cousin
  • A way to make money online

Something important to you.

Now of all the sites that could have gained your attention, respect and trust, which one did?

I’m willing to bet it was the one with the most helpful information.

The real currency of the Internet is information, not bits and bytes.

That’s why information products sell so well. Thank God!

More on that in an upcoming Quick Course.

For now, think about this.

How can you provide helpful information to people who are searching for solutions to their problems?

Believe me when I tell you that you have these solutions in your head right now.

Much like oil, we need to bring those ideas and experiences to the surface, refine them and then bring them to the market.

Solutions to problems

We’ve touched on this one but let’s look a little deeper.

The fact is, we all want solutions.

We want to lose weight, achieve our goals, make money online, find the right mate, save time, cook a fancy meal and much more.

The questions to ask now are these.

  1. How can the information I provide help a person find the solution to their problem?
  2. If I don’t have the solution how can I point a person to the solution to their problem?

Now for item #3, massive value.

Massive Value

Products today simply must provide massive value. But what does “massive” value look like?

It looks like this …

  • A system that is easy to use
  • A product that performs as promised
  • A company that provides great customer service
  • A product that solves a specific problem

Massive does NOT need to mean huge, as in “$27,000 worth of value for only $19.95!”

No, that’s hype. Often confused by online marketers as massive value.

Massive value means delivering on promises, helping customers actually achieve something they want to achieve and treating others as you would like to be treated.

Big question: How many of the products that you own deliver massive value?

Bigger question: How many of the products that you promote offer massive value?

You see, these are the things that never get thought about when someone sees a “high gravity” product and wants to blast out an ad without knowing anything more.

But these are the things that matter when working online.

Now to the fourth specific, limited offers.

Limited Offers – The Scarcity Approach

Let me start of by saying there are valid reasons to use scarcity.

If you are providing a service you have only so many hours in the day. That is a very natural form of scarcity.

But SO many offers we see these days contain false scarcity. The good old “act now or it’s gone forever” approach.

The fact is, scarcity works.

The reason it works is simple – people are more afraid of missing out on something than almost anything else in life.

Marketers know this, and they exploit it.

So how can you tap into the power of scarcity without exploiting others.

I believe there are three ways.

  1. Structure your offer from the beginning to be limited in nature.
  2. Mention the scarcity up front. Be honest about your plans.
  3. Pull the plug when the time comes.

Trust me when I tell you this is not easy to do. It’s darned hard to pull down an offer that is selling well due to the sale almost being over.

But you’ve got to do it because people notice. And because it’s the right thing to do.

Whether you are a product owner or an affiliate marketer, you can use the big four to your advantage beginning today.

If you would like to know more about HOW to use each leave a comment below.

If enough people express interest I will write an article about each one from the perspective of both a product owner and an affiliate, since I’m both! 🙂

Let me leave you with a few things to think about.

  • How can you stop trying to ‘drive traffic’ and begin attracting traffic instead?
  • What specific solutions does the product you are promoting offer? (Make a problem/solutions list)
  • How can your marketing talk more about solutions than features?
  • What value does the product you promote provide? Is it what you would call a massive value?
  • How can you ethically use scarcity in your marketing?
  • How can you provide helpful information free to the public in order to sell more of whatever you sell?

If you will think about those seo companies in tampa, I believe you will begin to see a whole new way of marketing.

A way of making money by making friends. By helping others. By having fun.

And when that happens you will have discovered a beautiful thing indeed!

Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

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Tom Priesmeyer Reply

Great info Charlie, thanks. I would like to learn more. Tom

M.T. Davis Reply

Always good tidbits here Charlie.
Ive heard it a millions times, find an answer to someones problem and there you have it!
It just hasn’t sunk in yet !
Thank you 🙂

Gavino Berardesco Reply

Okay Charlie you’ve finally got my attention. So as an affiliate marketer and a person who provides self employed inspiration to others, how can I better provide real value, solutions to peoples problems, and the scarcity effect, while all at the same time trying to be involved with attraction marketing? Everything you say makes perfect sense so please continue so I may attain perfection as a self employed individual so I can share with others.

