Endless Article Ideas

Do you know the #1 question I’m asked when it comes to writing articles?

It’s not about formatting or keywords or where to submit your articles, although those are popular questions.

The #1 question I get about blogging and article marketing is…

“WHAT should I write about?”

It’s an understandable question and a common problem. There is nothing more daunting than staring at a blank piece of paper when the time comes to write an article or blog post.

You stare at the screen and it just stares back.

And then the harder you try the farther you get from having any good article ideas.

I know, I’ve been there too. It usually ends with ice cream or Oreos (or both) for me. 🙂

Happily, I found a solution to the problem. Let me share three ways you can solve this problem toady.

I use about 45 techniques to create article topics. I have a journal dedicated to nothing but article ideas. When I get an idea I stop and pop it in there for later. Over the years this little book (I use Evernote now) saved my bacon more times than I can count.

I strongly suggest you get a journal for article ideas. This will save you more time and frustration than words can say. 

The good news is that you don’t need to learn 45 ways to create article ideas. These three may be all you need to generate endless article ideas to ramp up your content marketing plan.

METHOD 1 – Speak from experience

If you have experience in a particular field then you have a great starting point for writing articles. The Internet is all about one thing — information — and you have it.

When you share that information on a blog or in a newsletter people will read it, like it and visit the sites you promote.

This is called building trust, and it’s a vital step in online marketing. It’s a step that many overlook, which could be one reason 99% of affiliates fail to make any money at all.

Speaking from experience is best for “how to” and “what to avoid” articles.

Here are three article titles that fit this idea.

  • Three dangerous mistakes to avoid when camping
  • How to stay safe on your next cruise
  • How to add 10 yards to your drive today

Whether your life experience including cooking fabulous meals or brokering peace summits between nations doesn’t really matter.

What matters is that there is someone online right now who needs what you know, and they are searching. They want to hear from you! When you become the source of information they get to know you, like you and trust you. And then they will buy from you.

METHOD 2 – Share Your Research

Don’t want to write from your own experience or think your experience doesn’t make good article material?

No problem!

You can share what you have learned by doing research.

The good news here is that you don’t have to be a librarian or hard-core researcher to do this. If you know how to use Google and are curious you have what it takes to create endless article ideas by doing a little research.

Here are two ideas that make great article material, and topics you can research in only a few hours. In those few hours you could easily come up with hundreds of article ideas.

Definitions make great article material.

For many people working on the Internet is like landing on Mars. They don’t know the terrain and certainly don’t know the language. When your articles take the confusion away and stop the information overload they will remember your name.

The first step to earning loyalty will have begun!

This is why an article (or series of articles) about what things mean is a great idea.

Defining terms like HTML or ROI or PPC or PPV is easy to do and super-helpful to the reader.

Another idea is sharing answers to Frequenly Asked Questions. This is also easy resarch to do. You probably have had many questions answered yourself, and that’s a good place to start.

Or you could visit almost any forum and find lots of questions being asked. Never copy from a site directly but there’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from answers you find helpful. And always make sure the answers you share are accurate.

METHOD 3 – Solve A Specific Problem

Sometimes knowing what to write about is hard because there is so much that can be said. Since most of us work alone there is no one to ask “would this make sense as an article?”

The solution here is getting specific. The more specific the better.

Want an example?

An article about how to use the editing window in Aweber would make a great article for anyone in the online marketing world.

Many people have Aweber and almost all of them want to make their messages look better but don’t know how. So why not write an article about it? They learn something and you get a new reader. It’s a win-win!

Here are a few more ideas using Aweber as a starting point …

  • How to create a new list in Aweber
  • How to move people from one list to another using Aweber
  • Should you use double opt in when using Aweber?
  • How to make your articles look great using Aweber’s new editor
  • How to track clicks using Aweber

See how specific these are? Imagine how powerful a blog or series of articles like this would be for your affiliate marketing efforts when promoting Aweber.

This works, and it always has. It has roots deep in reciprocity and everyone wins with this approach. No hype. No high pressure.

