How profitable is email marketing?

I know you’ve heard about the power and profitability of email marketing.

When it comes to all sorts of Internet marketing there is so much hype that it’s easy to give up on separating the wheat from the chaff. You may feel this way about email marketing.

I’ve felt that way too, which is why I love it when actual data is shared. Not some sales pitch but actual data from surveys.

Our friends at Aweber have done the hard work – they surveyed over 3000 small businesses to find out …

  • Are they optimistic or pessimistic?
  • How are they using social media?
  • Who does most of the work of marketing in a small business?
  • How does email marketing work and what return on investment is realistic?

I found the results fascinating. They track exactly with my own experience in small business and with email marketing.

This is an info-graphic so there is no article to read. But do feel free to leave a comment so we can discuss.

Take a close look at the box that says “Relying on email” This is true marketing leverage – few hours spent with a huge return on investment.

Next look at the little line right above Aweber’s logo at the bottom. Notice what it says? For every dollar spent on email marketing there is a $40 return on investment!

This is why I love, and teach, email marketing!

If you are not using email marketing now then today is the right day to start. There is simply no better time to begin building YOUR mailing list than right now!

Be well. Thanks for reading.



Data and infographic by AWeber

Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

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WordPressWiz Reply

I have always admired your approach Charlie, you embody the old school values and the ethical intelligent use of online resources – I think Zig Ziglar would wholeheartedly approve! I also seek to help others and promote the ‘revolutionary’ idea that we can all earn a decent living online without having to resort to underhand methods! Learning a lot from you, thank you very much.

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Joseph Juhant Reply

Thanks again Charlie for the email that lead me to this page..Keep the emails coming i’ll be emailing marketing soon thanks to you Reply

Thanks designed for sharing such a fastidious opinion,
article is pleasant, thats why i have read it

Phyllis Thomas Reply

Thanks Charlies. I have every intention of learning how to use email marketing along with everything else you offer and teach.

Tyronne Ratcliff Reply

Great content and nice infographic. People spend a lot of time,money, and energy trying to drive traffic and convert that traffic to leads. But I believe that people drop the ball with their email followup,absolutely crucial! Thanks for the solid content Charlie!

Paul Warner Reply

Well this is not a subject matter we don’t know about, but for those of us who lose the focus as to how valuable email marketing is, not only is your post a very good reminder, but the info graph just confirms everything you have said about this. As usual your insight is on the
money Charlie, and I get to respect you more each day because of it.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thanks Paul. The numbers are so true — email marketing is the most profitable, and powerful, type of marketing online in my view.


Kevin Rime Reply

Great article. Yes, email marketing can be very effective if done correctly.

Thanks for sharing!!!

Kevin Rime

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Tyronne Ratcliff Reply

Great post Charlie. I always liked email marketing, its more personal and its easier to connect with people through email as well.

    Charlie Page Reply

    I love email marketing! It’s been the most life-changing thing to happen to me business-wise. And it’s only getting better!

Ian Greenwood Reply

In the internet marketing space it’s easy to get swept away by the hype surrounding the latest and greatest tricks, tactics or techniques.

This graphic underlines the fact that to succeed you don’t need the latest plugin for WordPress or the new big launch “Google Killer” strategy! What you really need is to FOCUS on sound business MODELS that WORK! Email marketing is one of them!

Thanks, and well done Charlie and Aweber! Refreshing to see people in the industry talking sense for a change.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thanks Ian. I’m a big believer in Common Sense!

Brian Reply

Thanks for the email Charlie,
Ya a reminder: Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda built my lists long ago.

    Charlie Page Reply

    The key is taking the right action. No one is immune to success and it’s available for all.

    Gordon Reply

    (Not Charlie, just a fellow warrior)

    The kool thing about shoulda, coulda, woulda is that they’re all in the past. Today is what matters. You can wipe out a lifetime of shuda, cuda wuda’s in one fell swoop by taking action now. Not the whole intimidating ball of wax, just one small step at a time. That’s all that’s required to get moving.

    You’re in the right place as part of Charlie’s family of entrepreneurs. This is the only blog I comment on…I love it!

    Best wishes. You can do it!

Gordon Reply

Does Email marketing work? You bet it does! I used to be on the Board of Directors of the 2nd largest real estate investors club America. One particular month we were having an especially heated discussion about whether to renew our radio show that was costing thousands of dollars a month. I pointed out that my very small group had actually outsold them the previous month…with zero dollars in the marketing budget! My magic formula? Email marketing (which they looked down their nose at) and a small army of local affiliates (they disdained affiliates coz they mite steal their customers…so much for service!). The emails were free, in my case, and the affiliates were paid out of their sales, not out of my pocket. Just thought I’d share. It still works! I’m sending a blast out today.

BTW, I’m already a lifetime/Platinum member of both DOE and FUSS. Paid full price and still feel like I “robbed” you :-). I would highly encourage anyone who is ready to explode their Internet Marketing business this year to jump on your discount offer before it expires on Saturday. You didn’t ask for my testimonial, but I know a great deal when I see one, and this is a great deal, not just in price, but in quality and in the opportunity to make this year something special. $ucce$$ results from action, and grabbing both DOE & FUSS at such a huge discount is an action that will pay great dividends.

Keep up the good work, Charlie.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thank you for your kind words Gordon. It means a lot coming from you.

Clyde Reply

I always enjoy reading the information you share but this time it is a little different.

I just started a series on the use of followup and email marketing on my blog so not only did I enjoy receiving the information I know I am on the right track with my blog series.

Thanks for both because we all need a little encouragement once in a while.

Many Blessings

    Charlie Page Reply

    Good for you Clyde. Adding only 6 messages to my autoresponder changed my life forever. Let me know if I can help.

Roger Bell Reply

Great info as usual Charlie. I totally agree that there is huge money in email marketing and that is why I recently purchased your Follow Up Selling System (F.U.S.S.). The stat “$1 spent on email marketing creates $40 in revenue” should be enough in itself to show people how powerful this is. I know that I’m personally ramping up my promotions in 2013 and using Solo Ads with your D.O.E. as well as email marketing using your F.U.S.S. system will both be major players in my campaigns.

    Charlie Page Reply

    Thanks Roger. I appreciate you being a member of both sites. Some great things are happening this year in email marketing and you are well positioned to profit from them!

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