    Charlie Page Reply

    If you solve people’s problems they will be attracted to you. If you are providing real value the word spreads and your audience grows. Social media is a wonderful resource for this.

    I’m happy to help if you have more questions.


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Donovan Barrett Jr Reply

I would love more tips, as I’ve been using the ones you already outlined and they helped a lot!

misatokatsuragi Reply

A very good and unique article on getting website visitors. Attracting the right people instead of driving traffic. You are right, most people don’t quite think of it in those terms.

I guess if you have to think of visitors as traffic, attracting the right people would be equivalent to getting ‘targeted’ traffic and not just traffic in general. Is that about right?

I also know what you mean about the scarcity factor. I can honestly say it’s been a few years now since I last saw one honest limited time offer. You are right about that too.

If people find out you are dishonest about that, they are going to assume that you are not going to have a problem being dishonest about the product or service you are trying to sell also.


zak Reply

Hi Charlie,
love hour daily quote and great insights, strategies, and facts.keep us informed I’m just starting havent e en started yet just studying and a DOE member since last week hovering your site and learning a lot and have your commonsense as well.Many thanks/zak

Howard Piesik Reply

Hi Charlie
Every time I read your posts, another light switches on as to understand what is need in order succeed on line. I’m working on building my first product, and it just follows suit, I don’t want to sell it to cattle, I want to sell it to people to help them.
As I get closer to finishing it, I realize it is easier to make than I anticipated.
The more I learn from you, instead of selling my product to people, I want to trade it to them, in exchange to their e-mail.
Information packages don’t have to be long and drawn out, bits and bites are best for most people.
Looking forward, to your next post on this subject.
Howard Piesik

aida suarez Reply

Great post Charlie! Have fun reading this:


I believe that selling on line is not easy, because
People are not use to this convenience yet.
It’s more pleasant to touch and smell the fruits…
–Just before buying them–. And try the suit before…
–To see if its fits well– And the quality oh man!

But not everyone is in the situation or position
Of coming to one store and spent time lazily.
If we shop by mail we might have to deal with…
The trouble of… mailing things back and forth.
And these days such a thing it is expensive!

Long time ago! When catalogues became popular…
And people absolutely went crazy using theme…
For a long time it was! But the fad went away.
Has the Internet shopping fad is here to stay?
For how long buddy? The cell phone is helping!

Well, nobody knows… but situations, fad and morass
Keep changing for sure. But sometimes takes decades.
And years-decades makes a different in many ways.
Life is not and steady thing to contemplate! We fade away.
So good luck and enjoy the ride of the internet marketing!

Mark M Reply

Hey Charlie, thanks again for being a great help.
I think you are one of the best internet helpers I’ve come across
in my years of trying to be a marketer.

Katheryn Reply

Hello Charlie, I just signed up for common sense blogging, and I’m waiting for everything to be set up, and the tutorial part. It is a terrific post. What I wanted to ask, and make an observation. Did you do this deliberately. You write this post in big font size, with a lot of white space around, but at the beginning, you have tripled the amount of white space just under the picture, and to read the page, feels like a meander or walking on a winding path down a steep hill? Why that choice? Thanks Katheryn

    Charlie Page Reply

    Hi Katheryn,

    Thanks for joining Common Sense Blog Blueprint! I don’t see the extra white space on the post that you mention. I’ve looked at it on several browsers and just don’t see that, nor has anyone else mentioned it. Sorry that it displayed oddly for you though and I will check it again.


David DeLong Reply

Charlie, David D Here. I For One Would Very much Like To See The 2 Articles You Mentioned Wrote ASAP. ( I will write an article about each one from the perspective of both a product owner and an affiliate)


Rhandell Mitchell Reply

I agree this was a fine article. One thing that stuck out to me is making sure that you get the “right” people coming to your website. One place I have found to get lots of traffic and leads that does not convert is from Craigslist.