If you write articles like these your readers are going to save time, save money and have you to thank for it.

And that’s just one product!

So there you have it. Three ideas for writing of any kind – articles, blog posts, even solo ads. When you learn to use these simple tricks you will never again feel frustrated, worrying about what to write about.

You’ll just writebuild your lists, and sell product.

And THAT is a beautiful thing indeed!

Charlie Page

Happily married for 45 years, Charlie is the dad to two wonderful daughters. He is the author of 12 books on Internet marketing and creator of over 40 membership sites. You can see all Charlie offers using this link Click Here

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Mark Mansfield

Thanks Charlie, great stuff. I can see by some of the comments, (Barry) is a great example that once you start writing it becomes easy. I’m still getting my ideas into Evernote for some articles.
Thanks Mark M

Mark Mansfield

Hi Charlie. Another great article, I’m using Evernote more & more theses days. Thanks for the points on writing. That’s my biggest problem, getting started. Mark M

Rod Caceres

I totally support the idea of having a journal with you.

I used to have one of the smallest moleskins always on my back pocket (and a pen in my side pocket). ALWAYS.

I ran out of moleskines so I’ve been experimenting with just carrying my notebook around all the time, a lo Da Vinci, everywhere. It has its pros and cons.

You are more open to start registering everything (I mean, the notebook is under your arm all the time).

It can be uncomfortable to carry a notebook all the time

ipads or cell phones just do not work for me. I prefer to hand write.

I have to get back to the small moleskine, it’s the one that has worked the best.

Rod Caceres

    Charlie Page

    I agree. Moleskins are the best. I carry a little note taker from David Allen’s site that I really love. It doubles as a wallet. But it’s only good for short notes, not writing.


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Leon Edward

Thanks Charlie ! Again. I know you’ve ben successful for many years , highly respected too. I myself have purchased services but please use a spellchecker


Great article Charlie!

I know at times I sit with fingers poised over the keyboard and nothing coming out. The mind blank. It sure can be frustrating.

I like your idea about a journal, something I’ll be using as well.

Another thing that works for me is browsing through already published articles, it can yield many idea’s and get the creative jucies flowing.

    Charlie Page

    Very true about reading existing articles. Almost all “what to do” articles can be rewritten into great “what to avoid” articles quite easily. Just one of many examples.



Phyllis Thomas

Great ideas for gathering information for article writing. I appreciate it so very much.

    Charlie Page

    Happy you find it helpful. I hear so often “I don’t know what to write about” and, hopefully, this article helps solve that problem. If it helped you then it was well worth the time I spent writing it.

    Thank you again,


Barry Selk

Another great article! I was one of these “What am I going to write about” people in the beginning. So how I broke out of the shell in the beginning and I got on Google Blogger and set up small sites for my topic research of my hobbies. When I first got my iPhone, one of my sites are about using the iPhone as a small computer. I researched what types of apps are available for the iPhone that can be used for desktop type computer chores such as a spreadsheet, word processor, and so on. Then having a knowledge of programming I started one for iPhone for program training. I found out that there are C++, Python, and Basic programming apps around plus many more. They are good enough to learn basic programming syntax and skills. So after I did this for awhile, I had no problem writing about anything else. Typical example I started yesterday was a site about Ham Radio since I am a licensed operator. So all I want to say is there are so many things you can write about and like me I’m finding people are actually reading the stuff on my blogs and like it. You will be surprised! This posting is an example of how I start a small subject and go crazy writing. In order to have ideas about subjects, start out with stuff you know and the words will flow out freely later! Which reminds me I need to write more on EZine Articles …
Great topic again Charlie!


    Charlie Page


    That’s a great story! I’ve done the same thing and it works. Write about what you know and you learn to write about anything.


John Antaya

Hi Mr. Page
Thank You for your article on Endless Article Ideas. It never really occured to me before how simple it was to really come up with innovative ideas. You have actually made my life easier or to say much simpler by your explanation of how to go about it.