Posting in the jobs section on Craigslist for your business opportunity is a quick and easy way to get lots of leads. But due to the fact they were looking for a job, I’ve found it a little bit difficult to actually convince them that they want a business opportunity and not a job.

I’m going to have to come back here and read this article a few more times.

Charles Grooms Reply

Hi Charlie, awesome declaration of Truth my friend. So glad there are people like Yourself that bring True-Value to the market place that is just busting with opportunity for any-one willing to work and apply the principles clearly laid out in this article. Looking forward to more nuggets of truth.

Terry Hatchell Reply

Hey Charlie –
Good read as usual 🙂 . You know, this article is a good reminder that ‘Attraction Marketing’ is a bit more than just ‘Lead Magnets’ & Give-a-ways. Heck, even good customer service is so rare, that if you offer it, then you’ll have an unfair advantage over the thousands who can’t be bothered with supplying it.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Well said Terry. It is much more than just putting up a squeeze page and calling it a day. No doubts there!


Sheilah Mitchell Reply

Great Post Charlie. I now realise all the mistakes I have been making in the past. No wonder I could not get any leads.

Freddie "flame colors" Klerks Reply

For a long time I want a DOE membership, but I can be satisfied with articles like this. Like DOE, to me of very valuable use!

George Reply

Thank you Charlie,
I did like your excellent report. Specially the part you said:
“The real currency of the Internet is information, not bits and bytes.”
As a domainer, I’m very happy five years ago, I have registered InformationCurrency.com. Now, I think is the right time to sale it.

Joan Reply

I love your articles! I have known that attracting traffic is the way to go ,but I forget and am attracted to shiny objects that come to my attention promising easy ways to make money online. Thanks for reminding me about what really works. This article is a blueprint for success online. I am printing it out and posting it up in front of my desk. Thanks again, Joan

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you Joan. I’m so happy you found it helpful!


Ioane Fetu Reply

It is very comforting to know that somebody in your position comes up with some helpful information like this one. Every ad that I approach I treated it with suspicion. Of course the ad is very appearing and when I got through giving up my email and all that, I find out that what the deal is, is not really what it suppose to be.
I do not want to go into detail about the offer and what type but as I said that I’m very comfortable in dealing with you. Thank you Charlie, I’m your long time member and a happy one too.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you. It means a lot to know that I am helping you. Thank you too for being a member.

Paul Warner Reply

I think the post you wrote regarding “driving” traffic is good and that the terminology itself is overused, and it is far overplayed. It feels like every Tom, Dick, and Harry has a new piece of software that will “drive” thousands of people to your site, but it is what happens after that when some of these people subscribe where the game gets really nasty, and what may look like people caring agendas, are really money making motives, with a drip feed process that is used to cover the greed, and the need to bleed every last drop, so that when it really comes down to it, you have money,
you’ll make money, if you don’t this is one tough ride.

    Charlie Page Reply

    I agree that it’s easier to make money when you have money. But I don’t feel that succeeding online can’t be done if you don’t have money. I can say that because I have been there.

    I believe it starts with focus and with sharing the best information you can and drawing your audience to you that way. Once the introduction has been made, via the good content, then it’s up to you (the site owner) to develop a relationship that leads to success.


      Paul Warner Reply

      I do think you are right but remember you did this years ago, and I believe it is a way different arena these days, not saying that what your experience was wasn’t trying for your time but it feels like hell now. I think the connection with people is critical, as you have said, and that this has to be built one brick at a time if you don’t have money to invest, as you would like to have. Anyway more from you on this would be inspirational, as most of the stuff you write is anyway.

      Charlie Page Reply

      Thanks Paul. More coming soon!

Sudhakar Reply

Great, a crystal clear thought process……

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thanks! That is what I was going for.

Steve Metcalfe Reply

Charlie, interesting to note that all the cattle in your pic are leaving. Hence giving us the image that if we don’t knuckle down and understand the lesson you have given us in this excellent article, that we’ll lose all our readers and hence customers.

Thanks for these great pearls of wisdom.

    Charlie Page Reply

    What a GREAT observation! I never even saw that one.

Ray Holmes Reply

Thanks for a refreshingly new viewpoint on ” driving” traffic Charlie . How to attract more traffic to a website is by far the most challenging issue for any online marketer these days in my humble opinion . I think if you are open and honest with your online visitors at all times and offer them genuine and workable solutions to their problems they will learn to trust you – once you have gained their trust they will buy from you.

    Charlie Page Reply

    I agree it’s hard. I also agree that solutions are the name of the game. Thank you for your comment.


mario Reply

Great tips and content. This is really honest report from great person Charlie thanks
Mario Melbourne

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you Mario. I’m honored by your comment.


Musonda Reply

Awesome post as usual! You are one of the top 5 most influential online marketers to me.

In response to your question, what I would like to really grasp is what should the purpose of the articles I use in my article marketing be?

In your experience, what should the nature of my articles be for me to have spent my marketing time as productively as possible?

Thanks and stay well!

    Charlie Page Reply


    Thank you for your kind words. I believe the best types of articles move the reader from where they are now to where they want to be. Or at least the article gets them closer. Progress is usually a journey of many steps.

    So if you can map out article topics that take a reader from a beginning point to an ending point (just one example) then you will have a useful, and likely popular, article series.

    Hope this helps.


N Reply

Hi Charlie, this was a great article and I really appreciate your transparency in writing it. More people need to be as truthful as you are in Internet Marketing. There are so many scammers out there and it’s great to hear a breath of fresh air like yourself. I’ve been a subscriber of yours for quite a while and every article you write is very thought provoking and inspires me to be successful online. May God bless you and your business for years to come!

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you for your kind words. I’m so encouraged by what you had to say and to know that my articles are helping you.


Don Parker Reply

Thank You Charlie, as always short and sweet, I totally enjoyed the 4 things to make foremost in a persons sales page of in a blog when asking people to buy a persons sale.
It would be wonderful if you could expand on all of the principals to attracting and selling.
I thank everyone that has made their thoughts and comments as I find them useful as well.
Keep up the great work.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you Don. I’m working on a course now about selling online. In the meantime, many more articles to come about this topic.


Patti Grunkemeier Reply

Once again, thank you Charlie…as usual, very good points and useful information.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Useful is the goal! Thank you Patti. I appreciate your comments and you being a faithful member.


Patty Scheeler Reply

Charlie, Thanks so much for this article. I picked out a wonderful golden nugget from this…. the products that you are selling… “do they give massive value”. This is awesome! Massive value and not hype… I wish more people would understand this in out industry. Thanks again I always enjoy your content 🙂

    Charlie Page Reply

    I wish more understood it too. But happily customers all understand it because that is what they really want … massive value.

    Thank you for your kind words.


Hervey Bay Holiday Reply

Thanks Charlie, excellent advise as always. My website started as I could not find what I was looking for when researching holiday destinations in Queensland Australia. There just weren’t enough images of Hervey Bay so we could make a good decision on where we should have our holiday.

    Charlie Page Reply

    What a great way to create a site and business! Well done.


Frank Daley Reply

Charlie, the Solution approach makes perfect sense and offers clarity.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you Frank. Clarity was in fact the goal. Appreciate your comment.


Wendy Mabbett Reply

Thanks, Charlie. I was truly stuck on the Authority ROI website plan that I purchased through you and I think (and hope ) that this might be the “kick” I need.

    Charlie Page Reply


    Thank you for your comment. I’m happy if this helps you get unstuck but sorry to hear you were stuck at all. I’ve been there many times and know it’s not a happy place.


Justin Maiden Reply

Thank`s again Charlie you`ve Been a mentor to me for several months now and i`ve learned alot from you.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Happy to help Justin. Thank you for your kind comment.