Thank You

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Chery Schmidt

Hi Charlie, I have been meaning to get over to the new DOE site but have just been to busy. I have been writing, writing and writing more.. I can remember our first conversation, you told me that I would get better with every article I write. I no longer just take notes to take them. I use them to help others. My Blog is finally starting to come alive. I am looking forward to checking out the new DOE I will just have to make time. Thanks for all that you do. Chery 🙂

    Charlie Page

    Thanks Chery. I’m so happy it’s working for you. I know you are working hard and will achieve your goals with your blog!


hi this is quite interesting to me. I like doing research. I try to figure out how to start. But in case i need to invest first. I’d standby again. as i’ve told you money is my no. 1 problem.Whewww

    Charlie Page

    No need to invest money to do research, write articles, or do both. Go for it!

Chuck Kalill

Charlie, you are indeed the wizard of internet marketing, writing sales letters, article marketing, online marketing of all types and everything specific and all things in general when it comes to being savvy on the net

Thanks for all your help, there can never be enough great things to say about a wonderful friend and mentor like you. God Bless You and keep you safe as you continue your fabulous help to all of us.

Chuck Kalill

    Charlie Page

    Thanks Chuck. Blessings to you as well. I really appreciate the kind words. Made my day!

Juan-Pierre Schaper

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for the great advice. I have about 50 ideas for articles that have been bouncing around in my head for a while now, and I can’t decide which one to do first. I think writing down my ideas in a notebook or journal (as you suggest) will help a lot.

Then all I have to do is decide whether I want to post those articles in ezines, on a blog, or maybe turn them into an e-book…

J Schaper

    Charlie Page

    Writing them down and categorizing them will help. Then set a time and write the first one. I would suggest making a blog if they are all about one topic. Remember that an ebook can earn you a limited amount of income but a loyal and responsive audience is much more valuable, and more fun as well.

      Juan-Pierre Schaper

      Thanks Charlie.
      I was leaning towards doing a blog, and now I am convinced that it is the best way to go. Your advice is much appreciated.

      Charlie Page

      Happy to help.


Been a silent reader of this site for a while. I even have your blueprints in hard copy by my bedside table! I have to say I’ve been implementing all your strategies, and they really do work for texts. I particularly like your “blueprint posts”. I love writing articles, but needed a mentor for getting better responses from my articles, and you did the trick. I am now getting search traffic – and reached the first page of Google for some keywords…So nice one!

Feel free to check out my website on http://www.chris-gaynor.com

    Charlie Page

    Well done! Congratulations on getting to page 1 and for the work you put in. Working hard really pays off. I did take a look at your site. The video is marked private. Not sure if that is what you intended.


100% totally agree as always ~ love the new DOE lay out too! Awesome straight talking and informative. Thanks for everything you do Charlie

    Charlie Page

    Thanks Diane. I’m so glad you like the new DOE. I’m having fun with it now!

Archie McKerrell

Thanks, Charlie. These are great ideas and clear and simple as always. When I get a idea for a post I start a draft, even a line or two just to remind myself. Then when I come to write I have a few ideas ready to develop.

    Charlie Page

    I do the same thing. Sometimes all I need is a few keywords to remember the idea. I like to do mindmaps so I will often quickly draw out the idea to get a good visual representation of the main points.

Carroll Glass

Hi Charlie, good, useful, and relatively easy to apply, thanks!

    Charlie Page

    Glad you liked it!

robert kight

Keeping a log of article idea’s is a great way to save you time and you should do the same for everything like head lines,sayings,good email headings well anything that grabs your attention online.

    Charlie Page

    I agree. Keeping a swipe file of headlines works well.


Thank you very much Charlie for your continuous honest piece of advice.
I have twins and I was thinking of writing”most economic ways of raising twins”
But then how am i going to make money with such an article?

    Charlie Page

    You can’t really monetize one article. That is a common misconception. But having a blog with articles about how to raise twins – how to save time, save money, stay sane, get help, etc. would be easy to make money with. You could recommend products, display ads on the blog, create your own product eventually and more.