Bill Harris Reply

Thank you Charlie you have a knack for making something that should be so obvious but is often over looked and bringing it to us in very simple terms. Thank you so much for this article we look forwaed to more of the same.
Bill Harris

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you Bill. I’m from the old KISS school of the 70s. Love to keep things simple when I can. Life is complicated enough on its own. 🙂


Norbert Mercado Reply

Hi Charlie, I hope you are well. I am very interested in your information on the internet marketing.

    Charlie Page Reply

    I’m doing well. Thanks for asking. And thank you too for your kind comment.


Dale Thomas Reply

Thanks Charlie, for such a refreshing article without all the hype that’s so commonplace these days. I’m a newbie to online marketing who joined your Common Sense Blog Blueprint. I appreciate your view of attracting customers rather than trying to drive them like cattle. I’d really like to learn more from you about each of the above topics, especially creating scarcity. Like you, I REFUSE to create scarcity unethically. I want to learn more from you on this subject and the others you discussed (especially from an affiliate’s perspective since that’s my status at the present time.) Finally, thank you very much for mentioning “treating others as you would like to be treated.” How very precious are those words of Truth handed down to us by the Creator of the universe about 2,000 years ago in Word of God; Matthew chapter 7: verse 12!

    Charlie Page Reply


    I learned those words and that concept from Matthew myself. I’m so happy you enjoyed the article. More like it to come, and especially from the affiliate’s perspective.


aida Reply

Oh Charlie! Love your clarity and sincerity! Keep helping us! Pray for me. Thanks a lot!

    Charlie Page Reply

    I will do. Thank you for your kind words and I hope all is well with you.


Stephen Main Reply

As always I’m looking forward to more articles,they have value.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thanks Stephen. Many more to come!

Debbie Reply

Great article, Charlie! You put it in perspective that we don’t actually “drive” traffic – we need to “attract” it. People are drawn to someone who helps them with a problem and doesn’t just give them a quick fix or a band-aid. Now to go write my posts for the week….

    Charlie Page Reply

    It’s so true – people are attracted to the people and products that resonate with their inner desires. Good for you writing – keep writing!


Earl Baldwin Reply

Your information is always straight forward and easy to understand. Please continue with more in-depth articles.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thanks Earl!

Mike Nol Reply

Simple, short and sweet. Many thanks.

    Charlie Page Reply

    That’s the best way! Thank you Mike.

Jeff Reply

Good article Charlie. Thank you. I’d like to hear more from you about affiliate marketing.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Much more to come on affiliate marketing. I do have an entire category on affiliate marketing now so feel free to read those if you have not already.


Dale Thomas Reply

Thanks Charlie for such a refreshing article compared to so much hype that’s out there these days!
I’m a newbie marketing health and weight lose products. I really want to learn more from you about creating scarcity ETHICALLY. Like you, I refuse to do it UNethically. Would really appreciate more training on that, please. Hopefully others will want the same. Thanks!

    Charlie Page Reply

    Much more to come on that topic!

Sharon Deloy Reply

I am always amazed at the ad’s on the warrior forum for ebooks and plug-in for driving traffic. As you say, you can’t drive traffic, you have to give people a solution to whatever is bugging them (keeping them up at night). Great article, can’t wait to get more like this

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you Sharon. I agree that those ads and product launches can get pretty crazy. So many claims.


Lisa Cash Hanson Reply

I love this piece 🙂 I actually have some info products and coach bloggers. But I’m also launching a baby product and you reminded me of principals that I’ve used but some forgotten in order to serve my community and also this new industry better 🙂 Thank you it was excellent.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Hi Lisa,

    I know your site and products well. You are doing a fantastic job for your clients and I’m very proud of you. You are a mogul with a capital M!

    I appreciate your kind comment as well.


Jeanette Cates Reply

I agree that scarcity sells. But I cannot condone using it just for the sake of making sales. It doesn’t feel honest to me.

My products are good today. They were good yesterday. They will be good tomorrow. Electrons are not in short supply. So I cannot honestly say this is a scarce offer. I cannot stop selling a product just “because”. If someone needs the product next week, they should be able to buy it next week – when THEY need it, not when I need a sale.