Kevin Riley

Hey Charlie,

Great article! Here is another tip to narrow it down. Take the phrase “How to create a new list in Aweber” Put that into the Google keyword tool and see what pops out. If you are using adsense on your site, you will be able to greatly increase your earnings by optimizing your keywords/topic . After I put that phrase in I got “how to build an email list” with 6600 global searches and a CPC of $10.64. You can also use the tool with more general phrases to get ideas on topics that people are actually searching for.


    Charlie Page

    I agree it’s good to know about keywords. I honestly never do that as I’m writing for my readers and not the search engines. But if it does not change your main message, but rather enhances it, then it’s a good idea in my view.


i can only vouch for the info you have in this article Charlie, one of my articles has reached over 1500 comments to date and without really intending it just happened and now i find it confirmed by your article!


    Charlie Page

    That’s a lot of comments! Well done. Thank you for your comment here.

Bill Darton

More great tips Charlie.

The most useful one for me is the one about being specific. This seems to be my challenge. It seems as though every time I want to write, I end up going into ‘information overload’ or I end up rambling into too many tangents.

One thing for sure, I am glad that I started paying more attention to your teachings. The path is getting clearer now – Thanks.

    Charlie Page

    One way to fix that is to write what you want and then edit what you wrote into several articles. Focus is still important (and avoiding tangents) but it’s equally true that sometimes there is more to say than can be said in one article.

Simon Malcolm

Hi Charlie – whenever your name appears in my inbox I stop what I’m doing and read – I’m never disappointed. Thanks for reminding me to go back and check the list of blog ideas I had written down. I’m so glad you keep writing to us. Thanks and all the best to you and your family.

    Charlie Page

    That is an excellent compliment. Thank you for that. All the best to you as well.

Joe . Pitan

Hi Charlie,
You’ve done it again and again, what an eye opener for a super explanatory display of knowledge for us to emulate! Thanks & God bless you more.

    Charlie Page

    Glad you liked it. Thank you for your kind words.


I must admit Charlie I have software that will “basically” write the article for me. Is that cheating?

    Charlie Page

    No, but the quality will not be very high and you will likely get punished for duplicate content eventually.


Hi Charlie…all great tips. For me, it’s not a question of having something to write about but remembering all of the things I wanted to write about. I have a little place in my iPhone and a database on my ‘puter where I jot down idea. I even call my assistant and ask her to put it the idea on my desk:-). Thanks for sharing. Elisabeth

    Charlie Page

    I understand. Remember that some ideas are more than article-worthy. Many are worthy of a short report, paid or free, and can do you more good when expressed more fully than an article allows.

Mark M

G’day Charlie, Very well done, beautiful as usual. keep it up please.

    Charlie Page

    Will do!

Richard W. Darnell

Well done Charlie. You are on target as usual. Keeping it simple – that is writing about something you know or understand from research keeps the information safe, relevant, and accurate. I appreciate your advice very much.

Blessings to you, R

Ed Stenftenagel

Charlie, I have been in this business now about 18 months and made
about $500. I think your one of the few Honest marketers in this business. I have promoted your DOE, 5iphon, Vicks GSC , 31 Commissionshops promoting Amazon and Clickbank Products. Everyone shows you all the money made or can make. I have a hard time watching all the BS on the vedios.. Thanks for your ear. ED

ken FreeTGR

I use to write songs mostly love songs I found it quite easy so emotional. Yet when it comes to writing articles I go blank as what to write. I can’t connect in the same way. but you make it look good.

Jean Burzynski

Hi Charlie,
I think that this article is very helpful and it should be easy to go from your examples to ones that we would think of on our own. I’ve had some ideas. A couple of examples: 1.) I need to upgrade hardware & software – what/when/where, etc.; 2.) when I do, how do I learn to use it?? Regards, Jean B.


Hi Charlie, these are great tips for figuring out what to write about! If anyone uses these tips correctly, they should never be at a loss on this topic!

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