I’m hoping you’ll talk more about the ethics of scarcity, Charlie. I’ve been online since 1997 and still haven’t talked myself into making myself scarce.

    Mollie Reply

    Thanks Jeanette for that comment!! I too feel this way. I studied about DOE quite a few years ago. At that time, I had barely learned how to turn the computer ON, let alone having to learn how to navigate online. I knew nothing about the importance of a list or even HOW to go about getting one. SEO, Algorythms, Spiders, ranking…EVERYTHING was Greek to me.

    Many ‘bright shiny objects’ later and a ton of money invested, NOW I could use THAT product effectively. I was not able to implement it with my limited knowledge. Since I have spent several years (7 or 8) and MULTIPLE thousands of dollars to get to the point of where I am at NOW…I would like to purchase THAT product as I feel that it now has relevance in my Life. The technology of web development, with all the apps that make the whole process so much easier and NOT having to learn HTML, etc has brought me up to speed. My son’s ‘techie’ friend always had to come and help me with everything. NOW, I can actually teach him things he doesn’t know aboutr!!

    I don’t view those YEARS and the money as wasted…it was an ‘investment’ in knowledge. I was sad that DOE is now not available except for certain ‘promotions’. So, this is an example of WHY scarcity is not always a ‘good’ thing. Sometimes, the ‘student’ is just not READY to use what you are offering.

      Charlie Page Reply

      Hi Mollie,

      I’m a little confused by your comment regarding the DOE. The Directory of Ezines is available for sale every day of the year. We have never taken it off the market for any period of time.

      I apologize if you somehow got the impression that the DOE is off the market and only available during “promotions”. That is not the case.

      It is true that we stopped selling Lifetime memberships some two years ago and offer an Annual membership now, and that I do use the Lifetime option in my marketing.

      But that is much different than the product not being available.

      I want you to become a member of the DOE if you feel it will help you, and want to help you use it effectively.

      By all means, please do become a member today!


    Charlie Page Reply

    I agree with you Jeanette. Using scarcity to just make sales seems wrong.

    I use scarcity in situations where limiting the offer makes sense.

    My 123 Ad Writing Package is a good example. Because this is custom writing, and because there are but 24 hours in the day, I put it up when time allows for the writing and take it off the market when time does not allow.

    That, to me, is natural and ethical scarcity.

    Always enjoy hearing from you and will write more about this in upcoming articles.


    Barry Selk Reply

    I agree with Jeanette. It seams that if you take a product off the market but its history shows its a great product, why would you want to do that? Maybe that is the reason I’ve never became a salesman! I take that back, when I was in college, I had a job which was phone marketing selling basketball game tickets. We would tear out a page out of the phone book and go down the list. I remember calling a 90 year old woman and told her about the call. She told me she would if she was younger but she doesn’t get around anymore. After hearing that I felt like a big idiot and told her I’m sorry. And this happened sever times during the evening. Ever sense then I never liked selling jobs because I’m too honest. After that one day I quit the job. So how do you balance being truthful and saying the right things to make a sale? I guess I just don’t have the right mindset on how to go about it.

      Charlie Page Reply

      Easy question. You always tell the truth in selling. I reject the idea that one has to lie to sell things. I’ve been selling for over 40 years now and do not tell lies to make sales. Not that you are saying I do that. Just saying I don’t.

      There are many reasons to take a site offline other than scarcity for selling’s sake. Jeanette’s point is well made but not comprehensive. I take sites offline to reconfigure them, change the structure, change the offer (adding more content and changing the price point) and more.

      I appreciate your comment Barry. I do. But I don’t agree with the premise that being in sales means one is inherently dishonest. Things change in life and business owners must make changes from time to time as well.


david Reply

I think these are very good points Charlie. and you gave me a good idea for a promotion. Thanks for that.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Excellent! I hope the promotion goes well.


      david Reply

      I think it will. I’m learning more and more every day. I must be a slow learner. It has taken me years and I’m struggling with the basics.

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